20th April 2011

Rumors :

1. Somewhere, somehow, the "r" has been added and confused the issue:  instead of reading "Celibate" the GBC guru wallahs have misread the canon as- "Celebrate."  Practically from the first day of anointment / appointment, Iskcon's godmen go berserk.  If they are not pinching pennies they are pinching backsides, or both.  If you have heard no wrong about these wealthy promiscuous bunnies it's because no one has told you yet.  Not so long after guru Lokanatha Swami played harmonium on a young girls thighs, guru Umapati admitted to buggering seven of his Chinese disciples.  Now, fresh on the grapevine, we hear that long time Asian stopover guru, Prabhavisnu Swami, has been (finally) exposed for his celeb(r)ating with prostitutes in Bangkok.  The GBC, we hear (?) are in the process of suspending him: no initiating for ten years, and he will undergo the GBC introduced, traditional, "e"-rectification process.  That's right, the GBC claim that tradition demands they become acaryas, but they didn't give a damn about tradition when they introduced the guru rectification balderdash.

RIP. Prabhavisnu (aka. Probably Visnu) DAS.

Prabhavisnu Swami (Prabhavi??u Svami; born as Paul Barrow; 24 Sept. 1950 Belfast, Nth. Ireland) Initiating guru and member of the Governing Body Commission of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). He supervises the activities of ISKCON in Russia (Far East and Southern region), Abkhazia, Latvia, India (Bihar, Jharkhand and Sikkim), Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia and New Zealand.

2. On the grapevine and unknown to most:  Gujarat's Govt. has stopped the distribution of Iskcon's Caitanya Carnamrita (CC) books in the State since Sept. 2010.  Other Iskcon publications are under review for future action.

So what is it that has caused the descendants of Dwarka to take such extreme action?  Why has the flourishing State of Gujarat, whose people are the backbone donors for Iskcon and stalwart devotees of Sri Krsna, decided to curtail activities of the cult on its home soil?  Is it victimization?  Is it a political football?  Is it envy? Maya?

Truth is, it is none of the above.  For those who are members of Iskcon, it naturally appears to be an organization with world domination possibilities; an organization that is perpetually on the cusp of bursting its confines and emancipating the universe.  However, in reality, Iskcon is a pea in the religious subji.  India is choc-a-bloc with sects, cults and rock-n-roll, and Gujarat has its fair share.  The Gujarat State Government (and especially under Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, a deeply devout man) has always taken a liberal view to religious practices, and even encourages expressions of faith.  However the difference between Iskcon and other practicing mutts becomes visible in the State's police records.

Confronted year in and year out by police files choked with "incidents" reported by the gentle Gujarati populace, the Govt. has decided enough is enough.  Through our contacts we have heard that the Government of Gujarat's actions were triggered by incessant reports of misogyny; spousal abuse (The temple president of Ahmadabad may also see his name on record) and public condemnation of women.  With an unbiased view to researching the possible source of this warped characteristic being displayed across-the-board, Government appointed analysts found the CC to be a possible source of indoctrination and advised against its further distribution in the State of Gujarat.  Other States may follow as local governments also review police files.

Comment: Thanks to Iskcon GBC members like Devamrita Swami, who called women public toilets and married women... private toilets. 

Another point under scope is that Gujarati youth who are studying to be doctors, lawyers, accountants, scientists etc; in whose education families have invested fortunes, are being lured away from completion of their studies; whisked away to some foreign land only to be discovered later under a cult-provided alias, selling cult-ware on the street.  It appears that the close unity of Gujarati families, and power of retaliation, was underestimated in a ruthless entrapment program.

And yet another matter of grave concern is the cult's 'rump steak' and 'hot dog' Judeo / Christian supremist approach to promoting "Indian Culture."  Iskcon's well known view of the world as sub-humans existing in sub-cultures with sub-spiritual understandings, clubbed to its criminal history and perversions, is finally effecting Government review of the cult's claim to "Indian" status.

It will prove a bitter blow to Iskcon's Judeo / Am. regime which is funded worldwide by an 85% plus Gujarati congregation.

 3. It would appear that Iskcon's Governing Body Commission (GBC), did not cure guru Umapati Swam of his homosexuality and desire to bugger his Chinese disciples.  After accepting the GBC's "e"-rectification program.....>>Effective immediately Umapati Swami will reside for a time in a holy place, likely Mayapur....[....]...... He will remain out of his preaching field for two years,.......<<  guru Umapati Swami is back in China galloping around like a stag in rut.  The GBC feels uncomfortable with the fact that even after chanting their e-rectification mantra, the words erect and rectum continue to excite Homopati Swami.  So the GBC have tossed out the old pillow-biter and alerted his Chinese disciples to moving forward without a backside glance.

4.  Losing money in the bookmaker stakes, has always been a thorn in the side of Iskcon's GBC.  Their persistence in revising books by the Founder, Srila Prabhupada, gave rise to legal challenge and rights therefrom for other dedicated devotees to print and distribute original or pre '78 editions.  What appeared as a sentimental, unsustainable challenge to the GBC's monopoly in the marketplace, soon became, with some enterprise, an equal opportunities share of the takings.  It has, and not surprisingly (they are not into cultivating brain cells) taken the GBC sometime to realize they are losing spending money for Asian stopovers.  This shocking realization has prompted the GBC to reprint pre '78 copies of Srila Prabhupada's Bhagavad- Gita.  

For many campaigners this may appear to be a great victory.  We ask our readers not to bask in a false sense of success.  When the Woolworths giant supermarket chain came to our town, prices of groceries were so low we thought it was owned by the Salvation Army.  Now that every privately owned little grocery store has disappeared from our village, we are paying more for goods than we ever believed we would.  Once the opposition to GBC monopoly has been eliminated; underpriced, bankrupted and disbanded, the GBC endorsed edited copies will once again make an appearance and wholesale buyers will foot the deficit for not playing ball earlier.....except in India where Iskcon's popularity is on the skids. 

5.  According to the AGE Newspaper, Melbourne Australia, a devotee who has been in the movement since 1974 has been jailed for six months after attacking a woman outside the Melbourne temple:

Ashley Robert Davis, admitted to injuring and threatening to kill the woman.  Leading Senior Constable Hastings said Davis approached her from behind and said "I'm going to kill you" before throwing her against a parked car and then grabbing her with both hands around her throat....[....]....Davis then began kicking the woman and only stopped after her cries for help attracted witnesses.....[....].....Davis later told police he was angry because the woman attended the temple for a free meal and had been abusing the religion. .....Defence lawyer Megan Casey told the court that Davis' 37-year relationship with the movement was "destroyed" last year when his bail conditions forbade him from attending the temple. 

After thirty-seven years of chanting- kitty kitty kitty rum rum rum, he's still a goddamned misogynist...Yikes!  We hear that temple authorities in Melbourne plan on taking Davis down to the taxidermist for stuffing and embalming.  He will be hung outside the temple to warn women to pay up, shut up.... or die. 

6. Radhanath Swami (aka. Richard Slavin):  Read BIF's "Slayer Swami" and "Radhanot Swami's Chorwapatty."

This murder-for- hire bagman who now aspires to be a renowned Am /Jew comedian, has said that the BIF acronym should read as- "Blooped Iskcon Failures."  In a sense he is right  because we, unlike his homosexual lodestars Kirtanananda Swami, Umapati Swami et al, fail to see the connection between bhakti, fellatio, and hairy backsides.  We, just like Srila Prabhupada noted Bhavananda's situation : SP: "Loke gaye thuk thuk diyeche," spit on the body of these perverts.  Nor can we feign allegiance to sickos who see innocent children as sexually alluring, and frauds who spend lifetimes ripping-off the earnings of honest people.  Still, we are grateful to this felon, who aided and abetted a homicide, for publicly alienating us from Freak Show Alley.  In gratitude we will present this git with a gift for unsolicited advocacy.  The gift is a gorilla who truly loves the swami.  We were informed that after watching a video recording of Radhanatha dancing, Mastan Ali Gulab Bhai declared boldly-  "I want to make that faggot my bitch!"  BIF contacts promised him that when the swami is manacled and taken into custody Gulab Bhai could propose marriage to the dancing bagel.  And when Gulab Bhai heard the swami's legal name was Dicky Slavin, he drooled at the mouth and swore that whether Slavin was taken to Tihar Central or the big house in Allipore, he was going to be there for his.... likkle ikky Dicky bird.  Here is the video link that has got Mastan Ali Gulab Bhai sweating, frothing, and tossing in bed at night......


Giving a scam divine purpose and labeling it with scriptural interpretation is common practice for criminals who have infiltrated the echelons of organized religion.  Presenting grandiose schemes for the world's spiritual emancipation, and promoting the vision as God's own, is everyday fare for the scamming weasel in the garb of a holy man.  No donation, no matter how large or small, is considered rejectable on the basis that God has devised the plan to encourage all genuine believers to participate.  With God's concern as a prerogative, and the fact that targets have  been systematically lectured into differences between reality vis-a-vis scriptural 'unlimitedness',  every scheme, no matter how hairy, is meritorious, and all merit is equated in donation.  This art of extortion is so highly developed and ingenious in application that even governments turn a blind eye; as if God would punish them if He caught them looking.

For those of us once caught-up but now extricated from the Iskcon lather of guruganda, the whipped-up plethora of scams are reminiscent in many flavors, all of them gift-wrapped in waffle coated sastric verses and enforced by top to bottom hierarchial administration. 

We have Bhakti Marg swami' fairy-floss stand with his- "Walking Monk" piggybank scheme.  In actuality the Walking Monk is a monk on the run from himself and his closet of skeletons- Read BIF article "Pilfering, Perversion and Malady."  Then we have another monk- "The Travelling Monk"-  Indradyumna swami.  His previous fairy-floss stand was called- "Diary of a Travelling Preacher".  Somebody dunked it with a mud-ball of truth-  "Diary of a Travelling Leecher."  The swami renamed his lolly stand- "Diary of a Travelling Monk".  After hearing about the Russian girls now travelling with the Travelling Monk, going "oooo, aaah" every time the San Fran. swami flashes his dentures, another mud-ball hits bullseye-  "Diary of a Travelling Monk..ey."  Anyhow, as one observer has cleverly quipped- Indradyumna swami's writings are all about-  "How to perform six miracles every morning before breakfast."  Nonetheless his read-aloud-fairy-tales do perpetuate his Russia Lila with a continuing supply of viagra.

Below we present a link to an exposé of yet another fairy floss stand.  This article comes from Jakob Smahl in Hungary, a country, among others, that was gifted by the GBC to a partner-in-crime, Sivaram swami.  From the report it will soon become obvious that this 'swami' is just another tarred-with-the-same-brush, pick-pocket GBC compeer.  To convince his confederacy that his goal is to promote the cult, he lies to media and press about his achievements, and to convince his donors to keep funds flowing he feigns ownership of a box-seat at Krsna's rasa-lila performances by writing books elaborating on these intimate pastimes.  Of course he does not want to be challenged on his implications to direct gopi connection, so he claims to be using an "artistic license."  This does not fool his disciples/donors who are secretly convinced that a gopi left the rasa mandala to come and perform pastimes with them.  Take a look at his pic. below, does he look like a midnight rendezvous to you?  To Krsna?  And so the confusion continues along with a serious case for theft by deception.  Read the article here:

Then there's the short story about Shorty, or "Lover Boy Swami"-  Hridayananda GOswami (aka. Howard. J. Resnick)....and GO he does.  His scam comes in an audio visual version of -  "I'm so brainy, I had to take birth in a short body to avoid being top heavy."  He knows everything about anything except how the two piece bikini ended up in his closet, or why he needs to spend hours at a time on the phone instructing his mamacita chiquita disciple in Brazil, or why he enjoys foursomes with escorts at his Beverly Hills home, and, if folks are interested in what bulges his Speedos at his famous pool-side's where he keeps his degrees in philosophy.  Someone said the degrees should be framed and hung, but Shorty, philosopher that he is, decided if they were rolled and hung in his Speedos, they would distract the fairer sex from noticing his other two short legs.  

In an uploaded video hosted by Bir Krsna Goswami, we heard a woman disciple from Australia ask Shorty why women were not allowed to do Tulasi arotik in the temple.  Without any suspicion that he may be talking to just another cultist with hot-flushes ( temples always have two tulasi plants: one for women and one for men) the top-heavy guru looked shocked and then spewed:  

"From a socialistic perspective, it shows some of should I put it?....It shows some of the isolation and cultural in-breeding."  Bir Krsna: "Yes, an incestuous society."

Shorty: "Yes, because if you take aside this eccentric, ritualistic sub-culture......."

We have no doubts that many of his disciples in Australia heard what the Hobbit said but they were too engrossed with 'culturally' eyeing off their sisters mothers and daughters to take the aspersion on board.  That's how it is with isolated, culturally in-bred, incestuous, eccentric, ritualistic sub-cultures.....from a socialistic perspective of course.  Or it could be cult acceptance that permits Rumpletiltskins like Shorty to piddle on and peddle fairy-floss to his inbred Australian Freak Show ticket holders.  In dearth of reason, it does not matter what Lover-Boy-Hobbit-Goswami say or does, his fairy flossies will continue to genuflect his wacky world of quirky quackademia and stuffed Speedos.

"The Loft" is now a chain of fairy floss stands established over the past ten years (and owned...he will deny it if confronted) by "Lofty," aka Devamrita Swami, aka "Friar Tuck Swami," aka "The Bronx Shuffler."  As our readers may know by now, Friar Tuck was a henchman for the leader of the ambivalent Iskcon breakaway group-  The Franciscan Hare Krishnas.....and it's Hal-le-lujah Krishna!!  The group was disbanded by US Federal Agents when brutal murders, homosexuality, child abuse, contraband, and neighbors complained of teeth-on-edge choral renditions that caused diarrhea and killed native fauna and flora.  Devamrita Swami wrote many of the compositions himself but somehow escaped prosecution with both eardrums intact.....albeit he can't hear anyone but himself.

After the choristers were disbanded, the leaders (Devamrita, Radhanath, Chandrasekra, Bhaktisiddhanta, et al, all "swamis") bolted for Asia, and after finding it difficult to sell fairy floss to the Asians via their "Asian Monk" scam, they wheeled their carts into Australia.  The reason being... Bhavananda Goswami (aka. Visnupada,...with his eight mouths) was ousted for fellatio on a taxi driver, and a stall had suddenly fallen vacant in Freak Show Alley.  Iskcon's GBC, seeing the lack of authoritative saffron representation in a potentially lucrative-  "isolated, culturally in-bred, incestuous, eccentric, ritualistic sub-cultured sideshow," pardoned Lofty, and instructed the Friar to shed the Franciscan threads and rejoin his Iskcon bros in Freak Show Alley.  They told him about the machine they had built that manufactured swamis who became gurus, who sold fairy floss that converted incestuous inbreds into potential swamis who became gurus who sold fairy floss that converted..... Friar Tuck went through an Iskcon monitored metamorphosis and came out the other end looking once again like an Afro/Am GBC clone pretending to be an Indian sadhu.  Today Lofty is the owner/acarya of "The Loft" chain of fairy floss stands,....with an expert knowledge on bank routing numbers.  He accepted the GBC's offer to join the Alley's hawkers, and now along with his old partner-in-crime Radhanath Swami, makes his own fairy floss and keeps the change. 

When it comes down to device; the strategy it takes to be the "ONE", the winner of the race to determine who will inherit iskcon, its circus and machinery, there is no one more groveling in contention than the "nurse." 

Bhakticaru Swami, was brought to Vrindavan by Tamal Krishna Goswami to "nurse" Srila Prabhupada in his final days on the planet.  It was a strange appointment then, as it remains today.  Maybe Tamal Krishna got a kick from fantasizing about Bhakticaru as a nurse, we don't really know.  What we do know is that Bhakticaru had no medical training whatsoever, and after Srila Prabhupada complained that he may have been poisoned, Bhakticaru worked with Tamal Krishna for twenty three years to keep it hidden from the world. (Read BIF Archives :- "Attn: Bhakti Caru Swami.")  It appears that the nurse's loyalties has secured royalties: Bhakticaru is now a multi-millionaire.  Not bad for an unknown who studied at Bangabasi College in Scotts Street, Baitakhana, where he struggled with a degree in engineering and left behind no impression in any department.  Yes, we have read all about Bhakticaru's business venture going down and the resultant debts he has incurred.  We also know that Bhakticaru is fully aware of our ongoing references to his financial growth via ponzi schemes, and that he has no alternative to deflect unwanted publicity other than to use counter-propaganda.  So we are not impressed at all.  Okay, let us take a closer look at one of his visible fairy floss stands.

>>Excerpt:  "It must be said that Bhakti Caru Swami personally owns businesses with an estimated value well in excess of $40 million dollars." 

Remember what we wrote in the opening paragraph of this article: Presenting grandiose schemes for the world's spiritual emancipation, and promoting the vision as God's own......, there is no greater exponent of this methodology than the nurse.  Here we go:

>>I trust you are all aware of the many projects that His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj is spearheading to benefit ISKCON devotees and to help spread Krishna Consciousness throughout the world.

No, we are not aware.  But then again, this writer is sitting in Australia: an isolated, culturally in-bred, incestuous, eccentric, ritualistic sub-cultured derivation of Bhakticaru's virginal iskcon.  Nowhere in this vast land (which is a recognized part of the world) can we see anything that refers, even vaguely, to Bhakticaru's 'spearheading benefits.'  Or is this fairy floss spun for inbreds in some other iskcon freak show?

>>These projects span a wide variety of initiatives, from building a grand temple with a school, hospital, and IT park to a Sankirtana ship sailing across the world to freely distribute the holy name. Through these projects, he affords us (his disciples and well-wishers) a service opportunity so we may render whatever little we have?time, money, energy, skill?in Lord Chaitanya?s mission.

Again, we ask our readers to reference the opening paragraph of our article: Giving a scam divine purpose and labeling it with scriptural interpretation is common practice for criminals who have infiltrated the echelons of organized religion.  All the spiritual projects outlined above have but one purpose: the opportunity to surrender time, money, energy, enslavement based on a belief that the exploiter has a divine transceiver which collects 'whatever little' it can, transforms it, and transmits the conversion to a needy God.  Like a magical machine for example, that swallows guruganda and defecates mushroom fertilizer.  But when we note the bank balance of the nurse and others of his ilk, there can be no doubt that the 'whatever little' collected, was never transmitted in a heavenly direction.  In fact the 'whatever little' has amassed itself into a fortune of tax free dollars for the nurse. Which tells us that transmitters installed in Iskcon's Freak Show Alley, although labeled as such, are only receivers with no transmitting ability. God, it would appear, is nothing more than a shingle hanging over the fairy floss queue.

>>In addition, given his extremely compassionate nature and dedication to Srila Prabhupada, His Holiness paid half a million US dollars in April 2009 to help the ISKCON Governing Body Commission (GBC) settle the Turley case.

There you go.  "Half a million US dollars" in loose change. Everyone can understand that a donation of this proportion is clearly indicative of wealth accumulated.  Now when we look at the nurse and realize that he was never qualified to turn over this sort of money, and he has been a 'mendicant' sannyasi for only thirty odd years, the truth is alarming.  Whenever these spiritual vacuum cleaners are confronted about burgeoning bank accounts (they seldom are,) the reply is always about a family inheritance, as if they were sired by royalty.  However, ex. disciples who have / had access to accounts, reveal a story that not only contradicts these claims but also confirms criminal deception orchestrated to hide the truth.  The nurse can never claim to be an inheritor of such a large family fortune.  His Kolkata roots have already been researched.

>>Acknowledging His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami?s compassion and generosity, His Grace Badrinarayan Prabhu, GBC, wrote: ?I don?t think we would be standing here today?if you had not taken your selfless and difficult leadership role in this effort. It is your on-going example that has largely kept this effort alive?? Please note that if the Turley case were not settled and paid in full, many ISKCON temples would be shut down.

There are some points of deep revelation in the statement above, the first being: The writer is offering homage to a 'sannyasi' (a celibate monk without possessions), for a US$ 500,000 payout he made to successfully protect pedophiles from exposure to prosecution.  Because of Bhakticaru's generous donation, all eyes were averted from monsters who still haunt the temples of Iskcon without ever being held accountable for despicable crimes.  Some of these raakshas are direct disciples of Bhakticaru.  The second point under scope, is the aplomb and blatant disregard by the writer for the actualities concerning the amount and source of origin.  It is abundantly clear to anyone with even half a brain, that Bhakticaru and his coterie, while claiming to be representatives of Srila Prabhupada and his Society, have failed to establish a cashier's window and accounts department into which representatives pay the takings.  We have never encountered a representative from any trust, society, or business, that sells the company product and banks the gross income for himself without accountability.  And.....when we see another member of Iskcon's elite publicly complementing this criminal misrepresentation, it reveals to us that Iskcon is caught in the vice of a predatory takeover.

>>No contribution is too big or too small; donate to the best of your ability!

This method of extortion is exactly what we have identified in our opening paragraph :  No donation, no matter how large or small, is considered rejectable on the basis that God has devised the plan to encourage all genuine believers to participate.  Applying the old axiom: take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves, is a positive accumulator over time.  While others are donating "too big" the "too small" donors are like a leak that eventually causes a flood.  It is important to note how donors are goaded into donating to the "best of your ability!"  which comes across as an ability challenge.  When a donor is confronted with the indoctrination of God's work in progress and his own position in the 'teamwork' undertaking, God's concern becomes a prerogative, and every scheme, no matter how obviously exploitive is meritorious, and all merit is equated in donation.

>>In appreciation of your support, His Holiness will offer the following return gifts: 

It is important at this stage to understand that this business is being transacted by a man who has no accreditation other than his appointment as Prabhupada's nurse by Tamal Krishna (who allegedly masterminded the poisoning of Prabhupada) and then, after Prabhupada's passing, was promoted by Tamal Krishna to the guru /businessman status he now exploits while claiming to be representing Prabhupada.

>>1. A set of guru-parampara deities with Vyas asanas for a donation of $1001....

Okay so now we find the sales pitch move from-  "too big" or "too small"  to a more positively identifiable total and merit quid-pro-quo.  What was defined one sentence ago as to the best of your ability has suddenly morphed into a dog box with a number and a bunny to catch if you want to be identified by guru, please him, and earn spiritual merit.  No one stops to think that this man, a guru no less, is using his sunnyas status to mass produce spiritual icons and flog them for a profit.

>>2. Those who do not have enough room on their altars for the entire set may get two deities of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Bhakti Sidhanta (sic) Saraswati Thakur?s for a donation of $501,

3. Abhaya Charan DVD set for a donation of $301,

4. Srila Prabhupada?s 12? murti for a donation of $101 (S&H extra).

These are not small "donations," and when it is understood that Bhakticaru has thousands of disciples, the figures collected from these fairy floss stands is staggering.  It is not like he sits waiting to crunch the numbers.  He, like other operators in Freak Show Alley, is constantly on the move from country to country collecting donations and patting bald heads with contention.  We know for a fact that one Iskcon 'guru' takes approximately US $40, 000 away from Fiji after each trip, and then continues on to India where the amount is doubled.  All that moolah in the space of a few days, and he repeats the process regularly.  When our sources made inquiries it was discovered that the Fijian fairy floss merchant has a bank balance of 12 1/2 million USD.  He was appointed guru in 1986.  Not bad after only a 25 year stint, and after a GO-swami unlimited expense account.  Bhakticaru has been on Freak Show Alley for at least a decade longer, with twice the amount of donors in his stable.  Do the math.

>>His Holiness is also considering Srila Prabhupada?s life size deity for a donation of $3001 or more. Those who may not want the return gift are encouraged to donate as much as they can.

Please note the euphemism- "return gift" as if the guru is not selling and the disciple is not buying.  Much like calling a dead pig--pork.  When we note the amount tagged with the suffix- "or more"....and when we make our own research into mass produced murtis in Asia, Prabhupada's murti is just another commodity in Bhakticaru's Freak Show Alley display.

>>Your tax-deductible donations payable to ?Veda Foundation? may be mailed, wired or paid using a credit card or your PayPal account as per details below:
To pay by credit card or PayPal:

We see here how polished the operation is. No Sir, this is not a one time grab.  Bhakticaru is a veteran of the Grab Boys Club.  He has had all five fingers in the ghee for over three decades.  His fingers are like well-oiled pistons dipping in and out of pockets @ thousand bhaktas a scam......and the entire loot is tax free.  All Bhakticaru does in the way of work is shed a few pretend gopi-bhava tears when giving a lecture.  Lordy, it aint a wonder these guys are tripping over themselves to become guru.  

>>The following kind-hearted, generous and compassionate devotees have donated or made pledges towards the Bhakti Charu Swami Projects Fund drive till date. Please bless them so they may continue to serve and inspire others to engage in Lord Krishna?s service.

Here we have the 'identification tag' extortion psychology which addresses the need for recognition by guru and the gang.  In a scramble for recognition where gurudom has been spread thin like a net to catch donations, the guru, who is actually more human than god (have you ever encountered a sleeping one?) can't possibly remember the names of all his catechumen.  So getting a smile or being called by the correct name makes one recognizable, which is the first step to guruship or....transhumance.  Bhakticaru knows this and uses it to push candy floss to a rooted clientele.

>>With about 80,000 dollars pledged/donated to date, we are still long ways from meeting the shortfall in funds to help Maharaj fulfill his commitment to various ISKCON projects. With Lord Krishna?s mercy, however, I am hopeful that all of you Maharaj?s disciples and well-wishers will come forward to support and help keep the commitment H.H. Bhakti Charu Swami has made to carry out various ISKCON projects.

Eighty thousand is chicken feed for these guru wallahs who are in perpetual shortfall.  They are in the "Unlimitedness" league.  When Mr. K. Packer, the owner of a TV station, media outlets and various business enterprises internationally, lost eight million dollars in a race meeting, the newspapers blared it across the nation.   Here is a little news bulletin that came to us from Canada which did not even make the local rag: -  "We should also point out that scandals involving swamis and losses of large sums of money is not just ?old news? ? it is an ongoing problem in ISKCON. In fact, new rumors are circulating that HH Bhakti Caru Swami just lost in the neighborhood of $9 million dollars when a real estate deal here in Canada went sideways."

Tamal Krishna Goswami admitted that he had lied about Srila Prabhupada appointing "eleven" gurus.  He wanted to be a guru because he could see it was the perfect material situation.  His Divine Grace did not want them to be diksa gurus.  Only four months before he left, he said-  "Trouble is, there is no brain,"  and as usual, he was right.  Bhakticaru was in full knowledge of these facts when he accepted the GBC stall in Freak Show Alley.  He was there beside Srila Prabhupada and heard everything that was said in three languages.  Yet he has held his tongue....because he firmly believes that one day people will recognize him for what he is not:- The ONE and ONLY....Acarya of Iskcon.


FOOTNOTE from BIF:  When a society loses its socialistic ideologies by accepting a top heavy bureaucracy, horizontal dialogue is lost, and with it goes transparency.  Members are rendered blind, deaf, dumb and dependent on wage packets.

Once a bureaucracy is established in a religious organization which operates under a tax exemption status, accountability is lost and the demarcation line between organized religion and organized crime grows evermore indiscernable to an apethetic membership, and totally invisible to a secular world......a criminal wonderland.
Now imagine a Society with socialistic governance (no entrenched bureaucracy in sight;) with a governing body intellectually and philosophically refined via selection over time.  Each member there due, not just for reasons mentioned, but also because they possess vision for the betterment of the Society; its goals and expansion, and acutely aware of the time in tenure to complete election promises made. Imagine a leadership with authority to form commissions and empowered investigative bodies that could demand transparency and accountability of peers and those who sat in office before them.  Imagine a membership with the power to remove them if they did not.  All we needs do is put Sri Krsna and Srila Prabhupada at the center of such a Society and socialism is transformed to - Spiritual Communism.  It is exactly what Srila Prabhupada was saying back in '71 when a group of young communists barged into his class in Kolkata, and were astounded to hear it.
This is what His Divine Grace wanted when he so meticulously structured his Direction of Management.  With the removal of the Direction of Management, criminals have had free reign to entrench their regime.  The Direction of Management is a divine filter for the prevention and removal of the criminal element.  Without its implementation the reputation of His Divine Grace and his Society will remain forever under contention in a confused world. 
However the Direction of Management will never fly honestly in a 'vote for guru' system.  His Divine Grace certainly knew this.  It is why we believe he NEVER would have appointed gurus in the wake of a document he crafted and registered.... only to be made redundant.  Thank You for spending time with us.