Dated: 7th Jan 2011


If ISKCON's GBC/gurus were not bound as devotees to abide by the tenets of Vaisnavism, we may have found it a lot easier to accept them as the ecclesiastical face of God on planet earth.  We may even have accepted them as prime elect to pick God's pockets.  After all, they do come at us with names like Acaryapada, Visnupada, Bhaktipada, Bhagavatpada, etc.  Pada, as we all know, means- at the feet of.  So, if we were to apply proximity, they would have us convinced that being at God's feet and so close to His bulging pockets, is an irresistible invitation to any pada.  After all, if an omniscient God permits them to be at His feet which are so close to His pockets, He must have known in advance that the padas would dip-in from time to time?  So what need is there for a conscience?  This, it would seem, is the understanding of iskcon's self-appointed, production-line padas. 

What?!!  You call this blaspheming?!!  Okay, let's get of the flower airplane and onto terra firma, just so's we can break it down for human consumption: 
If we are to perceive Iskcon's gurus (an ugly bunch in terms of accepted beauty) to be the ecclesiastical face of God on this planet (as stated by "Acaryapada" Jayapataka Swami), then it should not be too difficult to perceive the stockmarket as God's pocket. Now, now!  I hear you protesting.  Sure, everyone can dip into the stockmarket, but when you wear saffron robes, call yourself a pada and pretend to be doing exhaustive charitable works for humanity, you can dip into any branch of God's pockets, anywhere, without having to declare your five finger discount to tax authorities.  

As a pada, and member of a shonky charitable institution, you are invisible to any govt. assessment, ergo the only barrier to monumental success is your conscience.  Which brings us back to the opening sentence of this article i.e.., if you don't give a monkey's uncle about regulative principles, you can preach about the highest consciousness without having any conscience at all.  And, if you don't have a conscience you will take the highest oaths without ever feeling any serious guilt in breaking them.  And any guilt you do feel, will be instantly mitigated when the shonky organization promoting you slaps you on the back with a smile and a we-do-it-too history of
pedophilia and xxx hardcore homosexuality that makes porn stars look like blushing brides.
Let's take a closer look at conscience (or lack of it) in connection with a guru who, after riding shotgun for one of the most despicable sexual deviants and prosecuted criminals within the iskcon cult, is now growing in stature and wealth by GBC endorsement, while simultaneously freeing himself from the overseeing encumbrance of his peers and fellow pick-pockets.  Radhanatha Swami, has already been identified by eye-witnesses and convicted participants as the alleged bagman in the execution murder of Sulochan Das. He acted on behalf of his boss: convicted criminal and exposed pedophile/homosexual, Kirtanandana Swami (aka Keith Ham- "Bhaktipada").  Radhanatha, along with other swamis from the Ham fold, deserted and returned to iskcon when Ham was exposed.  They were accepted back with open arms and quickly endorsed as gurus for reasons only pick-pockets and murderers would understand. 
So it stands to reason, if a swami has no qualms in supporting a sexual deviant in the extreme act of murder, an unhealthy bout of pick-pocketing would not be unconscionable.  However, pick-pocketing in itself is not ingenious enough for a multi-faceted fly-by-nighter like Radhanatha Swami; there is always room for improvisation. Just as BIF has revealed in a spate of recent articles: the practice of money laundering is rife within the sanctums of religious organizations because of their invisibility to tax offices, worldwide.  Radhanatha has found the portals to this grey zone, and is using it as a launderette for investors.  Not only has he found God's earthly pockets to be a lucrative gamble, he is also inviting laity to exploit iskcon's tax exemption umbrella for a percentage of the pick.
What we have discovered in recent times, is that Radhanatha Swami, Iskcon's Governing Body Commissioner for the Bombay zone, runs a private bank at the Chowpatty temple.  By private we mean the bank operates under the iskcon name and tax exemption status but has no other connection or fiscal obligation to the society or Indian Government.  Select congregational members, business men and investors, who are introduced verbally to the prospectus, deposit monies into the bank which is then dipped into God's earthly pocket- the Stockmarket.  Returns are shiny and attractive like any laundered tax exempt denomination.  We hear from our sources the bank has made a huge killing (principles and souls included) in quick time.  Given the fact that Indian Stockmarket shares have jumped thrice in two years, it comes as no surprise to find the Chowpatty Bank's capital has rocketed from zilch to $10,000,000, in the space of a very short time.  This figure does not include monies removed in percentages by happy investors, and in bulk by the ex. Ham bag-man himself- Radhanatha Swami.  Nor does this figure include the $50,000,000, given in donations to the temple.  An amount that multiplies in the Radhanatha underbelly, and remains inaccessible to iskcon's pick-pocket liaison.
When we total up the possibilities after consideration- 1) Chowpatty's private bank, 2) Chowpatty's huge farm project with in excess of one hundred brahmacaris, 3) Chowpatty's Bhaktivedanta Hospital, 4) Chowpatty's Gopal's School, and the many other money extorting programs, all of which are tax exempt and, all of which remain under the vice of one man and one man alone- the realization hits home, and hits home hard-  Iskcon may have welcomed Radhanatha back into its fold, but he never truly rejoined the Society per se, other than to extend his slimy fingers further into God's pockets.  And, in final summation, we see the tenets of Vaisnavism in regards to gambling, as with all other neaams, to be smashed unconscionably and without check by those claiming to be the ecclesiastical Face of God on planet earth.  The much espoused iskcon idiom - Cheaters and Cheated, has now corkscrewed to- Cheaters Cheating Cheaters.
Stay tuned for future instalments.