2nd June 2013

Prophet and Loss

"You have to quit confusing a madness with a mission."

1. Like any creature pursuing a quarry which, when caught, proves to be nothing more than a decoy, we at BIF also feel the need to toss it in the air, slam it on the ground, tear into its dignity; finding solace and justification in the overkill.  So kindly indulge us as we open doors to our slamfest and put on view the bones muscle and sinew of a deception that can steal your life: be the undoing of your child, your family, your community, your society, should it make contact, bore in, take hold and introduce contagion undetected.
2. Back in 1995 (Singer) a count in America alone totaled five million citizens involved with cult groups.  Today there are about five thousand cults with three thousand prophets/godmen/messiahs... recruiting holy johns like junked-up hookers on the internet highway. Figures are admitted approximations because cults are deceptive about numbers as they are about most everything.  Congregant cult numbers continue to grow as new godmen introduce their heavens to the god market.  This phenomena has notably forced deception levels to new heights as the holy race to recruit hots up; corralling, controlling, and processing targets.  Since new blood is the primary source of cult sustenance, orchestrated deception i.e., fast-track programming, is essential in binding and bleeding new donors. 
3. In this posting the BIF team presents knowledge gained as victims, and as facilitators, for an international parasitic cult (ISKCON, Hare Krishna) which had its beginnings in New York, but after facing criminal charges and much controversy in the U.S., moved operations to India, where, and because of unbiquitous support from deceived citizens, they flourish and recruit worldwide.  This article will deal with how the cult operates. We present procedure in three stages... a) Recruitment, b) Street Doctrine, c) Step one and Done.


" Cults recruit people from all socioeconomic strata, and of all ages. In the past it is true that most people who joined cults were in their late teens and twenties, a time when many of us are rebellious by nature. It was the counter-culture aspects of these groups that was intoxicating and many joined to find a new freedom, only to discover they had found a more confining prison than ever before. Some cult apologists utilize these youths to claim that these groups are not bad because these young people are “seekers,” people seeking answers to grand questions. This is wholly untrue. Cult recruitment reaches out with malign intent and traps its victims with deception. The true nature of the group is never ever discussed up front. One cannot join a group to aid them in their “search” if they do not know what the group is actually about. Yet, nowadays, cults recruit all ages and in fact actively seek out older people who have accumulated estates that can be willed to the group."
4.  Cultists are mentally wired to self-limn as 'preachers' and to recruiting others as 'preaching.'  Good recruiter equals good preacher.  With cult literature in hand, a street peddler finds a glut of prospective recruits.  Street proselytizers maneuver to effect rapid control over targets.  Stipulated time for target assessment (as per hare krishna) is three minutes, after which prospects are prodded to the next step or abandoned due to bad karma resulting in excessive material conditioning or envious demonic natures.  To stop and listen at the behest of a cult peddler, out of common courtesy, curiosity, or fleeting interest, could forfeit independence, individuality, and the remainder of life as one knows it.  Everyday folk everyday, abandon family, friends, love, work and education, to mumble mantras and surrender life and limb to megalomaniacs with nothing more than a cult bestowed Ph.D. in artificial intelligence, and a Caesar Complex.

three minute mantra

5. It begins with a chance meeting.... a book-seller on the street or a fellow traveler on a bus who has a positive perspective on life, the soul, and an uncanny affinity with your existence, e.g., " What do you do for a living?"  "I am a construction worker."  "Wow.  That's what I used to do before discovering bhakti yoga.  I am so glad I did."  Every word spoken by the incense perfumed stranger, albeit evangelical in jargon, arouses feelings of rebellion and aversion to the ongoing mess created by 'materialists'.  What remains unsaid initially is that materialists, or karmis, include family, friends, teachers, employers, governments, previous instructors, institutions, and most certainly- unbelievers:
Prabhupada: "Ah. So this is our one of the items, to vanquish all these rascals, so-called swamis. They say that "Why you criticize others also?" Because we have to vanquish them. Now these people cannot rise. When there is sunrise, there is no use of these glowworms. So this Krsna consciousness movement is Krsna Himself. Therefore they must be finished, all over the world. So-called religionists, so-called philosophers, so-called avataras, swamis, yogis--finished. Our program should be like that. (break) ...all these rascals, anymore to flourish."

Prabhupada: Oh, yes. Why not? Kill them.
Hari-sauri: Yes. If we don't get protection from the government, then what can we do?
Prabhupada: Oh, you must kill them. Tit for tat. As soon as we detect that "Here is deprogrammer and kidnapper," kill him. Finish!

Prabhupada: “Just like the Muslims converted people with a sword in one hand and the Koran in the other, we can approach people with the Bhagavad Gita in one hand and a gun in the other. ‘Do you accept Krishna?’ ‘No.’ Pow! Not now, but later when we are more powerful."

6. Words and affiliates unheard of before tumble out the stranger's mouth.  "Detachment from material life," "Karma and reincarnation," "Discharging one's 


duties," "Recommended in ancient Vedic literatures,"
 "Clearly explained," "Constitutional position of the soul," "Devotional service" and "Back to Godhead" are some of the catchword combinations used to toss unsuspecting marks into the hare krishna ....alternative existence program.  They sing like choirboys with the morals of a choirmaster.

In the Psychiatric Times, Michael D. Langone, Ph.D., put forward the following list of characteristics most often present in those who succumb to cult enticement:-
A high level of stress or dissatisfaction
Lack of self-confidence
Desire to belong to a group
Low tolerance for ambiguity
Naive idealism
Cultural disillusionment
Frustrated spiritual searching
Susceptibility to trance-like states

7. The above are symptoms, or weakness, cult diviners seek out.  Make no mistake regards the fanatical, zombie like determination, zealots commit to engaging, recruiting, and furtherance of prospects.  Within the hare krishna slave development ministry it is euphemized as 'cultivating.'  Assessing a victim is now clinically defined as 'cold reading.'  The ability to rapidly hone in on an individual's situation and needs is paramount to early persuasion.  Maintaining eye contact and controlling the conversation (giving not taking association) are unwritten laws in the hare krishna manual for preachers.  But what is wrong with recruiting....you may ask.  The answer is that cults are dangerous.  Not only do cults destroy individual lives, they harbor psycho dictators who dream of terrorism; zombie armies, to take over the world.  Here is the hare krishna cult founder in private discussion.... The following excerpts are from a book (link below) that was lost, now found:
"Then I started asking Prabhupada (acBSp) about World War III. This was still the big topic on the devotees' minds since that fateful prediction in 1975 . So I asked Prabhupada about WW III and he explained that this world war was inevitable and there is no way it can be stopped from coming . Then at one point Prabhupada said that if the Americans do not start this war we will force them to start it . These were some of the topics that were being discussed that night."
acBSp: “Krsna became famous by killing demons. He has two businesses. After we have secured America we will use everything in Krsna’s service, even atom bombs. Surrender to Krsna or else we will drop this atom bomb.”
"Prabhupada told me the war was inevitable, there is no way it can be stopped. I said, “Prabhupada, I thought you once said that if we keep distributing books then maybe the war can be stopped.” He said, “No. That will increase it. That will make it come faster. We want that. That is preparing the world for the fight against atheism, my books. They are preparing the world. This war is inevitable. If they are reluctant to fight we will force them to.” So he was speaking like this."

8. For recruitment of multinational targets, stress is placed on value of the human form of life which is rare... for realizing the self, god, and the relationship between the two, and for intelligent humans to ask the infernal questions- Who am I? What am I doing here? Where do I go from here?  The implication of asking intelligent questions is that the cult has the intelligent answers
For Indian nationals (mainstay of the American hare krishna cult,) the approach is somewhat different.  Since cult literature is penned in Indian languages, (with hare krishna English transliterations and purports) and pillowed with quotes from Hindu puranas, Indians are sentimentally swayed.  So they are easily waylaid by an onus-guilt technique to sign up.
9.  First Hindus are reminded that instructions were given by god himself, who passed it on to the sun god (Vivasvan) who passed it on to...etc., etc.,.. until it reached the cult's founder- A. C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (acBSp.)  This fact, the target is reminded, can be referenced in the cult's Bhagavad Gita aii listing of 'acaryas' (a holy string of obscure nobodies listed only in cult publications.)  Furthermore, targets are informed about god's specific instructions to Indians, e.g., bharata-bhumite manushya-janma haile jara.... [Cc. Adi 9.41] .... a verse claimed by hare krishna pick-pockets to be spoken by an incarnation of god (Caitanya).  The verse is a direct 'instruction' to Indians asseverating birth in India as an incentive from god to spread the cult's mission, i.e., financially support cult efforts and recruit/enroll other Indians to do so.  Beleaguered Indians are reminded that converted foreigners (caucasians) are financially struggling to maintain temples and deities for the spiritual and social gratification of Hindu families abroad and.... in spreading 'Hindu' culture worldwide. "Festivals of India" are held by hare krishna temples across the planet to appear aligned with mainstream Hinduism, expand Indian 'Life Membership' commitments, and to prise loose donations...  which flow in by the millions.  Yes, Indians, more than any other nationality, have been duped on all fronts and en masse by the hare krishna god business.
Step one and Done:
10. Warmed and charmed by a happy charismatic stranger with an affinity and empathic understanding of life's struggles, the next step is to chase up the invitation to a 'Festival' or 'Sunday/Saturday program' or to listen to a visiting 'His Holiness... Swami' after which there will be a FREE 'sumptuous vegetarian feast.'  All of which looks, sounds, smells and appeals to humanity without exception.  Dancing singing and eating for FREE is everyone's idea of a good time.  On the surface, that's what's on offer, with no strings attached.  Even the Swami's lecture/sermon has all the buzzwords that leave a warm fuzzy feeling inside.  More so when His Holiness makes eye contact and smiles approval at your attendance. 
11.  By the second visit (especially if it is soon after the first) targets are offered a nonnegotiable prerequisite to "purification".... the indisputable locution ...Devotional Service (DS).  Not only does DS claim purification of existence but manifests as the only doorway to communication between desperate-to-belongs and the robed-n-ritualized.  The sense of wanting to belong grows evermore as 'detachment from material life' increases isolation.  Needing to belong appears auto suggestive but retrospection will identify the subtly orchestrated push-n-pull differentiations employed.  Making targets feel welcome yet simultaneously alien (having unpurified karmic defects) is an intro-specific manipulation designated to a select cadre of 'preachers.'  The need to be purified to belong, is constant... immediate progressive and ongoing.  Initially DS means nothing more than helping out in menial chores.  For a FREE meal with entertainment, it is hardly quid-pro-quo.  However, targets have no idea they are being watched and assessed.  What is said and done in DS mode results in shackled position on the cult ship.
12.  With the target convinced and 'engaged'  in DS, the bar is raised yet again.  Detachment becomes more defined and imposed: a hatchet-job on old affiliations, sentiments and beliefs.  The butchering is carried out by speakers at both morning and evening lectures, and also by those into whose tuition (bhakta leaders / rookie programmers) the target is directed.  Whereas earlier indoctrination could lead to conflict in understanding, the new phase introduces, emphasizes, and embeds two mental heavyweights.  These two bouncers, loaded with portal prizing jimmies and memory pulverizing jackhammers, are- "Humility" and "Surrender"Any cult surrounded human who hears these two words without accompanying alarm bells, will lose the sapien in homosapien.  With both triggers firmly embedded, and early mollycoddling growing evermore distant, total control programming begins:-

"Ethnophaulism is a memory altering process employed to destroy old sentiments and implant new ones, deliberately creating ethno/religious barriers by inculcating negative cognitive images of outgroups and thereby isolating the host via subliminally suggested segregation as need for survival.
Outgroup homogeneity reinforces ethnophaulism but on a larger scale by pushing memory implants to the limits once the host is primed and prone, which is affirmed by acceptance of the most outlandish recommendations and suggestions, i.e., the sun is riding on a chariot hauled by little men through the universe for a distance of 760,800,000 miles @ 16,004 miles per nano second, or, women are less intelligent, or, one can train pigeons to carry one into outer space, or. farmers hewed into the bones of a twelve- mile-long dead witch with grass-cutting sickles, or, god is really Randy Rambo.  When these friar's lanterns are accepted as creed, isolation of the host from outside influence, investigation, or aid, is complete." 
13.  Humility and surrender in tangent, strip away self-identification until no independent "I" remains sacred or believable.  Then....  
Action goes under control:-
acBSp:“After the class and breakfast everyone should go to their respective duties, deity worship, sankirtana (book selling), clean-up and so throughout the day this atmosphere of constant engagement will produce the truly happy result of transcendental life." 
Hearing goes under control:-
acBSp: "In the neophyte stage one should always engage in hearing krishna-katha. This is called sravana-dasa.
Speech goes under control:-
acBSp: "....We shall not waste our time talking this politics, that politics, this sociology, this cinema, this affair, no. We have nothing to do with that. That is called prajalpa, unnecessary talking. Talking means decreasing your duration of life. Talking. So why should you decrease your life unnecessarily? Every moment you have to utilize, “Whether it is used for Krsna?”
Thoughts go under control:-
acBSp: Recollection, absorption, meditation, constant remembrance and trance are the five items of progressive krishna smarana.
Diet goes under control:-
acBSp: "Therefore, a person in Krishna consciousness, who eats only food offered to Krishna, can counteract all reactions of past material infections, which are impediments to the progress of self-realization." 
14.  Bombarded constantly with the nine processes for spiritual advancement, the first three being-  listening, chanting, remembering, those who are god's chosen... intelligent class, accept with humility and surrender possession of the mind by cult-imposed Absolute Truth.  This is when multiple implants are embedded unchallenged and critical faculties are breached.  What ensues is a multi-pronged attack on memory registers.  Before long, targets are behavior modified to remember the past only as... forgotten. 


15.  Whereas assessing prospective targets on the street takes three minutes, processing recruits to maturity is (sotto voce) a three year stranglehold .... acBSp: "The neophyte devotee must act and work very laboriously under the direction of the spiritual master, and he must thus preach the cult..."  Further, aspirants are made aware (tongue in cheek) that seven years is what it takes to become brahmanical, or saintly.  Escapees who were drilled and nailed will assure those who do not know it ... the cult lock is a vice without parity.  NO existing ism ANYWHERE on the planet is more caveman in its memory shredding/modifying procedures than hare krishna, iskcon.  Yet, after total surrender by participants, and after the fact that it never worked in India, and after forty years under Am/Jew administration, it works only as a business dependant on constant flow of new blood because of deserters (Bloopers!)  Yet hare krishna cultist will never admit their Prophet was a LOSS... a spiritual SpongeBob Squarepants whose mind modification techniques require ritual in perpetuum.... and then fails, anyway.  
16. Following extensive psychological research and record, ten cult groups have emerged as predominant:- 1) Neo- Christian religious, 2) Hindu and Eastern, 3) Occult, witchcraft, satanist, 4) Spiritualist, paranormal, 5) Zen and other Sino-Japanese philosophical-mystical orientations, 6) Racial, 7) UFO/ outer-space phenomena, 8) Psychological or psychotherapeutic, 9) Political, 10) Self-help, self-improvement, life-style systems ..... "The primary reason these groups exist is to utterly control its membership so as to venerate its special "needs."  They seek to remove from their membership the ability to think critically and make life decisions.  They retrain the victim to think in their own highly defined and constricting manner, so that they become a pawn to the will of the leader. This process is not accomplished through argument or force as is often thought, but rather with subtle persuasion, flattery, guilt, and always, deception." (Perry DeAngelis)
17. Robert Lifton (1989) defined five tried and true methods destructive cults use to ensnare and keep their flocks corralled:
1) Totalism (Ethnocentrism)-  An Us vs. Them philosophy, which is used to achieve complete separation from the past; portrayed as filled with the demonic or unenlightened.
2) Environmental Control-  Everything perspective recruits see, eat, and do every waking minute is carefully manipulated.
3) Loading the Language- This is the jargon of the cult, which takes the form of quick easy phrases and statements that only have meaning to the cultists. Such jargon encourages isolationism and cloning.
4) Demand for Purity-  All actions are judged by the cult's definition of purity, which is crafted by the leadership to suit their needs. Such definitions are applied in an absolute, black and white, manner.  Anything is acceptable in the pursuit of this 'purity.'
5) Mystical Leadership-  The cult leader endows himself with a mystical mantle, often and agent of divine powers on Earth.  Confession and denunciation of the leader are ingrained. The victim acquires a pawn-like attitude, wherein devotion and obedience to the leader supersedes any moral compass or self-preservation, even unto choices of life and death.
18.  Hammered on a daily basis and from minute to minute, targets are quickly victimized by ideological totalism.  Progressively, the demarcation between reality and cult indoctrinated fantasy is fudged.  There is no clear defining line between benign interest and conversion to active commitment.  What is indisputable is that cults are destructive, even fatal, because of one perpetual characteristic in cult continuum... deception. 

19.  Prior to closing this posting with a summary, the BIF team raises hats to those (Bloopers) who cut losses, walked away from cults, and survived.  The excerpt below, taken from an in-depth paper by the late- Perry DeAngelis, depicts the aftermath to youth, time, money, love, family, mind, intelligence, individuality, and life, being snatched away by a consortium of megalomaniacs:-
Emerging from a Cult
The experience of coming out of a cult is much more difficult than entering one. On the way in all is sugar and light. The courting process has just begun and you are still feeling that the cult is enhancing your personality. It is only during the exiting process that you learn the cult has in fact stolen it. The damaging methods a cult uses to beguile members leaves mental wounds in the former member that often take years to heal. The reduction of one’s will to resist and the degradation of one’s critical faculties make the transition back to freedom very difficult.
There are several key characteristics that accompany almost all ex-cult members:
Fear is a ubiquitous concern of ex-cult members. Many cults use all sorts of fear to maintain loyalty to the group. Everything from denunciation, to claims of damnation, to physical force has been used to both retain and return members. Ex-members are often encouraged, if not forced, to change locations, telephone numbers and even their names to escape the harassment of their former groups. Of course, this fear is always much more acute when a family member, particularly a child, is left in the group. The group can threaten the child with sanctions unless the member returns, and at the very least almost always severs all contact with the “traitor.”
Another after-effect that ex-cult members must deal with is “flashback.” Not unlike “shellshock,” (wherein combat veterans react with inappropriate motion and fear to any loud noise), ex-cult members will sometimes find themselves wandering back to the trance-like state they were ensconced in during their cultic days. These times of “floating” are triggered by stress, deep depressions, or when the cult’s jargon is heard even in completely unrelated contexts. These flashbacks decrease in frequency over time, but can last for months. (Singer, 1995)
The attack on one’s mentality when in a cult leaves the victim’s cognitive skills dulled. It takes time to retrain one’s mind to evaluate and perceive in “real time.” The outside world is a busy and complex place. The empty simplicity of the cultic core is gone, and the sensory input can sometimes be daunting to one who has languished in trance-like obedience for an extended period of time. For this reason, tasks should be attempted in ascending level of difficulty and complexity, as one would when training to do these things for the first time.
Many ex-members report that they are often consumed with guilt, a guilt which may take many forms. When within the cult, members are often forced to perform illegal activities, learning to con, trick and steal from others. They compel donations in a variety of dishonest and coercive manners. They expel personal morality to the will of the cult and this leaves them deeply ashamed. They are uncertain how they can face up to these actions, and how they can repay those they themselves victimized. Further, ex-members may feel very troubled about close friends and family members that were left behind in the cult. This makes the dismissal of the cult very difficult. When their feelings for those still within the cult call to them most strongly, they may even begin to get doubts about leaving the cult. Maybe it was they who failed, and not the cult or the loved ones still within. How can it be so totally wrong if my wife still adheres relentlessly to the teachings? Could the leader have been right? This miasma of doubt and confusion can be debilitating and slow recovery to a crawl. Finally, ex-members must come to face those that they severed in the outside world when they were absorbed by the cult. How can they ever hope to explain to them what it took to make them sever all ties, and indeed, to deride them? When faced with the love and concern that loved ones maintained for them even when they were chanting of their evils at the leader’s behest, the look in the mirror can be shattering.
This shame leads directly into another very real problem faced by ex-cult members – the continual bombardment of questions, and the obligation to explain to everyone. It is exceptionally difficult to explain to those never victimized by a recruiter and thence a cult about the subtleties of manipulation and coercion that ensnared them. To describe the charisma of the leader in full spread and the atmosphere of euphoria that the combined manipulation of the cult could cause is all but impossible to those not initiated into the psychology of totalistic groups. It leaves ex-cult members feeling as if no one on the outside understands what they went through and makes them feel pitied. Further, family and friends often put the emerged under a microscope, watching for any signs of weakness that may be indications that the ex-member may again become the mark of the old, or even a new, group. This situation often leads to encounters where both the watchers and the watched sense an air of concern, but fail to communicate it effectively. Tensions can quickly rise under such circumstances and the ex-members sense of self-worth can be eroded by the perceived feeling that loved ones do not believe they can care for themselves properly.
The entire sense of self that was so artificially inflated at times in the cult must be reassessed in a realistic state. No longer can the person consider themselves the “chosen.” In the cult they may have been the “saviors of mankind,” or the “sources of eternal light and reason,” all of which must be let go. They are suddenly just like everyone else; still searching, still struggling, and still hoping. They are left feeling that perhaps they are not only not chosen, but that they are valueless. They have very difficult times learning to trust again. Fear of being victimized again can make them cynical and distant. The question of how they can join any other group and not be corrupted again is an ever-present one. (Lifton, 1989)
The crux of this post is not simply to magnify cult methodology in manipulation, but to take the issue to a level of seriousness not easily identified by casual observers.  Bear in mind that the founder/prophet/guru/godman of the hare krishna cult- Prabhupada (acBSp,) has a deity form in every iskcon temple, worldwide.  His deity is worshipped day and night; his books are read and followed as 'Law books for the next 10'000 years.'  It is proclaimed from every cult pulpit, and is the cream in every cult jelly-brain-  'He lives in his instructions.'
Kindly reread paragraphs 5 & 7 to get a proper understanding of the founder's intent.... his instructions.  Now ask yourself-  Were Russian prosecutors at Tomsk wrong when they accused cult literature of religious extremism?  Were Hindus worldwide, Indian politicians and media mislead when they publicly protested the Russian findings?  Did they fall victim to cult proclamation-  their founder's Bhagavad Gita (As It Is) is a Hindu Holy Book?  In retrospect-  had Indians, politicians and media, been privy to information disclosed in this article, would they have reacted differently to the Russian inquisition?

Chant or Die !!!

These question are of extreme relevance when understood that those carrying the cult founder's instructions forward, have been exposed to severe (and ongoing ritual) mind-altering methods disclosed in this paper.  They absolutely believe in giant eagles flying around in outer space, animals that talk, little tom thumbs pulling the sun through the sky while it sits on a chariot, etc., etc.  They have implicit faith in teachings and instructions of the acarya.  The implications are bombastic.  Certainly more confronting than any terrorist mind-set or agenda known to man thus far.  
This web site is packed with what the cult terms as- Absolute TruthAny such truths acclaimed publicly by anyone, at any location, in any country, in any language, would bring instant confinement and psychological assessment.  Yet hare krishna sells its (government subsidized) sriMAD Magazines as god's un-taxable gospel..... and collect tax-free donations while waiting patiently (acBSp"Not now, but later when we are more powerful") to murder unbelievers and blow up the world.
Thanks for spending time with us
Knots in a Thread 
1 Every book in the BBT archives, signed as A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (acBSp,) was edited by acBSp appointed editors.  acBSp claimed to be a direct representative of god on high, why did he need lesser beings to edit his work? 

Let's take it a step higher.  Actually, let's take it to the highest rung on the ladder of intellect and ask ..WHY did he need editors when-


acBSp: "Everyday, when I sit down here to write these books Krishna personally comes and dictates every word." 


Why did GOD's direct communication need editing?  Can't an omnipotent omniscient omnipresent god speak proper English?  We know acBSp was a... 'Vaat ees dees?'  Was his gaudiya god-krishna also a maachi-mar?

To that we add another obvious query...  If the books were proof-read and edited originally by conditioned souls, why should the work be sheltered from changes, and by those (still living) who were acknowledged (by the acarya while living) to be superior in composition to both, acarya and god, when compiling the original manuscripts?


2. We can go even further back.  If God wanted a Book, why didn’t He write it Himself?  Why did he depend on a caveman to pass it on word of mouth? 

Is God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and all things, incapable of writing a book? (... and giving copyrights to the BBT?)
Since the world is so mixed up, why doesn’t He drop The Book from the sky, like Raindrops, so we all know for sure such things as, how the world began, if there is life after death.....  Why can’t He write His Own Books? (Instead of dictating blah-blah bhakti in English to a maachi-mar?)


3. Then there's Vyasa... empowered as the 'literary' incarnation, but then empowers Sanjaya with wi-fi powers (powers Vyasa did not have) so he (Vyasa) could write an insert to a larger work for which he needed no help...  not even from Donald Duck?

Sanjaya wi-fied, Vyasa dictated, Ganesh wrote... Who edited...published?

4. Did Vyasa spit and split with (5'000 years ago, when everyone else was carving on rock) quiller- Ganesh?  Glottochronologists claim the Mahabharata is a compilation of multiple (relatively modern) writers.