29th July 2011

In this article we continue the sociopath theme from our last post.  By presenting evidence linked to archived media and court files, and including observations made by perceptive witnesses as events unfolded, we will spotlight a phenomena that is disturbing and unconscionable to say the least.  What readers will discover is an unrivalled indulgence of perversion within a single institution by a cluster of dangerously ill, anti-social behaviorists, who, inexplicably, through court proceedings and public outcry which exposed itemized details of victims, crime, and criminality, escaped justice without a single member being legally identified, processed by law, sentenced, exposed to clinical assessment, or registered as deviant.  
By deploying funds that were collected under an eleemosynary (charitable) pretense, and donated for that purpose, Iskcon employed legal services from within its ranks to conceal sociopaths within its ranks who abused, raped, traumatized children and swindled their parents, without a single predator, or the cluster as a whole, being exposed to secular process even in concern for future child protection, as is legislated procedure in a civilized world.
By deviously accepting corpus delicti and pleading "No Contest," the sociopaths and status quo were never exposed in curia (open court,) ergo remain unchallenged and unchanged behind a curtain of cult secrecy, to this day.
When Texas lawyer Windle Turley filed a lawsuit on behalf of 44 claimants, seeking compensation for child abuse, he was hunting the big white rhino.  Working in a pro rata arrangement, Turley sought maximum damages under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO.)  The lawsuit which sought $400 million in damages was dismissed. Judge Lindsay, of the Dallas District Court rejected allegations that the RICO statute had been violated.  Had the good judge expanded his periphery to sine qua non (without which it could not be): entrapment, enslavement, exploitation and extortion would have opened his heart to the RICO asseverations.  Anyhow, subsequent to rejection in the District Court, the case was refiled in a State Court. 
Within a short time the list of claimants grew from 44 to 99, and then to in excess of 500.  Please note, this number deals only with US claimants.  Children from other countries, including India, Australia and Europe, were not invited to the party.  One can only imagine the final total. The mind boggles.
Immediately following the District Court's rejection of the Turley claims, Iskcon's spokesmen were out in the media kicking up their heels proclaiming to the world that they were all- 'round do-gooders. It was implied by Iskcon's attorney- David Liberman (aka. Amarendra das) and Anuttama Dasa (Iskcon Communications) that there were baddies among them who were of a different mindset, but left no doubt that those who had initiated the lawsuit against Iskcon were inhumane, or worse.  Here is a media statement from Anuttama Dasa:-
>>"We believe that innocent people should not be punished for the deeds of individual deviants who acted in total violation of our religious principles and teachings." << 
We agree with Mr. Dasa, but only in that deviants acted in total violation.  Otherwise the individual factor isolates the violations making it sound rogue and remote to the institution.  However this does not stand up to pedophile profiling.  Media and law enforcement have made it repeatedly clear that a predator may act as a sole offender, but pedophiles, as a rule, share information and network in clusters.  Noting the number of plaintiffs in the Iskcon nonpareil- "in excess of 500 claimants," all of whom were violated in the same institution, how can we not see a cluster in concord.  Now when we take our observations further in understanding that children are exploited by those who exert power over them: we know that in an institutionalized environ this power lies at the behest of appointed administrators.  So when we analyze still further and note that Iskcon administrators were not forthcoming in identifying, processing, and registering the predators among them, there can be no conclusion other than that THEY are the cluster, working in concert to protect themselves. Jeckylls & Hydes.  
Additionally, following the District Court rejection of Mr.Turley's RICO claim, Iskcon's Governing Body Commission (GBC) made public their concerns (underline and bold by BIF):- 
"ISKCON- "Krishna leaders assert that the suit sought to close temples and seize their assets, instead of pursuing and punishing those deviant individuals who may have been abusive of children. " (Media Release Date: October 2, 2001). 
It sounded very noble at the time, but in retrospect, it reveals subterfuge, subtle suggestion, and innuendo. 
The first bold, highlights the psychological ploy formulated and pursued by the GBC throughout their public stand.  It created a five pronged subtle-suggestive- scenario:
 1) A call for unity in defense against pillagers and looters threatening the house of God, which created a diversion from the seriousness of the lawsuit, i.e., pedophile clusters, victims, crime and punishment.  
2) It simultaneously codified an auto-suggestive guilt mind-set among plaintiffs by subtly shifting blame from abuser to victim: implying it was their fault sanctity and security had been breached by irreligious action. 
3) Once again we note the 'individuals' being identified as rogue offenders, which gives the impression incidents were isolated and not part of a cluster in operation. 
4) What can also be seen is the leaders (GBC's?) use of media space to suggest that those who brought the lawsuit forward should be the one's pursuing and punishing.  An outright repudiation of fiduciary obligation in the identification and handing over of sociopaths who were in fact given office and facility by them. 
5) To further cast doubt and possible implications in the mind of plaintiffs, Iskcon's GBC tactfully introduced the confliction- "may have been abusive," which suggest that what victims may perceive as abuse, may not be necessarily so in the eyes of the law.  Or even insinuating plaintiffs may be lying for personal reasons. 
Retrospectively the statement above was nothing but sanctimonious nonsense in that the GBC suggested the plaintiffs should pursue and punish, which is exactly what they sought (or until lawyers started screeching on the cash compensation fiddle,) but later in proceedings the GBC attorneys introduced a 'subject to' clause which effectively terminated the pursuit and punishment possibility, and successfully gagged claimants from further legal recourse against the yet legally unprocessed cluster of sociopaths named in the lawsuit, who were endorsed and facilitated by their administration.  Here it is:
>>Once this particularly group is release (sic) by the bankruptcy court they can not be sued again.<<  Meaning: the plaintiffs accept whatever payment is made available and allow the sociopaths to walk free, unprocessed, untreated, unregistered and unchecked. 

>>Unless a student who has a damage claim , asserts it before the deadline, they may be forever barred from claiming against these particular defendants, but not against other possible defendants<<  W
hat this says to victims is-  no matter what your humiliation, suffering, or mental anguish, just take the money our bankruptcy allots you, shut up and leave our monsters alone.....or defendants, who defended.....what?   
One cannot help but wonder at the lowdown on the lowdown that affords the protection received.... a misprision of felonies, no doubt.
In the definiteness of GBC strategy, the institution deceptively filed bankruptcy and took shelter of the Chapter 11 Reorganization proviso in US law to bring the final total down from four-hundred million US dollars to a paltry pool of fifteen million (less two million for a youth development scheme), which was to be paid out over several years; final payments being completed by 2011. 
We say 'deceptively' because it was not long after we discovered that Bhakticaru (one of Iskcon's GBC members) lost nine-and-a-half million in a personal land deal in Canada (more than half the final total made available to Iskcon's abused children.)  Romapada (GBC) pumped two million into the Long Island law suit.  Radhanatha (GBC) has expended undisclosed millions in the twelve-year legal battle between Iskcon Mumbai and Iskcon Bangalore.  Harikesh (GBC) blackmailed his GBC buddies for a few million, over and above what he already had stashed away, and then left Iskcon.
So the final requital-for-tort awarded by the court was based on a presumption that the institution operated under a central bank/trust system, like everyone else.  What the judge was unaware of, is that Iskcon operates as a tax-exempt franchise: allowing individuals to amass private fortunes for a negotiable franchise tax, which is immediately burnt and booked as GBC administrative overheads.  There is no money left over for Plaintiffs vs. Iskcon.....other than insurance coverage.  There never was and never will be.  It is all hidden in personal accounts, under Iskcon's charitable status which makes it invisible to Internal Revenue, worldwide (read BIF's "Tax ex. Tex.")
For the sake of posterity we must add a further dimension to the claims saga.  When it was made public that the Iskcon institution was declaring bankruptcy, one of its ex. members who had been studying the cult and even published a book (Betrayal of the Spirit,) suggested other areas for eligible claimants that may have gone unnoticed.  Here is the excerpt from her posting.  It will give readers an idea as to the extent of socio/psychopaths, ad seriatim, prevalent within the cult:
Wrongful death cases. There are allegedly at least two dozen murders associated with ISKCON. The families of the victims may have legitimate claims against ISKCON. There are also allegedly dozens of cases of people dying from routine medical conditions, where relatives may have medical neglect claims. There have also been numerous suicides that should be considered for wrongful death claims.

Missing persons cases. There are allegedly hundreds of people who have lost relatives to ISKCON. Some allegedly disappeared twenty-five years ago and have never been heard from since. Before ISKCON goes bankrupt, the relatives of these missing persons should have a chance to question officials and look for traces of their lost loved ones.
Abused wives. ISKCON officials frequently arranged marriages between allegedly abusive (criminal) men and innocent women. Many of these women were allegedly beaten, raped, and emotionally abused. Some were forced to raise their children alone once their husbands abandoned them to become "renounced." The children from these unions were most vulnerable to sexual abuse in the school system. There were also allegedly numerous cases of rape outside the institution of marriage that went unreported. There were also allegedly cases of forced polygamy and prostitution where parties have legitimate claims.
Large contributors. ISKCON officials allegedly tricked people into turning over cars, bank accounts, inheritances, and other valuable property to ISKCON. They allegedly misled people by making them think ISKCON was a legitimate religious organization, or that ISKCON would take care of them the rest of their lives. Some of these people may have legitimate claims.
Here readers may peruse bulletins made available by the institution as events progressed:  http://surrealist.org/gurukula/timeline/lawsuitdocs.html 
And what of the sociopath cluster embedded in Iskcon?  Well, glad you asked.  Below we post a very recent episode from an ex. Chairman of the GBC, displaying what could be percieved as "grooming,"  and in presence of the entire (2011 AGM) Board of Commissioners (cluster?)
Yes, there has been some contention as to whether the ex. Chairman was referring to the boy's rectum as a butt, an anus, or a bottom, and whether or not he was suggesting the child shove carrots up there or just a variety of vegetables and chewing-gum... so he could walk like a homosexual.  Anyway, here it is.  Make of it what you will, but watch the tail end as Bhakticaru (a franchised multi-millionaire), who recently made a number of bad financial investments, offers to build a playground for the children (from his 'own pocket,')  kids who were hand-selected to stand before Iskcon's benders-and-shakers (no pun intended) and listen to its ex. Chairman imply that shoving objects up the anus is not a taboo subject matter, even in the presence of Iskcon's ultimate authority, aka. the GBC.
Jul 19, 2011 — SRIDHAM MAYAPUR, WEST BENGAL (SUN) — Here is the story behind the immoral "joke" that Praghosa dasa produced against the children of the International Gurukula (Bhaktivedanta Ashrama) at Sri Mayapur:
On the last day of the GBC meetings at Sri Mayapur this year, Praghosa dasa prepared a farewell ceremony to the GBC that included the presence of about 20 girls and boys from the International Gurukula. All of them were between 8 and 15 year old.
Praghosa dasa asked one of the older boys to read the following dialogue when prompted, reply when asked, ‘I do not feel well. I need the advice of a doctor to heal me.’ Then Praghosa brought the kids to the GBC Conference Room, and they were greeted by all GBC members, who offered the kids their own seats on the most elevated place of gathering of the ISKCON Administrative Council. Then Praghosa dasa introduced to the children, one by one, every GBC member.
He then continued to praise the GBC member's great service in their complete surrender to Srila Prabhupada. After that, he told the boys and girls that there was a last resolution to be approved, and that it was actually the reason why they were called to the Conference Room. The resolution that the whole GBC were about to vote on was to compromise themselves to build a playground for the children's school. He thus asked the children for their vote. The gurukula children immediately answered with a loud "jaya" and raised their hands in sign of approval for the resolution. The gurukula teachers present with the children could perceive the uncertainty in the GBC members' faces, since they were NOT prepared for such surprise. Thus, with mild smiles many GBC's tried to hide their disappointment.
Then starts Pragosha's "entertaining presentation" for everybody. He asks the 15 year old boy that he had previously selected to come forward. The boy picks up the microphone and says that he needs a doctor to solve his health troubles, and hands the microphone to Praghosa, as planned. Then Praghosa, in his roll as Doctor, tells the boy: "I'll cure you. Your problem is indigestion, and the medicine on this case is that you need to prepare a paste containing potatoes, a lot of chilies and curcuma. The mix has to look very red, mixed with the yellow from the curcuma. Then you have to introduce it in your butt and tomorrow come back again to tell me how do you feel."
Kindly observe that this whole episode is being performed in the GBC Conference Room, right in front of the murti of Srila Prabhupada, who presides over such important gatherings. This is the place were the ISKCON "leadership" gather to discuss the future of Srila Prabhupada's mission. Right there were 20 members of the future ISKCON leadership.
Then Praghosa reinitiates the dialogue asking the boy that had returned next day, how he was feeling. The boy answers that he recovered only 70%. Then Doctor Praghosa tells him: "Now you have to chose good broccoli and cauliflowers, boil them and add a lot more of chilly and curcuma, and when it is ready you should introduce it completely through the duct of your butt. Tomorrow you can come again and we'll see how you are doing."
At this stage the original smile on the faces of some of those present suddenly had changed to skepticism and despair. Nobody seemed to understand were this was leading, and the boys and girls as well as their teachers were totally surprised. So were the GBC's, who were meant to stand for the highest degree of spiritual, moral integrity and ethics.
Everybody seemed to think that everything had already finished, and were waiting for Praghosa to explain the purpose of the whole presentation. However, he continued unabashedly with the skit, and next, had the boy say he had only recovered 90% of his trouble, and therefore he needed to continue the treatment for another day. Praghosa then tells the boy, who at this instance only wanted to evaporate from there: "You have to find some big carrots, and cook them with red hot chillies and curcuma. Then you have to introduce them one by one into your anus, thus you'll recover rapidly and will walk like this" … and he began mimicking the posture of a homosexual, with the palm of his hands on his waist, and moving his butt while looking at it behind his shoulders in a lascivious fashion... and began to laugh loudly.
To the astonishment of everyone, the only one laughing about this weird and immoral presentation was Praghosa. The rest were looking at each other in total dismay, without any apparent capacity to say anything in the midst of such a horrible immoral aberration. Then to the audience's astonishment, Praghosa announces that the whole thing was simply a JOKE. He tells the kids that the final resolution about their school playground that they had voted for was also a joke, and that there will be NO playground.
The smallest children were very frustrated and left immediately, running out of the room crying. The older witnesses were lamenting the GBC's bad taste and their total lack of moral ethics before the children and adolescents. The girls were telling their teachers that for this reason they had lost confidence in the ISKCON gurus and the GBC. The only GBC member that accompanied the children outside the GBC Conference Room and excused himself from the low class presentation they had witnessed was Bhakti Marga Swami. He expressed that he did not know anything about such "mental house."
In the evening, some of the GBC's brought ice cream to the children and apologized to them -- except Praghosa dasa. Then the gurukula teachers had a meeting and decided to present a complaint to the Child Abuse Support Office lead by Tamohara dasa, based in Alachua, Florida. After some time they received his conclusion, saying that actually the case wasn't so serious to be catalogued as "abusive", and Praghosa dasa had already admitted his error and "humbly" presented his dismissal as a GBC -- a resignation which was NOT accepted by the GBC body.
Bhakti Charu Swami "solved" the whole situation, and calmed down the immoral incident by donating from his "own pocket" the promised playground for the children.<<
Please take time to read PART TWO-  CIRCUMSPECTION,  which should follow shortly.
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