31st August 2013

“When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.”
Theodore Dalrymple.

1. How is it that a cult claiming seminal / scriptural DNA directly from god.... the gilded embryo of Gaudiya god krishna.... looks like chopped liver within decades of announcing itself in America? Surely if ISKCON (hare krishna) was issue of a supreme godhead (in rasa) as they claim... not only would babes-in-the-wood give it up to ISKCON rasa lila, but the clang! clang! of cult cymbals would, at least, bring harmony to the cult itself, even when sounding like dinosaur disco to everyone else. Instead what we see is an unholy hack-job; a god business in slices and dices within slices, viz ....ISKCON GBC.... right-wing GBC guru factions....ISKCON Bangalore.... ISKCON Reform Movement.... ISKCON Inc.... D.O.M. Direction Of Management.... Narayana Maharaj breakaways.... Gaudiya Math babaji breakaways.... Prabhupadanaagas with hard / soft ritvik fangs..... ISKCON white supremacists e.g., New Bihar Mandir / Arktos..... Gay And Lesbian Vaisnava Ass. (GALVA)...... and outspoken dissenters that have no affiliation with any of the above. Like we said- chopped liver.

Dino disco

2. When viewing the cult milieu we are forced to question whether the ISKCON founder's claims- Prabhupada (acBSp): "Everyday, when I sit down here to write these books Krishna personally comes and dictates every word." has any truth to it at all. Also the maha mantra being sold by the cult as the invested energy of Krishna and his underage coquette- Radha (in sound,) to liberate the world, must be questioned, i.e.,... Is Radha / Krishna as impotent as the cult reflects? Or did the dallying duo exist at all? Considering whether Gaudiya ISKCON's claim to being god's direct disciplic successors is fraudulent... other branches of the Vaisnav sect, who endorsed the scam by silence, must be complicit in a devise conceived to cheat, enslave, and exploit. With that possibility in mind... a group of Brajabasis (Vrindavan natives) have resurrected accusations of improprieties and hijack attempts made nearly one hundred years ago against Bhaktivinode Thakur, his son- Bhaktisiddhanta and (now inclusive) ISKCON founder- acBSp..... three godmen of the Gaudiya apoclypse. These accusations were never mentioned by acBSp when diddling young Yankee-doodles into Americanizing his ambitions to world domination. Conversely he presented his three-man Gaudiya lineage as a seminal parampara originating from Gaudiya-god krishna via a link of 108 individuals, 95% of whom are historically untraceable. What he failed to include in his teachings was the true history of the three-man hijack squad.

3. We at BIF have produced pages of print showing...Bhaktivinode Thakur, his son- Bhaktisiddhanta, and his son's disciple- acBSp.... to be cheaters who were not content to shake the pockets of Indians but worked ceaselessly to become international deities, and lied, not only to make slaves but to enshrine themselves as gods on earth by initiating an 'eternal disciplic succession' of frauds. In this post we highlight the 25 points raised by the Vrindavan group...the most senior branch of the bhakti sect. It will show why the 'elders' of this shady belief system view ISKCON Gaudiya Math as the shadiest of all..... shammers and scammers par excellence. Once again, the Brajabasi' of Vrindavan bring under scope the three-man deception, in concert, to establish a fake reality .... ISKCON's authenicity. We deal with the issue in Part Two of this post, entitled- 'Vrindavant-garde.' First we examine a thread on the facebook page- 'Ved,' the Editor of which fights a lonely battle bringing proof to cult fanatics regarding Vedic misinterpretations and deviations by confidence tricksters... like ISKCON and its three-man parampara.




4. Our reason for posting- PART ONE: "RATHER RUNNY" is to burst the foreign ISKCON bubble. We now understand beyond any shadow of a doubt how and why a Ballygunge bakwas, racist, misogynist, narcissist, duplicitous, wanna-be-Jesus-.Muhammad-Krishna-Buddha-Gaudiya-god, duped young Americans into believing that Vedic Hinduism meant acceptance of all things Bhaktivinode / Bhaktisiddhanta / Bhaktividanta. Now, thanks to the VED page, we bring a perspective from everyday Hindus outside cult influence. It spotlights the flimsy and contradictory evidence i.e., Radharani, and the Radha / Krishna duo as an historical fact.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Veda.knowledge?ref=stream
(comments and interjections by BIF)

VED writes:
Sri Krishna’s name is always paired with Radha. In modern time there is no Krishna temple without Radha. Radha is the most important element in the Krishna-worship. And in Vaishnava literature, Radha has even a greater significance than Sri Krishna himself.

BIF: Yes. Radharani has even greater significance than Krishna. Yet, evil King Kamsa never once attacked this vulnerable aspect of his greatest enemy. How could a king who conjoured, never seen before-or-since, demons out his imagination like confetti and... who used demons and spies in elaborate plans to kill Krishna, overlook Radha as an obvious target? From cult litterature... Kamsa imprisoned Krishna's mother...killed his siblings, but.... knew nothing of Krishna's bush beau queen. To compound dumb with deception cultists are instructed to worship Radha as greater than Krishna... One ignis fatuus instituting another.

 The main aim of this post is to throw light about the character Radha. How real is Radha? It is well accepted that Mahabharata is the ancient text and after that in different time line several Purans are written. Among them Vishnu Puran is the oldest one, recent one are Bhagavata Puran or Srimad Bhagawatam and much later the Brahmavaivarta Puran.

 The word “RADHA” is not mentioned for a single time in the Mahabharata, Harivamsha, Vishnu Purana and the Srimad Bhagavatam (other than in the tenth canto- "Krishna Book", which was added by asBSp to antiquate his recently concocted cult). Question is if Radha is so important how the sage Veda Vyasa missed it in Mahabharata? Also how later writers upto Bhagwatam miss this central figure of Vaishnava? This is simply because the name Radha was not available at the time of Mahabharata, or Krishna didn’t have any girlfriend named Radha. Now, if Radha is not available in the Mahabharata, Harivamsha, Vishnu Purana and the Bhagavata, then where did SHE originate from? Let us try to find out.

Flute Dream

BIF: Note how the Ved Editor has differentiated between SriMAD Bhagavatam (a recent ISKCON publication) and Bhagavata. He hammers the point home further in the next statement.

 All the ancient books that refer to Sri Krishna, the name of Sri Radha occurs only in two- Brahmavaivarta Purana and in the works of poet Jaidev. Some scholars have brought in Radha again and again in their discourses on “Srimad Bhagavatam”, even though there is no mention of Radha in that original book.

BIF: And acBSp convinced his dupes that ALL Hindus believe in the Radha / Krishna / gopi Gaudiya porn production. Which made his own sex with a minor.... guru= god= divine pedophile.

 So it can be easily said that Radha is an imaginary figure which is implanted after Srimad Bhagwatam in the literature like Brahmavaivarta Purana, gita-govinda or Chaitanya Charanamrita.

BIF: That is correct. And now she is implanted in the ISKCON publication of SriMAD Bhagavatam- Canto 10. These cultists are as slippery as eels in an oil well.

 We meet Radha for the first time in Brahmavaivarta Purana, which is the latest of the Puranas. Now see what this ultimate Puran says- "It is commonly understood that Krishna is an Avatara of Vishnu. But in the Brahmavaivarta Purana that is available to us, it is the other way round! Here, Krishna is the creator of Vishnu and all other gods (Brahma, Shiva, Parvati etc.) and living creatures. "

 Here, Golakadhama, the place where Sri Krishna lived. It has a higher status than Vishnu’s Vaikuntha! We find Radha for the first time in this heavenly Golkadharma, established in its dominant goddess.

BIF: She must have been invisible till someone tripped over her in the bush. Kamsa could not see the Rani of Vraj, nor could his spies, nor could his demon buddies, nor could early sect scribes. Suddenly she appears in cult doctrine as an underaged adultress and bigamist:....Rani- Queen of the un-damned. Meanwhile, down to Earth, her deity appears as a multi-faced DIY figurine made by testicle scratching bidi smokers... sanctified only by installation.

Kamsa...missed opportunity

 In this new Brahmavaivarta Purana, there is another important character called Viraja who is a rival of Radha for Sri Krishna’s love. In this version, Krishna goes to Viraja’s house which makes Radha angry and jealous. She follows him in her chariot and comes to Viraja’s house, too. Viraja’s watchman, Sridama, however does not allow her to enter. Inside, though, Viraja gets so scared of Radha that she melts and becomes a river. (gobbledegook) Krishna promptly revives her and gives her back her original form. Their intense lovemaking (sex), by and by, results in the birth of seven sons, whom their mother’s curse turns into seven seas. (more gobbledegook) The mother curses them because they disturb her in her lovemaking. Radha, on hearing of this romance admonishes Krishna and punishes him with a curse that would force him to be born on earth. At this, Sridama, the watchman who is a devotee of Sri Krishna, rebukes Radha which infuriates her. Radha curses him too to be born as an Asura. Sridama takes his revenge by cursing Radha to be born as a human female who would acquire infamy for her loose character. (even more gobbledegook) Later, both Sridama and Radha pray to Krishna to save them from each other’s curses. Krishna blesses Sridama with the boon that he would be the king of Asuras. And he consoles Radha by promising that when she goes to earth, he himself would follow her. ~ Sri Krishna Janma khanda, chapter 23

 The Curse of Radha:
(Emphasis added)

 Hey Krishna, beloved of Vraja, get away from me, why are you hurting me? You are a fickle, loose character. I have known you now, go away from my house. You are a loose character in sexual intercourse. You will take birth in a human womb, in Bharata. Hey Shusile, hey padmavati, hey madhayabas this Krishna is volatile, take him away, he has no work to do here.

 So dear readers judge yourself what damage is done by these puranic pandits, who are master in kamasutra transferred the divine yogi Krishna of Mahabharata into a sex crazy character. Not only that they create an imaginary character Radha and curse Krishna through her mouth forcing him to take birth in earth due to his illegal sex with different characters.

BIF: EXACTLY! It is why the ISKCON cult must be eradicated. The stupid, abusive, violence infused litterature, and private audio instructions (by acBSp) touted as 'law for the next 10'000 years' should not be tolerated by any government or peoples.

 Even though the weird stories mentioned above were written in comparative recent times, they dominate the minds of Bengali people. They have become the source material for Bengali Vaishnava poets like Jaidev. They have also given rise to passionate songs and yatra-plays.

 Yet, strangely, an important point mentioned in Brahmavaivarta Purana has been ignored by the Bengalis and the modern ISCKON prabhus. The Puranas holds the Sri Krishna and Radha were married couples. But today, they are generally understood as unwed lovers.

BIF: Oh no! acBSp forgot to tell his chelas about this bush-bash.

Bush bash

 Let me relate how Radha and Krishna were married as described in Brahmavaviarta Purana. For this, we have to remember that (according to Brahmavaviarta Purana), Radha was older to Krishna by several years as she was forced to be born on earth some years before Sri Krishna followed her. Radha was a young girl when Krishna was a baby.

  Trans: Once Nanda was grazing his cows in a Vrindavana field. Baby Krishna was with him. Nanda offered his cows the clear and sweer-tasting water of the pond and he drank some of it himself. Then, holding Krishna to his breast, he sat down under a banyan tree. Krishna, tiny though he was, miraculously covered the sky with his dark clouds. The fields became shadowy. A strong wind rose. The clap of thunder was heard. It began heavily and the trees fell uprooted.

 Nanda was scared,”How can I go home without my cattle? And If I don’t go home now, what will happen to this infant?” As nanda was speaking thus to himself, Krishna began to weep holding on to Nanda’s neck as if he were afraid of the surroundings. At this moment, Radha appeared. Nanda was amazed by her grace and beauty. He welcomed her, saying, “I have heard from Ganga that you are Hari’s favourite. And that is Mahavishnu. I am myself an ordinary human being charmed by his Maya. My Lady, here, please accept your beloved. Go with him wherever you be happy. Later, when your wishes are satisfied, give him back to me, again, as my son.

...charmed by Maya

 Nanda thus offered Krishna to Radha and she carried him away. Selecting a place of her liking, she called a dancing ground. Immediately a beautiful garden transpired. When Radha put Krishna down, he instantly took the form of handsome youth. Addressing Radha he said,” If you remember Golaka, I am here to keep my promise”.

 Brahma appeared on the scene at that moment. After paying his respects to Radha, he took upon himself the responsibility of giving her away to Sri Krishna in marriage according to Vedic rituals. After completing the wedding ceremonies, Brahma disappeared.

BIF: What!? Why would the creator and his Barbie elope to the bush? It has nothing to do with -
according to Vedic rituals? Leaving your parents and friends to go bush and be married off by a four headed guy, who used to have five (one was an ass head that was chopped off for some donkey reason,) is not- according to Vedic rituals. It's according to cult maggots who will lie about nothing.

 The above account of Radha and Krishna’s wedding is related in Brahmavaivarta Purana.

 Now Everyone can see that how the writer of Brahmavaivarta Purana created the newly cult Vaishnava. Here the imaginary Radha becomes the center of the transformed Vaishnava Dharma and gives a new interpretation to the story of Sri Krishna’s life. Jaideva based his Gitagovinda on this interpretation. Other Vaishnava poets of Bengal—Including Vidyapati and Chandidasa—followed Jaideva’s example when they wrote their devotional songs of Krishna. Even Sri Chaitanya Deva structured his fascinating philosophy of Bhaktivada on this innovative Vaishnava Dharma. Even today the ISKCON and like those organization are spreading the Radha Krishna imaginary love story in the name of vedic civilization.

BIF: They are not simply spreading it, they force flogged it on the street claiming it is 'ancient Vedic knowledge'. ISKCON devotees disguised themselves in wigs and suits, and told buyers ... all money goes to feeding starving children in India.

WIGgling Hari

COMMENTS on the article from Ved readers (and BIF) :

Madhumati Adhikari Radhe Radhe japo, chale ayenge Bihari..............then you will understand the importance of Sri Radha. Radharani is beyond the comprehension of Vedas. This just goes to show that Vedas are much inferior to Her status. Arey, Sachchidananda Prabrahma Sri Krishna is Her servant. Then how can the Vedas know about Her?

BIF: Radha does not exist in Indian history. She exists, even now, only in the sex induced fantasies of pedophiles and Gaudiya Vaisnavism, from which ISKCON was born and grew quickly to.... parade Indians in its front line masquerade as mainstream Hindu; claim tax-ex status; grab Indian lands; use pictures of unsuspecting Indian politicians and film stars as endorsement, and pick Indian pockets worldwide.

OM CG Artist omg.. every one knows the reality that these puranas are created according to their need.. dear admin pl don't discuss about puranas created by silly mind.. i respect your time but pl avoid these kinda discussions.. this is not knowledgeable at ol.. one cannot transform the real dharma.. n u know that.. let them do whatever they want. era of nescience.

BIF: They can go to hell for all we care. Yet we cannot, should not, standby and allow ISKCON to carry on this confidence trickery and fraud. It is costing India and Indians (besides the world) a great deal in misrepresentation, financial and emotional loss. The cult is an international scam... They are NOT Hindus. In fact, researchers will find them a future threat to Indian National Security and Governance.

Shreya Shah Thanx Nehal for d link...& u r rght, these Iskconists fight among themselves in Iskcon as well as bicker about other sampradayas ... my argument with "Madhumakkhi" aunty was augured only bcoz it was a link frm another vaishnav sampraday....Their "God" viz; Prabhupada undermines Acharyas of other sects by selling smoke they were all subjects of their Chaitanya & were serving under his command + he often criticizes Shankaracharya (the gr8 revivalist of Vedic dharma & I suppose he was the one who laid 4 maths to unite us all under 1 roof).
Secondly, wat I noticed abt their mentality was gaudiya vaishnav's Racist & Castist phenomenal behavior ....instead of replying to my points that Dasi-aunty was busy in figuring out my background (boot believing in my current status)..they r d ones who fight in name of castes & restrain others not to perform certain rituals & even dont allow them to enter their place of worship. This is absolutely not what other Saints propagate.

BIF: You nailed it, Shreya. The moment anyone presents a contradictory truth to cult MO they fly into attack like oxytocin overdosed love-bugs high on hype.

Oxytocin love-bugs

Shreya Shah Oops, "Miss. Madhumati Adhikari" - a coward & Shrila prabhupada's loyalist blocked me, when I exposed her on her own ac - ....She started 1st calling me that u r male & muslim even when I gave a vaishnav sampraday link (Not d ISKCON one!!!) explaining her about significance of our vedic scriptures (viz Equal Status of women) then she "upgraded" me by suspecting me as some of her female friend, with whom she apparently had a tiff & gave me the title of 'Arya samaji' & 'Atheist' then ultimately she blocked me when I kept this link exposing her foolishness of saying Krshna as servant of Radha!!! She's totally a fool & has 0 knowledge not only of our Vedas but other texts too...all she knows only CHAITANYA CHARITRAMITRA....still she has got more than 1000 friends...wat type of fools are pining up nowadays.

Bimal Chaudhury Radha is fictious character devised by vaisnabas As rightly said the great YOGESWAR was prtrayed as a crazy sex starved man.
BIF: It is an offence to all Aryavartha... and degradation, to international proportions, of a famous Aryan Prince... From hero and philosopher extraordinaire... to pedophile bush-bunny.

Nikhil Tannk the same thing also mentioned in 'shri krushna jivan darshan' by rev. P.V. Athavale

Shruti Kanitkar How dare you call my dear goddess Shri Radha a fake ??

BIF: Radha / Krishna / gopi sex is a figment of pedophile imaginations. We are not calling Radha fake... We are calling the entire Radha / Krishna orgasmic drivel... FAKE! Just imagine someone writing about 8 / 10 year old girls desiring sex. Even TODAY, in a world of open sexual deviancy, author and publishing house would hang.... meat on a hook.

Rohan Rudra Arey.. Radha is a fictitious character... There was no Radha in fact...

Kumar Rahul Tiwary It is true that in most ancient of the texts, Radha is nowhere mentioned. And various relatively texts mention all different versions of the story; it is true that somewhere it is mentioned that they were married. Somehow Radha Krishna caught the imaginary of all of us and we worship Radha as a form of Goddess Lakshmi. Even Rukmini is considered an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi. I think until we worship Sri Radha as a form of Goddess Lakshmi, there is no harm. But at the same time a lot of pollution has been spread about Lord Krishna and we should spread correct facts.


BIF: The Brahma Vaivarta Purana highlights the illicit love affairs of Radha / Krishna. But in the same Purana the relationship between them is contradicted time and time again. Somewhere she is portrayed as the daughter of Krishna. Sometimes as Krishna's aunt (wife of Rayana, brother of Yashoda.) Sometimes as Krishna's daughter-in-law, and sometimes as his sister. It suggests incest is acceptable on a transcendental platform. Not until cult scribes recognized the soft-porn romance angle did Radha take shape as Krishna's private little adulteress. Once gopi-sex was successfully marketed as divine lila, Vaisnavism recruited little girls and girlie-boys as temple sex slaves. The cult's Radha / Krishna two-in-one god Chaitanya never raised an eyebrow or mentioned a word about pedophilia. The world had to wait for Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati to liberate babies from bhakti bordellos ....and a determined government to wipe it out.

Rohan Rudra ISKCON Das Babajis rest in peace!!! Hahahaha...

BIF: Rudra means- to cry, but you are laughing because you know the truth.

Shobhit Tiwari so now? what to do with the RADHE KISHNA concept and those millions of temples and devotees??? !!

BIF: Radha / Krishna lila should remain as theatre ... for which it was originally penned by brothers Bopadev and Jaidev. Temples on agricultural lands should be fed back into the soil. Temples in urban zones should be converted to hospitals, educational institutions and research centers. Devotees doing cold-turkey should use their own intelligence to find a solution. Many already have. Those who are excessively brain-dead must be given psychiatric attention at the expense of rich sannyasis and gurus whose bank accounts should be frozen with immediate effect.
Just our luck. As we write this tender loving post along comes a note informing us of a Swami who is invited to speak at the ISKCON Denver temple (US) on Janmastami. But the invitation is up in the air after cultists discovered the following quote on the Swami's web site:

Radhaless Swami

Swami Chinna Jeeyar: 'There is no Radha' Aug 24, 2013
Source: http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/editorials/08-13/editorials10539.htm

In summary, it becomes obvious ISKCON is a cult unto itself.... choking on acBS pada. Even where other branches of the Vaisnav sect submit to historical evidence.. ISKCON insists and persists in the acBSp lie- "...... Krishna personally comes and dictates every word." We say it again- the cult is NOT Hindu. Yet they continue to hide behind Hinduism. To openly admit that they are an evangelical 'Christian copycat' cult in Hindu dress will see their tax-exempt status, businesses and beliefs (O' Lordy let's not go there) put under scope. The result of such a review will send its practitioners and promoters back to the trailer parks, drug holes, and psychiatric institutions from whence they came and where they belong-
acBSp: "This is our movement. We have to select men from the worst class. Papi tapi jata chilo. Nobody will come here after passing M.A., Ph.D. The most fallen we have to select....[...]... This is our position. We have to select our worker from the worst class of the society, papi and tapi...[...]... That is the movement. You trace the history of everyone. All worst, third class. And they come here. And that is Krishna conscious movement." But then again, if there were no papi tapi jatis...all worst third class... who would believe the BS in acBSp? Let's move on to PART TWO....

Source: http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/editorials/08-13/editorials10514.htm
(Comments and emphasis by BIF)


>>The majority of the Anti-party criticisms were aimed at Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and ISKCON. The Gaudiya Math was lumped in here and there. The Anti-party representative took serious objection as regards the preaching mission and siddhanta of Saraswati Thakur and also Bhaktivinode Thakur.<<

BIF: Precisely! This three-man lineage is the genesis and foundation of the ISKCON cult. Bhaktivinode was a cheat and forger. His son, Bhaktisiddhanta (Bs) was a bigger cheat. His brother- Lalita Prasad admitted that Bs invented and included his father's name (and his own) on a parampara list of 108 personalities originating from Gaudiya-god Krishna. Here is an excerpt from our article Cannibaloney:- " But when out father Bhaktivinode Thakur died, I went to my brother and said, ' Who will carry on our father's teachings now that he is gone? You are the oldest' I was working for the government like our father did, while he was doing his spiritual practices and was a scholar. 'You're the one to do it,' I told him. 'How can I do it when I've been rejected by our father and his guru?' was his reply. 'You're smart. Make up a disciplic succession. Who will know?" He did it. When he went to Vrindavan to preach, the babajis there knew he had made it up." And it is exactly what this post is about. First Bhaktivinode Thakur was rejected by his guru and the Vaisnav sect for forging books and lying...then, after his death, his son- Bs took over papa's printing press and continued the lying. When all was revealed after considerable debate between the Gaudiyas and predecessors of the Vrindavan Anti-party, acBSp (a disciple of Bs) took the scam, after the dust had settled, and sold it in America as ISKCON...... gave himself the title of 'Prabhupada'- (The master at whose feet all other masters sit) and added his own name to the tail-end of the parampara list.



>>We have reproduced below the main twenty-five points of objection that the Vrndavana Anti-party makes against our parampara, and respond with our comments. We are doing this because we have been requested to do so by several concerned Vaishnavas who feel that the propaganda of the Vrndavana Anti-party is an intolerable offense to our Guru-parampara.<<

BIF: ISKCON has NO parampara outside the three-man scam. Again.....Bhaktivinode was rejected by his guru Bipin Bihari Goswami for plagiarizing / writing / printing lies to establish his own god-man status. Bipin Bihari never claimed to be part of any parampara.  No Vaisnav branch ever claimed division previously. Bs publicly abused his father's ex- guru calling him a cheap imitator (sahajiya) and tobacco smoker. It is why he was rejected by his father and his father's guru (read the red font above.)  After his father's death, Bs printed a parampara list showing Jagganatha dasa babaji as his father's guru. Prabhupda (acBSp) took the deception further when he informed his ISKCON followers that Bhaktivinode had rejected Bipin Bihari and accepted Jagganatha das as his guru....Liar! As for the blasphemer and liar Bs, no one wanted to initiate him. His father, Bhaktivinode initiated his brother Lalita Prasad but refused to initiate him. He was advised to approach Gaur Kishore Das babaji for initiation. Gaur Kishore instantly refused him, again and again. Finally Bs claimed Gaur Kishore had initiated him in a dream. He then sat before a mirror and gave himself 'brahman' initiation. There in NO ISKCON parampara, and there never was. Here is more evidence to glue the clues:-

"Ananta Vasudeva, elected as acarya after the death of Bhaktisiddhanta, considering Bipin Bihari's rejection of Bhaktivinod and also the irrational claims made by Bhaktisiddhanta as to both his initiations, came to conclusion that the parampara of Bhaktisiddhanta was not bona fide. After he came to this conclusion, he instructed the gaudiya sannyasis to go home and get married. He then renounced his sannyas and also his initiation from Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati".

>>Before beginning the main topic of this article we would like to say a few words to clarify our position. Some of our readers may feel that we are speaking too harshly against the Vrndavana Anti-party in this article or specifically against Satyanarayana. If so, we would like to point out that we have not attacked the persons of the Vrndavana Anti-party but only that which we perceive as their offenses and misconceptions. We should also add that it is they that endeavor to find fault in the Divine Succession of Bhaktivinode Thakur, Saraswati Thakur and their followers - it is not we who have sought out our accusers with a view to offend their parampara. It is they who have attacked us, not we who have attacked them.<<


BIF: The Divine Succession of Bhaktivinode Thakur, Saraswati Thakur (add on acBSp) has less potency than tiger's eggs, but it is all ISKCON has. As for- with a view to offend their parampara... albeit there are predecessors in every business, only ISKCON's three-man scam claims parampara directly in line from a blue Gaudiya god; a voyeur of pubescent girls who stripped naked to bathe in a public ghat... in India! Has anyone ever seen anything like it, in India? Okay....Anywhere? These pedophile wet dream litteratures is what attracts predators to ISKCON and ISKCON to India. It is Gaudiya ISKCON's true history and parampara...pedophilia. Our Mother was taught from childhood to wear sari or full saya to bathe in her private bathroom. No Indian girl or woman ever strips naked to bathe in a public place.


>>It is the concerned opinion of many older members of ISKCON that since the disappearance of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada the leadership in ISKCON has not trained their students in the proper siddhanta and practice of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. It seems that the leaders have also over-stressed the importance of external achievement at any cost, be it one's own sadhana or even the dignity of another Vaishnava, vaishnava-aparadha.<<

BIF: After only four decades since its conception, ISKCON has had a flush of gurus sannyasis and senior members go down the gurgler (43 gurus and counting).... cheats, liars and sexual perverts. ISKCON's short history confirms its true parampara...Does it not? Bhaktividanta Prabhupada did not give a damn who he gave divine status to in his society so long as his books went out with a picture of him front and back, and easy money rolling in... good-as-god. He made a farce of India's religious traditions. Even those members who are now reading this post know better than anyone... they are laboring under a misapprehension. There is NO potency in the fairy-dust sprinkled by the three-man scam. They got young Americans to sell them to the world just as their forefathers sold Jesus cults. BTW: there is no apaRadha. Actually, history tells us, there was never even a Radha.

>>It is also a fact that the Vrndavana Anti-party spokesman and others of their camp have been poorly treated at times by ISKCON leaders and they may naturally bear a grudge against ISKCON and our parampara as a result of their bad experience. It is indeed unfortunate. I can sympathize with their plight to some extent but I cannot tolerate their propaganda against those who are very dear to Krishna. We do not hate the sinner - we hate the sin.<<

BIF: The contention presented by the Vrindavan Anti-party is older than ISKCON. Points raised and interpreted as grudge ... bad experience ... and propaganda against the cult... is blatant ad hominem. It is common practice for cult ethnocentrics to avoid confronting any truth outside the three-man cult fraud. And...we hate the sinner more than the sin. The sin is not active, the sinner is. But then again... cult adherents are really Christian sentimentalists... NOT Hindus born and bred.

>>The following are the twenty-five points of criticism of our parampara by the Vrndavana Anti-party.

[New and uninitiated devotees are cautioned to read the following highly offensive remarks only under the direction of a senior devotee who can ensure they are properly understood.] <<

BIF: This means senior devotees must stand by with cult defibrillators, as they do with avowed militancy, to zapp minds that dare think for themselves.

>>We have divided their statements into two thrusts against our Guru-parampara.
The first thrust is as follows:

There is no parampara in ISKCON and the Gaudiya Math. This is supported by the following eighteen points (1-18):<<

BIF: But everybody who knows, even other Vaisnava branches, know there is NO ISKCON parmapara. The cult's claim that it belongs to the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya sampradaya can be easily debunked... Go to any Madhvacarya Mutt and enquire - 1) Do you know what ISKCON is? 2) Is ISKCON part of your lineage? 3) Are you part of the Gaudiya Mutt? 4) Do you acknowledge the teachings of acBSp-Prabhupada... or even know of his existence? From personal experience... followers of Madhvacarya, who know of ISKCON and its history, prefer the Amrikan / Yahudis return to their roots. And we second that.

"He's joined Hare Krishna."

>>1) Only sastra (scripture) is an authority - no human can be so in any circumstance. Even God follows sastra to show the example. Sastra is there to make sure that the independent "self-effulgent" personalities do not appear.<<

BIF: Albeit the sastra (scripture) is deeper than Peter Rabbit, we fully understand need for curbing the self- effulgent epidemic. ISKCON has a three-man parampara, and all three are 'manjaris' or rasa lila babes. And now, every time ISKCON bends over godmen appear... Kamsa copycats, producing illusions from the rear end like confetti.

>>2) Bhagavat-diksa does not exist, there is no logical meaning of bhagavata-diksa.<<

BIF: Bhagavat is a cult term for- fully enlightened beggar. In layman terms it means whenever a bhagavat dreams, god instructs him... whenever he speaks, god speaks through him.... his feces smells of aromatic flowers... and the best way for anyone to profit in this life or the next is to hand over earnings and properties to him. Handing over a young daughter or son will ensure salvation for ten past generations and ten future generations.... but no ex parte guarantee is provided to protect the child's virginity or innocence.

>>3) We can understand Krishna and sastra only through proper diksa-parampara.<<

BIF: One certainly needs someone to clarify how Krishna jumped off an 88 mile high mountain (in Mathura!!) because he believed someone was setting fire to it. Above certain altitudes mountains are bereft of vegetation and covered in snow. Everest is only 29'000 ft.,... just imagine some idiot attempting to torch it. Or how and why he chose to herd 900'000 cows 54 kms a day... find time to play leap-frog with his friends...have sex with the gopis.... kill a demon a day, and still have time to leave his father's mountain of wasting dairy ( 900'000 dairy cows and no refrigerated transport) to steal butter from the neighbors. It certainly takes a rickshaw diksha to explain these gob smacked lilas ...and so much more.

>>4) Only Krsna is self-effulgent - no jiva soul can be, because self-effulgent means in so many words independent.<<

BIF: Gaudiya Krishna, if he did exist, should have got a better biographer. As it is, his chosen Nambudiri scribblers reek high of dope and their own independence. There is a code of literary ethic demanding authors cite their genre prior to publication. Claiming fiction as fact is prosecutable. Further there is a vast gulf of difference between fact and fiction... and fiction within fiction. The Krishna lila money spinners disregarded all ethical guidelines. In the past it passed off as as religious believe-it-or-not. However, on a planet living and breathing hi-tech education and Intel.... abracadabra cannabis induced sanctimony MUST face catechism.... not unlike the Greek gods of Olympus.

Heavy cat credo

>>5) Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada is a rebel against the parampara. He disregarded all the proper diksa lines and attempted to establish his own concocted line by picking famous names from the Gaudiya history.<<

BIF: There it is again! A cheated parampara. We also note the clarification- names from the Gaudiya history... because, as we have stated earlier and several times before... the names are not recorded in any literary, historical or government circles. Nowhere are these bhagavats to be found outside Gaudiya ISKCON claims ...claims that include- a gorilla and his aristocracy loving dork.... animals that talk... bogeymen that stalk....idols that walk... and gopi-god poppycock.

>>6) Sampradaya means proper inheritance and this can only be received if one has the proper guru-pranali (diksa line).<<

BIF: Bhaktisiddhanta claimed he was poisoned before dying ... acBSp also claimed that he was poisoned... the ISKCON usurpers then went about raping the next generation. Who gives a crap about Sampradaya? Besides, having a belief system with roots in caveman credo, current cultists are no less liars and sexually deviant than the Nambudiris who changed the genre of Bopadev's fictitious Bhagavat Puran to fact. Which was then further convoluted by ISKCON founder- acBSp, to come off his BBT press as- SriMAD Bhagavatam.

>>7) In the Brhad-Bhagavatamrta, Srila Sanatana Goswami says that this concept of Mahaprabhu and what he came to give, cannot be understood even by Lord Visnu, what to speak about ordinary mortal beings. It cannot be preached or conceived by reading unlimited amount of books. It can only be revealed through proper diksa parampara.<<

BIF: Cannot understand the Vrindavan Anti-party's contention on this because, before Gaudiya Bhaktivinode started writing the Chaitanya biography, the unknown saint was nothing more than another sickly incarnation of god (quite possibly a closet homosexual *) who drowned while having an epileptic fit in the Chilka Lakes. It was the three-man parampara, beginning with Bhaktivinode,** who promoted Caitanya as a half-Radha half-Krishna Gaudiya god by expanding a booklet / pamphlet into (with added page fill by acBSp) the ISKCON bulky nine 'deluxe' volume collection. Even an 'Antya lila' was added long after Chaitanya was dead, which made them a packet of cash in donations. This bloated biography also threw the Vrindavana Anti-party a crust, which they chewed on happily. This author bases his convictions on the fact that he is a born-and-bred Bengali, and can openly say- NO critical review was done on the Chaitanya autobiography pre-ISKCON... by anybody, anywhere.

Nine 'Deluxe' Volumes

* Read our article- Gender Bender Descender.
** acBSp: "Bhaktivinoda Thakura organized this Krsna Caitanya's movement in pure form from Mayapur. He published many books and papers, Sajjana-tosani. When he passed away in 1914, at that time, he entrusted the matter to (his son) Siddhanta Sarasvati Thakura." .... who, in turn, handed Bhaktivinode's (contended, exposed and unsellable) manuscripts to acBSp- who sold it to America as divine gospel. Thereby establishing himself, Bs and Bhaktivinode as bhagavats in eternal disciplic succession from Gaudiya-god Krishna.... And that, dear readers, is ISKCON.

>>8) Guru actually means teacher. The word spiritual master does not give the full, proper idea. Teacher means that he is leading us through every step of raganuga-sadhana. That is the only way the secret flow of Mahaprabhu's line comes down to us.<<

BIF: The babaji club really don't get it. When acBSp took the scam to America he always knew there was no secret flow of Mahaprabhu's line. He wanted to spin a new line with American money, and use the old Chaitanya line as a prototype to cut himself a new Jesus profile. He didn't give two left balls what the babajis thought about his bid for god-dom. He also instructed his dupes to stay clear of all Indian concerns. The only reason ISKCON cultists uploaded this controversy is to show younger dupes how to lift a leg and hit the post.

>>9) We must have an unbroken diksa line, because, through that channel not only are we doing service in this plane but also in the eternal plane . One must have a practical guide along the whole way.<<

BIF: Sure. That makes sense. Otherwise you could end up like Akrura.... taking all day on a chariot, hauled by horses running at the speed of the wind, to reach Vrindavan from Mathura.... a twenty minute cruise by rickshaw, and by a rickshaw wallah who doesn't even have a broken diksha line.

10) Guru must be completely bonafide. This means he must be sabda brahma and parabrahma (according to SB 11.3.21). Sabda brahma means he must be learned and able to explain scriptural truths, and parabrahma means he must have realization of the transcendental plane.

BIF: Tossing aside the technical tumblers, what it simply means is- guru can explain what position Daksha and Asikli used to have 6000 sons and 60 daughters, or how the cow farmers of Vraj hacked into (with sickles?) two-mile thick bones of a dead witch named Putana.... She was twelve miles tall and eight miles wide. Then there's need to explain the story of Indian King Ugrasena who had ten quadrillion soldiers (!!) as personal bodyguards Krishna Book Ch-90... and made sure to keep enough personal servants... four billion (?!!). Ask any Gaudiya / Chaitanya guru.. the world had gazillions of people before the goddamned mayavadis preached them all to death. Then there was King Vena who was caught by the Brahmanas for being wicked... they kneaded his right thigh first and a dark-skinned dwarf appeared. They then kneaded his left thigh and King Prithu appeared... They left his other leg for Bhavananda dasa to construct the planetarium in Mayapur. No kidding, we all need a Gaudiya / Chaitanya / ISKCON gopi manjari guru to explain these complex truths.

Guru-ji! Beam me up!

>>11) Each and every guru must be of this high qualification (siddha-mahatma). One cannot jump to the guru above him and remain properly connected.<<

BIF: High qualifications and proper connections for what?.... To fry elephant eggs hatched by Vama Margis and Nambudri cavemen from southern India? Stoners who were so far gone they actually believed Earth (Mathura!!) had an 88 mile high mountain.... little girls strip bare and go skinny-dipping in public ghats.... Brajabasis hacked into a twelve-mile-long witch who came crashing down in forests between Mathura and Vraj, and then burnt her chunks, bones and all... Krishna's father had 900'000 cows but he stole dairy from the neighbors... like the owner of Colgate stealing toothpaste.... and we are supposed to think that's cool. So the siddha- mahatmas who are highly qualified insist that being properly connected means understanding the differences between Peter Rabbit, Brer Rabbit and Jack Rabbit..... sukha goo naram goo sab goo.

>>12) Guru is a sadhana siddha.

13) Diksa and siksa come from one person. Because internal meaning of the diksa is siksa in a seed form. After that seed is planted, siksa that follows allows that seed.<<

BIF: The lesson here is not to get rooted by an old twad. He may cark it after first initiation and you wont make it to the forests of Vraj. That means.... no gopi nookie.

>>14) Mantra is a secret that must be revealed. It must be heard directly from the guru. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada, if he ever received initiation, he definitely did not receive brahma gayatri and sannyasa gayatri. Since his mantras are not received in a bona fide disciplic succession they will never bear fruit (sampradaya vihina ye, mantras te nisphala matah, Padma Purana).<<

BIF: Yeah. And you thought joining the CIA was secret stuff. Anyhow, and no matter how we look at it, the very chain of tradition ISKCON cites as validation for begging donations is non-extant. ISKCON is a pirate ship, adrift and loaded with dinosaur dung.

>>15) Mantras which are received in ISKCON and the Gaudiya Math at the time of mantra-diksa are not bona fide. (This point is based on the idea that the mantras which Satyanarayana received from his guru, Haridas Sastri, in the Gadadhara parivara, are not the same as those given in ISKCON and Gaudiya Math)<<

BIF: We have pointed out the ISKCON Gaudiya Mutt nonsense gayatri in previous articles. The ISKCON mantras are loaded with Bengali words unique to Gaudiyas, whereas the gayatri mantra is classical Sanskrit. Even the maha-mantra was never chanted by Chaitanya. According to Gaudiya revelations Chaitanya chanted the Govinda jaya jaya... mantra. We must again look at the "Bhaktivinode-in-Wonderland" nama haat program to find the source of concoctions. Once again, approach any member of the Madhv sampradaya... Yes, the ones that ISKCON's founder declares as bona fide link in his sampradaya chain. Sing the ISKCON gayatri to them and discover..... only the Bhur Bhuva verse has credence. The rest is Bhakti...vinode...siddhanta...vedanta Bangla baloney.

Gayatri...lost in translation

>>16) Harinam-diksa in ISKCON and Gaudiya Math is not bona fide. Harinam-diksa simply does not exist.

17) In the Gaudiya line brahma-gayatri does not exist, it is a part of varnasrama.

18) Sannyasa in the Gaudiya line does not exist, it is a part of varnasrama. Sannyasa-gayatri, as above mentioned, does not have any potency. <<

BIF: ISKCON dupes actually believe.... Krishna complained to acBSp that the chips were too salty... and that acBSp could see demigods in his presence..... Krishna was coming to him and dictating the nonsense he wrote and thought, like... blacks are born slaves.... unmarried women are prostitutes..... licking and smelling vaginas till fifty years of age is okay.... girls walking 'big big dogs' in Brooklyn Park were rearing them for sex.... if your father is against Krishna (= acBSp) he is a pseudo guru and okay to kill.... all those who vilify the teachings or the teacher (acBSp) should have their tongues cut out and killed. When we consider this pile of dino-dung and the fact that it is accepted as coming from the mouth of god-guru, does the Vrindavan Anti-party not realize the extent of mental damage....or do they require medication themselves? We believe they do.

>>The second thrust is as follows:
Deviations from the siddhanta of the Six Goswamis are being preached in ISKCON and Gaudiya Math. This is supported by the following seven points (19-25).

19) Srila Prabhupada preached sahajiyaism. (Reading from sahajiya literatures, Satyanarayana claims to find parallel points being preached by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and the sahajiya groups.

20) These misconceptions given by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada are also found throughout the writings of Bhaktivinode Thakur and Saraswati Thakur. <<

BIF: How can one misconception right another when both are steeped in abstract metaphysical theories that bend fiction to meet reality? Both, the Anti-party and ISKCON, are dream sellers. They exist on donations excreted from fear of an afterlife retribution that they instigate and promote; a metaphysical state of continuum based on reaction as per cult coded dogma...... Which makes this argy-bargy a Tweedle Dum Tweedle Dee fracas.

>>21) Gaudiya Math and ISKCON have the wrong conception about the relation of raganuga and vaidhi bhakti. Sadhana is divided into vaidhi and raganuga sadhana. Vaidhi leads to vaidhi and raganuga sadhana leads to raganuga. Vaidhi never leads to raganuga.

"I am right!"..." No you're not"

22) A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada gives his own explanation of rasa in his Nectar of Devotion, one which is never heard of before.<<

BIF: What it comes down to after all the word buggery is,.... "My understanding of Neverland is more god conscious than yours." Albeit we do agree in that all three founders of the Gaudiya parampara were Pinocchio's, and especially acBSp, who, with the aid of English speaking disciples, translated and interpreted everything into a slave trader's handbook which cocoons a deva over dog infrastructure.

>>23) A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (acBSp) preached the mayavada philosophy by stating in a number of places in his books that this world is just a dream, non-real. This particular concept is actually found in the teachings of Gaudapada, the parama guru of Sripad Sankaracarya. (Satya Narayan argues that this is the wrong siddhanta since one of the basic tenants of the Gaudiya philosophy is, as stated by Srila Baladeva Vidyabhusana in his nine prameyas that this world is real (visvam-satyam).<<

BIF: Prabhupada (acBSp) said whatever felt right at the time. Without any exaggeration, he was the most ambiguous wriggler of his era. He explained the material creation as a dream emanating from Maha Vishnu as he lies in Yoga Nidra. But he was quick to add- "If a tiger attacks then don't think it is dream. So there is reality." Here is his dreamscape- acBSp : ‘This material world is created by the dreaming of Maha-Visnu. The real factual platform is the spiritual world, but when the spirit soul wants to imitate the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he is put into this dreamland of material creation.” (Purport to SB. 4.29.83). Yeah right, but don't forget the tiger.

>>24) The Jaiva Dharma written by Bhaktivinode Thakur is full of contradictions, misconceptions and apasiddhanta. One of the examples is that it has been written there that the catuh sloki of Srimad Bhagavatam lies inherently dormant within the heart of the living entity. (Satyanarayana further argues that this is apasiddhanta. If the catuh sloki of Srimad Bhagavatam is lying dormant within the heart of the living entity, then why Lord Brahma, after a thousand celestial years of tapa, receives them from outside, from his guru, Sri Krsna)?<<

BIF: For those readers who are first time visitors to this site... Brahma is a four-headed god often portrayed sitting on a lotus. He used to have five heads. His fifth head propositioned his daughter for (sex) incest. She cursed the head so it would bray like a donkey. Once when Shiva visited Brahma his four heads offered prayers but his donkey head did not so Shiva hacked it off. Gaudiya / Chaitanyites worship Brahma as the secondary creator. Maybe he did get his daughter to gestate after all. The result .... Vaisnavism. As for the catuh sloki or four seed slokas of the SriMAD Bhagavatam : it was weed-seed to begin with, but is now a Gaudiya / American / Jew genetically modified... brain tumor.


>>25) The concept that jiva is actually sat - cit - ananda, as it is found throughout the teachings of Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada, Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is apasiddhanta." (Satyanarayana argues that jiva is not sat - cit - ananda, it possesses only sat - eternality aspect. Cit and ananda aspects are received in a seed form at the time of initiation, from a guru who is in a bona fide diksa parampara.)<<

BIF: The very thought that these loonies wont go to Disneyland after death but will return to clang kartals on public streets on a Friday night when the rest of the world is trying to unwind after a hard week's work, irks. If there was a shred of evidence that knowledge and bliss was delivered in a seed form.. or even with a tree-trunk across the head, we would throw a few coins in the hundi. As it is all we have seen since our association with this pantha since '55 is..... Dumb and Dumber, not in bliss but in blunder.

Summary: The Radha/ Krishna/ gopi sex is pedophile provocation. It should be understood that pedophilia or 'intergenerational preference' is a felony, but those afflicted with it are treated as patients with psychological disorder. Any interested researcher in this field of study will discover that testing for the affliction includes pictures and voice-overs of minors. Positive response to the stimuli targets areas of level and preference. In litterature passed out by the cult, we see a multi level variety of provocation..... enough to stimulate and agitate to a point of active response. The overriding problem however is that there is no monitoring or restrictive environment once those triggers are set in motion. It is why ISKCON faced a massive (numbers quashed) child abuse law suit. Still, the literature keeps going out under the noses of law makers and enforcers without any restraint. As we pointed out earlier.... any publication of that nature, or internet reaction with minors, will bring the gavel down on perpetrators... Notwithstanding, ISKCON / Chaitanyaism makes money on the sales of what is otherwise illegal across the planet. The organization is even granted a tax-exemption charity status. Ban cult books in India NOW! Set an example for the world to follow, and prevent the rape of girls and helpless children in our cities and villages.


It is a forlorn hope...another fakir fantasy.  ISKCON's founder acBSp desired in his final days that the varnamasram dham (or Chaturvarna) system of caste and spiritual classification be reintroduced a la 'Vedic times'. To understand what Vedic times means, is to not include caveman Uggh and his woolly mammoth.  Varnasrama is a system, according to ISKCON, which came with the planet.  acBSp based his belief on what Aryan Prince Krishna (now sold as Gaudiya god- Krishna) was supposed to have said in the Bhagavad Gita As It Is (BGaii) 5'000 years ago.  We say 'supposed' because the work now has several versions, most of which are grossly interpolated.  The BGaii is the ISKCON cult version.  Here is the quote-
[BGaii. 4.13]: “According to the three modes of material nature and the work associated with them, the four divisions of human society are created by Me…”

With that quote in focus it leaves no doubt the division of mankind was autochthonous to god's creation. Hence the Brahmins, and (according to acBSp) the more senior Vaisnav caste, were intrinsically endogamous i.e., created by god in the beginning and inbred to maintain blood lines and varnamasram division created by him.  Right?.... Wrong!!  It is our unshakable belief that the natural division of human society due to aptitude and preference, as mentioned in (later additions to) the Rig Ved, was the source of information purposelly misintrepted by scammers for domination power and control.

Packaged...All in one.

Even the Gaudiya claim that Chaitanya appeared (as an incognito Radha / Krishna) to remove birthright and offer everyone a shot at being Brahmin (even foreigners with American dollars) simply by chanting the cult's magic mantra, confirms cult belief that god made Brahmins simultaneously with the material creation. What the propagators of this nonsense could never know is that anthropology and genetic science would, one day, trace bloodlines identifying endogamous groups dating millennia into the past. That day has come, and we cannot help but scream... CAST OUT THE CASTE !!! How can caste mean anything in the very land where it germinated when India's Constitution was drafted /composed and presented by a man who in times past would have been considered 'Untouchable'. Here he is (emphasis added) : -

Source: Wikipedia.
Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (14 April 1891 – 6 December 1956), popularly also known as Babasaheb, was an Indian jurist, politician, philosopher, anthropologist, historian and economist.....[....].... As independent India's first law minister, he was principal architect of The Constitution of India. Barack Obama, president of USA, referred to Dr. Ambedkar as a founding father of modern India during his address speech in Indian Parliament. The poll conducted by CNN-IBN titled "The Greatest Indian since Gandhi" resulted in Ambedkar being voted above all.
Born into a poor Mahar (were considered so called untouchable caste) family, Ambedkar campaigned against social discrimination, the system of Chaturvarna – the categorisation of Hindu society into four varnas – and the Hindu caste system.

Is it any wonder that stalwarts like Ramji Ambedekar and the Great Maharishi Dayanand campaigned against the bogus caste system which bred only division and inequality and prevented intellectuals like Shriman Ambedekar from contributing to his Nation's welfare and advancement?  Now without any further delay we present the anthropological and scientific findings regarding the bogus evidence written and enforced by standover cultists as god's desired division of all peoples:

Caste barriers not older than 2000 years

- Indians mated across ethnic groups till 2nd century: Study


New Delhi, Aug. 8: People across India mixed and mated without class, caste, or ethnic barriers for about 2,300 years until strict endogamy emerged across the subcontinent around the 2nd century AD, a new genetic study has suggested.

The study by scientists at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, and the Harvard Medical School has indicated a staggering level of population admixture that they say had not been previously suspected.

The scientists said that ancient, pervasive and widespread mixture of genes showed up in the genetic makeup of virtually all of India’s present-day populations — upper-castes, lower-castes, and even tribes such as Bhils of Gujarat, the Kallars of Tamil Nadu, and another tribe from Uttar Pradesh, long viewed as genetically isolated.

The study, based on the analysis of the genetic make-up of 571 persons from 73 well-defined ethno-linguistic groups — 71 from India and two from Pakistan — has found evidence of widespread population mixture between 4,200 and 1,900 years ago.

“With the dawn of endogamy, genetic mixing became rare — that’s what we see in present-day Indian genomes,” Priya Moorjani, a graduate student at the Harvard Medical School and the first author of the study, told The Telegraph. The findings will be published tomorrow in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

The CCMB-Harvard team had shown through similar genetic analysis four years ago that most Indians have their origins in two root populations — ancestral south Indians (ASI) not related to any population outside the subcontinent, and ancestral north Indians (ANI) related to present-day Central Asians, Middle Easterners, Caucasians and Europeans.

The genetic makeup of modern Indians contains a mosaic of chromosomal segments from both ANI and ASI — and the lengths of the segments of ASI and ANI ancestry allow them to measure the time of genetic mixture in individual populations.

“We can now assign time periods for cultural changes in India that appeared to culminate in the establishment of endogamy some 1,900 years ago,” said co-author Kumarasamy Thangaraj, a scientist and team member at the CCMB.

The analysis shows the history of India’s population has changed episodically, said David Reich, professor of genetics at the Harvard school and the study’s senior author. Prior to 4,000 years ago, there was no mixture — the ANI and ASI remained isolated.

“Then there was widespread mixture between ANI and ASI that affected all population groups in India, including the isolated tribal groups,” Reich said. “And finally, there was a shift to endogamy such that mixture between even geographically closely-located groups became rare.”

The scientists have found that the dates of mixture are correlated to language and geography as the mixtures are more recent in the northern Indo-European language speaking groups than in the southern Dravidian language speaking groups of India. That is possibly because populations in the north have had multiple episodes of ANI-ASI mixtures.

The study has also indicated tentative dates when specific population groups turned to endogamy — the Vysyas in Andhra for instance have the longest period of endogamy, or genetic isolation, nearly 3000 years. The Bhils in Gujarat have remained largely isolated for nearly 2200 years.

The ancestors of Kshatriyas in Uttar Pradesh were mixing with other groups at least until 2,200 years ago, the ancestors of Brahmins in Uttar Pradesh were doing so at least until 1,885 years ago, as did those of the Sindhis of Pakistan up to 1,940 years ago.

Moorjani, who completed a Bachelor of Engineering in computer science in Mumbai before pursuing a PhD in genetics in the US, said the new study was consistent with the content of the ancient Indian texts, including the Rig Veda.

“The oldest text in India, the Rig Veda, does not mention a caste system at all, and suggests there was substantial social movement of populations, as reflected in the acceptance of people with non-Indo-European names as chieftains and poets,” she said.

“The class system, of grouping people based on occupational roles, is first mentioned only in the book 10 of Rig Veda that was likely to have been composed later. The caste system of endogamous groups is, however, only mentioned centuries later in the law code of Manu, or Manusmriti, that forbids mixing between caste groups.”

“We’ve known there was admixture and co-mingling of populations, but we'll need more evidence to establish the chronology,” said T.K. Venkatasubramanian, a former professor of ancient Indian history at the University of Delhi.

“The date for the code of Manu is not clear, but it is accepted as having been around in the pre-Christian era, after the advent of the iron age which began in India around 1000 BC.”

The CCMB’s Thangaraj said long periods of endogamy had led to concentration of certain deleterious genetic mutations in some populations.

Thank You for spending time with us