3rd. December 2014



1. "Rana," is an Indian word meaning "Royal". Even where foreign words foisted onto an international market fall foul of sociolinguistics, "rana" remains exotic .. conjuring up images of pomp and pageantry. Nevertheless, where such words are compounded in lexemes to buzzword a product, its richness can be devalued by a lesser component. Especially if the component sounds tawdry in isolation, and even more so when the lexeme is applied to slogan a product 'iffy' with unbelievable proclamations and assertions ... fairy facts.

2. Currently flogged for donations by iskcon hare krishna on street corners internationally, the word "Rana" prefixed with the component- "Pu" (all things sacred,) is pushed as "Purana." Together, the "Pu Rana" amalgam suggests Sacred Royalty or Royal Sanctity. The word "purana" in everyday Hindi means "old". When all three meanings are cult-fried we get ... Ancient, Royal and Sacred. The subliminal message suggests...."ancient".. "divinely endorsed" ... "a regally practiced and accepted credo".

"We find that the puranas often contain (...) a tantric imprint, and much that is in the puranas should not be taken literally else it leads to absurd religious fundamentalism - such as displayed by ISKCON."
- Shuddhasattva

3. For Indians of yore, ruled by an autocracy advised by Puranic popes who compounded words to mean all things god under Brahmanical fiat ... there was no disputing the totalitarian god / king / pope triple-head-kick. But now, begging alms in an international god-market, beyond Brahmanical hegemony, what the word asserts (as fact) has attracted sociolinguistic exegesis and interpretation. Pu = poo ... Rana= king. Colloquially conveyed: King of Bullshit. Why? Well, simply because the product is a caveman contrived fraud. How it jumped off stone altars shedded its cuneiforms and hieroglyphics to find ink and apes in today's market is the only miracle attributable to this antediluvian artifice.... Please read on.

4. Brahmanical popes were (and endeavor to remain) god's entrepreneurs. They introduce/d the masses to god, and hedonists to mantrafied mammon … for the right price. In days gone by temples were hotbeds of entertainment. Men were titillated and stimulated by erotic carvings (still in evidence today) even before entering the inner sanctum of "the gods.” Hardcore porn promo adorned every aspect of the temple's external face.... just as Brahmanical pimps and sex-slaves adorned its interiors ... waiting to shell the cowry-shells off harijohns queing, three-legged and cashed-up, for angelic delights on sale within.

Puranic Hinduism is to India as Christianity was to Europe in the dark ages - stifling innovation & ossifying civilisation.”
Saju Pillai ?@saju_pillai

Deccanherald Link

5. Offering underage boys and little-girls; erotic hip-wrigglers with Karmasutric come-hither; lavish feasts and festivities; social dallying; business forays and pope-mediated parleys .... temples suctioned every spare coin (or cowry shell,) and caste-controlled all testosterone. Autocrats, warlords, laity and congregation were fleeced and flummoxed. And, as Part Two of this essay will attest, temples still continues to befuddle All The President's Men, and indeed, the President himself.

"It is because of Hindus like you that so many Hindus are the subject of ridicule by non-Hindus. It is why so many of my Hindu friends had enough of Hinduism and when asked 'Are you Hindu' they kept silent."
- Surya Deva

6. But was Pooranic Hinduism, its mind-boggling beliefs and casteist caveman credo, always part of the Hindu pantheon? The answer is an emphatic ...NO! The Pooranas are nowhere near as ancient as Pooranic pundits would have us believe. Truth is, we can no longer bandy the term "Pooranic Hindu" without pointing directly at the American cult ... iskcon hare krishna, who have seized position as leading Poorana proponents ... and have most to gain by its propagation. The beguiling truth is that although the cult profiles as a newer branch of Pooranic (evangelical) Hinduism (tailored to expand and profit) known as Chaitanya Vaisnavism, the organization believes itself superior to Brahamanism* and indeed to all Hindus.** It does not take much to see how the cult altered specific tenets of Pooranic Hinduism to successfully infiltrate the Indian god-market. From a historical perspective, Pooranic Hinduism has once again exposed India to foreign invaders ... taken shape as American iskcon.

* Prabhupada (De) : A Vaisnava is above the brahmanas." (Lecture on Bg. 3.18-30: Los Angeles, 30 December 1968.)

**De: "There is a misconception that the Krishna conscious movement represents the Hindu religion. Sometimes Indians both inside and outside of India think that we are preaching the Hindu religion, but actually we are not.....[...]....The Krishna consciousness movement has nothing to do with the Hindu religion or any system of religion...One should clearly understand the Krishna consciousness movement is not preaching the so-called Hindu religion." (Science of Self Realization).

7. When a buzzword is used incessantly to market a product, what it promotes certainly deserves close attention, and most certainly in India? After all, why would any author label his work as purana - old? And if he didn't then who did and why? Why would any god-gadzooker (who believes Mathura (a village in India) has an 88 mile-high mountain where a 12- mile tall witch and her shape-shifting buddies hang out) push his product as ancient.. sacred.. royal text? For a small sample of what the Pooranas are selling in the 21st Century, click on the title "Ululations from a Cave" (on our Home Page) and scroll down to Part One.

8. Let's take a brief but close look at Pooranic Hinduism as opposed to the true purana/ancient practice of Indian spirituality- VEDIC HINDUISM ... and even more concernedly, why western practitioners of Chaitanya Vaisnavism (specifically the New York registered cult- Iskcon) intentionally fuses Pooranic Hinduism with Vedism.* Is it a strategical CONfuse-and-takeover of the Indian god-market ... subjecting ALL Hindus (and their money) to cult dominion? We don't think this is the case ... We know it is.

De (Prabhupada): "No... When we speak of Veda, Veda means knowledge. So knowledge means knowledge of God. Any scripture that gives knowledge of God, that is Vedas. Don't think that Vedas means that only the Sama, Yajuh, Atharva.... Those who are following the principles to give knowledge about God, that is Veda. Veda means knowledge."

Here is a link that typifies the CONfusion : an iskcon (under construction in India) multimillion dollar “Vedic” planetarium that is NOT Vedic ...cannot be found in any Veda. It is Pooranic:

9. Vedic Hinduism is distinctive from Pooranic Hinduism in a unique characteristic i.e., its concept of divinity. Here is a quote that explains it well : "The distinctive and wholly unique characteristic of ancient Indian religions is that none of them subscribed to the concept of god as an omnipotent, omniscient creator-ruler. It was only with the rise of Puranic Hinduism that gods emerged from the shadows to gradually occupy the center stage." Gods of Pooranic Hinduism began to emerge during the Vedic era. And because the gods took shape as clay and stone images housed in earthen shelters upon altars of stone and worshiped with fire, water, air and flora, the rituals were identified as Dravidian practices, which entered the Aryan pantheon from the Indus civilization sometime during the Rg-Vedic age.

Call it Puranism, or Saivism, or Tantricism or whatever but don’t call it Vedic..."
- Chandra

10. With time, and the beginnings of True Writing, a regime of Pooranic popes emerged. They re-interpreted and interpolated existing beliefs, attributing all revisions, additions, adaptions, improvisations and fakes to narrators long dead (but promoted to the status of gods, or god's incarnation). How could any god-gawker argue with that? What is paramount to understanding the Indian ethos is to understand how spirituality, a previously 'word of mouth' tradition, transformed when it found ink ... and the evolution therefrom.

11. What was once a storyteller's realm of make-believe, butter and bread for bulldust, took shape as WRITTEN authority (18 books of believe-it-or-not attributed to a god incarnate- Vyasa). Even then, the tomes were works in progress ... without copyright, open to addition improvisation and ongoing adaption to time place and circumstance.

2. Under ascendancy of Pooranic popes who cited the purushasukta hymn of the Rg Veda- X,90 (now an exposed interpolation) as god's instruction, converts were divided into four classes or castes with Brahmanas being the highest. The subjected castes were indoctrinated by Brahmanas under reference to the library of (believe-it-or-be-damned) Pooranas that espoused a 'personal' god who was omnipotent, omnipresent ... a fully cognizant creator with personal henchmen who existed in a juxtaposed dimension from where he benedicted humans who genuflected to Brahmanism ... much like Zeus and his Olympians ... introduced to India by Alexander (BC 327) in the pre-beginnings of Pooranic Hinduism. At its core, Pooranic teachings pointed to Brahmanic popes as the way the truth and the light; god's irrefutable representatives. Let's hear what Shri Maharishi Dayanand (1824-83) had to say about it:

"Thus when the laity became bereft of knowledge, the popes who had read a little of the ritual became haughty, they combined together and declared before the kings and others in authority that it was unlawful to punish a Braahman or a Sadhu, and such texts declared "let no Braahman be killed". Braahman and Sadhu, was applied to themselves by the popes. They also wrote books containing false statements whose authorship they attributed to the great sages and seers of the past in order to stamp them with authority.
These books they passed off as the writings of the great Vedic seers and read them out to the people. Thus under the cover of these great names they succeeded in getting themselves out of reach of the Law and did whatever they liked, in other words, they have framed such strict laws that no one durst sit or stand, eat or drink, come or go, sleep or wake without their permission.They instilled into the minds of the rulers that these so-called Braahmans and Sadhus, who were really popes, might do whatever they liked. They should never be punished. The rulers should not even ever think of punishing them. When the people became so ignorant, the popes did and made others do whatever they wished."

13. Another Brahmanic abstract central to Pooranic Hindu ethos is the deeply embedded belief in karmic reincarnation. Albeit a paranormal comforter to fear of mortality, truth is, the idea was dragged from the Rg Veda then polished and pasted to Pooranic punditry ... for profit. Because, in the entire 10'500 verses of the Rg Veda, there is only ONE mention (and no attestation) of metempsychosis. There is some hint of life after death in the Vedas, but hardly evidence on which to build a million temples housing bug-eyed images that imply... "Bow to Pooranic Hinduism or reincarnate in Hell, eternally!"

14. Permit us to briefly address the CASTE system before moving on. This socio / religious infrastructure, universally understood as integral to Indian belief, was also set up by Pooranic popes. It should be clearly understood that caste was NEVER a Vedic injunction or practice. As mentioned in para. 12 of this essay, and explained in our article- "Bhagavad Brahman Barbarocracy," the caste system was/is just another Brahmanic rigged-for-profit ruse. There is no evidence of a rigid caste system in Vedic India. In fact current cellular and molecular studies done by biologists show that Indians mixed and mated without class, caste, or ethnic barriers until strict endogamy (Pooranic Hinduism?) emerged across the subcontinent. Here, read about it:


15. Another Pooranic parfay is the absurdism of "avatars" descending .. or portions of portions of plenary portions (did you get that?) of gods who use celestial portals (like the gods of Olympus) to enter this Earthly realm only to mass-murder all who do not abide by Pooranic provisos. They are never here now but can show up when you least expect it. These grizzly otherworldies, who, strange as it may seem, descend to morally instruct mankind ... are bloodthirsty polygamists... adulterers ... pedophiles ... gorilla sexing... cisgender ... transgender ... trigender ...bigender... gender-bender pansexuals ... who sex anything and then 'disappear' leaving this world more confused and immoral than ever before. Avatar: an integral part of Pooranic Hindu beliefs, is NOT Vedic. A modern world could not see an avatar as anything more than Uncle Remus aping Aesop to sell Br'er Bhagavan to dupes flying around on Harry Potter broomsticks con-fabulated by poppy-puffin' Pooranic popes.

16. In concluding this section of our essay we present several quips, quotes, and links, to bring our readers up to speed on a world moving forward. We recommend it highly for iskcon hare krishna adherents who find themselves pickled and peppered by Poorana punditry. Ironically, the very medium used by iskcon to promote itself as "Ancient Vedic," is now exposing its deceptions and madness. The statements below are by observers and academics who are NOT necessarily ex-iskcon cultists.

"As science eats away at territory once held by religion, traditional religious beliefs require greater and greater mental defences against threatening information. To stay strong, religion trains believers to practice self-deception, shut out contradictory evidence, and trust authorities rather than their own capacity to think. This approach seeps into other parts of life. Government, in particular, becomes a fight between competing ideologies rather than a quest to figure out practical, evidence-based solutions that promote wellbeing."


"The theory of avatara ('descend') of gods which is very important to modern Hinduism is non-Vedic
-Dr. J. Kuruvachira

The Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavadgita, Pooranas and Manusmriti, may have more to do with the Hinduism of today than the Vedas.
Thus, it is clear that there is no direct ancestry of modern Hinduism traceable in the Vedas, though it does have some influence on it
- Dr.J.Kuruvachira


Source: http://www.yogaforums.com/forums/f33/is-puranic-hinduism-the-most-stupidest-religion-in-the-world-9552.html

"Incidentally, it is during this Puranic phase of Hinduism that India was ravaged by invasions. Invasions had happened before the common era as well, such as the Greeks and Persians, but India was organized and strong enough to repulse them. Now, India was highly fragmented, and soon fell prey to various invasions from the Huns, the Arabs, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French, the English."

Like Christianity bought about a dark age for Europe. Puranic Hinduism bought a dark age for the Indian subcontinent. Now let us literally look at why Puranic Hinduism is the most stupidest religion in the world..."

We are now heading into a space age, an interstellar civilization by the 22nd or 23rd century. It is inevitable that all religions will die out by the end of this century - they have passed their sell by date. They are no longer needed. .. (...) ... So why resist it? Let it happen, sooner rather than later. Idol worship of gods and goddesses has absolutely no place in the 21st century."

Puranic Hinduism renders people highly stupid by encouraging blind faith and superstition in people. Making them worship imaginary gods and goddesses, rocks, snakes, elephants, rats, monkeys, trees, rivers, people. Making them believe in myths and legends as history."

We will look at parts of a documentary authored by the Hare Krishna group, which is a branch of Puranic Hinduism known as Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Vaishnavism is the biggest sect of Puranic Hinduism (...) The documentary attempts to prove the Puranic model of astronomy and cosmology (...) Warning: Watching the following documentary may lead to severe loss of brain cells!"

Einstein said 'Human stupidity is infinite' and we have seen the infinite stupidity of Puranic Hinduism in this documentary. In this documentary we have Hindus living in a modern age actually trying to prove that this Puranic model of astronomy and cosmology is correct and should be preserved and propogated. Telling us with a straight face and with a spirit of defiance against modern science..."

Ha,ha, ha, that's so funny! 'Warning: watching the following documentary may lead to severe loss of brain cells!' Yes, you are correct in demonstrating how idiotic the Pooranas and Puranic Hinduism is. Perhaps some will stop and take a deeper look at the nonsense and garbage they have/are following."

Practically 90% of what is considered Hinduism would have to be discarded. As 90% of what is Hinduism today with its pantheon of gods and goddesses, rituals and traditions, and legends and myths all come from the Pooranas. This includes the notion of avatars, the stories of Krishna (...) All of it will have to be binned. Together they all constitute the stupid aspect of Hinduism. None of it has any significance in the 21st century."

I will preface this post by saying I have a very realistic approach to the Bhagvad Gita, I do not eulogize it as some holy book"

...this most likely happened during the philosophical period when the battles were raging between the rival schools like Vedanta, Samkhya-Yoga and Buddhism, and the Gita was the earliest attempt to try and reconcile these contradictory viewpoints. This is why the Gita is quite a condradictory text, saying one thing in an earlier chapter and later saying the opposite thing. It was also the first attempt to give a human and personal face to the impersonal Brahman of the Upanishads, giving it the face of Vishnu..."

I will let my reasons be known why I think this is a practice that has passed its sell by date. Why it puts Hindus at loggerheads with the rest of the world. Why these practices are counter-productive to India."

Science is obviously not a myth, for if it was a myth you would not be writing to me it is a myth on your computer made out of transistors and microchips, running on electricity generated by power houses, transmitting signals across the word on the internet through space satellites.

"Has science brought us salvation? No, but neither has religion. What science and scientific thinking has brought us though is far better living conditions than we've ever had before. Higher life spans, better technology, comforts and luxuries for masses, civil, human and women rights, health care. Humans have never had it so good."

The Gita does not say this, this comes from a far later modern Vaishnavist movement known as Gaudiya Vaishnavism. The ISKON belong to Gaudiya Vaishnavism. The foundations for Gaudiya Vaishnavism comes from the Puranic period where there is a huge shift to bhakti, idol and temple worship. It is here these kinds of lazy beliefs are propogated that merely saying the name of god is enough to bring one's liberation, and it is justified by claiming it is deemed the best method for liberation in Kali yuga."


One has to keep in mind what it was that the authors of the HBV and Laghu-bhagavatamrta were building their statements out of, namely other texts. What were those other texts? Mostly Pooranas, later upanisads, the available writings of the other Vaisnava acaryas, etc. The information presented is only as good as the information taken in. Garbage in garbage out."
- Neal Delmonico

Because it seems rather clear that there are loads of 'sheer nonsense' in the source texts of the CV tradition..."
- Neal Delmonico

If there were a real supernatural source of knowledge like yogaja prakyaksa that wouldn't be true. Instead, we have pretty much what one would expect from a pre-scientific system..."
- Neal Delmonico



"The story of Prahlad has been attributed to the Vishnu Purana and the Bhagvata Purana. And who knows in how many more Puranas this broken record of a story has been copy-pasted into. But for now let us stay with Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata Purana as the originators of this cock-and-bull story."

Can any sensible person believe any of this crazy stuff. One has to wonder whether Hiryankashipu was really serious in his intent to get rid of his son.

Elephants that cannot trample a kid or a poison that is not fatal or venomous snakes that would not bite or constrict or a body that survives a fall from a mountain-top or fantasy creatures breaking out of pillars!!!.

This cannot be our world and laws of physics and bodies that we observe and know. The Purana tells us that it was all due to Prahlad's devotion and the grace of Vishnu. Really!!! You have got to tell it to the birds. It is doubtful if even birds would believe this kind of utterly nonsensical fantasy."

I am really curious to know the stock Indian adult reaction to the recitation of fairy tales like these. How do they rationalize this and convince themselves that there is any sense or message in these trivialities?"

Then what is so allegorical about a crocodile clutching the elephant Gajendra's leg and being rescued by Vishnu's flying discus? That we all need divine grace and have to beg for and shed crocodile tears of devotion for it!!"

Evangelists (...) and assorted Babas and Swamis address NRI crowds in Temples and event halls with the absurd tales of the Puranas and the epics including the Prahlad myth. Do these 'educated' and 'urbane' NRI's really believe these kinds of grandma's bedtime stories that they really go to listen to these at weekend prime-time donating top dollars to fund this nonsensical extravaganza.

Today's children will laugh at these absurdities, but this is all high philosophy and esoteric spirituality to the 'learned' and 'certified' and 'credentialed' adults."

The comparison of scriptures and spiritualist delusions with calculus and wave equations is false and invalid. Scriptures are not hard to follow or analyze. The emotional and sentimental hysteria that usually surrounds and accompanies it should not be confused with 'depth of experience', high meaning and great vision.

I can appreciate and feel some awe at the way ideas are expressed by thinkers and scientists like Einstein. The poetry and metaphor in it also have their own beauty for those who can connect with creative expression and idealist philosophy.
But still they cannot be used as endorsements for the silly, primitive and ludicrous ideas and themes of the Pooranas, Bible or the Koran.”

Also secularists like me have no problem with many phenomena and ideas that are subtle, intangible and as yet inexplicable.
But I completely fail to see any subtlety, inexplicability or ennobling vision in the silly fairy tales of the Puranas..."


Bogus sriMAD Bhagavatam- http://mahapashupatastra.blogspot.ca/2011/12/top-n-reasons-to-call-bhagawatam-bogus.html


History, as recorded by scribes nearest the events, reveal India's defeat and prolonged dominion by foreign rulers to be a direct result of Pooranic influence. As noted in a quote above, India repelled several invaders before falling to its greatest foe- Pooranic Brahmanism. Here is a brief excerpt from records of the scribe, Maharishi Dayanand

"Those poor simple Rajas were easily taken in by these popes (Puranic Brahmanas.) They believed in all that they said and, therefore, did not resist the invader. Many popes, who were astrologers, said that that was not an auspicious time for them to fight, because one said it was the 8th moon while the other said that the Yoginee star would face them (when they go to fight) and so on, they were altogether misled by the popes (and therefore they did nothing

to defend themselves). When they were surrounded on all sides by the barbarians, they tried to escape from their miserable plight. Hundreds of popish priests and their dupes fell into the hands of the enemies. Their priests with folded hands implored the Mohammedans to spare their temple and the idol, and offered to pay Rs. 30,000,000 as ransom but the Mohammedans answered that they were not idol-worshippers but idol-breakers and off they went and began to demolish the temple.
When the roof fell, and the magnetic rocks were shifted, down fell the idol which, when broken, was found to contain Rs. 180,000,000 worth of diamonds. When the popish priests were flogged, they began to weep. They were told to point out where the treasury was. Through fear of punishment, they revealed everything. Thereupon the Mohammedans,
having looted the treasury and thrashed the priests, made slaves of them as well as of their dupes.
They made them grind corn, cut grass and carry urine and faeces but gave them nothing but parched grain to eat. Oh! Why did these people ruin themselves by the worship of stones? Why did they not worship the Almighty God whereby they could have put the barbarians, to rout and gained victory over them? Had they worshipped heroes and brave men in place of all those idols, what a protection they would have afforded!
The priests worshipped those stones so devoutly and yet not one of them shifted from its place, fell upon the head of one of the invaders and broke it. Had they served a single brave man as they did the idols, he would have done his best to protect those who had served him and to destroy their enemies.
(Shri Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, 1824-83).


" ... The gods and goddesses important to the Hindus of today are Ram, Krishna, Kali, Ganesh, Hanuman, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and the respective consorts of the last three, namely, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Shakti. None of these deities figured prominently in the Vedic pantheon and some of them are clearly non-Vedic. The major gods of Hinduism like Vishnu and Shiva are non-Aryan in origin. Though they may have belonged to the Vedic tradition they played no major role in the Vedas. K.M.Panikkar, says that it is proved beyond doubt that the more important religious sects among the Hindus, like Vaishnavism, Saivism and so on, did not have a Vedic origin, but had come into existence in comparatively recent times."
- Dr.J.Kuruvachira



1. In our last essay we pointed to a 21st Century phenomenon uniquely Indian wherein astrophysicists with degrees from Harvard pray to multi-armed goddesses who reside in a head space reserved for Pooranic Hindus. Also, we find Indian pollies (secular?) and film stars on interactive social networks, in full world view, offering obeisances to the sun-god seated on a chariot drawn by horses across the welkin on a daily journey through our planetary system. Yes, they still believe the sun travels around planets that hover in awestruck reverence ... and long after the dinosaurs left town.

2. Now here below we present a public address made by the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, which highlights the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Poorana conundrum that is India in the 21st Century. Readers should bear in mind, the Indian President is not a Johnny-head-in-air but an accomplished academic, dux of his class ... honoris causa. He came to Indian politics with degrees in Arts, History, Political Science, Law, and an honorary D. Litt.

3. So why would a scholar, and leader of a nation seeking validation on the world stage, endorse what is risible ... the sriMAD Bhagavatam !? Has he read that ding-a-ling ... or did he just come out in support of iskcon and its litterature because he was paid to do so? We know what he read aloud was, at least, partly written by an iskcon scriptwriter. No one else uses that jargon. Anyway, here is President Poorana Pranab's pitch (between darts >> << ) interspaced with BIF comments:

Source: http://news.vrindavantoday.org/2014/11/presidents-speech-vrindavan/

Mathura, 2014.11.16

>>I am delighted to be amongst you in Vrindavan today. I congratulate ISKCON for conceiving a unique project of this kind. I understand that the Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir, the foundation stone for which was laid on 16th of March this year, shall be an architectural marvel seeking to recreate the glory and the times of Lord Shri Krishna. It shall enable thousands of pilgrims who congregate at Vrindavan every year the opportunity of experiencing new levels of spiritual consciousness.<<

4. After 5'000 plus ...plus ...plus ...temples in Vrindavan alone, how many more will it take to recreate the glory and times of Lord Krishna? Will the new temple have a herd of 900'000 cows like those glory days or will donkeys hogs and monkeys retain toilet rights? Will the new temple stand taller than the 88 mile-high mountain that is 20 minutes down the road in Mathura? Will the new temple stand taller than Putana the 12- mile tall witch? And what happens if she comes crashing down again? Will the new temple transform Govardhan rocks from the conjunctivitis that it is back to those glory days when it was an umbrella perched on krishna's gopi-tickling little finger … a hillock that provided pasture for nearly a million cows … stick-driven by 10 year old kids there and back (54 km) everyday?

5. And by
new levels of consciousness does the President mean Vrindavan is getting a ferris wheel and roller-coaster? We know the temple is being built by an American company .. no relation to Chaitanya or his six goswamis .. Heck, those emaciated empties never had the vision anyway : “Vrindavan : Your rivera holiday under a Gauranga moon ... a Maha-Mantra Riverine-Marina berthing for luxury yachts and yogi yuppies… San Remo on the sparkling Yamuna.... Pushpaka Vimana parking available (close to Thar Desert).... Transport by Vidura Chariots (Yes. Fare-meters and GPS installed).” … The mind boggles. It's like reading the latest edition of sriMAD.

The worship of a blue god called Krishna is not eternal or universal either, because a blue god called Krishna is not worshiped by everybody and nor was it always worshiped, even within the Vedic tradition."
- Surya Deva

6. Pranab da should read some of the quotes we posted above. Investigations into Pooranic facts ...'times of Lord Krishna' ... and 'new levels of spiritual consciousness' ... are opening huge holes in Hinduism. Earthlings want to know where in hell is that 88 mile-high mountain !!? Why did Krishna jump off the top of that invisible mountain in belief someone was setting fire to it. Above certain altitudes mountains are bereft of vegetation and covered in snow. Why was god so misinformed? Everest is only 29'000 ft, just imagine some idiot attempting to torch it.

7. Then there is a recurring tsunami of cowdung ....or how krishna and his brother herded 900'000 cows 54 kms daily... played leap-frog with friends...played with the gopi's breasts.... killed a demon a day (including a snake with a mouth as big as a cave, a 12 mile tall witch, a gorilla that raped aristocrats, etc., etc.) and still found time to leave their mountain of wasting dairy (900'000 dairy cows and no refrigerated transport) to steal butter from neighbours. Krishna then grows up to marry a gorilla plus 16'108 women and begets a cricket team to each. The entire narration, from beginning to end, is force-fed with Bollywood stylized murder and b-grade mayhem ... finally ending in a bloodbath ... and a
professional hunter, who couldn't tell a deer from a donut, shooting an arrow into krishna's heel and killing him …. when only a few chapters ago Grandfather Bhisma lay on a “bed of arrows” for DAYS ... shot up like a junkie and still spouting Poorana. (Whaaat?). Whoever penned this palaetiology should have used a pro to process his poppies.

>>I also take this opportunity to convey my deep appreciation and respect for His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, the founder Acharya of ISKCON, who spread the message of Krishna consciousness all over the world. A celebrated spiritualist and author, his influence continues to resonate in the hearts of Krishna devotees all over the world even today.<<

8. The "speech" is instantly recognizable as iskcon jargon. Had the promo been written by iskcon PR it could not have sounded more cult. We know this speech was a bread-and-butter gig done for dough. What becomes quickly significant is Poorana Pranab's unawareness of a gathering crowd who know A.C De (Prabhupada) was a Divine Disgrace. Here are facts the President should have known instead of simply reading what was written for him.

Prabhupada (De) said:-

"Indira Gandhi is a prostitute..."
"Vivekananda is a rascal.."
"Gandhi, Nikhilananda and Radhakrishnan wrote nonsense purports to the Bhagavad Gita ... “It is my purports that are important".
"Hitler was not a bad man".
"The Arya Samajs are Jains... who claim to be the descendants of Rsabhadeva".
"Women enjoy being raped"
"African Americans (negros) should never have been given freedom from slavery".
"Girls should be given minimum education
"Dinosaurs never existed."
"Man never went to the moon".
"The sun travels around the planets not vice-versa".
"The moon is further away than the sun".
"Pigeons can be trained to carry people into outer space".
"Girls should be impregnated immediately after first menstruation".. 10/12 years old ?
"A man should take as many (10/12 year-old) wives as he can afford."
"Women have smaller brains therefore they are less intelligent".
De impregnated a little girl repeatedly causing still births and infant deaths.
De never reported pedophiles to authorities ... and surrounded himself with homosexuals.
De believed a king named Ugrasena, who existed in an Indian rural hamlet (in sriMAD Poorana land) had 30 trillion servants and attendants.

All quotes above have been referenced in our BIF pages for anyone who cares to look. And there is much, much more. Okay back to the President's speech:-

>>It was Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who, along with his disciples, first established temples in Vrindavan and led the cultural renaissance in the sixteenth century. He was instrumental in making Vrindavan the seat of bhakti and in disseminating its principles, as enunciated in our ancient texts, throughout India. I am happy that the proposed temple seeks to continue and build on this glorious tradition.<<

9. To understand where Chaitanya came from, we need to look at the Pooranic stories of "gopi krishna lila" ... if only because Iskcon tells us Chaitanya was Radha and Krishna rolled into one. So where did the Radha-Krishna-Chaitanya rigmarole begin? To find a seminal source researchers must visit the "Mahabharata War" ... a narration so outlandish and out of sync with reality it needs the threat of eternal damnation to be heard. And that is where we find Krishna : an Aryan prince who held in waiting more than one billion six hundred and sixty million and twenty thousand soldiers ... plus elephants and horses that would have totalled even more than their handlers ... all locked into a tiny backwater piece of dirt called Kurukshetra ... while he spouted 700 verses of disconnected, disjointed, tangenital, extraneous, inapplicable, unrelated, inapt,..."I am the taste of water .. I am the light of the sun and the moon ... I am the basher of Buddhists .. Saivites .. and anyone who fingers Pooranic Brahmanism ..." And then, after a gap of millennia, krishna appears in the writings of a poet named Jayadev (CE 1150) ... and this time he is a young stud playing tootsie in the 'pleasure groves of Vrindavan' with underage cowherd girls ... and in particular one, never heard of before, titillater named Radharani (read our article- "Rather Runny"). It is this Jayadev scripted krishna and his adulteress (10/12 year-old) coquette that birthed the myth of Chaitanya. So when research negates the 5'000 year claim to krishna gopi lila, and fixes it as a dramaturgy penned much later, Chaitanya was on a bum trip … in more ways than one.

10. And then we discover three-for-the-price-of-one Chaitanya and his Les Girls doing a closed door mardi gras:

Chaitanya dressed Himself in sublime women's attire.....Like a gopi, He wore a beautiful bodice on His chest, bracelets made of tiny conch shells, and a saffron dress around His very slender waist. He danced with sweet lotus feet, celebrated by tinkling ankle bells.....Then, the Lord ... gave breast milk to those most exalted of godly men. And, as they gazed upon the Supreme Lord, whose beautiful eyes were filled with tender compassion, His associates felt joy..... Chaitanya affectionately breast-fed everyone....All those Vaishnavas,....blissfully drank milk from the Lord's breast. By drinking the Lord's breast milk, their feelings of separation were mitigated and they became greatly maddened in the mellows of ecstatic love." (Sri Caitanya-bhagavata 2.18.203-208)

11. What ensued as a result, was hairy Vaisnava men dressed as gopi girls being chased around the bush by other hairy men dressed like krishna. This practice by Vaisnava sakhi-bekhis and cross dressing gauranga-nagaris is what prompted British colonials to brand the sect- "Self evidentially immoral." But in true sect sexation, His Divine Disgrace Prabhupada surrounded himself with suck-anything pansexuals. The President should have met His Divine Disgrace when he was alive. A Yankee Doodle cupcake, plus perk, would have been assured for prostituting the Presidency.

>>Shri Madhu Pandit Dasa, who has conceived this temple project, has aptly stated that this temple will not be just a mere edifice of concrete and steel, but a living and dynamic institution, and a center of learning and education. The Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir will strive to disseminate the philosophical message of the Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam in an easy to understand and rational manner –that message is particularly relevant for us as a society today. While we as a nation move up the developmental ladder, it is essential that our spiritual core, which forms the bedrock of our civilization, remains undiluted and strong as ever.<<

12. It will not matter whether the temple is built from concrete, steel, or the bones of Madhu Pandit's mortal enemies- iskcon GBC. The contrived spirituality of Bhagavad Gita is irrelevant today as it was when written by ... whoever. The politics behind the text has outlived its use-by date. Other than used to solicit alms, the gita will not even get discount on a loaf of stale bread. Parrot the gita and the parrot will never see an associate who saw him first.

13. Let's not even begin a discussion on the sriMAD Bhagavatam. It has got to be the most intelligence-insulting, bong-brain-bhagavat-babeldom ever to stain pulp. If Indian politicians, academics and film stars continue identifying India with that madness, the real world, which now rotates on an axis of information, will be asking why India has not relocated to a sriMAD rock in a galaxy far away, already.

To key-off without presenting a synopsis of sriMADNESS would be unforgivable. So here it is:

1. A four-headed man creating the contents of the universe from aspects of himself while seated on the stigma of a cosmic-sized flower that grows from a lake in the navel of an even larger cosmic-sized person.
2. A family employing 38 million school teachers for their children and an ancient king with 30 trillion personal attendants.
3. Ancient battles in which tens of millions of soldiers are slaughtered in a matter of hours, with individual generals killing tens of thousands singlehandedly in mere minutes using mantra-infused arrows.
4. Virginal birth, birth from clay pots, and other incredulous types of birth.
5. The existence of a vastly superior global civilization, complete with airplanes and nuclear weapons, before 3,000 B.C.E. (going back millions of years cyclically) with people of increasing size and life span, the emperors of which ruled the entire Earth.
6. Invisible oceans of a.o. liquor, milk, sugar cane juice, and yoghurt all many times larger than this planet and part of a simplistic flat-Earth cosmology.
7. Sin entering grains and beans on the eleventh day after a new moon and full moon, requiring fasting.
8. The true existence of cannibalistic demons, ghosts, witches, magic powers, curses, talking animals, shape shifters, flying mountains, eagles capable of interplanetary flight, and other fabled entities and abilities.
9. The existence of pious higher beings named suras, in charge of the cosmic administration, and their less fortunate half-siblings the asuras, whose quarrels and lives affect the entire universe.
10. Trees hundreds of miles high, some with fruits that create rivers of juice when falling to
the ground.
11. The Sun being closer to the Earth than the Moon and being the only source of light in the entire universe.
12. The existence of 28 planets that make up a hell in which sinners are tortured beyond belief for millions of years for even trivial transgressions.
13. The inherent mental and intellectual inferiority of women and their need to be controlled and dominated by men at all times.
14. Evil influences exerted by solar and lunar eclipses that occur when the Sun and Moon are swallowed by the disembodied head of a demon (sometimes representing an invisible planet), requiring people to either stay home or bathe in a sacred river.
Source: http://kuruvinda.com/hindsight.aspx

>>Ladies and Gentlemen, India is one of the oldest and culturally rich civilizations in the world. As we now make the transformative change from being a developing to a developed economy, there will be immense pressures on our socio-economic and moral fabric. It is, therefore, imperative that we reconnect to our spiritual dimensions. There can be no better way of doing this than spreading the Bhagavad Gita’s message of universal love and humanity. I congratulate ISKCON for their efforts in highlighting and propagating the timeless teachings of Lord Krishna across the world.<<

14. No! Mr. President. How wrong could you be? The Bhagavadgita As It Is, does not spread universal love and humanity. In fact the book was cited in a Russian court as 'extremist literature.' To understand why, one needs only hear what the author of the iskcon gita had to say:

De (Prabhupada) :- “Arjuna was a great Vaishnava, and he was killing. Bhima was a great Vaishnava, and he was killing. Dhruva Maharaja was a Vaishnava, and he was killing. Parikshit Maharaja was killing. Prahlada Maharaja was killing. Rama was killing. Krishna was killing. Practically speaking, Vaishnavas are killers.....[...]... It is not that because Mohammed used a sword, we also must use a sword, No ! - we can use a Gun. We will ask -...You like Krishna ?? No -- Booom.. You like Krishna ? No -- Booom . We can use everything for Krishna, we can use the ATOM BOMB FOR KRISHNA !!”

15. No matter how much hoop-la is thrown and by whom, the gita will always remain what it was : a peripatetic preamble to the most unbelievable butchery ever conceived in the minds of madmen given merit ….
One Billion, Six hundred and sixty million, and twenty thousand men killed at a staggering 25'000 deaths per 30 seconds … and by archers shooting arrows from chariots and the backs of elephants moving over uneven ground. Really? Is this what Pooranic Pranab means by India's spiritual dimensions...and when the world has figures like this at its fingertips ...

World War l lasted four years and had a total loss (civilian and military) approx. twenty million lives.
World War ll lasted six years and had a total loss (civilian and military)approx. fifty-three million lives.
Russian Civil War lasted six years and had a total loss...... approx. twenty million lives.

That's three major wars, which together lasted SIXTEEN YEARS and totalled a death count of- NINETY-THREE MILLION vs. Mahabharata's 1b, 660m (shot with arrows) in 216 hrs. of (daylight only) action....???

"1 billion, 660 million, and 20 thousand men perished in the war. Only 240,165 heroes survived?." (Mbh 11.26)

Unlike India's Pooranic President who is reading a script written for him, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, a man ahead of his time, wrote his own script in hopes of turning India away from the aberrations of Pooranic Hinduism. He did it to save India from having to face its CONfabulations in an arena of the future where fanciful theories are slaughtered daily by brutal facts and in full view of the world. “Back to the Vedas” was his call to Hindus. Here is Dr. Kuruvashira saying it like it is:

Dayananda Saraswati was the first Hindu thinker to emphasise the importance of ‘going back to the Vedas’ in order to bring about social reforms in Hindu society and to purify Hinduism of its many aberrations. Much of the modern Hinduism is ‘puranic Hinduism’. Vedic gods like Indra, Varuna, Agni, Soma and the like, whom the Vedic people worshipped, hardly have any significance in present day Hinduism. The gods and goddesses important to the Hindus of today are Ram, Krishna, Kali, Ganesh, Hanuman, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and the respective consorts of the last three, namely, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Shakti. None of these deities figured prominently in the Vedic pantheon and some of them are clearly non-Vedic. The major gods of Hinduism like Vishnu and Shiva are non-Aryan in origin. Though they may have belonged to the Vedic tradition they played no major role in the Vedas. K.M.Panikkar, says that it is proved beyond doubt that the more important religious sects among the Hindus, like Vaishnavism, Saivism and so on, did not have a Vedic origin, but had come into existence in comparatively recent times."
- Dr.J.Kuruvachira

>>I am particularly happy to learn about the various initiatives that are being contemplated for the upliftment of society under the aegis of this Project, including welfare programmes for the widows of Vrindavan and the restoration, upgradation and rejuvenation of the important sites of Braj. The Akshaya Patra program through which ISKCON is providing mid-day meals to nearly 1.4 lakh children in 2160 schools in Mathura District for the last decade is a noble initiative indeed.<<

17. Akshaya Patra has a government endorsed international begging bowl to feed India's “starving kids.” Indians populate the planet but are irresponsible parents. That's the message iskcon relays to the world. The sentiments Akshaya Patra evokes dictates the funds it amasses, tax-exempt, and for the asking. Charities consume most donations in overheads. And when understood that charities are self-assessing, free of govt. audits, how those expenses are justified remains the prerogative of its administration. The end result can be seen in multimillion dollar edifices and expensive court cases that are ongoing ...and having the President of India read a cult-keyed script can be added to the bill, without qualms.

>>Ladies and Gentlemen, Srimad Bhagavatam describes the four pillars of spirituality – truthfulness, compassion, austerity and purity. Civilized societies exist and operate within the framework of these values. Lord Krishna, through His timeless teachings in the Bhagavad Gita, has shaped the intellectual, cultural and spiritual mindscape of India for several millennia. It is, thus, only appropriate that Vrindavan strives to become a world renowned center for spiritual enlightenment, from where the message of divinity and peace resonates across all humanity.<<

18. Sounds great, but misses the epicentre by a Presidential perk. For starters, millions of Indian citizens don't, and never did, follow Pooranic Hinduism. But that is hardly the red flag fluttering here. Pooranic Hindus, from Mahatma Gandhi to Bunya bhai and Barra babu, knew that the gita (a Poorana within a Poorana) was conceived and interpolated for a variety of reasons. In today's world, NO ONE reserves the right to interpolate, interpret, or purport historical texts carte blanche.... without confronting scientific data.

19. Iskcon's prostitution of Pooranic literature on streets around the world has brought texts under international scrutiny. The result is that today's Hinduism is challenged
en masse by advancing research, which progressively frays the fabric spun by third-world godmen …. narcissists despots and idiots. Pooranic Hinduism no longer resonates of divinity and peace as the President espouses, but of caste bigotry, sexism and baboonery.

>>I am glad to know that Government of India and the Government of Uttar Pradesh have taken various initiatives towards making Vrindavan a hub of religious tourism. The present project adds a new dimension to these initiatives and shall hopefully generate positive spin- offs both for local society and the economy. I am confident that ISKCON will continue to partner both the Central and the State Governments in their efforts aimed at social change and reformation.<<

20. Dollar signs flash in the eyes of the President and his Akshaya Patra host. Bringing Disneyland to Vrindavan is a Mickey Mouse mantra-miracle.... and candy-floss for all who care to spin it. So this, we feel, is the right juncture to introduce an ex-member of the Braj Foundation who, by the grace of India's free press, was given voice to protest the President.


21. Raghav Mittalji is concerned that the President breezed into Vrindavan and publicly sanctioned a controversial edifice that will disfigure a sacred landscape and pose environmental hazards. Yet, this is hardly the seriousness of what will ensue.

22. Mittalji is a self-confessed Pooranic Hindu. It tells us he isn't capable of seeing the wood for the trees. His radar does not pick up the iskcon agenda i.e. accumulation through expansion. This is truly what makes iskcon a danger wherever it goes ... and will raise security problems in days to come …
De: “Not now, but when we are more powerful”.

Why does the iskcon accumulation through expansion program present a threat? We are glad you asked. Expansion demands high maintenance … maintenance demands manpower … manpower demands funding … funding demands collection … collection demands collectors. To fix all the problems in one fell swoop, iskcon targets youth. Its recruitment program is ruthless. By preaching Gaudiya Chaitanyaism mixed with Pooranic Hinduism and presenting it as government (and film star) endorsed Vedism, the cult uses iskconism to assert guruism or Prabhupadism (total subjection to diktat) to enslave those who fall into its “free food” bated trap. The final result ... free menial labour and ethnocentric slavery at the expense of life, sanity, dignity, innocence, independence, talent, individuality, freedom, family, friends, intimacy, relationships, education, institutions, and economies worldwide. All of it building toward one specific agenda... the vision of iskcon's tyrannical founder, His Divine Disgrace:-

Prabhupada (De): “We have to kill this civilization of mudhas … those who are mudhas, we have to kill them. This is our business. Kill all the mudhas …Not now but later when we are more powerful.”

24. Obvious to anyone studying the cult in progress, or regress, the fact that iskcon book- sales, which is more recruitment than finance driven, is dead in the water and may never resurface. Reactively, the cult has tossed all its recruitment strategies into
'food distribution.' A business that appears philanthropic on the surface with a goody-goody everybody loves us public profile. But will kichadi and halva float iskcon's Pooranas after an academic flush? Nope. We can hear the drainpipes rattling as iskcon agendas flow with the sewage from the new temple ... on its way to the sparkling Yamuna.

>>I once again wish the Project and the entire ISKCON team all success in their endeavors.

Thank you.<<

22. The only way that success could be sustained, Mr. President is if iskcon changes its name to- International Society for Kucumber Consciousness ... But that is a misspelling, so.....

Thank You for spending time with us.



Message from the Editor:

For those not schooled in the facts, and we know there are many, it should be understood that the battle between Puranic popes and Vedantists (Aryans) is centuries old, and ongoing. The hate and commandment to murder (on record) made by the iskcon founder- A.C. De (Prabhupada,) was no hollow threat. He was member and supporter of a confrère that had murdered before, and ruthlessly.

A Brief History (lightly edited):

After centuries of darkness, the Arya Samaj was constituted by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati to initiate the war against misconceptions growing among Aryans ... their religion, and to revitalise Vedic Concepts. This Light of Truth enlightened and strengthened Vedantists worldwide and empowered them to stand resolute in the face of opposition.

But some felt threatened and afraid of the rising Arya Samaj. They initiated plans to halt the mission. After the poisoning of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, they started a drive to kill the major Arya Samaj Leaders. Pandit Lekhram and Swami Shradhanand were brutally murdered. Arya Samaj Workers and Arya Samaj properties were also attacked.

After the assassination of Swami Shradhanand on 23 December 1926, the first Arya Mahasammelan was organised in 1927, under the chairmanship of Mahatma Hansraj. It was decided unanimously in the Mahasammelan Constitution to initiate a special force dedicated to provide protection and cover for the Arya Samaj … its Properties, Functions and Leaders. Henceforth the Arya Raksha Samiti was formed with Mahatma Narayan Swami as President. The ARS was given a target to collect funds of Rs.10'000 and select 10'000 dedicated youth from all over the nation.

Enthused and dedicated Aryans managed to arrange12000 youths & the requisite money much before the deadline. From the youth group, a selection was made and named- Arya Arya Veer Dal by the Raksha Samiti. Later, on 26 January 1929, the Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha duly constituted Arya Veer Dal by passing its constitution. Sh. Shivchandra Ji was appointed as its first Sanchalak (President).

In the meantime Mahashay Rajpal was also assassinated in Lahore. Under these new circumstances Mahatma Narayan Swami issued orders to constitute an Arya Veer Dal Shakha (Unit) on all Arya Samaj premises.

As a result of proper security support the attacks and murders of Arya Leaders were halted. The Arya Samaj Functions continued un-interrupted. Seeing the effectiveness of Arya Veer Dal, Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha duly announced Arya Veer Dal as its Youth Wing in 1936. And the highly courageous Sh. Om Prakash Tyagi was appointed as its Pradhan Sanchalak (President) in 1940.



1. Caveman Hinduism continues unabating in a modern world:



2. We receive letters asking why BIF, sometimes, refers to the iskcon founder/guru- A. C. De (Prabhupada) as Snuffy. Before we present our evidence we wish to point out that De, in order to portray a standard of purity demanded by him (or to exert control over his dupes,) imposed bans:- No intoxication, alcohol or drugs. ...No use of tobacco ...No caffeine, chocolates, Coca cola ... No tea or coffee … No mushrooms … No garlic … No onions … No alcohol... No paan or beetlenut … However, De had a secret that was kept DEviously hidden. He had a substance abuse disorder ; a substance now banned in every civilized country on the planet. He inhaled (snorted) snuff tobacco directly to his brain:

:Morning Walk — February 18, 1976, Mayapura : 760218mw.may :
Acyutananda: Even during his lectures he makes gestures
so that he can take snuff without anybody knowing. (More…)

Conversations : 1976 Conversations : June, 1976 : Room Conversation — June 17, 1976, Toronto : 760617r2.tor :
Prabhupada: Everyone in government service, at least it is to be supposed they are all nasty men. Here also, why not? The other day the custom officer, unnecessary. Unnecessarily. He is opening the snuff box, this box, that box. Unnecessarily. Not a gentleman. It is stated there, “snuff,” and he is bringing knife to open. (More…)

Conversations : 1977 Conversations : June, 1977 : Conversation with Svarupa Damodara — June 21, 1977, Vrndavana : 770621rc.vrn :
Prabhupada: (aside:) You have got increased snuff boxes? (More…)

Letters : 1969 Correspondence : August : Letter to: Brahmananda — Hamburg 30 August, 1969 : 69-08-30 :
P.S. Please send my snuff pot when Hayagriva comes here. I could not get the __ snuff here. (More…)

Letters : 1970 Correspondence : May : Letter to: Yogesvara, Gurudasa, Digvijaya, Lesley, Yvonne, Jyotirmayi, Paul, Prithadevi, Purnananda, Tom, Lena, Dhananjaya, Inga : 70-05-21 :
I am so much thankful to you for your respective presentations—they are as follows: one golden cup, mysore sandal soap, some scent in snuff box, one picture of London Radha-Krsna Deities and one xeroxed interview report. So I shall be glad to know what is the contents and its formula in the box, then I can use it as snuff. (More…)

Letters : 1974 Correspondence : January : Letter to: Revatinandana — Los Angeles 9 January, 1974 : 74-01-09 :
N.B. Regarding taking snuff, I myself take it sometimes at night because I am working at night on my books, and sometimes I become dizzy. But it is not for you to take. You should not imitate this, neither you work like me at night. (More…)

Comment on the Mahanidi Swami video:
They used to have snuff in here because Prabhupada used to take snuff." And he wasn't satisfied to just leave it there. He had to make a point of asking if the devotees know what snuff is, making sure they know it's powdered tobacco. Then laughing like it's an inside joke that the devotees have to 'hide the snuff because people will freak out'.

Tamal Krishna Goswami (De's personal secretary) : “He had me put snuff near him, of which he also availed himself. (TKG's Diary, p-204).

============================== end=============================