21st October, 2015

Paranormal: Begging Belief.
Purananormal: Believing Beggars. 


Back in 2012 we posted an article-“CASTE VAISNAVA” alerting readers to a con flogged threadbare by fraudsters operating within the ISKCON Hare Krishna cult (I-HK.) Posted below is an excerpt zooming that scam back into focus:

“On the surface it may not appear overly contentious, but when circular logic is presented as device to endorse a belief.... fallible it may prove under scope, even calamitous where applied and allied, yet there can be no denying the profit it provides unscrupulous thugs. God fablers are the most prolific users of this carousel- to- sell.  "Vasinavism" is case in point when showcasing rhetologic used to endorse charlatans and exploit dupes.” 

It is a brazen deception... an in-your-face, believe- it-or-burn blitz on young students... a ruthless campaign by I-HK, now in the high alert bracket at universities in America and spreading via families banding to protest cult recruitment on campus.

To entice young college probabiliorists into the brainwash, cult connivers enrol at theosophical institutions. Successfully armed with a PhD in Gaudiya Vaisnavism (an Indian
paedophile / pederasty sect... papered over and advocated by I-HK) cult spin-doctors pay nominal registration fees to enrol as members in academic clubs. With resumes and references stacked to impress, I-HK spin-doctors indoctrinate, poach, abduct, convert, pimp, porn, and deploy fresh-faced university godlings on a cult carousel....enslaved without pay.

Antecedent to cult crock we draw attention to a looming crisis within I-HK: a desperate attempt by cult PhD conmen to secure the guru / god scam vs. ubiquity of the Internet. Ironically the distortion confronting I-HK disc-jocks comes from their own scratching. Explanation: ISKCON’s administrative GBC (Governing Body Commission) is painfully aware of the I-HK (‘Prabhupada said’*) rash, brash, stupid statements gone viral. They have attempted, since the founder’s death, via editing, to forge a new I-HK narrative for the ‘Prabhupada said’ intellect minus. However, rank-n-file cultists implanted with the Prabhupada=guru=god doctrine have zombie-grouped to uphold the ‘Prabhupada said’ ergo ‘no change’ paradigm. The result...I-HK looks more like what it is: a blue-god dogma bone fight.

* “Prabhupada” was an alias adopted by A.C. De, a Bengali who founded the ISKCON Hare Krishna (I-HK) cult in America.

The conflict has caused irreparable schisms and is ongoing.
Hridayananda Das Goswami, aka. Howard Resnick aka. Shorty (Am / Jew I-HK guru) who was GBC elected (in friendlier times) to translate and purport the eleventh canto of I-HK’s bible- sriMAD Bhagavatam, has split and taken his buddy Bir Krishna Goswami aka. Bruce Jacobs (Am / Jew I-HK guru) with him. Together they have formed “Krishna West”, an organization that picks pockets without the ‘Prabhupada said’ idiocy. Here is an I-HK video bemoaning the “Krishna West” breakaway: *

Even more recently we find De’s personally appointed editor, Jayadvita Swami aka. Jay Israel (Am / Jew I-HK guru) calling for an exorcism of the ‘Prabhupada’ implant. Hell, he doesn’t even want the founder’s name to be crooned in oratorio or litany: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRTtkGMAg8Q.
The question that evades I-HK zombies is... why did De need editors when, as he claimed, blue-god Krishna dictated everything to him, personally?  De:
 "Everyday, when I sit down here to write these books Krishna personally comes and dictates every word." Of even greater concern for the GBC, is that the I-HK editor is now writing a book rooted in Judaism. But did he, or any of the many Hinjews in the holy tax-exemption business, ever uproot?

"Jayadvaita was born into, and was perhaps destined to be academically absorbed in the culture of Judaism."

Q: What does an Am / Jew editor have that an Indian blue-god does not?
A: English grammar.

Okay, let’s move on to the I-HK spin-doctor. The scratch is in red font, italics and inverted commas:
“Sep 07, 2015 — CROATIA (SUN) — Reason for ISKCON downfall discovered by Croatian scientist.”

Straight away we are heading, by heading, on a rhetological carousel. The title implies its author is presenting scientific discovery made by a “Croatian scientist” when in fact the author is the ‘scientist’ using illeism to promote cult crock as scientific discovery.... A hoist on his own petard.

“Why did the GBC approve Krishna West project, whose main acarya is a sannyasi who plays ping pong with females and claims that Srila Prabhupada was spreading Muslim culture?.....”

What does a cult-peeing contest have to do with science? No branch of science is interested in a sannyasi playing ping-pong with females... even when I-HK plays ding-dong with little males. And yes, Prabhupada was spreading Muslim culture. The seed-n-weed of I-HK dogma is genetically modified Mohammadism : the Islamic spermatozoon of Mughal conquerors conceived in effeminate Gaudiya Vaisnav vinyasas:

 De (Prabhupada): “Whatever Muhammad said that is authority. That we accept. We accept Muhammad as the representative of God. Whatever he says, we accept; that's all. What you mean, that is your business. But he is the authority; he said, "This is the name of God. You chant, you pray. “Allah of God.” That's all. That is authority.”  (Room conversation. Tehran, 14/03/75.)

De: "Hazrat Muhammad, the inaugurator of the Islam religion, I accept him as an empowered servant of God because he preached God-consciousness in those parts of the world and induced them to accept the authority of God. He is accepted as the servant of God and we have all respect for him." (Letter, 2-4-1976)

“Croatian scientist, Hanuman das, by examining prehistoric scriptures, which nobody takes seriously anymore, found astounding evidence why obvious deviation is approved as bona fide....”

So what we have here is an I-HK sycophant, Hanuman das promoting himself as a scientist examining prehistoric scriptures... which nobody takes seriously anymore (wonder why) and finding astounding evidence concerning obvious deviation. The implication is that science has deviated, capriciously and globally, by disregarding evidence latent in prehistoric scriptures (god forbid.) But have no fear, Captain Croatia (Indology Jones?) is here....

Our researchers located Captain Croatia aka. Hanuman Das. His legal name is Hrvoje Marjanoviç....a resident of Zagreb, Croatia, who may have received a “Mad about Science” birthday brochure when young. Other than that, Marjanoviç has no honorifics, institutional references or credits in the field of science. Yes, just another cult spin-doctor.

“Reason discovered: because all members of the GBC are "good men and women". Please read the following text in full, and you will understand this amazing discovery....”

Why present an ‘amazing discovery’ about a ping-pong playing sannyasi to administrators of a religious cult and not to academia at large... or should we ask? Okay let’s take a closer look at the amazing, astounding scientific discovery scratched in cyber space by a popular cult De-J: the Sampradaya Slum.


“Aśvatthāmā was condemned by the Lord Himself, and he was treated by Arjuna just like a culprit, not like the son of a brāhmaṇa or teacher. But when he was brought before Śrīmatī Draupadī, she, although begrieved for the murder of her sons, and although the murderer was present before her, could not withdraw the due respect generally offered to a brāhmaṇa or to the son of a brāhmaṇa.”

Where, other than in I-HK, can we find a ‘scientist’ quoting fiction (Mahabharata (Mb)) and citing its anachronistic casteism as attestation? To begin with, the Mb is about five brothers whose mother was impregnated by four extraterrestrials.....Aliens for god’s sake! The result: hybrids: luminal beings who could black out the sun with bow and arrow.... dam raging rivers with arrow-weaving intricacy...and still have enough fiction leftover to kill ten thousand men single handed. One of the five siblings, Arjuna was sired by an alien named Indra. Here’s his pappy in action:

Diti went to sleep without first washing her feet. This was an unclean act and it gave Indra the required opportunity. He adopted a miniscule form and entered Diti's womb.With his weapon vajra, he sliced up the baby inside the womb into seven parts. The baby naturally began to cry at the pain. But the baby, or rather its seven parts, would not listen. Indra thereupon sliced up each of the seven parts into seven more sections, so that there were forty-nine sections in all. When these forty-nine sections were born, they came to be known as the Maruts.”

Really!? But Really!!?? An extraterrestrial shrinking himself and his cleaver to wriggle past a woman’s undergarments, enter her womb, and chop an embryo into forty-nine pieces because...SHE DIDN’T WASH HER FEET? The mince then individualizes so forty-nine little Indians can shoot outta mama like popcorn. And I-HK wants the world to believe this crap was written by the literary incarnation of god. Who!? Yes, GOD! Sentence after sentence...paragraph after paragraph...page after page...chapter after chapter of mushroom fertilizer...Purananormal.

If readers have doubts about the forty-nine whackos, surely there must be doubts about the Indra alien? If there is doubt about him then his half-alien son, Arjuna must also be a myth. Which then leads us to Krishna, the Gita, and the Mb. Like if the cow didn’t jump over the moon the dish didn’t run off with the spoon. But I-HK believes and preaches ancient alienology like a time machine stuck in reverse. They call it science and hawk their hallucinations on street corners internationally, for donations. Hare Krishna Hindury is soused in Mb with its Gita insert. So we have posted an essay on that Purananormal epic, titled- “Whopper War.”

“This is due to her mild nature as a woman. Women as a class are no better than boys, and therefore they have no discriminatory power like that of a man.”

Possibly why I-HK cannot discriminate between boys and women when creeping around dormitory beds at night. Thanks to modern media, the world is quickly becoming aware of I-HK misogyny pedalled as gender science...even as Brahman hagiocracy chokes on its own spew. Conclusively, the only astounding evidence we see here is empowerment of sex-slavers, rapist and abusers, by caste sexism viz., Puranas.

When will educated Indians initiate a rethink of draconian Brahmanism... a malum in se hawked by I-HK as Hinduism and pandered to by Indian politicians, media and film... enough so that any attempt at challenge is met with ‘Hinducaust’ hysteria ...even murder...which conveniently provides I-HK a continuance to fake and fraud? Nevertheless, an explanation of women’s rights, equality and dignity, will fall onus to Indians, worldwide, when confronted by an inevitable show cause notice.

India is where I-HK claim their ‘gender science’ was born bred and spread...as they now propagate it internationally. If in fact the belittling of women is an I-HK misinterpretation of Indian tradition, why is India’s Prime Minister laying yet another temple foundation stone for I-HK? Why is the old Bollywood actress, Hema Malini still shaking her wrinkled butt in support of I-HK? In so doing, the BJP Hindutva junta confirms unequivocally to the whole world-
Women as a class are no better than boys, and therefore they have no discriminatory power like that of a man.” How can India readjust a world perspective when its crème de la crème sits blinded by baksheesh....and antediluvian beliefs?

“Aśvatthāmā proved himself to be an unworthy son of Droṇācārya or of a brāhmaṇa, and for this reason he was condemned by the greatest authority, Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa, and yet a mild woman could not withdraw her natural courtesy for a brāhmaṇa.”

For a cult casting anti-caste/ birthright recruitment nets, its rhetoric is duplicitously self-defeating. Notwithstanding, Brahmans, the once-upon-a- time ass-kickers of kings and kathenotheists, are now no more than cows.... categorized by animal husbandry as a species of bovine. May we quickly add, scientifically speaking, it is what they always were.....dumb dairy dump!

“Even to date, in a Hindu family a woman shows proper respect to the brāhmaṇa caste, however fallen and heinous a brahma-bandhu may be. But the men have begun to protest against brahma-bandhus who are born in families of good brāhmaṇas but by action are less than śūdras.”

....however fallen and heinous a brahma-bandhu may be... This is what we mean by rhetologic : sociopaths justifying criminality by citing text (Gita- 9.30) ascribed to a blue-skinned extraterrestrial from a Purananormal Star Wars panjandrum that insults human intelligence and defies all logic.

Furthermore, and since we are being fed locution ... a woman shows proper respect to the brāhmaṇa... let’s take a look at respect shown to the Mb femme fatale in focus... its tritagonist, Śrīmatī Draupadī :

For openers...she was not human. She materialized, like a toasted marshmallow, from fire. While still hot, her virginity was advertised and won (how Ulysses and Lucky Luciano got theirs) in a shooting contest. Her new owner was the Mb deuteragonist, half alien- Arjuna. Too hot to handle, he shared her in a ménage à six with his four alien- inseminated half brothers. Not enough that her virginity was scripted away like a stuffed toy in Duck-Shoot Alley, she was then gambled as nooky-ante in a game of dice; was blackjacked and lost to a group of pissed half-Plutonians (?) When commanded by her new owners to strut her stuff. She refused, was grabbed by the hair, dragged around, and ordered to lap-dance. Again she refused. With all the space-cowboys looking on, her sari was grabbed and pulled. They wanted to strip her. That’s when the Mb protagonist, blue-god K (unsighted by humans) began unrolling an endless supply of invisible sari... as fire-born Draupadi spun like kebab on a skewer. Sure. It was Purananormal, but because she respected Brahmanas they did not lynch her for witchcraft, like in this case...

Patna, Oct 9, 2015, (IANS)
Woman lynched for practising withcraft in Bihar.

....or beat her and burn her like in this case...

Source: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/506156/rajasthan-woman85-stripped-tortured-being.html
Rajasthan woman,85, stripped and tortured for being a 'witch'

...or incinerate her innocent little children because they are “lower caste”...

Two children of a Dalit family were today burnt alive and their parents suffered injuries allegedly after some persons from upper caste set their house afire while they were sleeping

Where is the astounding evidence and scientific revelation promised by this I-HK fraud? All we’ve got so far is perverted hybrids pretending to be human.... and a firewoman with no discriminatory power like that of a man being sexually and emotionally abused but loving it because she’s a caste cow who respects Purananormal rough-sex dairy porn.

“The specific word used in this śloka is vāma-svabhāvā, "mild and gentle by nature.” A good man or woman accepts anything very easily, but a man of average intelligence does not do so. But, anyway, we should not give up our reason and discriminatory power just to be gentle.”

How starkly inane...insane it is. Where else can we hear a scientist tell us...A good man or woman accepts anything very easily vs. a man of average intelligence does not? When did goodness conflict intelligence...and where else other than in gurudom?? Isn’t discrimination guided by a moral compass crafted by analytical intelligence? Anyway, is this astounding evidence truly a Hindu science found in prehistoric scriptures...Important enough to be posted on a cyber rag?

For centuries Indians have been indoctrinated into belief that goodness is not intelligence...i.e. education is false unless caste Brahman indoctrinated. Puranic popes, to this very day, covet morality by citing Purananormal absurdities: fornicating aliens, desperate demons, bitch-witches, a variety of hells, and Alice in Wonderland. All intelligence outside Purananormal is material...convertible by donation. Yes, every parent creates a portal for exploitation when accepting theistic thuggery. And yes, theistic thraldom begins with deluded parents.

“One must have good discriminatory power to judge a thing on its merit. We should not follow the mild nature of a woman and thereby accept that which is not genuine. Aśvatthāmā may be respected by a good-natured woman, but that does not mean that he is as good as a genuine brāhmaṇa.(SB 1.7.42 p)”

With that final quote from his good-as-god-guru-De our enlightened ‘scientist’ concludes his revelation of astounding evidence.... hidden in prehistoric scriptures.
Strange but true....women are the backbone of religiosity in India. It is why puranic pundits portray them as brainless booty. No one knows better than Brahmanas how bogus the bhagavad.

Draupadi’s virginity was a prize won in a shooting contest and shared by five brothers. After the five had done with her hymen, they bet and lost her in a crapshoot.  Her winners, who knew her to be a five-to-one player, expected hardcore. When she refused to poledance lapdance or peel lingerie... they dragged her by the hair; would have stripped her except for a blue-god (hiding in Hogwarts?) magically milling Banaras silk. Yet she hung on religiously to caste protocols in spite of her five sons (one to each hybrid) being murdered by a Brahmana (Asvatthama.) And because (according to ‘god’ who scripted her) she was a good-natured woman ergo she lacked average intelligence.

The true astounding evidence is that Hindustan seeks world approbation while remaining persistent proponents of the Purananormal : The PM quotes from Mb...His Foreign Affairs Minister wants the Gita to be institutionalized and constitutionalized. Meanwhile Government attacks on academic freedom and freedom of expression, ending in murders that are never solved, is causing deep concern globally.

Please find below, an exceptionally relevant link: a letter addressed to the Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz. It is signed by Faculty, Students and Alumni of that revered institution. The letter is a request to rescind an invitation extended by the University to Indian PM, Narendra Modi. Please read it. What it tells us is that India’s technological achievements can never hide its curried and cultified Purananormal primitivity.

Readers who, for any reason, cannot access the letter or feel (as we first did) that it is politically motivated, think again. Except for two (BBC) reports, concerns stem directly and solely from Indian media. Here are the references:

(2) http://www.hindustantimes.com/columns/dadri-lynching-has-raised-troubling-questions-on-india-s-secularity/story-DoXSDHS3wz4twGN2F4WG5L.html
(3) http://www.catchnews.com/india-news/the-takeover-how-the-modi-govt-has-filled-key-positions-in-14-institutions-1436365046.html
(4) http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/british-academic-denied-entry-into-india/article6134355.ece
(5) http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/christine-mehta-writes-on-how-she-was-deported-from-india-for-her-report-on-afspa/article7375878.ece
(6) http://www.mumbaimirror.com/mumbai/others/Ill-ask-Modi-to-intervene-in-TIFR-director-crisis-says-Bharat-Ratna-Rao/articleshow/46546745.cms
(8) http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/draft-bill-reduces-iim-to-govt-dept-not-what-pm-said-iima-chiefs/
(9) http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Modi-govt-does-not-want-me-to-continue-as-Nalanda-University-chancellor-Amartya-Sen/articleshow/46309975.cms
(10) http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/Chauhan-was-RSS-pick-for-top-job-at-FTII/articleshow/48025610.cms
(11) http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/historian-rues-rightwing-turn-at-ichr/article7119607.ece
(12) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-34105187
(13) http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/situation-today-worse-than-emergency-photographer-prabir-purkayastha/#sthash.fEJm5kiJ.5DmSsrQz.dpuf
(15) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-34461911

BIF backed the BJP as they vied for government. Family and friends voted them in believing the Party was secular or Nationalists at worst. In a private letter (on file) to BIF dated Jan 28- 2012, the current Finance Minister of India wrote:
As per the constitution of India, we are a secular nation with freedom to practice any religion...”

We understand that democracy navigates between violence of anarchy and violence of tyranny. The problem is, in India, religion is introduced with mother’s milk. How secularism fits in with that is a study in contradiction. Nonetheless religion is not the issue as much as politicians and popes imposing primitive punditry on progressive thinkers. Not only does it condone caste cultism, it also initiates violence by complicity... Purnananormal madness.

Thanks for spending time with us



Purananormal madness is not a dream....it is an Indian nightmare:

Source: http://anonhq.com/seeking-divine-powers-man-beheads-4-year-old-offers-childs-blood-hindu-goddess/
This Article (
Seeking Divine Powers Man Beheads 4-Year-Old, Offers Child’s Blood To Hindu Goddess) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ.com.

Purananormal? But of course. Just tag on the word ‘karma.’

Sourse: http://anonhq.com/4-year-old-girl-brutally-raped-sodomised-in-new-delhi-injuries-horrifying/
A four-year-old girl was raped, tortured and left to die in India’s capital on October 9. The poor child has sustained unthinkable injuries in her intestines and private parts, apart from bruises and bites all over her body, reminiscent of the ghastly December 16, 2012 rape case.

With modern science and communications shrinking the world, religion, in all its guises, is being exposed for what it is...a cradle-to-ash bloodsuck:

The clergy have long been revered in overwhelmingly Buddhist Thailand but in recent years have been rocked by scandals including gambling and prostitution, as well as corruption at the increasingly wealthy temples propped by donations from the faithful.

As a result of religious scandals being reported by international media, America’s Bible belt has dropped its Levi jeans. Postulants are deserting Jesus like rats on a sinking ship. New American Secularism is exploding across the US. Will it create a wake in India’s puranic beliefs and religio / polity? After all, Hindutva cannot kill every rationalist on the planet....

Source: http://www.salon.com/2014/12/20/were_putting_an_end_to_religion_richard_dawkins_bill_maher_and_the_exploding_new_american_secularism/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
We’re putting an end to religion: Richard Dawkins, Bill Maher and the exploding new American secularism.

Ooops...after all that slaving, grovelling, kissing ass, gobbling guru goo, endlessly regurgitating cult dogma, perpetually rattling those maha ha ha mantra beads in hope of waking-up in an afterlife utopia, could be no more than a karma buzzword ball buster:

Source: http://michaelsudduth.com/awakening-survivalists-from-their-dogmatic-slumber/
“My Philosophical Critique of Empirical Arguments for Postmortem Survival (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) will be released in early November (a revised publication date).  As readers of my blog are aware, while I think the classical empirical arguments for life after death engage interesting and arguably provocative paranormal phenomena, I don’t think these arguments succeed in showing that there is good evidence for the persistence of the self or our individual consciousness after death.”

Is this the Purananormal BJP Hindutva in action? But of course...

An Australian national and his girlfriend were allegedly harassed by a group of people here

for sporting tattoo of a Hindu goddess on his body and forced by police to write an apology for "intentionally spreading hatred".
"....what we originally thought would be a quiet bite to eat turned into a vicious assault by members of the BJP right wing political party. These men are held with high esteem in Karnataka, with police bending backwards to please them.”

Why lynch and burn witches while ‘holy men’ covered in ashes of the dead stroll, testicles dangling, down streets of Indian towns and cities? Why cruelly murder one and exemplify the other when both are credited with mystic power...one enough to be murdered... the other enough to transcend laws of public nudity? Is it a Hindutva caste definition of Wiccan? Whatever, and whether the Purnanormal UFO is stuck in reverse or not, here (below) we present a lucrative opportunity for Hindury to establish, indubitably, why witches should be lynched and dangling testicles revered.

Cultists, Hindutva Purananormalists (or are they all the same,) should take full advantage of this all-in-one opportunity to ‘liberate Laxmi (money) from the grasp of materialist...convert the unbelievers....rule the world...and exonerate caste dependence on fabulism. Bear in mind, the Randi Educational Foundation is offering a million US$ for proof of paranormal, BIF promises to arrange triple that amount if ONLY ONE of the Purana’s thirty-three million extraterrestrials (demigods,) or the big fellow himself, can make an appearance:    
“Randi $1,000,000 paranormal challenge:

For nearly two decades James Randi and the James Randi Educational Foundation offered a one-million-dollar prize to anyone who could show, "under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power." The rules were little more than what any reasonable scientist would require. If you are a mental spoon bender, you couldn't use your own spoons. If you claimed to see auras, you'd have to do so under controlled conditions. If you claimed to be able to do remote viewing, you wouldn't be given credit for coming close in some vague way. If you were going to demonstrate dowsing powers, you would have to be prepared to be tested under controlled conditions. If you were going to do psychic surgery or experience the stigmata, you would have to do so with cameras watching your every move.

In January 2007, Randi announced a major change in the rules:

As of April 1, 2007, we will require two major qualifications of all those who will be eligible. First, any applicant will be required to have a media profile. By that, we mean that there must be some media recognition – a television interview, a newspaper account, some press write-up, or a reference in a book, that provides details of the claimed abilities of the applicant....The second requirement will be that the applicant must provide an endorsement of an academic nature. That means some sort of validation from an appropriately-qualified academic....

Once these qualifications have been offered, we will follow up on them, asking for validation; we’ll require that the cited authorities verify that they did make such a statement about the applicant, or that they hold such an opinion, and that they still stand by that statement. Anecdotal material will not be accepted.

We may be prepared to possibly waive the requirement for a preliminary test as soon as these two qualifications have been validated. In such a case we will be prepared to move right into the second phase: the formal test.*

Another major change in the million dollar challenge was that the JREF planned to:

regularly and officially highlight well-known persons in the field and challenge them directly by name. Those challenged will then have a six-month period during which they may respond; during that period the JREF will heavily publicize the fact that such a challenge has been issued, we will issue press releases on the matter, and we will be frequently asking that those challenged make a response. Tentatively, we will begin by formally challenging Uri GellerJames Van Praagh, Sylvia Browne, and John Edward, on April 1st.

In January 2008, the JREF announced that the offer of the million dollar prize will cease on March 6, 2010. However, the prize was still being offered under new conditions.

In the summer of 2015, the JREF announced that it was now "a grant making foundation." The announcement also said:

We plan on continuing the Million Dollar Challenge as a means for educating the public about paranormal claims. 

Over the years, we have spent a great deal of time dealing with claims ranging from yet another dowsing claim to some VERY eccentric and untestable claims. The overwhelming majority refuse to fill out the application or even state a claim that can be tested. Some of them show up in person and demand to be tested while they wait. We can no longer justify the resources to interact with these people. 

Effective immediately, JREF will no longer accept applications directly from people claiming to have a paranormal power. We will however offer our Challenge to anyone who has passed a preliminary test that meets with our approval. We will provide example protocols early next year [2016]. Of course, any established psychic may always contact JREF to be tested directly (preferably with an independent, third party TV crew.) 

There are others offering prizes to anyone who can demonstrate psychic powers. After collecting the million dollars from Randi, successful psychics might go to India and contact B. Premanand who will pay Rs. 100,000 "to any person or persons who will demonstrate any psychic, supernatural of paranormal ability of any kind under satisfactory observing conditions." Also, "Prabir Ghosh at one time offered to pay Rs. 20,00,000* to anyone who claims to possess supernatural power of any kind and proves the same without resorting to any trick in the location specified by Prabir Ghosh."

The Australian Skeptics offer $100,000 (Australian) to anyone who can prove he or she has "extraordinary powers":

Since 1980, Australian Skeptics has issued a challenge to people who claim to have extraordinary powers, to demonstrate their ability under proper observing conditions. The first person to do so will receive a great deal of recognition and prestige as well as meeting the requirements for the awarding of A$100,000.

We make this offer because we are sincere about seeking out the truth of claims that might be described as paranormal or that confront accepted laws of science. We see many such claims made by professed psychics, healers, witnesses to paranormal events and those selling devices which do the apparently ‘improbable’ or even ‘impossible’ (ie defy scientific laws). If there really is a way to generate free energy or read minds, to communicate with extraterrestrials or to tell the future, we want to tell the world, and in our own way give the claimant proper recognition.

On the other hand, if a claim is proved to be unfounded or fraudulent, we would reserve the right to expose this situation so that clients do not waste their money and time on a product or service that fails (and can only ever fail) to deliver what is claimed for it.
In either case, we think the public deserves and has the right to know the truth. Consequently, the Skeptics’ Challenge is a genuine and serious undertaking, and the A$100,000 award a genuine offer.

The Belgian and European Skeptics offer 25,000 euros to anyone who can prove they have paranormal or extraordinary powers. The prize is called the Sisyphus prize.

The Independent Investigations Group "offers a $100,000 prize to anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event."

The North Texas Skeptics offer $12,000 to any person who can demonstrate any psychic or paranormal power or ability under scientifically valid observing conditions.

The Quebec Skeptics offer $10,000 to any astrologer who can demonstrate her craft according in a formal scientific experiment.

The Tampa Bay Skeptics offer $1,000 to anyone able to demonstrate any paranormal phenomenon under mutually agreed-upon observing conditions.

Conjurer Chris Angel once offered $1,000,000 of his own money to Uri Geller and Jim Callahan if they could psychically determine the contents of an envelope he held in his hand. The offer was in response to Callahan's claim that his performance of a trick on a TV show called "Phenomenon" was aided by spirit guide.

The offer of cash prizes as an incentive to so-called psychics to prove their claims is not new. In 1922, Scientific American offered two $2,500 awards, one for the first person who could produce an authentic spirit photograph under test conditions and the other for the first medium to produce an authentic "visible psychic manifestation" (Christopher 1975: 180). Houdini, the foremost magician of the period, was a member of the investigating committee. Nobody won the prizes. The first to announce she was ready to be tested was Elizabeth Allen Tomson, but after she was caught with twenty yards of gauze taped to her groin, flowers under her breasts, and a snake in her arm pit, she was never formally tested (Christopher 1975: 188). The honor of being the first medium tested by the Scientific American team went to George Valiantine. He didn't know that the chair he sat in during his séance in a completely darkened room had been wired to light up a signal in an adjoining room every time he left his seat. Oddly, phenomena such as a voice speaking from a trumpet that floated about the room happened only at the exact moments the signal lit up.

The Reverend Josie K. Stewart also failed to produce handwritten messages from the dead brought to her by her spirit guide Effie. The committee members marked their cards and she failed three times before declaring success at the fourth trial. But, since the messages she produced were not on the cards that had been supplied by the Scientific American committee, it was determined that she had tried to trick them! What a shock.

Another contestant, Nino Pecoraro, claimed to have Eusapia Palladino as his spirit guide. He was doing well fooling some of the committee members until Houdini showed up during a séance. Houdini took the sixty-foot long rope being used to tie up Pecoraro and cut it into many short pieces and tied up "the psychic's wrists, arms, legs, ankles, and torso." Houdini, the master escapologist, knew that "even a rank amateur could gain slack enough to release his hands and feet" when tied with a long rope (Christopher 1975: 191). The great Pecoraro couldn't perform that night.

The fifth applicant for the Scientific American prize was Mina Crandon, known in the occult world as "Margery." She didn't collect the prize, either. (For more on "Margery," see the entry on ectoplasm.)

In the 1930s, Hugo Gernsback offered a $6,000 prize for any astrologer who could accurately forecast three major events in one year. He never had to pay anyone a cent.

One would think that after more than 150 years of scientific testing of psychics, there would be at least one who could demonstrate a single psychic ability under test conditions. Parapsychologist Dean Radin claims the evidence for psychic phenomena is so strong that only bias and prejudice keep skeptics from accepting the reality of ESP or PK. Why doesn't he claim the million dollar prize, then? According to Radin:

for the types of psi effects observed in the laboratory, even a million dollar prize wouldn't cover the costs of conducting the required experiment. Assuming we'd need to show odds against chance of say 100 million to 1 to win a million dollar prize, when you calculate how many repeated trials, selected participants, multiple experimenters, and skeptical observers are necessary to achieve this outcome, the combined costs turn out to be more than the prize. So, from a purely pragmatic perspective, the various prizes offered so far aren't sufficiently enticing. (Radin 2006: 291)

The fact is that most parapsychologists have given up trying to find a single person with a single paranormal ability. They study groups of people and collect gobs of data, hoping to find a statistic not likely due to chance, which they then declare to be evidence of psi because it is their hypothesis that if the statistic is not likely due to chance then it is reasonable to conclude that it is due to psi. In other words, they've gone from being duped by con artists to duping themselves.

Wikipedia now has a page listing prizes being offered to those who can prove they have paranormal powers.