16th Apr, 2014

Sine qua non

1. They WILL be held accountable? Iskcon's Bhagavad Gita As It Is (BGaii), and in particular, Ch 9-30 : "Even if one commits the most abominable action, if he is engaged in devotional service, he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated" cannot continue to hard-drive a cult with terabytes of sex sleaze. As it is, members who were duped and robbed by Iskcon ... whose kids were tampered with ...whose youth and energies were gutted by cult enslavers, but managed somehow to extricate themselves, are flabbergasted by the lack of conviction of EVEN ONE felon through a half century of sporadic, yet constant, exposure of pick-pockets, confidence tricksters and perverts in concert.

2. Every year Iskcon's camorra mantra-spray brachycera to conceal miasma from its maggotorium. A stink which, in any sphere of secular life, or Indian religious order, would bring down the gavel in decisive finale. So why is Iskcon being given political leeway, Bollywood blah and media magnality in India? Is it because gaura sahibs still hold sway over 3rd world naukars?

3. When Swami Nityananda from Bangalore was seen recently in a video, gone viral, being touchy feely with a female disciple (Ranjitha) Indian Law Enforcement Officials (LEO) reacted with immediacy. Nityananda was chased, tracked down and charged under the Indian Penal Code sections 376 (rape), 377 (unnatural sex), 120B (criminal conspiracy), 506 (threat to life) and 420 (cheating). Even when the man pleaded to having an earlier mutation that had rendered him incapable of sex, and claimed the video had been morphed to discredit him, there was no reconsideration. In December of 2013, the Satlok ashram of Jagat Guru Rampal (not another frikkin jagat guru) was attacked and decimated. Two people died and several were injured. Rampal, in his bid to be what his followers claimed (Jagat Guru: teacher of the entire planet) lifted his leg and doggied Indian Penal Code Article 295-A . The result was disastrous for the godman and his ashram. Just prior to the Rampal incident, in August of 2013,
Asram Bapu (another godman) was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at his ashram in Jodhpur (Rajasthan). LEO demanded Bapu submit himself for interrogation. When he did not front up, godman Bapu was booked under Indian Penal Code sections 342 (wrongful confinement), 376 (rape), 506 (criminal intimidation), and sections of the Juvenile Justice Act, and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. Hats off to Indian LEO for a job well done.

So how is it that Iskcon, an international organization with a history of guru homosexuality, child sexual abuse, perversion, abuse of Indian exemplars and organizations, deception, fraud, supporting and propagating cult laws permitting polygamy and marriage of minors ... is given free rein in India? How is it that this foreign AM/Jew New York registered cult, which makes Nityananda, Rampal and Bapu look like saints, continues to do business and expand without hindrance from LEO in India? ... One suggestion is that by fabricating a galère of godmen, a lacunae in law is exposed which does not provide for group guilt. Simply put, Iskcon fully understands that its philosophy and "law books for the next 10'000 years" provide for criminals more degenerate than any Rampal or Asram Bapu, ergo (after several court battles) Iskcon sought legal advice to deflect onus from administration. Now, without a head honcho like Nityananda, Bapu or Rampal, Iskcon acts in concert but when criminally exposed charges are faced ad hominem.

5. Further, in its practice of habitual crime, Iskcon's victims are thoroughly indoctrinated prior to exploitation. It is why cult crime is suppressed and rarely addressed publicly ... and when made public ... confused by ethnocentric impositions and religious guilt. Totaling all factors : cult crime leaves incontrovertible evidence mitigated (or totally covered) by indoctrination, status quo, and fears of eternal damnation. Still further, there remains the constant of ipse dixit ... he/she said vs. WE say. Which poses a challenge to any David Goliath battle wherein the victim loses years of invested life, monies, energy and future (no matter who wins) pitted against an international cult that loses (if it ever does) nothing more than a swindler, pedophile or rapist whose depravity was witnessed and exposed before trouble-shooters could intervene. Even so, to protect years of investment and a future dependant on subjugation, victims (and parents) do not seek justice beyond (as Iskcon law demands) internal arbitration and adjudication. With all its ducks in a protectorate row, Iskcon is free to move identified criminals (mostly senior administrators) to countries far from the crime scene. Apparently, India is the country of choice. Mayapur (Bengal) and Vrindavan (UP,) are packed with cult bastards running free of LEO .... enjoying democracy and bleeding Indian hospitality.

6. Readers in the know may question why international law- aut dedere aut judicare is not upheld. The answer is simple : Without issue of International Arrest Warrants by countries concerned ... without any complaint being registered, i.e. no FIR opened or formal request made by Interpol, Indian LEO cannot be mobilized, ergo the IPC cannot be applied. Critics of Indian LEO should be aware of pre-requisites before insinuating bribery. So what remains is onus. Sine qua non- "without which it could not be" places onus on the shoulders of those who empower criminals and facilitate crime. Which poses the next question :- How is it that Iskcon's Governing Body Commission (GBC), who choose echelon, appoint administrators, investigators, arbitrators, judge and jury (the whole kit and caboodle) ... continue to flourish brazenly and internationally, free from consequentialism ... secular law or retribution?

7. We can produce data from Iskcon's internal records showing beyond any shadow of a doubt ... gurus, sannyasis and administrators engaged in fondling, raping, homosexuality, fellatio, prostitution, pedophilia, confidence trickery, deception and fraud. Instead we will bring to attention the latest sex-crime (arrest made by police last month, Tuesday 11th March 2014, and reported in the French media.) An Iskcon GBC appointed Temple President kidnapped and repeatedly raped a sixteen-year-old 'minor', which left her bleeding internally and needing medical attention. However, in keeping focus on laches, we will show how Iskcon shrugs onus and stymies investigation to protect its criminals. The original article is in French. Below is the Google translated version. BIF's comments in blue font:

Source: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.5plusltd.com%2Findex.php%3Fpn%3Ddefault_news%26news_id%3D12589&act=url

>>A young woman accused a member of Iskcon rape

"It has made my life a hell"

Fifteen years after the fact, she decided to denounce the man she accuses him of having sexually assaulted and kidnapped: a devotee of the Iskcon.
It also points to members of the association who have "prevented" to have recourse to justice at the time. <<

BIF: The rapist was not just a rank-and-file devotee of Iskcon. Girdhari Das Haulkory was Temple President of the Iskcon Phoenix center (appointed to that position by the Iskcon GBC).

There are two points of poignancy in the statements above- (a) The victim took fifteen years before bringing the matter before law enforcers. (b) Members of the association prevented recourse to secular justice at the time. Both statements point directly to the Iskcon GBC modus operandi : the attenuating of ongoing crime and deflecting of sine qua non in a cult philosophically engendered and policed * to accord sex offenders and anti-behaviorists.

He (Prabhupada- founder of Iskcon) said, “After all, they are our men.” That was a very important instruction. Because if we ever had a good reason to turn somebody in to the police it was them. But Prabhupada didn’t let us. The same thing happened in 1973 … It was grand larceny, grand embezzlement. I mean it was grand theft. Gaurasundar had been so dear to Prabhupada, so this was such a shock that somebody could just sell one of our temples and literally stop our entire movement. But even in that incident, the devotees were pursuing Gaursundar with the police to get the money back and Prabhupada wrote very strong letters stopping them. Prabhupada stopped them from going after Gaursundar legally. This is the way Prabhupada dealt with these incidents.

In scrutinizing statement (a) we point to our opening sentence para. 5- " Iskcon's victims are thoroughly indoctrinated prior to exploitation." The reason it took fifteen years to expose crimes against her is because ALL cult victims are systematically isolated from family, friends, associates ... advised against pursuing an education and then thoroughly indoctrinated. Weakened by ritual, repetitive chanting, sleep deprivation and an imbalanced (sugar) diet, hare krishna victims become increasingly vulnerable, insensitive and defenseless to subtle (at first, and later) gross sexual exploitation. Only after urging by a spouse or counseling from a medical or designated officer does reason uproot radicated cultism. For those seeking further explanation, please read our article- "SS/OC=CULT."

In addressing point (b), we espy again the GBC method of shrugging onus. When a crime comes to GBC attention it is because middle-management was not quick or capable enough to muffle it. So in come the GBC's internal adjudicators, swinging the BGaii and god's laws of karma. Iskcon's selected trouble-shooters are usually dressed-up gurus and sannyasis ... members of the board. In prevention of exposure to secular justice or media, these not so gentle men pull out all stops. From transfer of perpetrators to revoking visa support for victims of foreign nationality and on to the ever present religious guilt trip... offense to devotees, guru, and god.... cult trouble-shooters have a bag of tools like no other fix-it fudgemaster.

>>Break free from trauma caused by rape is a process that requires a lot of courage. Especially when the process involves the denunciation of the perpetrator to the police. It is not that Deepa, 32, said he crossed this week. This, she said, to seek justice and live in peace. Today bride and mother of a little girl of 2 years, she complained to the police station Sodnac. Tuesday March 11, against Hemantgeer Gosagne Haulkory she accuses of raping her when she was 16 years. <<

BIF: Carrying the memory of rape for years while watching the perpetrator go through life unrepentant and unpunished, is only lesser than the act of coming out in open accusation and the stigma that that carries. Only when a victim meets with support and consultation outside cult confines that the demon is seen for what it is and a challenge is mounted. Here we have a 16-year- old girl ... her life stolen ... cult indoctrinated to walk the streets selling the founder's books about sex with blue god-krishna ... only to end up sexed by a hairy temple president ... appointed to that position by hare krishna Iskcon GBC.

>> The latter, a devotee of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), was arrested and presented in court as provisional charges of rape and kidnapping. The police, who objected to his release, he remains in police cell until his next court appearance. Since his arrest, he loudly claimed his innocence and said in his statement to the police that he had an affair with Deepa and that she consented to have sex with him.<<

BIF: Now here is a man, a maha-mantra-mouthing monk-ey ... married with children, held high enough in esteem by the Iskcon GBC to be appointed Temple President of the cult's Phoenix branch ... We ask our readers to remember that this fellow is not your bro-from-the-hood street crim. He, like the GBC that appointed him, claims to be practicing a system of yoga (bhakti) that guarantees a "personal relationship" with blue god- krishna. It is what they have been selling for the last fifty years, and for huge profits. Now this hari langur is claiming ipse dixit the rape was consensual. Apparently the sixteen-year-old consented to sex with him because ... He looked like Brad Pitt? He was married with children? And he .. after years of pretending to be a senior yogi .... dropped his contemplation below the navel ... reworded the maha mantra to- "Shut-up and drop your knickers" ... puts his "personal relationship" with god krishna in the impersonal file ... and uses the position awarded him by his GBC bosses to kidnap a young cult-indoctrinated girl and brutally rape her (repeatedly) until he damaged her internally, causing her to bleed. And now, fifteen years later, at a time when she has a family and when she most needs to remain silent, she cannot. The victim is seeking legal recourse because cult administrators did nothing, and because memories remain what they are ... a horror. So what does the GBC cohort do when exposed? ... he makes out like it is all about unrequited love, and his bosses appear to agree ... tongue-in-cheek.

>> His wife Karunika Haulkhory abounds in the same direction. "My husband is not a rapist. He had a relationship with that person at the time. But when members of the Iskcon have learned, my husband put an end to that relationship. I forgave him. He bought his faults and devoted himself entirely to Iskcon who also forgave him his mistake. I do not understand why this person accused my husband. Justice will triumph.<<

BIF: Karunika Haulkhory's above revelations- (1) "But when members of the Iskcon have learned,..." and (2) " ....devoted himself entirely to Iskcon who also forgave him his mistake" .... unequivocally implicates the GBC as complicit..... in full knowledge of the crime ... contravening matters de jure (invariably) to enforce cult law. It is important readers absorb the facts, because in their response letter dated- Friday, 21 March 2014, the Iskcon GBC ducks serious legal implications and shrugs sine qua non, yet again, by denying knowledge of what was common knowledge. Conversely, here is a case in the media ( yesterday, April 15th, 2014) of rape involving a 16 year-old girl in a French school. Note the differnece in urgency and concern-


As for the wife of the rapist- Karunika devi dasi ... don't be fooled. Women in Iskcon are classified- "minds on legs." One Iskcon guru referred to women's Friday night gatherings as- "Fish night." Another guru openly declared married women to be- private toilets, and unmarried women- public toilets. The founder of Iskcon, Prabhupada said a woman's brain was half the size of a man's. As a consequence women have contributed nothing innovative to humanity. He suggested they be married en masse (20 girls to an Iskcon man) by seven year of age ... impregnated at the first sign of puberty ... beaten when needed, and never given freedom. So when we hear Karunika Haulkhory's defense of her husband vs. the brutal crime he committed against a minor in his care, we are witnessing a betrayal of womanhood (cult institutionalized constitutionalized and petrified,) encouraged and ongoing, in Iskcon, today.

>> But the alleged victim says loudly that she indeed was raped by him on several occasions. "He raped me for the first time May 20, 1998 at the headquarters of Iskcon in Phoenix ...<<

BIF: Repeatedly raped - "on several occasions" by (yet another) Iskcon GBC appointed criminal, who, in his position as Temple President, guides laity and congregation in discourses on philosophy ... oversees and controls the lives of recruits who reside in the temple (ashram) : young boys and girls indoctrinated to progressive isolation from family, friends and education ... A process that leaves subjects cemented in belief that everything done to them is orchestrated by blue god- krishna and his 'intimate associates.' In such a brainwashed headspace ... repeated rape ... habitual rape ... serial rape ... mass rape ... and sexual barbarity at its utmost ... is diminished beyond crime and judgment in the ultimate philosophical understanding of one's fate ... according to Iskcon and supported by its BGaii.

>>After his crime, he threatened me and my respondent to say nothing to anyone, insinuating that no one will believe my story. Out of fear, I did not say anything to anyone.<<

BIF: How often do predators use power location and position to discourage victims from speaking out? The answer is ... EVERY TIME. It is why a predator works and plans his life to accommodate and power his perversion. Iskcon hare krishna is akin to a pedophile motel on the highway to Hell, with long-term residents. When we make a study of Iskcon, what we see is a surface veneer of peace and tranquility covering provision for the most genetically twisted heads in humanity. Let us take for example, case in point - Gosagne (Giridhari Das) Haulkory : is it logical to believe that this fellow after twenty years of mumbling the maha-mantra, giving lectures on philosophy, running a monastery, doing all the holy shit monks do .... woke up one morning and decided he was going to kidnap and rape a minor because blue god-krishna needed a proxy shag? ... Hogshit!! If Haulkory's wife (daughters and nieces) would speak the truth instead of doing the zombie ... if other Haulkory victims grew a spine like Deepa and came forward ... if the police got a search warrant and discovered his tasers, tie-ups, handcuffs, adult toys, lubricants and rape-kit ... the truth would shock readers but not Iskcon. The heart and brain of a cult recruit is rendered cold and numb to reality; transported to a dimension of paradisiacal unreality ... to a realm of witches, warlocks, extraterrestrials, flower airplanes and talking animals ... sold, imposed and fairy-dusted by the ecclesiastical face of god on Earth ... the Iskcon GBC.

>> After the first attack, I was bleeding a lot, probably due to internal injuries. We even took me to see a gynecologist. Then I tried to live with this burden until I decided to leave the center and inform the rest of my decision.<<

BIF: The rape was brutal and repeated over numerous occasions. Since the raping continued even after medical assessment, we can conclude the predator's concern was that his cover not be blown. Over and above all else ... GBC appointed administrators will prevent, at any cost, exposing the society to bad press and secular probes. Even the Mafia has its codes. It is why members are programmed to keep crime internal, and adjudicated likewise:
[ ISKCON Law No: 12.8 ".......and however much he may be dissatisfied with the exercise of that jurisdiction, he shall refrain from invoking the supervisory power of the Civil Court, but shall seek redress of any grievance(s) through the ISKCON judicial process. Otherwise, he may be removed from office and / or his membership in ISKCON terminated(88)," ]

>>One morning in July 1998, I was expecting the bus to go home when my attacker appeared in his vehicle. It forced me to be seated. He was accompanied by his two children, so young. He was deposited with someone before hitting the road. He took me to a house where he raped me, says Deepa gives details of uncanny accuracy.<<

BIF: After fifty years of convincing the world they are weird but wonderful, Iskcon predators have grown bolder, believing themselves beyond the law ; undetectable, irreproachable and indestructible. Hare Krishna is a haven for serial offenders and a deadly trap for victims who, having rejected all past connections and association, find themselves transient dependants. In an international institution where members are moved regularly, or just leave, no neophyte is missed. Fear is a reality. Read our archived article- "Seeds of Violence".

>> However, her ordeal, she said, was far from over. "Then he left me in the street. I had no choice but to return to the center. I stayed there for two days before returning home. But shortly after, the devotees of the temple came to me and said me to return to the center. I agreed. But there, I saw my attacker and that disturbed me. One day he comes to touching me. I even thought about suicide. I left the temple and I went to Mahebourg where I tried to kill myself by throwing myself into the sea. But I'm keying and I called the center to tell them what state I was. I was told not to commit stupid and we would send someone to get me." she tearfully advance.<<

What becomes clear, is that the girl made her way back home but did not disclose her ordeal. This is not uncommon when kids are exposed to ritual brainwashing, and no more so than in initial stages of process when everything opposed to indoctrination is illusory and unacceptable. Yet, in our analysis, the important point in the statement above is that the girl must have been interrogated by management for motive... even if only to prepare a themselves incase her next attempt was successful. Which tells us the cat was out the bag. No sixteen-year-old could keep that cat in the bag, anyway. So we can conclude ... the GBC knew about it, directly.

>> And to his surprise, she said she saw her land alleged perpetrator. "I had no choice but to climb into his car. But instead of going back to the center, he took me home. There was nobody. He then told me that his wife and children were abroad. He raped me again and held captive for three days."<<

BIF: Even where detail is lost in translation, there can be no misunderstanding what went down. The man is married with children ... a practicing monk in a senior position... assessed and appointed by the GBC to a position where he had access to minors who were indoctrinated and vulnerable and with whom he was free to play out sexual fantasies of abduction enslavement and serial rape. How many victims did he exploit ... and over how many years? We may never know. What we do know is that members of his GBC 'celibate club' ... the ones who appoint middle-management goons, are themselves exposed with monotonous regularity for sexual encounters, homosexuality, pedophilia, cheating and perversion. When discovered, crimes are given a pretentious mood of GBC concern, with promise of justice and retribution. But this is now an identified ruse to dissuade victims from contacting secular bodies. After the initial hullabaloo and some GBC shuffling (sending the perpetrator to India on holiday) the incident is covered over and squashed internally. It is how the cult has stashed the loot, thus far.

>>Unable to do more of this, she breaks the silence shortly after and tells his little sister, then aged 15. 'It was not me in a very big help. Because she herself was a child. Later, I had the courage to tell all that had happened to a center manager who I served my intention to report the matter to the police. But she advised me to do it and told me he had to solve the problem internally....<<

BIF : When a victim approaches middle management with a complaint as serious as abduction and repeated rape, it means the GBC is informed. Such vital info. feed CANNOT be withheld from Iskcon's ecclesiastical face of god on Earth- the GBC. It violates administrative guidelines in all organizations ... Why would it be any different ... especially in a "charity" organization that lives and breathes on propaganda. Essentially an organization like Iskcon, which begs for its bread but aggresses to satisfy its depravities, requires up-to-the-minute info. to prepare its script in defense of responsibility - sine qua non. This is an important point to understand because in a recent letter issued by the Iskcon GBC (Mar. 21/ 2014. Posted below,) they claim to have no idea of the kidnapping and rapes until informed by the victim on 11th March 2014.

Another pointer above, which should read- " ...she advised me NOT to do it, and told me he (we) had to solve the problem internally...." confirms Iskcon's policy preventing victims from seeking secular justice, and to dispense justice by cult ... without ANY trained or recognized judiciary ... without a penal system in place ... without prosecutors or defense attorneys .... NEVER in curia, ALWAYS in camera .... movant- pro se. As a result- NOT A SINGLE FELONY CONVICTION IN FIFTY YEARS. Conversely, when Iskcon was caught with its pants down in an en masse child abuse litigation .... instead of working with the law to expose and prosecute criminals within its administration, Iskcon GBC pleaded No Contest ; exploited America's Chapter Eleven (Bankruptcy) proviso ; convinced victims their claims were disrupting god and guru's preaching movement ; harangued them into a minimum tort settlement, to be paid in installments ... and then, very quickly and quietly, dispersed accused far from view of media and victims ... to India, where the bastards still skip the light fantastic, unchallenged and untreated.

>> ...She took me to her sister where I remained for a few months. Then I went back to the center where I was asked to write a letter to exonerate my abuser everything I blamed him. I have not accepted. They put a lot of pressure on me to the point where I made a suicide attempt and I spent three days in the hospital after which Place me in the home of member. There, I was forced to write this letter. I had no other choice but to accept. Twenty people gathered around me in this exercise."

BIF: Now it becomes clearer... Details were out in the open. With "Twenty people gathered around" witnessing a coerced recanting of allegations ... it tells us that the cook, pot-washer, pedophile and pais, were all in knowledge of corpus delicti. So then, how are we expected to believe their bosses, the GBC, were not informed? And of more grievous importance ... why weren't such serious allegations, which carry lengthy prison sentences, not brought before the court ... and by a cult which claims to have a "Justice System" but not a single watch house or holding cell ...Eh?

Anyone who knows, knows that Iskcon's founder, A. C. De (Prabhupada) adopted administrative stratagems of the, successfully rich, Roman Catholic Church ... a "British Raj" colonial ism that dominated conscience and existence of the cult's three-man genesis : Kedernath Dutt, his son Bimal Prasad Dutt, and Bimal's disciple- A.C.De. All three Bengalis were born and raised under British Colonialism and Catholic evangelism in India. The difference between Catholicism and Iskconism is that although both follow the "Nihil Obstact" dictum- (Nothing Stands In Your Way) .... one is a giant and the other- a beggar with belief in a mantra-mushroom-illusion making it bigger than Alice ... or Catholicism. Reality is ...the Catholic Church is on its knees for hiding its iniquities from justice and conscience. The only reason Iskcon flies under the radar is not so much because it is miniscule by comparison ... but because it has a criminal plot seeded and cultured in America : the confluence and cauldron of organized crime.
The next paragraph should give readers more clarity on what is meant.

>> She continues: "In return I was offered trips to India. Since I did the back and forth between Mauritius and India. But I always served my intention to bring the matter to the police. But as soon as I spoke to the members on my return from India, once they paid me another trip for me to go back in order to get away as possible from the Mauritian authorities. I even sent emails to the Child Protection Office of Iskcon who promised to investigate. But so far, nothing has been done. I finally decided to go to court after listening to several testimonies of women in trouble the day of International Women's Day," she said.<<

BIF: Make no mistake about what you are reading. Herein lies proof of a cult that is backwater to Catholic mainstream but modernized in terms of organized crime. The difference is marked when we find Catholic clergy (in crime) to be dependant solely on the largesse of hierarchy ... whereas Iskcon's criminals are shielded funded and abetted at basement level. What it says to clued investigators is that Iskcon's infrastructure and policies (vs. Catholicism) has been pro-criminally progressed : protective and compatible ... ideal for a cult that grooms victims and predates internally. Iskcon's Child Protection Office (a branch of its 'Justice System') is example of office created to fudge facts in an institution where victims loose before a crime is enacted.

>> Affected morally Deepa argues that his love life suffers a lot because of this. My husband is a member of Iskcon. He spent 20 years of his life to this movement. It will be impossible to live without. But this whole thing has affected. Because it has even circulated this letter that I was forced to write among members. He had too. It was he who encouraged me to complain to say once that I was raped and that forced me to write this letter. It has made my life hell" <<

BIF: Even after having been raped, Deepa still married into the cult. Even her future husband knew that she had been raped, and with details in writing, which both agree was in the public arena .... our hallowed saints at the GBC, blue god-krishna's chosen demigods, deny knowing anything about the rape- " ... in the manner it has now been reported..." (read the GBC response, below).

>>Contacted for this effect of Iskcon officials gave us the following statement : "The committee will meet. We will initiate investigation to find out what really happened because it is a matter that goes back 15 years. We'll let the police do their work and cooperate fully with it." Meanwhile, Deepa says more determined than ever to obtain redress.<<

By Laura Samoisy

BIF : No. The GBC has no reason to meet. They already know the score. They always did. The GBC also knew from day one that a brainwashed, voiceless, incapacitated victim is no threat. She was stranded 15 years ago. She and her current family have not taken a step outside that situation, to date. They have nowhere to go and no means to kick-start an existence outside cult confines. Deepa and her husband were isolated and mind-mashed, years ago. Meanwhile the GBC throws the 'cold case' to police as they tip toe through the tulips and away from onus. If Deepa is looking to have her aggressor incarcerated ... secular law may give her that satisfaction. But if she is seeking compensation for all those years of anguish, trauma, shame and denied justice, she will need a good pro bono lawyer to embroil the real culprits, Iskcon's GBC, in a Civil Action Suit.

Now we take a look at the GBC
communiqué, which was released ten days after the media report above:

Source: http://www.defimedia.info/news-sunday/nos-news/item/49689-iskcon-responds-to-allegations.html

Friday, 21 March 2014 14:00

>>ISKCON responds to allegations

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) responded to the allegations made by a 31-year-old former member of the society, who said she had been abused in an ISKCON centre when she was still a minor.<<

BIF: Note the defensive language and seeds of doubt being planted by the Iskcon GBC ... ' ISKCON responded' ... 'to allegations' ... ' made by a former member' ... 'who said she had been abused ... when she was still a minor'. But when we read the victim's statement to media, it becomes clear the GBC did not 'respond,' and certainly not like fiduciary officers should. Law enforcement was not contacted even in the 'allegations' of brutal and repeated rape of a minor. Instead, what we get is a victim removed (for three months) to a cult safe house (safe for the GBC, that is) ... where she is isolated, watched, debriefed and groomed for re-entry into cult life. When discovered that the victim was persisting in her accusations, and even writing letters to Iskcon's Child Protection Office (a bad mistake) she is shuffled back and forth to India, financed by temple hush money. Finally, realizing that nothing would work, the GBC went into legal defense mode .... Deepa is coerced into writing and signing a letter recanting all accusations. Does this summary of events sound like the 'allegations' of a love-struck minor ... or actualities surrounding the trauma, crime, and cover-up of aggravated rape?

>>Prabhu Girdhari Das Haulkory, former president of ISKON centre of Phoenix, was arrested by police but he denies the allegations, saying that it was “sex with consent”. “Following a report made to the police on 11 March 2014 involving two members of ISKCON, as reported by the press, ISKCON wishes to make the following clarifications.<<

BIF : What we have here, is a rapist (and adulterer) whose cult projected position is that of a senior 'married' monk (in a belief system propagating sex only for procreation,) ... a man appointed and promoted by the GBC (god's ecclesiastical face on planet Earth) to a position of command and domination over young neophytes... overawed and vulnerable by indoctrination and representation. Finally exposed ... the fornicating adulterer is in police custody for the kidnapping and repeated rape of a minor under his protection. But notice how the GBC open their communiqué to cult rank-and file ... "Prabhu Girdhari .... " Yes Sir. They are still addressing him as Prabhu- "Master" ... even though he admits openly to adultery with a minor ; to breaking of holy vows ; statutory rape (at least), and breach of fiduciary obligation. So what is the GBC motivation for doing so? The answer is sinister, even frightening, and takes us back once more to BGaii, Ch 9-30. The need to enforce that verse by invocation and deed, underlines the existence of Iskcon : its criminality ... its justification ... its excuse ... and endorsement by 'god'.

For humanity to accept the verse as god's law would require dismantling ALL legal systems so as to provide cult crime free passage. All a felon needs do is chant the hare krishna mantra... put a Bhagavad Gita under his arm ... and proceed to rape the universe in krishna's name. The verse is in opposition to every legal and religious commandment known to man, and across the planet. If the verse was in fact spoken by god ... then god must be criminal.

>>These allegations are not compatible with ISKCON moral values. ISKCON views the matter with the gravest concern and wishes to clarify that never, at any point in time, had the matter been brought to the attention of ISKCON in the way that it has now been reported”, pointed out the management of ISKCON in a communiqué issued on Tuesday.<<

BIF: It is indeed very honorable for the god-almighty GBC to use media opportunity to propagate its highfalutin moral values. But they are missing the point, and the point is ... one of their anointed, appointed officers-for-life, who was put in a position of power by them, used that position and power to be highly immoral and criminal. So, is the GBC responsible sine qua non by facilitation and affiliation or not? Furthermore, the lame duck excuse that the matter was never
"brought to the attention of ISKCON (read- GBC) in the way that it has now been reported," does nothing for the fox-in-a-fix. From the media release (which no one has denied or contested) it becomes clear that there were several (more than twenty) witnesses to the ongoings and a concerted effort by local management to aid and abet in cover-up. Was there a conspiracy to lock out the GBC and feed them misinformation? Why? If the matter was not reported to the GBC in the way it has now been reported ... then in which way was it reported to the GBC? Why don't they reveal the informant and how it WAS reported or interpreted, so police, public and cult prats can get a handle on Iskcon's 'Justice Ministry' in motion?

>>These allegations were brought to the attention of the ISKCON’s International Governing Body Governance Commission on February 5, 2014, through a letter from the alleged victim. The incident allegedly occurred in 1998.<<

BIF: Overuse of the word "alleged" is sign of a sloppy defense. The communiqué, brief as it is, still manages to contradict itself. Two lines ago the GBC claimed the matter was reported to them but not in the way it is now reported. Then they say the allegations were brought to their attention by the victim only a month ago. Either the GBC were previously informed (at the time of the crime fifteen years ago) or they were informed by the victim a month ago. They can't have it both ways. To expect folks to believe that the Temple President had consensual sex with a minor which then became public knowledge, leaves us asking ... who peeps through keyholes, hides under beds, and writes the temple rag ... and why does the GBC read the stuff ... and if they read the stuff ... how come they never read Deepa's letter, written, signed, while witnessed by twenty people, and put into public circulation (I was asked to write a letter to exonerate my abuser everything I blamed him)? How can a religious "Society" wielding a "Justice Ministry" be so deaf dumb and blind? It makes no sense unless its halo is a roll-down balaclava.

>>ISKCON also specified that: “Although, as any individual, both the alleged victim and Mr. Haulkory are entitled to offer service and practice Vedic religion at any temple, the latter does not form part of any executive body of ISKCON, as has been wrongly reported in some instances.” ISKCON also regretted the way the case was handled in the press.<<

BIF: Every time these goons are caught with their pants down they drop the "Hindu" or "Vedic" word like a lizard drops its tail in escape. Nevertheless Mr. GBC', it was not as casual as '.. offer service and practice ... It was much more serious that that. The girl was in novitiate .. resident at the temple, when your appointed Temple President raped her. Further, the GBC attempt to scamper away is self evident in the statement: ... the latter (Mr. Haulkory) does not form part of any executive body ... Now why say that unless need exists to preempt litigation. Especially when it is a well known fact that Temple Presidents are Officers-for-Life ... NOT ELECTED...but ... APPOINTED BY THE ISKCON GBC. So it is not wrongly reported, but convoluted by cons in a rehearsed Iskcon vs. Secular Authorities format; authorities who are always new introductees to an international bait-and-switch holy hari app. hashtag.

When considering Iskcon hare krishna beliefs ... incredible fabulations ; fantasies that pre-date Newtonian world views and hurdle with consummate ease Einstein's - "Spooky activity from a distance," ... it begs the question- "How does it fly?" Several factors contribute to that answer. But reason for propagandizing obvious fiction as fact is only one ... Exploitation ... by sociopaths, con artists and sexual degenerates ... All of whom feast, frolic and fornicate under god's law (BGaii) and government permitted tax exemptions.

We cannot summon blue-god krishna or challenge his laws in curia, ....he left no forwarding address. Nor did he sign deeds, documents or receipts. He did not even autograph or thumb impress his BG. However, what we do have are governments who absolutize, attitudinize, subsidize and thereby authorize irresponsibly ... sine qua non ... organized religious crime.

Man and science strive relentlessly to understand and make right what is wrong, but LAW ... is in the hands of Legislature and Judiciary. If amendment is necessary, and there most certainly is, the onus lies there and there alone.

Thank You for spending time with us



"Please don't go by direct sense perception. Prabhupada says everything in his books. Devotees is protected always, poison doesn't act. Now a gang of rascals teach that Prabhupada was captured by poison. This has to be stopped."

BIF: Sure, sure. If you believe everything your Prabhupada scribbled in his books ... go get your devotee. We'll supply the Ratsak and deckchairs. Let's see how this goes down.

"Here is a Metaphorical interpretation of the Four billion servants story.The King is the indwelling Self, pure consciousness, the Atman, the king of the embodied Physical Self.The servants are the cells of the body which are billions in number which serve the Soul of the body who is its master. How ya like that one?"

BIF: Sorry. Our brain does not expand (to accommodate) with the plasticity it once had. If Marrow expects readers to take on his neo-metaphor, he should understand that theistic liberties no longer blanket belief, i.e, after eight hundred years of unchallenged interpolation, no further proviso remains for improvisation. He will now need 'figures to factor.'

Simply put, if Marrow wants us... and Bio Genetics to accept his metaphor as conclusive, then what he expects is ... according to stats provided in the Ugrasena story- the cellular structure of the human body is- 38, 800 (tutors) + 30 trillion (attendants) + 10 quadrillion (soldiers). Really? Is this what he is saying, over and above any scientific fact or 'acarya' who wouldn't know a cell but for a cellmate.

Even if we blind-eye the division of cells to 'tutors' 'attendants' and 'soldiers' (why?) we are still confronted with the fact that this fantasy of GAZILLIONS is about a king who lived in MATHURA (!!!) a dustbowl speck on the global landscape; a king whose reign is without ANY historical record. Yet cult subjected dupes like Marrow still believe they have initiated rights to continue in the vaisnav tradition of stumbling through improvisation and interpolation.

NO! They are NOT winning the propaganda war! WE ARE!
So just keep throwing the truth out there and kids will spot Snuffy's cymbal-clanging snuffballs coming a mile away.


Source: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/393218/ngos-received-rs-11546-cr.html

...[...]...Among the cities, Bangalore is in the top-three with NGOs receiving foreign contribution to the tune of Rs 812.48 crore....[...]...The report, which was publicised recently, notes that the total amount could grow further as the Home Ministry has arrived at this figure based on annual returns submitted by 22,702 of the 43,527 NGOs, which were registered under FCRA up to March 2012. Of the 22,702 NGOs, 9,509 reported that it did not receive any foreign contribution....The number of NGOs, which reported receipt of foreign contribution during 2008-2009, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 were 20,088, 21,508 and 22,735 respectively.....Among the cities, Bangalore is in the top-three with NGOs receiving foreign contribution to the tune of Rs 812.48 crore.

...[...]...“Though, the number of associations reporting receipt and utilisation of foreign contribution is increasing, yet, it is a matter of concern that a large number of registered associations still do not submit their statutory annual returns mandated by the law,” the report noted....[...]...“Since the NGOs actually work independently outside the government, it is expected that the NGOs should be self-regulating and law abiding. While it is not proper to make sweeping generalisations, it is necessary to note that the NGO sector in India is vulnerable to the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing. Therefore, necessary steps for rigorous enforcement as well as coordination with foreign countries for law enforcement will continue,” the report noted.

Is this not what we have being saying at BIF? Not only are these 'charity' based organizations potential incubators for terrorism, but charities are the most quickly expanding, profitable, zero risk investment con business in the modern world. And for those able to take a peek-at-the-pope ... they live like emperors of yore. Some are even renamed- Maharaja. And their source of easy income- Temples. Temples are the biggest collectors of donations (tax free and self-assessing) in the universe. Because of that financial liberation ... religion attracts 'enterprise' from all sectors of society. Hence the rapid expansion and accumulation among NGOs with international links. Here's one mob:

http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2014-03-16/news/48265509_1_temple-construction-grand-temple-krishna-consciousness Iskcon temple worth- US$ 54 Million.
2. http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/news/04-14/news5324.htm Iskcon temple worth- US$ 60 million.
3. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/Mayapur-to-get-largest-Vedic-temple/articleshow/18682959.cms Iskcon temple worth- US$ 75 million.

Sometimes I look upon my past and think that I was daft
I sit upon my porch and think “a 10 mile witch” and laugh
Sometimes I have to wonder why I ever fell for that
A 10 mile witch with 2 mile tits and a 3 ½ mile ass
I even thought that mountains flew a long, long time ago
They didn’t even need radar for air traffic control
I wonder why I ever bought into such foolishness
I wasn’t even smoking dope when I got into it
At least I didn’t get caught up in all that Christian shit
The Holy Ghost and Noah’s ark and a woman from a rib
But still I know I went too far and this I must admit
I fucked up when I changed my name, the one my parents picked
Sometimes I look upon my past and think that I was daft
I look into the mirror and I shake my head and laugh
One time I washed my karmi wig and threw it in the dryer
It came out fitting way too tight and it looked like curly wire

By- Matt-ji, ex-Mahasana dasa, ex-ACBSP

"We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.”

- Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

=============================================================== end =======================================================