How can a group of adults accept as gospel-  gorillas copulating with humans, giant eagles flying between planets, pigeons trained to carry people into outer space, 88 mile high mountains, rivers of mango juice, milk, honey, and alcohol, a twelve-mile tall witch and other hairy-scary-fairy stories?  And then, after being convinced that this hokum-pokum takes one closer to god, wind up on the streets selling it as god-written fact? They gotta be smoking snorting or injecting hallucinogens, right?  Or is it genetic?  Is the battle for morality, nay sanity, an equation of genes and chemicals dictating dominator and dominated, beyond conscience?
29th June 2012
Behavioral scientists in a bid to understand aggression conducted a series of experiments at Yale University.  Results confirmed what was discovered earlier in that a mammalian hormone identified as Oxytocin (OC), which also acts as a neurotransmitter, creates familial empathy when released through group ritual.  Dubbed the "Hormone of Love," it is found dominant in seventy percent of humans.  Since religious ritual evokes this emotion, its presence is most visible in that sphere of human grouping; gluing clusters in whose behavioral genomics the hormone is prevalent.  What remains then is thirty percent of the populace whose behavior is not dominated by OC.  They are the aggressors.  Results from the same experiment and later affirmed in conclusions reached by neurobiologists, identified the MAO-A (MO) gene (Monoamine Oxidase,) or the "warrior gene," as the protagonist in human aggression.  This gene is dominant in thirty percent of our populace and confirmed as the 'neuro law' of socio/psychopathic behavioral disorders enacted from jailcells to boardrooms across the planet.


Comfortingly somewhat is that although the 'warrior gene' defines a psychopath neurologically, not all psychopaths kill.  A percentage of carriers acting under MO influence are content to indulge aggression in activity that is progressive both individually and communally.  In fact one of the neuro scientists heading up the experiment, when asked to read a mixed array of brain scans selected one group to be different from the rest.  Professor Jim Fallon's selection proved later to be that of incarcerated serial killers who contributed to the experiment, and most surprisingly, his brain scan grouped with those he selected.  When interviewed, members of his family disclosed he was "aloof" "unpredictable" and showed "lack of empathy." 
Informatively, Prof. Fallon pointed out that when making his selection he noted no activity in the OFC- Orbito Frontal Cortex of the brain: the  inferior frontal gyrus being involved with control and inhibition of impulses.  Further, there was unmistakable diminished activity in the Temporal Lobe, a region of the brain used to process semantics and playing a vital role in formation of long term memory.  Subjects under scan with these two areas inactive show no response, as would others, to differences in words like "rape" and "murder" to those like "tree" and "frog."  In a nutshell-  they demonstrated a lack of empathy, and even more alarmingly, a lack of conscience. 

Monoamine Oxidase

Yet the carriers of aggressive MO lead successful and complete lives, case-in-point Prof. Fallon, contributing intellectually and productively to society and humanity as a whole.  Why then should there be case for concern?  The answer is complex, and until recently, obscured.
Compelled genetically to psyche accordingly, and in self-assessing their lack of empathy/conscience (clinically diagnosed as triggered by TRAUMA IN CHILDHOOD) troubled MO carriers react differently to stress by building hides social camouflages and screens to mask unacceptable behaviorisms.  Charisma, positivity, wit, confidence and leadership qualities neon-flash in personas dominated by active MO, all of which screen the socio/psychopath, and overshadow low achievement levels caused by cognitive behavioral impairment characterizing the gene when stressed by trauma, sickness, substance abuse, and/or sexual abuse.  Even those carriers not exposed to triggers mentioned, have a predisposition which grows in fantasy, environ, suppressed memory/ trauma enforcement, and/or indoctrination.  Albeit the second grouping is not psychopathic, having found other means to engage the gene, they nevertheless exhibit the same lack of empathy/conscience under clinical observation.  This group comprises four percent of our populace and hides amongst its numbers those referred to as "Smiling Sociopaths" (SS).
Strangely, and totally out of context with his (yes, mostly men) lack of empathy for others, the SS suffers an addictive push to be adored, idolized, empowered and praised.  When we ponder where the fountain at which the SS could drink his fill, our attention focuses on the dominated OC: humans so obsessed with love empathy and morality that conceiving of an entity without a conscience in their midst, is alien and unfathomable.  Additionally, when noting that OC' group and ritualize to release the hormone, religious institutions are most likely targets for the SS.  Albeit the SS has been found hiding there, and still is, he is bound by tenets canon and commandments which force him to dance and prance to remain undetected by chance.  In seeking out a better environ offering all facilitators while providing cover for his perversions, distraction for his activity, and confusion as to his true persona, the SS cannot bypass what is offered by clusters of fanatical OC'.  He arrives at the cult :- the realm of dominator and dominated; master and slave; deva and doormat.  Here he indulges his narcissistic behavior and perversions, transceived and transmitted as transcendence by confused OC love-bugs.


Not unlike Toxoplasmosis causing brain damage in rats making them suicidally attracted to cats, the OC falls in religious prostration when SS enters the room.  The bonding appears made in heaven.  Bringing with him the genetic predisposition of his lineage, SS begins mystically manipulating religious codes to seize milieu control.  He moves purposefully, his infiltrating manoeuvres always concealed behind an OC blinding bulwark of debonair, dash, self-promotion and charisma.  Those SS with no education IQ or ability to assimilate, are banished by successors.  They however continue to circle the OC cluster, displaying and publicly prostituting themselves in an attempt to solicit bananas for the addict-  adoration monkey.
Once sacrosanct within confines of the cult, the SS sets up preventative measures to barrier an outside world from interfering while he dines Monoamine Oxidase.  Not that secular law enforcement or judiciary has any training in dealing with cult-embedded SS, nonetheless his preservation instincts heighten when feeding his perversions.  Some tell-tale spoor belying the presence of SS sucking on OC jugulars are-  a) Ethnophaulism, b) Outgroup homogeneity, c) Ethnocentrism. 

is a memory altering process employed to destroy old sentiments and implant new ones, deliberately creating ethno/religious barriers by inculcating negative cognitive images of outgroups and thereby isolating the host (OC) via subliminally suggested segregation as need for survival
Outgroup homogeneity reinforces ethnophaulism but on a larger scale by pushing memory implants to the limits once the host is primed and prone, which is affirmed by acceptance of the most outlandish recommendations and suggestions, i.e., the sun is riding on a chariot hauled by little men through the universe for a distance of 760,800,000 miles @ 16,004 miles per nano second, or, women are less intelligent, or, one can train pigeons to carry one into outer space, or. farmers hewed into the bones of a twelve- mile-long dead witch with grass-cutting sickles, or, god is really Randy Rambo.  When these friar's lanterns are accepted as creed, isolation of the host from outside influence investigation or aid is complete.  At this stage SS is practically undetectable as he corrals his host and pre-empts detection by dispatching possible interceders to hell in a hand-basket.
Ethnocentrism correlates the other two by pointing to the SS's chosen host as superior to all others, an ignis fauutus readily acceptable to just about any religious group.
Whereas the activities of the SS remains beyond purview and undetectable by OC, his genetic kinship hear him like a siren in the night.  They flock to his promotion in clumps, enshrining him in tacit acknowledgement i.e, an SS foodchain was initiated by his proffering; a smorgasbord of SS indulgences.  To further 'bowl the banquet' SS dominated OC' are dispatched to the four corners of a liberal democratic world, under instruction to accumulate and expand the field of predation.  Even cult children are not spared indoctrination ensuring immortality and continuity of the SS foodchain. 

....a siren in the night

While the world wrings its hands and waits with bated breath at the prospect of a lunatic (SS?) with thumb poised over a red button, we at BIF can only deal with the SS we know.  To have reached our own conclusions has cost us our youth and millions of hard earned dollars, and only to detect SS hidden within one spreading cult, alone.  And even so, they are protected by governments and statutes we are incapable of tearing down.  Yet we remain positive in our Indian Governors who, steeped in Vedic tradition, guided by divinity and empowered by the same, will take necessary action in rescuing the fabric of Indian infrastructure from the SS virus. 
Having completed our essay in the area of SS over OC equals CULT (SS/OC=CULT), we now bring under scope a letter published on the Iskcon/ Hare Krishna propaganda network which highlight revelations expressed above.
First we present a quote from the founder of the Iskcon cult-  A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (acBSp,) and in so doing we request readers to bear in mind that this man is the source and hallowed figure of cult indoctrination:  "When one has attained the topmost position of maha-bhagavat, he is to be accepted as guru and worshiped exactly like (god) Hari, the personality of Godhead. Only such a person is eligible to occupy the post of guru."  When understood that his diktat was 'No one becomes a guru unless I give the order,' and then he died without giving the order, it becomes obvious that he was talking about himself and he alone.  Welcome to Iskcon, the home of SS/OC=Cult.
Secondly we introduce the letter by pointing out that it was written by a rabid cult-pedophile-protector in response to an exposé done by the editor of another cult paper which names names and show photographs of some involved members.  The article works around one confirmed/documented pedophile caught and jailed by Cambodian authorities.  He is a disciple of acBSp, and runs The Bhaktivedanta Eco Village (BEV) at Kollur in Mangalore, Karnataka State.  What readers will find in the article is the connection between factions of the cult, including the low-key involvement of Madhu Pandit Das, Temple President of Iskcon Bangalore, who has opened a center in Sunnyvale CA, now run by the group that the article names and shames as participating shelters in pedophile activity.  Here is the link:  
Lastly, but not least, since the article repetitively mentions BIF and its editor, we were notified and sent the link posted above.  Then the pedophile interactive K-9 squad barked a reaction to the published article.  The response was posted on several of their supporting blogs including those affiliated with Madhu Pandit Das, who appears to be using this particular pedophile interactive unit to further his "Starving Indian Kids"  akshaya patra "India Foundation Trust" donations program in the U.S.  BIF will say no more on the subject other than that these matters must be dealt with by proper authorities.  Truth is, this group, in its entirety, is overpowered and overshadowed by senior cult SS.  However, we will post below a link to their response. and address points of concern to us and to members of the H'nable Arya Samaj, who never, even once, spoke a bad word about Iskcon or its founding head- acBSp, an SS who took ethnocentrism to the limit without confrontation, or until recent revelations made public.  And his spew is now being regurgitated by OC' spurred on under influence of cult-exiled lesser predators struggling for decades unsuccessfully to get their hands on the OC slaves, their money and.....their kids? 
We will not bother with the entire stupidity of the text or the author to whom we threw some scraps in a previous post as Hyena #2 in KILLZONE.  What we will do is post the link to his pedophile protectorate's reaction, as keyed by him, then extract samples that corroborate anti-behavioral findings as disclosed in SS/OC=CULT.  Here below is the link, and further below some excerpts taken from that pedophile interactive K-9 response- in italics and darted thus >><<, with BIF comments under each segment:
>>Reply to Rocana das's Obnoxious Article, June 9 2012, Hongkong, by Devaki Nandan Das.
In your recent article on June 7th 2012  "Hare Krishna Society and the Company They Keep" on you have mentioned some serious inaccuracies and practical vicious lies regarding Jitarati Prabhu?s defense of Sakshi Gopal das's many blasphemous statements to Srila Prabhupada, Lord Krsna and the Scriptures in his many articles....<<
BIF: The initial point of interest sparked from this reply is that the writer- Devaki, is not mentioned anywhere in the 'Obnoxious Article,' yet here he is, saliva flying and teeth gnashing to protect...who what and why?  Deva ki or SS deva ki?  And where does this pedophile pen-pal see BIF blaspheming Krishna.  We are complaining about his guru promoting god as a lecher to justify his own pedophile past.  We openly admit to exposing acBSp...the cult's alpha SS, who demanded parity with god to get his MO gene stroked.  He attempted this by introducing Outgroup Homogeneity: touting outrageous impossibilities lies and slander (we expose his mumbo-jumbo again, a little further down this post) packaged as " Ancient Vedic Knowledge" which was mainlined by hillbilly hippies: ritualistic OC' strung out on dope.  Hear it from acBSp himself: "You trace the history of everyone. All worst, third class."  So we are not exaggerating.  Further BIF knows this Devaki fellow is a blotto OC ritualist.  He sits in a room surrounded by four life-size dolls of his dead alpha- acBSp.  So we understand the depth of his neurosis...his practical vicious lies, as opposed to... impractical vicious lies?
>>....Rocana Prabhu, you yourself are also familiar with the above mentioned  blasphemous articles written by Sakshi Gopal, but what you are ignorant of (or at least pretend to be ignorant of ) is that the editing, proof reading, responsibility for publishing, and follow up of responses to these blasphemous articles was all along done by Shyamasundara das who is the right hand man of Sakshi Gopal das, and who unfortunately aided and abetted Sakshi in his many heinous offences against Srila Prabhupada, Krsna and the Sastras.<<
BIF:  We have deduced that this pedophile cluster had a falling out with Shyamasundara das because of his published exposé on pedophilia within their group.  Nevertheless, for us to simply and honestly state that Shyamasundara das has never edited, proof read, or has anything to do with the BIF agenda, is not enough.  The fact that this Devaki fellow can be so convinced without a shred of evidence (there is none,) and to the point where he asserts it publicly with certitude, reveals the mental health of a cult OC and his nonchalant conversion of fiction to fact through implanted SS predatory devices.  Although displayed here in a matter of no great relevance, the devises work equally when lobbying fanatical OC' in continued criminal compliance.  Taking it further, how easy would it be for terrorists to infiltrate and influence such a group suffering ritualistic compulsive disorders?  "Even if one commits the most abominable action, if he is engaged in devotional service, he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated." (Bg. As it is, 9/30).  In a nutshell...they are mental marshmallows, and must be stopped from spreading extremism or being allied and influenced by terrorist organizations who do. 

"The Boss"

FYI.  For those who give a damn, Shyamasundara das has nothing to do with the BIF Task Force.  Our target has always been res a place where criminal cults disappear under the gavel.  We understand conditions cohousing the cult and decided to ad vericundium outside its influence.
>>... these two dangerous blasphemous personalities.....<<

BIF:  We cannot answer for other personalities, but there should be no mistaking dangers posed by the BIF agenda.  We want the cult closed down, first in India, and then the world.  We believe the cult was founded by an MO active, and when he refused 'godhead status' to lesser sociopaths who joined and enshrined him in the belief that he would, they murdered him (just like his MO active guru was murdered : according to his own statements and published audio.  A lineage of sociopaths?)  Progressively the cult he founded was usurped by his murderers: like-minded SS carrying the MAO-A gene.  They then continued in psyche to sexually abuse women and children, attract and financially exploit pilgrims of all nationalities, cheat, conceal, rob, fraud, scam, embezzle, and enslave hedonists who secreted the Oxytocin "Love hormone," and through them canvassed a bogus ism to provide a lustful menu of profit adoration and distinction.  The Hare Krishna cult has amassed millions in assets by forfeiting the lives and livelihoods of OC's to whom they made promises they could never keep, and guarantees for which they could never be held legally accountable.  Whereas their shady "charity tax-exempt" status and illegal dealings were never officially challenged in the past because no one could / would expose the alpha SS- acBSp.  That boogeyman has now lost his boo. 

>>....these two dangerous blasphemous personalities...,Sakshi's blasphemous articles,....blasphemous articles written by Sakshi.... Shyamasundar's blasphemy,....Sakshi Gopal's blasphemy,....dangerous and blaspemous personalities, of the greatest blasphemers to Srila Prabhupada, these blasphemers of your Guru,...their many blasphemous...most dangerous blasphemers.<<


BIF: Bow-wow-wow! Bow-wow-wow! Repetition.  Bland and devoid of any constructive thought process.  A characteristic common not just to this fellow but all cult OC'.  As explained earlier, the OC finds stimuli in ritual.  Ritual is expressed in litany, or repetition.  No OC is more SS controlled by repetition than the mentally strangled cultist.  Go to a Hare Krishna center and witness it for yourself.  The singularly most pronounced activity of the OC cultist is repetition...Bow-wow-wow...SS controlled.  Here below we show how it impairs OC cognizance in that their neurotransceivers receive and transmit SS data as diktat without any applied intellectual process reference research or scrutiny.  Bear in mind, the necropsy we are about to undertake is on a body of misinformation nearly five decades old, released as gospel by the alpha SS- acBSp (in print!) and accepted nem. con. by OC cultists without ever being challenged for the garbage that it is. 

>>This is evidenced also if one goes on their website, which has now been changed from its original name "Bhaktivedanta Investigation Force" to "Bharatiya Investigation Force" and with the picture of Srila Prabhupada removed and replaced with the Mayavadi Vivekananda of Ramkrishna mission. If one clicks on that picture, one will find a reference to the "Arya Samaj" group with its literatures etc. Thus directly defying Srila Prabhupada who condemned both Vivekananda in his many lectures, and the Arya Samaj group in his purports in the 5th Canto Chapter 15 Text 1 of the Srimad Bhagavatam,.......<<

BIF: Note the word "Mayavadi."  There are others like it- "karmi"- "kanishta"- "asura"- "boghi"- "meleccha"- "aparadhi"- etc.  These words are cult posts laid by the alpha on which he spoors his territory.  Seemingly aimed at opposition, they mean nothing outside the cult.  Nor are they crafted for that purpose.  However when hardwired with cult jargon the posts outline psychological boundaries which hold subservient OC' corralled.  They are buzz-word components to the Ethnophaulism  / Ethnocentrism processes mentioned earlier.

Before going into the dissection of the SB purport mentioned, we will clear up some deadhead droppings.  The picture referred to is not that of Swami Vivekananda.  For an Indian of Sindhi origin this OC is about as sharp as an SS pedophile interactive can be.  Anyhow, he's been hanging out on the Asian strip for that long we are relieved he didn't think it was Mao tse tung.  Even if it was a picture of Shri Vivekananda, he didn't sex an eleven year old girl like Prabhupada did, and then kept on jumping her bones even after numerous miscarriages because her pelvis was not developed enough to conceive.  Under the circumstances we would feel more at ease with a picture of....Bullwinkle.

>>the Arya Samaj group in his purports in the 5th Canto Chapter 15 Text 1 of the Srimad Bhagavatam...<<

BIF: Okay here's the purport to SB 5-15-1 as proffered by the cult alpha SS- Prabhupada:

Those who are Aryans strictly follow the Vedic principles, but in this age of Kali a community has sprung up known as the arya-samaj, which is ignorant of the import of the Vedas in the parampara system. Their leaders decry all bona fide acaryas, and they pose themselves as the real followers of the Vedic principles. These acaryas who do not follow the Vedic principles are presently known as the arya-samajas, or the Jains. Not only do they not follow the Vedic principles, but they have no relationship with Lord Buddha. Imitating the behavior of Sumati, they claim to be the descendants of Rsabhadeva. Those who are Vaisnavas carefully avoid their company because they are ignorant of the path of the Vedas. In Bhagavad-gita (15.15) Krsna says, vedais ca sarvair aham eva vedyah : "The real purpose of the Vedas is to understand Me." This is the injunction of all Vedic literatures. One who does not know the greatness of Lord Krsna cannot be accepted as an Aryan. Lord Buddha, an incarnation of Lord Krsna, adopted a particular means to propagate the philosophy of bhagavata-dharma. He preached almost exclusively among atheists. Atheists do not want any God, and Lord Buddha therefore said that there is no God, but he adopted the means to instruct his followers for their benefit. Therefore he preached in a duplicitous way, saying that there is no God. Nonetheless, he himself was an incarnation of God.

BIF:  It is astonishing that an SS can practice Outgroup homogeneity with such aplomb and have total conviction his deception would go unchallenged.  Even more astonishing is the fact that it did,.... for more than four decades.  BIF sent the purport to a Vidyalankar attached to the Arya Samaj.  Before posting the reply, we present a short excerpt from the founder of the Arya Samaj (who sprung up long before the Hare Krishnas)-  Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati (1824-83).  Read it and understand how callous and blasé acBSp was when hardwiring his OC host:

"The Jains being ignorant of the knowledge of the Vedas attributed the popish practices (then current among the followers of the Vedas) to the Vedas and began even to run down these scriptures. They prohibited the study and teaching of the Vedas, suppressed the custom of wearing Yajnopavita (the sacred thread), which is a symbol of culture and of belonging to one of the three upper classes, abolished the system of brahamacharya, etc., destroyed as many books of the Vedic literature as they could get hold of, and even persecuted and oppressed the Aryas a great deal. When they gained in power and had ceased to be afraid of any body, they began to favour and honour their followers - both the householders and the mendicants - and to dishonour and punish the followers of the Vedas unjustly. They began to live in ease and luxury, and being puffed up with pride became over-bearing in their manners. They also made huge images of their religious teachers, called Tirthankaras - from Rishabhdeva to Mahaavria - and began to worship them. Thus the practice of worshipping idols originated with the Jains (in this country). The belief in God declined and the people took to idolatry ritualism instead. Thus, Jainism reigned supreme for about 300 years in India. The people during that time had become quite destitute of the knowledge of the Vedas."

BIF: Hmmm.  Doesn't sound like a follower of Jainism or Rishabhadeva, does he?  Actually, it was the Maharishi who just about closed down Jainism....and also brought the Devadasi and Gotipua sex-selling vaisnava cult to its knees.  Hence the acBSp SS misinformation program.  Was acBSp lifting a leg to spoor the word-posts?  But of course he was. 

Here's the Vidyalankar's reply (only lightly edited by BIF) :

As requested by Sakshi-ji, Editor for Bharatiya Investigation Force (BIF), I am sending a missive in correction of the purported (SB-5.15.1) fallacies of  Bhaktivedanta Swami, founder of the American Hare Krishna sect.  Frankly we are not familiar with the sect.  Other than for their visibility from time-to-time on the street selling literature, and occasional requests for donations from our membership, they remain of no significance to us.  So we are quite appalled at the swami's lack of knowledge and unrighteous parlance, and also his purposeful misinterpretation of facts.  A disciple depends on a master for spiritual awareness, especially when the teacher claims representation to historical knowledge and national heritage, carrying it forward to foreign lands.  What is transpiring within the Hare Krishna enclave is most certainly a matter for investigation.

"Had Vyasa been the author of the 18 Puranas, there would not have been so many stories in them, as it appears from the perusal of his other works, such as his commentary on the Yoga Shastra, and the Vedanta Shastra, that he was a very truthful and righteous man of vast learning and a great Yogi. He could never have written such falsehood (as are recorded in the Puranas). Those sectarians - so hostile to each other - who wrote the so-called Puranas (ancient books) such as the Bhagvat, which are in fact apocryphal and of recent origin , did not possess a particle of the noble qualities of Vyasa. It is not learned men like Vyasa who could write what is false and oppose the Vedas and other true Shastras. It is the work of the selfish, ignorant and malevolent men."  Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati.  Founder- Arya Samaj. 
Let us now examine in segments the purport of Hare Krishna purana- SB 5.15.1:
>>Those who are Aryans strictly follow the Vedic principles, but in this age of Kali a community has sprung up known as the arya-samaja, which is ignorant of the import of the Vedas in the parampara system. Their leaders decry all bona fide acaryas, and they pose themselves as the real followers of the Vedic principles.<<

The Arya Samaj is a Society founded on the basis of  Vedic principles, and that only, based on the original Vedas, free of errors, imagery and tall tales. The Arya Samaj only accepts the works of bona fide Rishis: those who are historically renowned and on record.  Posing a conundrum is the word parampara which is a Hindi word (not Sanskrit) meaning tradition.  We find that Bhaktivedanta Swami is translating the word to mean disclipic succession, which, when we trace his succession, find 70% of acaryas listed by the Hare Krishna founder to be imaginary and untraceable outside cult literature.  There is no Indian historical record of their existence.  And even when checking the list of cult proclaimed acaryas, the chain of succession, for what it is worth, appears to lose links for long periods before finding them once again in a printing press.   

>>These acaryas who do not follow the Vedic principles are presently known as the arya-samajas, or the Jains. Not only do they not follow the Vedic principles, but they have no relationship with Lord Buddha. Imitating the behavior of Sumati, they claim to be the descendants of Rsabhadeva. Those who are Vaisnavas carefully avoid their company because they are ignorant of the path of the Vedas.<<

Not only is this information incorrect, it is in direct opposition to the truth. No member of the Arya Samaj has ever claimed to be a descendant of Rishabhdev, and no Indian could make such a statement, least of all an educated Indian*. Rishabhdev was one of the founders of the Jain Cult. The Arya Samaj founder Maharshi Swami Dayanand Saraswati was the main reason behind the closing of so many Jain temples in India. Their numbers have been reduced to only 2% of what it used to be before. No sane person or society will reduce a cult to fractions then claim to be the descendant of its founder.


* BIF: acBSp was a BA dropout.  He never achieved recognition from an academic (or any) institution.  But being a pedagogue of sorts, we have generously capitalized the BS in his acronym, and for obvious reasons. 

>>In Bhagavad-gita (15.15) Krsna says, vedais ca sarvair aham eva vedyah: "The real purpose of the Vedas is to understand Me." This is the injunction of all Vedic literatures. One who does not know the greatness of Lord Krsna cannot be accepted as an Aryan.<<

Now here again we see reference to imaginary texts and only to compound one falsity over another. All followers of the Gita in India are well aware the original Gita has only 84 shlokas. Further shlokas were added by varied branches of the vaishnava cult for preaching their own concocted propaganda and to expand their business of human trafficking.

Yuga-Purusha Shri Krishna was the highest ranking Aryan (noble) of his time. Not only was he an example for mankind, but a knower of the four Vedas, six shastras. These were his subjects at the Gurukula of his Guru, Rishi Sandipani. He who understands the deep meaning of the four Vedas will never speak of irrelevant topics on any subject matter. He who understands the Vedas in depth would never speak of irrelevant subjects on a battlefield, especially where his friend is facing huge enemy forces. Had the situation been, as claimed by the cult Gita, why didn't the American government send the Hare Krishna to war with Gitas instead of soldiers with weapons? Does it make sense?  What was the need for Shri Krishna to instigate a world-war and in the brief speak only of his godliness and do magic tricks to prove it.  Therefore we reject this bogus, interpolated, illogical and nonsensical cult focused hearsay.  We will notify our elders of the swami's rhetoric, which to date, was unknown.  Thank you. 

BIF.  We have truncated the SS deva ki letter at this point.  Generally and as a rule we do not analyze OC spew; it stinks of repetition.  Our reason for undertaking this particular exercise was solely to inform Bharat's Araya Samaj of cult printed / distributed abuse and misrepresentation.  For that, sadly, we must thank OC zombies, who, being dumped over with SS propaganda are convinced of cult invincibility.


SS, if not killers, are certainly fraudsters.  Fraud is wilfully deceptive and devastating to families struggling for existence.  When SS fraudsters under guise of godmen burrow through religious structures with intent on exploitation, the effect is comparable to termites in wood.  Holy swindlers eat away at the heart and soul of society leaving it exposed to dangerous elements.  An unacceptable situation for any government in this day and age.  Here we present a dire warning to cults operating in India:-

"Functioning as non-profit charities, cults can only earn the largesse of the Law.  Indian Governors cannot be fooled by schemes, artifices, subterfuge and pretentious nonsense.  They have allowed cults to exist and function because all religious organizations enjoy shelter under India's Constitution.  But when laws, peoples and privileges, are abused by ongoing criminality: perversion, greed, exploitation, uncouthness, incivility, etc., and then the disrepute is projected to an international community as being "Hindu," endorsed by the Government of India, the situation is intolerable to any citizen, and most certainly to those designated by election to protect India's reputation and peoples."
Confounded by SS working a cleverly devised "Affinity Fraud" in god's name, victims are reluctant to report the predators whose assets hide in plain sight accumulated via 'charity businesses' that successfully evade taxes and diddle governments across the globe.  When we add to this the usurpation of lands, farmlands in particular, and a history in continuum of cult criminality and perversity, specifically in India, all of which generates a false perception of Indian Government endorsement, even when their scriptures show anti-government sentiments and abuse, the need to shut down con-men cults operational in Hindustan is dire and immediate. Sure, holy conmen claim publicly not to own anything, but when they control everything owned, what's the difference?  
The point of this posting is not to be missed.  It is a prayer to members of the influential Arya Samaj, and through them to the Indian Legislature, requesting that cults, and ISKCON in particular, advertizing itself as Hindu while displaying no respect for Hindustan's laws or enforcers, and even less for its peoples, be banned and exiled without further ado or explanation.  Send them back to America from whence they came, and where their own government and peoples have relegated the cult to a standing joke; guffawing at their 'Rock age Romeos' 'Rear end Rambos' and Jurassic beliefs in world domination.
For those OC' corralled between the word-posts and spoor of SS masters, we present below a pictorial display of ONLY A FEW followers of the great Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, Founder of the Arya Samaj.  What is important for OC readers to understand is that their cult, when under true evaluation / assessment is nothing more than a beggar's bowl, and criminal to boot.  Contrarily, the honorable Arya Samaj is blessed by God.  There can be no doubting divine investment within its ranks.  Prime Ministers, Speakers in both Houses of Parliament, Chief Ministers : dignitaries whom Iskcon seek out for photographs which are then used to further project their 'Government/Hindu endorsed" deception.  AND.....whereas Iskcon boasts only one akhanda (lifelong) brahmachari (Bhaktisiddhanta,) the Arya Samaj has a history of famous past and present akhanda brahmacharis (since birth,) who (unlike iskcon's Bangkok bangers) live under the spotlight of a free press 24/7, AND....they don't take disciples or even talk publicly about their vows of celibacy.  The Hare Krishnas on the other hand are a bloody disgrace.
Thank You for spending time with us.
A few current and late followers of Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati, and members of Arya Samaj:

Atal Bihari Vajpayee
(PM [past] Brahmacari)

Shri Arun Jaitley (BJP) Speaker, Raja Sabha

Shrimati Sushma-Swaraj (BJP) Speaker Lok Sabha

(CM Gujarat, Brahmacari)

Pranab-Mukherjee President Elect 2012

Swami Ramdev (Brahmacari)



Dr. Rajiv Dixit (Late)

Swami Vivekananda

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Rabindranath Tagore

Lal Bahadur Shastri
(PM [past])