20th  DECEMBER, 2011 

A popular pastime for cultists in fragmented Iskcon, is the overcooked strategy to make Hindus feel their country, government and heritage is flawed.   The idea behind this gutter-bred psychology is to portray the cult as superior, hence beyond the "fallen" concepts of Hindu leadership and beliefs.  Why the Hindus?  Why not any other country or ism?  Why not the country of origin of the cult, itself?  The answer to this is: the founder of Iskcon-  A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami (ACB,) was born in Bengal.  He, like many before him, had a plan, to indoctrinate the world and thereby ensconce himself as the world's greatest exponent of gaudiya philosophy but he needed India to validate him.  Impossible and improbable.  It was never going to happen.  Hindus had already studied the sect's doctrine in its heyday; were fully aware of the interpolations therein, and watched the sect implode even before ACB carried his version to hippies in 60's United States and established the Iskcon cult. 
Hindus were not interested in "gaudiyaism" when it first brandished its sahajya interpretations.  Nonetheless with its American debut, Indians caught up in the Hollywood style propaganda glitz and glam, did show interest.  Seeing the opportunity to exploit what the temple pizzazz attracted, Iskcon's evangelists concentrated their efforts in attempting to separate Hindus from their heritage by using the same tool: propaganda.  Where the cult first used hook-or-by-crook methods to ensnare unwary Hindus, the technique was modified to-  copy and paste everything negative about India, including falsified scriptures and abusive statements by the cult's founder, ACB.  The idea behind this cyber abuse was to make Indians appreciate the American cult's guidance where Hindu/Indian leadership was lacking and incapable of understanding 'esoteric truths.'  This basically justifies the Indian Life Membership program that fleeces Indians and keeps Iskcon buoyant.  However, withstanding every ploy utilized to gain access to numbers and pockets, the history of craziness that is Iskcon individually and collectively, is coming progressively to the fore, alerting governments and humanity worldwide. 
Incontestably Iskcon's most visible bizarre and voluminous crime on record is child abuse.  Psychoswami http://www.harekrsna.org/gurupoison/support/turley-case.pdf  
Frequent postings on the cult's cyber daily's concern Indian child labor/abuse/brides and relevant legislative inadequacies.  Nowhere do we see the cult howlers display any honesty as to the problems in their own backyard; problems that identify Iskcon as American, e.g., four States in the US. have been named as operators of vast and lucrative child sex industries.  Kidnapping enslaving and selling children as young as SIX months old into the sex slave underground is a growing business for many suffering the pangs of a downward spiraling American economy.  Albeit Iskcon lives off the earnings of its Indian congregation and sees no need to traffic in children, our interests lie in the other side of that coin, i.e., pedophiles who reside and administer within the cult; who are given endorsement by the cults founder ACB, to rape and impregnate minors via his books and quotes. 
What many don't know is that early manuscripts written by A. C. Bhaktivedanta (ACB) were unintelligible and unreadable.  Howard Wheeler (aka. Hayagriva,) who was one of the first disciples of ACB, and the homosexual lover of Keith Ham (aka. Kirtanananda,) was an English professor.  When ACB asked Howard Wheeler to edit the manuscripts Wheeler threw it back on the desk and said-  "If you want to sell those, I had better re-write it."  ACB agreed, and while Wheeler was performing sexually with Keith Ham, the books were being written by him.  Surely ACB a "pure devotee" would have known what was obvious?  Everyone else could see the 'love' going down.  ACB did not seem to care about consciousness behind the re-writing of books he claimed would be "law books for the next 10, 000 years."  All he seemed to care about was his own recognition and a possible Noble Prize for literature, which was never going to happen.  Even when Bhavananda was caught in the barn sexing a little boy, ACB sent him on a river cruise instead of handing him over to the law.  ACB recommended sexual penetration of children and the raping of women:  Elephant in the Room.  So, not unlike the original gaudiya sect, the Iskcon cult was saturated in perversion from its beginnings.     
In this article we bring to attention the situation in America, and in so doing point out that what goes on in Iskcon is no different.   ACB birthed his Iskcon cult in America, and bequeathed the cult to his inheritors (all Americans) at time of death.  Any honest researcher would admit  ACB left the cult in chaos.  His instructions were vague and ambiguous.  He had no idea how an organization should be chartered and administered.  And, he most certainly had no idea of human character.  The "eleven" Americans he anointed "swamis" and off-handedly named to run his international cult, were (celibate?) homosexuals, gangsters, pedophiles, murderers, and confidence tricksters.  To this day, thirty-four years after his death, no one can clearly define what instructions he left behind.  It is a dog's breakfast.  Some call his books "Prabhupadatams" because he talked too much but failed to note what was legally right and necessary, all of which has promoted the criminality and bedlam in Iskcon today, and will undoubtedly ban his writings globally in the foreseeable future.
Let us now link up reports from America with activities in Iskcon:
Of the four states named, Las Vegas NV, was considered top of the list with Miami Fl, Portland OR, and Toledo OH in consecutive running order.  However, a recent study showed Toledo to be supplying children to Las Vegas.  Professor Celia Williamson of the University of Toledo chaired a task force into Ohio's contribution to the child sex trafficking industry, her opinion: "Worse than we thought: 1,000 new American Toledo/Ohio children annually are sold into the sex trade, and hundreds more are at risk in the Toledo Gateway."  At any point in time at least 1,800 victims are held in trafficking bondage in Toledo alone.  Many of the youngsters- not all girls but boys as well are being groomed and offered to sellers and pimps by parents and grandparents who were themselves in the sex slave industry.  This is third generation human trafficking involving grandmothers, granddaughters, as well as men and little boys.  The world is shocked that Americans at home are paying $1,000 for twenty minutes to sexually abuse any gender from six-month old infants to twelve year old kids.  It is now a tourism industry. 
How dangerous would it be for children exposed to a cult infiltrated by these crazy "tourists," and in India where these predators have adequate protection, money and disguise as foreigners and holy men?  Imagine a cult identified legally as breeding pedophile clusters; propagating literature condoning the abuse of minors; rape of unprotected females; running isolated schools unmonitored by secular inspection or intervention; with current management already identified in reports as administering a school with three generations of sexually active pedophiles/homosexuals http://chakra.org/discussions2/BVPM%20Mayapur%20OCP%20report_no_names_04_02_99.doc  
Poverty has been blamed for the growing depravity in America.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau data released Tuesday September 13th, 2011, America's poor jumped from 13.2% in '08 to 15.1% (46.2 million) and growing in '11.  The United States has some of the highest poverty rates among industrialized countries.  According to reports released by the Carsey Institute of the University of New Hampshire, on average, rates of poverty are persistently higher in rural and inner city parts of the country as compared to suburban areas.  The number of people in the U.S. who are in poverty is increasing to record levels with the ranks of working-age poor approaching levels that led to the national "war on poverty" not so long ago.  The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) which provides assistance to job-seekers, and the $2 billion fund maintained by the federal govt. to assist the needy, is under stress due to rising unemployment and other dependency related issues.  All of which now gives market to child sex trafficking and yet another American disease...Drugs.

America's Clear And Present Crisis:

There is little doubt that the most pressing crisis in America today is the so-called War On Drugs. This modern day prohibition has created an environment that affects all Americans, in ways that might not be immediately apparent.  What study after study has shown is that the drug prohibition laws have not only failed completely, but have actually made matters worse. For instance, as a result of the current drug laws, use among teenagers is up over 7 times over the last 35 years. Overall, homicides are an order of magnitude higher than they were in pre-prohibition days. Crime in general is substantially higher - higher as a result of the drug prohibition.

Along with child sex, prostitution, human trafficking, flagging economy, constant warring in countries far from the US, drug use is escalating out of control.  Drug Laws in America have failed to prevent a thriving black market from infiltrating and expanding in both urban and rural America.  Now, according to CBS, a new drug problem is emerging in the United States: an alarming epidemic of pill-popping and prescription drug abuse so bad it's being called "Pharmageddon." A recent issue of Times Magazine had numbers emerging that painted a disturbing picture of American life and its dependence on pharmaceutical drugs.  Over the last two decades, deaths from accidental drug overdoses have increased FIVE-FOLD.  And, for the first time, unintentional overdoses have replaced car accidents as the leading cause of accidental death in 15 States and the District of Columbia.
Dr. Barbara Krantz, medical director of the Hanley Center, a drug treatment center in West Palm Beach, Fla., explained that there was definitely a pandemic in the United States today.  There is a paradigm shift from treating chronic pain to dispensing over the counter drugs, which makes "the perfect storm."  Telling your doctor you have a pain, requesting specific drugs and receiving an over-prescription is not at all uncommon.  Addiction to prescription drugs is now rife among everyday Americans, and especially so among those who live isolated lives; unemployed and socially challenged.  "There's a progressive isolation that occurs in their life.  Where they get to is that the drug is the only thing that's important to them, obtaining the drug."
Back to American Iskcon and we ask what, according to their understanding and indoctrination, could be the cause for these maladies in the U.S.A : a madness that is prevalent, growing, and heard daily in the howlings of the cult's trailer trash, beggars, addicts, and social security survivors.  Here is a possible genesis for the brain damage and degeneration in America and Europe (and Iskcon, no doubt) as concluded by ACB (aka.Prabhupada,) the cult's founder-
Note: these quotes albeit taken from the same discourse, are in random order: 
"Prabhupada said"The unmarried girls, they keep dog for sex...[...]...You will find very beautiful girl is keeping very big dog. They are trained to have sex life. And that is cause of syphilis.  The dog is full of syphilitic germs...[...]...Unmarried girls they are keeping dogs. One lady in America, she told me that the dogs are kept for this purpose.  When I was going to walk in the park in Brooklyn, the young girls are bringing dogs, big, big dogs...[...]...That means that she has got syphilitic poison. Girls who cannot bear child means there is syphilitic poison. Either the man has got syphilitic poison or the woman has got syphilitic poison.  And these men, syphilis is not very uncommon...[...]...But fifty years ago or hundred years ago syphilitic poison was very much prevalent. Still it is in Europe and America. And now it is spreading all over. And in Ayur Veda it is said, phiranga, phiranga. Phirangi. The Europeans are described in Vedic literatures as phirangi, their name is phirangi. So this syphilitic disease is mentioned in the Ayur Veda, the disease brought by the phirangis. And the doctor says that originally it was spread through dog. The unmarried girls, they keep dog for sex. You do not know? He knows...[...]...All over Europe. When Dr. Ghosh, who is my friend, he came to see me in Allahabad? One doctor? So he is friend. He told me that when he was student, Colonel (indistinct), one big professor, medicine, he was lecturing. He was Englishman. He said that "In our country, seventy to eighty percent of the student community, they are suffering from syphilitic attack."  (SB 2.9.9, Informal Class in Room, Tokoyo, April 25, 1972.)
"Prabhupada said": Syphilis. In Ayur-Vedic it is called phairanga, means this disease is imported from Western countries (America?)  Every dog has syphilis, and they contaminate the woman, and that is distributed to man.
So now we have an understanding as to what has caused the debasement of America.  We are either being cuckooed, or it was always the young girls with their big, big dogs in Brooklyn Park.  Never once did ACB notice a man with a big, big, bitch on a leash with a doggie-doogie look in his eye.  And what about Britain and the student community? SEVENTY to EIGHTY percent were dog bonkers?  Then there was the American woman who in a tete-a-tete with a celibate 'pure devotee' told him American women were doing the Boston Widow.  Nowhere else on the planet will you encounter this doggie talk other than hardcore, XXXX rated rags and...Iskcon.  The scary truth is- every syphilitic brain-damaged-cultist believes it empathically because.... "Prabhupada said."
There is hardly a lecture given within cult confines that excludes sex.  The entire Iskcon mutt is saturated in sex consciousness.  ACB was obsessed with it.  And there can be little denial in his belittling of women whenever the subject surfaced.  Obsession with any subject comes from ones own involvement in it.    ACB himself had five children.  But what people do not know is that his wife, who began conceiving at 12 years of age, miscarried several children.  Had they all taken birth the total would be in the teens.  That's a lot of sex for someone who later claimed to be a swami, and took a great deal of pride in his old age celibacy(impotency?)  He then demanded initiates abstain from sex.  That's when the applecart took a tumble to the outré.  Since women were the subject of his distaste, and the regulative principle re. "illicit sex" implied women, without going into specifics, it left the door open to (even inviting) child abuse (American dog abuse?) and homosexuality...it is where his disciples went, enjoined by gaudiya scripture, to compromise illicit sex injunctions. 
So what can this American-pretending-to-be-Hindu organization do for Indians?  The answer to that question is another question- What have they done for their own country?  NOTHING!  According to the founder of Iskcon, unless unmarried American girls, and Europeans (who train big, big, syphilitic dogs as sexual partners) are barren because there is syphilitic poison, they do produce issue.  And since the American population continues to increase, we must assume that the syphilitic condition of American/European/Western women, does not necessarily hamper conception.  However medical science informs us that babies born to parents with syphilis suffer congenital syphilis, which leads to mental retardation.  We must thank Iskcon's founder for opening our eyes to the problem in his cult.  Now the light bulb has switched on. 
To conclude;  we have promised readers in the past that we will post the work of Bharat Ratna scholars when it comes to hand.  We will do this in a series called- "Revelations."  The series will take shape in a book/booklet for distribution to all Hindu sangas, worldwide.  Following the series, or interlaced with it, we will post news on situations concerning the Iskcon cult as it evolves.  Finally we will introduce the cult to S.A.R.A.H, after which BIF will dismantle the site and cease to exist. 
Thanks for spending time with us.