16th Nov. 2012

1. We confronted Slavin and Stein, then along came Zakheim, now we have Bernstein, soon there'll be Goldberg and then possibly the Titanic sinker... Iceberg.  Is Bernstein also a member of the Jewish Defense Order (JDO) where several of his cult elite are to be found?  Hell, the tribes were never lost, they've been in parampara all along, dressed up like Indians pretending to be a sect of stone and tree worshippers, pretending to be Hindus, pretending to believe in absolute bunkum just to squeeze a buck. They are the Elders of Iskzion; Gods of the goyim ... Kabala on tabla.  The 'steins and 'bergs are choking on unleavened bread because they know we know their passovers are illegal underpasses.  Shylock's kaupins dropped off, exposing his gaudiya Brit Milah.  His cult' agenda to circumcise Hindus was never kosher

Shylock Prabhu

2.  Showing no gratitude for the parting of the Red Sea, fiery bushes with jive, or bonking Baal, they dropped the Yiddish to preach about 88 mile high mountains in India; a tiny village called Vrindavan where a twelve-mile-tall witch was chopped up and burnt by dairy farmers; snakes with mouths as big as caves; a god with lockjaw libido and severe frontal lobe dysfunction; whirlwind demons; giant donkeys; gorillas that teleported from Africa to India only to rape Indian princesses...etc., etc., etc.,  No, they showed no gratitude to Moses who saved.  Instead they invested @ cent-percent profit with a gaudiya vaisnav sect hawking divine erotica and enslaving drooling oxytocin goyim in a 'screw everything' free sex-pervert program controlled by gods and goondas.

No Gratitude

 NB. In our article 'Mumbo Jumbo Mango' BIF made a statement: "It appears....Chaitanyaites were forerunners of the hippy culture.  So the success of acBSp in 60's America should come as no surprise..... Chaitanyaites are reborn hippies turned Chaitanyaites, in perpetuum....going nowhere. And so it was that as India's heroes fought and died for independence, the Chaitanyaite, as they do to this day, were engrossed in sex with little boys, girls, and each other."  We offer a link below as profound perspective into that reality:

3. Advised to contact BIF by those whom he attempted to intimidate, Bernstein never did write us with his cultic oozings and gushings.  Since the mountain did not come to BIF, BIF must go to the mountain.  But first, we take a few lines to introduce this kippot to sikha convert:-

LLB Bernstein

Adam Bernstein is the name he uses to convince bloggers his connection with iskzion is nothing more than that of an observant intellectual.  From his 'unbiased' position Bernstein flashes an LLB (Law) degree.  That's right, Bernstein claims to be a successful accident litigator (iskzion will need him. It's an accident about to happen.)  What unsuspecting bloggers don't see are the dance moves and tail feathers he displays within the cult...."I joined ISKCON in 1976...My wife and I serve on the Board of ISKCON of Silicon Valley (ISV) ,..."  Bernstein is one in a diaspora who opportunistically exploit OCI's and NRI's in an 'easy money' cult accumulation through expansion 'Indian Life Membership' program.  His gaudiya bris name is Akruranatha Dasa. 
4. Here is an earshot of Bernstein/Akruranath active in cult camera.  Does he sound like a lawyer who believes in a guru who said... giant eagle eggs are falling from the sky...Our sun rotates and revolves around the planets @16,004 miles per nano second....Dinosaurs never existed...Man did not go to the moon* ...Vaisnavism is not Hindu...Hindus are hodge-podge...Indira Gandhi was a prostitute...Vivikananda was a rascal...A free woman is a prostitute...Women have half a brain...They keep big dogs for sex and.... 10/11/12 year-old girls enjoy sex...are nine times more lusty than men....or do we see a canny shyster washing his hands in easy money.... inciting evangelical oxytocin zombies to prod victims into a cult trap?  We offer a quote from Mr. Akruranath/Bernstein which shows he, like BIF, never believed the hokum acBSp vomited as divine intelligence:
* I love how NASA is reliving those nostalgic days of Viking. Actually the Viking photos were better than this one. We've come a long way since going to the moon ;-p
from:  Adam Bernstein (on Hindu Business Line)
Posted on: Aug 8, 2012 at 07:14 IST
>>"If people who identify themselves as Hindu see ISKCON as a Hindu organization, it could be a sign that in some sense they approve of what we are doing and want to 'claim' us as theirs. "
7. So Bernstein may prostitute himself publicly as Hindu for his ISV money-suck, but in camera he touts the acBSp ethnocentrism: "We are superior. We screw everything...kids, each other, and the Hindu schmindu hodge-podge. If they want to claim us, they can pay," which is the prime reason for scBSp's intentional ambiguity....as explained below in paragraph 10.
>>"When I read about something like this I immediately think, 'What can be done'? Are there international diplomatic pressures that can be brought to bear? Can the government of Bangladesh be persuaded to give the temple back to its rightful owner and protect Hindu places of worship from further desecrations?"
8. As we can see.... in curia Bernstein is a showboat advocate for the downtrodden Hindu cause.  In camera, he maintains the cult's us-and-them ethnocentricity.  A Bernie two-shoes....an Adam who swallowed the whole apple.
>>"We worship Deities and insist on the authority of all Vedic scriptures, moreso than many Hindu groups. We sure seem 'Hindu' to outsiders."
9. Here again in camera he reminds his kabala that they are more Hindu than Hindus because of "Vedic authority"  taught them by a guru who never read the Vedas. acBSp: I have not studied all the Vedas and Upanishads. I have read only Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam."  The scary truth is, acBSp openly declared that whatever he taught was.... 'Vedic' :- "No... When we speak of Veda, Veda means knowledge. So knowledge means knowledge of God. Any scripture that gives knowledge of God, that is Vedas. Don't think that Vedas means that only the Sama, Yajuh, Atharva.... Those who are following the principles to give knowledge about God, that is Veda. Veda means knowledge." 
10. But then, if Veda means 'knowledge' why write it with a capital "V" and confuse it with being 'Vedic,' a proper noun uniquely descriptive of the FOUR Vedas and Vedic Hinduism?  Unless acBSp planned surreptitiously to confuse and misrepresent with intent to pirate, exploit, and garner support from members of mainstream Hinduism, he could have identified his blah-blah as- 'vaisnaved'...'iskved'... 'prabhupadved' ... 'srimadved'...or just simply knowledge?  Had he done so there would be no need for this BSved:- "There is a misconception that the Krishna conscious movement represents the Hindu religion.  Sometimes Indians both inside and outside of India think that we are preaching the Hindu religion, but actually we are not.....[...]....The Krishna consciousness movement has nothing to do with the Hindu religion or any system of religion...One should clearly understand the Krishna consciousness movement is not preaching the so-called Hindu religion."  (Science of Self Realization.)  To compound the deception, Bernstein and his Elders of Iskzion took the orchestrated confusion a step further by registering the cult as a 'Hindu organization' ... HERE.
>>"Gandhi's words.....: "I used to think God was Truth, but now I realize that Truth is God." Atheists!! They want us to forget Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and His divine instructions, and replace Him with something abstract and impersonal."
11. This is exactly what Bernstein's guru acBSp taught him: to fake advancement by abusing Indian exemplars.  Now the Burger King, Hot-dog, Kentucky Fried Am/Jew iskzion administration feel converted enough to punch above their weight.  When will our governors act?  When will they do something to protect the sacred memory of our heroes who gave blood for Maa Bharat,....while these foul-mouthed, genital worshipping, cult leeches cheat Hindus, abuse women and sex children under pretext of yoga taught by Shri Krishna?
>>"It always embarrasses me when this happens, because I know that in a lot of instances women really *have* been mistreated in ISKCON, sometimes very seriously, sometimes with the approval or at least the callous indifference of ISKCON authorities. If we clean our own house, especially regarding how we treat devotees, our preaching will become much more effective and we will reach more people."
12. This is a split-ass stance by a lawyer in the mix who sees abuse up close but fails at any stage to involve law enforcement and litigation as process to 'clean our own house'.  Are readers surprised to find a successful  litigator (that's what he says, anyway,) tail between his legs, blind to abuse while concentrating on our preaching becoming more effective so we will reach more people?  Don't be.  Bernstein's success is not dependant on litigation, certainly not against his own kabala, but on Hindus hooked by social razzamatazz, subji-sanga, deity bling, guru blah, and donation dharma iskzion dumps as goyim burley.

Shut up Bitch!....I'm preaching

13. Below we see Bernstein applying a tired old acBSp ploy identified as ethnophaulism: a memory altering grinder employed to destroy old sentiments and implant new ones...progressively creating ethno/religious barriers by inculcating negative cognitive images of outgroups thereby isolating the target via subliminally suggested segregation as a need for survival.  It is a two-stage implant.  The second stage being ethnocentrism, which suggests superiority to all others....an ignis fauutus readily acceptable to just about any religious group.  
>>The way I see it, mundane scientists are looking with their imperfect eyes, and imperfect improvements like telescopes and other instruments and tests, many of which are based on imperfect theories about how nature works. In this way they develop a body of knowledge which they admit is not perfect, which will be subject to revisions and corrections 'even major shifts in paradigms' but which they are attached to as the 'only way' to know and describe the universe.
14. Yes Mr. Bernstein, we understand, you got this BS from your acBSp guru.  But why crap exclusively on the scientific fraternity?  What about the imperfect senses of the legal fraternity, and the imperfect LLB degree you purchased to execute your imperfect legal business?  Do you think maybe it would reach perfection in the Sinai where water is short and toilet tissues are in high demand?  Hypocrite!

Imperfect LLB!...We'll wipe with it!

15. Before tackling the Bernstein letters sent us by supporters, we give our readers a look at this 'successful' cult lawyer-turned-salesman working in the background to extort money by selling 'tiles' @ $2,000 a piece (!!!) to his burley lured and hooked 80% Hindu congregation.  Iskzion begging centers (temples) provide everything a shyster desires...easy profits, ritualistic adoration, LLB vs. deadhead distinction and oxytocin saturated goyim.  It is, hands down, the easiest suck on the planet for parasites loyal to the kabala playing tabla. 
>>Even those who cannot afford to give $2,000 for a tile but are supporters of ISV can participate however they can. Right now we are making a big push for new temple money, and no gift is too small.
Some related websites are: www.virtualtemple.org www.isvnewtemple.com www.iskconsv.org PayPal donation links are available.
One can write to me directly at [...] to discuss or inquire.
Groups of families can pool together to get a tile with several family names on it. Organizations such as 'World Hindu Council of America', 'Bay Area Telegu Association' or even groups from other religions (I remember that Mormon groups have supported ISKCON in Utah) can get tiles.
NOW is the time to really help ISV get established in its new Home Base property, from which the Sankirtan Movement will resound throughout the Bay Area and Northern California.
Comment posted by Akruranatha on August 17th, 2012
>>The donation for a single tile is $2,000. There is no limit to how many tiles an individual or family may buy, except that once the 500 tiles are sold, the wall will be finished. Twenty-five tiles were sold at Janmasthami. We calculate that if we sell all 500 tiles and raise $1 million, we can finish all the remodeling, repairs and furnishing of the temple and altar, and also pay off the mortgage). We hope to sell at least 100 more tiles before the end of the year. Maybe more, with your help.
Sounds more like a Tel Aviv bazaar Shylock than an LLB success story....Eh?
>>"It may be that if we take care to internalize our reverence for Srila Prabhupada and become good representatives ourselves, and to push on his cause of establishing Lord Caitanya's sankirtan movement very strongly all over the world (and in other planets?), eventually history will show everyone what an unprecedented and powerful thing Srila Prabhupada undeniably has done."
16. and in other planets?  Whaaaat!?  Is this guy a lawyer?....On this planet!!?  When a man invests a number of years studying, yet blabbers about spreading a cult in other planets,.. he is a scammer with... pancho ungli ghee mein (all five fingers in the ghee.)  When we look at the cult and realize that after nigh on fifty years in operation, and using every means of propaganda possible, it remains little more than a sick joke on this planet....why bother with stand-up comedy on Mars?  The sect's delusions stem from its philosophy: mental disorders triggered by doctrine to enslave and exploit.  Here below we post an excerpt from a current essay (Nov 10, 2012) on a Hare Krishna web site (Sampradaya Slum,) which may prompt authorities to toss the cult, its perverts pundits and shysters, on a rocket and blast them out this galaxy.....Give the crazies a chance to convert aliens in other planets
"At the pinnacle of Vedic civilization, there was one stark compelling way in which Vedic women proved beyond doubt to everyone and all their transcendent "beyond the modes of material nature", "beyond the bodily concept of life" superior consciousness (if they had truly attained such consciousness). Their superior spiritual elevation was displayed to all beyond doubt by one amazing act....[...]...they displayed their advancement------ by voluntarily mounting the funeral pyre of their husbands (sati pratha...burnt alive) and following them into the next life. What an act of utterly compelling complete transcendence!!!!!!!"  

Sati...cooked for cash

Okay, here are the Bernstein letters (darted thus >>,) with BIF comments.  The first letter is to a forum chatter named Justine:
>>1. Sorry Justine, but I read the attempts of the b-i-f.com website you cited to slander ISKCON and its saintly preceptors such as its Founder-Acarya His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada, and the great 19th century exponent of Caitanya Vaisnavism, Kedarnath Datta Bhaktivinode Thakur.
17. As astutely pointed out by Justine in her reply: "Adam! Slander means 'the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.' There are no false statements against any of those 'preceptors' you mentioned on the BIF website. Everything is researched. But if you feel there is something incorrect you should write to BIF.
Bhaktivinoda has already been researched and exposed as a cheat. References are on the BIF website.
".....The Thakur was trying to promote Mahaprabhu's birthplace and he did it in a fashion time-honored in India. He simply wrote the material he needed and attributed it to someone who had historical credibility."
His own guru BBG rejected him because of falsehoods that are common knowledge for anyone researching outside the Iskcon cult.
As for Prabhupada's being an 'effective exponent' of 'Vedic' knowledge or culture Prabhupada said himself he hadn't read the Vedas, he had only read interpolated Gaudiya literature, by his own confession....[...]... It is a good idea for those thinking about entering the Hare Krishna cult to look carefully at the teachings, history and the devotees' experiences (not just the sales propaganda) before they commit themselves. Only a small portion of people that join the Hare Krishnas stay with the society.
>>I found it to be a misguided hatchet job from someone who was clearly not open minded or sypathetic to ISKCON or Gaudiya Vaisnavism.
Both these two great religious leaders wrote volumes of devotional literature which is sufficient in and of itself to establish their great stature as devotees and as theologians. The author of your website splits hairs, finding faults that.....
18. What great stature?  Nobody knew of these two great religious leaders (leaders? are you kidding?) prior to cult propaganda.  After all the cult chest-beating not many people do.  Even Bengalis don't know, or care less.  They may have written volumes (so does Mad Magazine)...but of what value?  No literary awards have been bestowed on these two snuff-n-opium babus.  National history shows no record of their airy-fairy contributions.  Nor can their work be viewed in any recognized chain of literary outlets.  Their writings are pushed by cultists who pedal it on the street for donations.  When approached by acBSp followers, Bharat Ratna board of selectors, who know very well the history of cult litterature, implied that their toilets were fitted with hand-dryers.

What?!...Never heard of him!?

>>Srila Prabhupada said that Bhaktivinode Thakur was a magistrate when his highest rank was 2d class magistrate (So what? Is a 2d class magistrate not a magistrate?...
19. Mr. Bernstein, return to the article and carefully read the argument presented.  It was claimed by one of your mob that Bhaktivinod (BT) was, and I quote- "Bhaktivinod Thakur in his grhasta life was indeed a full on magistrate as told to us by Srila Prabhupada so many times."   Our argument was that BT (by his own account) was not a 'full on magistrate' but promoted to 2nd grade Deputy Magistrate just prior to retirement.  Which means he functioned only as a 3rd grade Deputy Magistrate.  Far off from even a full on Deputy Magistrate. 
20. Now let's deal with your crap. You infer that a Deputy Magistrate should be considered a fully qualified Magistrate?  Our question is- why grade the level of Magistrate if in fact they are all equally qualified?  In your jewdicial system a Petty Court judge is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court bench....and a Deputy Magistrate is an automatically qualified Chief Justice.  Is that correct?  Really?  How much more weight does the recommendation of a Supreme or High Court Magistrate have over a 3rd grade Deputy Magistrate?  That was the BIF point: acBSp pumped up BT's resume (a jungle judge with jesus connections) to easier endorse his bogus parampara's 'veda' philosophy, his floundering vaisnav sect and himself to hippies bombed out on Purple Haze and Californian Sunshine.  
21. Truth is, colonial Britain, just like iskzion, selected loyal natives from among its bum-kissers to interact with locals (NB: Bhaktivinod never posted post nominals behind his name because he had none.)  BT was a colonial bum-boy who participated in the sentencing and eventual death of an Indian freedom fighter for which he is yet to be publicly damned.  In BIF's estimation, the removal of Hare Krishna from Indian shores would be a major step back to the Vedas, Vedic culture, and in cleansing the Indian soul.
>>Moreover, Bhaktivinode Thakur wrote thousands of pages of spiritual masterpieces. His literary output is more important than his career as a judicial officer in the British Raj. The truth is, he wanted to relocate to the birthplace of Sri Krishna Caitanya (from Puri in Orissa), and the government did not want him to do so, but because he insisted his government career was not as externally "successful" as it might of been. He is not famous for his work as a magistrate, but for his work in glorifying the Caitanya school of Vaisnavism.
22. Masterpieces? You make out like Nobel Prize selectors were breaking down his door.  Yet, not a single literary award for ANYTHING has been presented to your magnum opus manufacturing machine.  Not even a smelly dried fish or dead goat contributed in recognition from any institution outside the sect.  What we do note is BT's own jaati vaisnavs, including his guru, calling him a fink and a forger.  Here is why:

...and the award for Best Book goes to..

"They do not accept the Caitanya Upanishad: recently there was a discussion on that Upanisad instigated by babaji's party and they had argued that this Upanisad was invented by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura to promote his cause of the discovery of Navadvipa-dhama. Many of the other opposite parties such as Sri-vaisnavas and Tattva-vadis are now taking advantage of the doubts on the legitimacy of this Upanisad raised by the Gaudiya-vaisnava camp himself."
"Let us consider why they don't accept Caitanya Upanisad. The evidence that we have is that Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura published it from a single manuscript. That manuscript has never been seen by no one else but him. This is not an encouraging proof of authenticity of an Upanisad. One should observe that not all Gaudiya-vaisnavas are in Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura's preceptorial line, some are actually his adversaries regarding many points of tattva and siddhanta. They would not accept an Upanisad revealed by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura as bona fide due their countless divergences with him. Can you imagine what the other opposite parties who aren't even Gaudiya-vaisnavas would say of a proof like that?"
"This a a short Upanisad counted among the apocryphal Upanisads. It recognizes Sri Caitanya as the supreme, but it seems to borrow or imitate well known passages from other older Upanisads. It looks like another contribution to Vaisnava literature from the pen of Thakur Bhaktivinoda. He is as far as I know the only one to publish it or write a commentary on it."
23. To  defend his father's ill reputation, Bhaktisiddhanta or Bimal Prasad Dutta (BPD,) began attacking other vaisnav pen-pushers, which dunked cult writers even further in literary sewerage:-
"There are several other new books or books that were written a little later (such as Jayananda's Caitanya-mangala, Govinda Dasa's kadaca, Vamsi-siksa, Advaita Prakasa, and Nityananda-vamsa-vistara). Although it is said that these books are old, we have no interest in them. They are distinct in the way that they are incorrect in their philosophical truths and conclusions. Their narrow-minded, evil intentions are obvious and highly noticeable due to the absence of any effort and proper teachings in them."  (BPD in introduction to his father's Sri Caitanya-caritamrta). 

24. Prior to the cult THREE-  BT, BPD and acBSp, vaisnav 'litterature' was leafy, hand-written and came to gatherings without any demand for verification or authenticity.  It is why the most outrageous fiction is now pedaled as gospel.  To understand the 'Chaitanyite' school, we must reference historical data done on the 'bhakti' sect (or Vedic antitheists) which birthed gaudiyaism as it appears today:  

"No wonder! These Vaama Margi being so low and degraded in their morals founded a religion so entirely opposed to the Vedas. Later on when their religion had widely spread over India, they roguishly introduced some of their evil practices even in the name of the Vedas....[...]... They interpolated these and similar other verses into the works of the seers, and also wrote books in the name of many great sages and savants, and thus introduced such sacrifices as Gomedha - a sacrifice in which horses were killed. They declared that by slaughtering these animals and offering them as a sacrifice both - the animals sacrificed and the Yajamaana - went to Heaven. This evil practice seems to have originated on account of their ignorance of the true meanings of such words as Ashwamedha, Gomedha, and Naramedha that occur in the Braahmans, for had they understood them; they would not have committed such blunders>' (Satyarth Prakash.  Maharishi Dayanand, 1824-83).

Om Bhur Bhuva butchers

25. Here is the iskcon founder, acBSp proving his Vaama Margi descendancy:  "In the battlefield, a king or ksatriya, while fighting another king envious of him, is eligible for achieving heavenly planets after death, as the brahmanas also attain the heavenly planets by sacrificing animals in the sacrificial fire. Therefore, killing on the battlefield on religious principles and killing animals in the sacrificial fire are not at all considered to be acts of violence, because everyone is benefited by the religious principles involved. The animal sacrificed gets a human life immediately without undergoing the gradual evolutionary process from one form to another, and the ksatriyas killed on the battlefield also attain the heavenly planets as do the brahmanas who attain them by offering sacrifice." (BG aii 2/31)

>> Srila Prabhupada said that the word "Hindu" is a corruption of the word "Sindhu" or "Sind". (Again, so what? The author does not even try to refute the claim, but is simply outraged at this affront to Hindu nationalism. The actual fact is that the word Hindu is not found in Vedic texts. It appears Srila Prabhupada was not misinformed about the origin of the word, but even if he were wrong about that, what of it?)

26. Wrong! And wrong again!  We have shown conclusively in the researched work of Dr. Murlidhar H. Pahoja, that the word 'Hindu' (documented proof) has been in use since the Vedic age...HERE.  Read it!!  Conversely, we don't see any mention of iskzion, gaudiyaism, maha mantras, chaitanya, Skrekasuras, gopi-sex, the six goswamis or the Three Stogies in any Vedic text outside the interpolated nonsense of Vaama Margi cult descendants.  And if Bernstein is so quickly willing to accept that Prabhupada, the 'uttma adhakari'  who is a 'pure devotee' who only speaks godspeak- acBSp: If one does not speak what Krsna speaks, he is not guru.... could be wrong about that, then acBSp is wrong about many things.  Which is our opinion, exactly.  That's why his acronym reads...acBSp.  Bernstein doesn't give a rat's ass, anyway.  Nothing personal.  It's just business for the gods of goyim.
>>(3) Bhaktivinode Thakur ate fish and goat meat in his early life before conversion to Vaisnavism. (So what? The caste-conscious author is trying to shock readers by this sacrilege, but misses the point that even though the Thakur's family were not pure vegetarians, and even if he read Kant and Hegel and Schopenhauer in his youth -- what is wrong with that? -- he became a fully committed and strict Vaisnava with pure habits later in life.)
27. Hang on rabbi!  We aint discussing Rumpelstiltskin.  Bhaktivinod was a hairy, ugly, meat-eating, smelly fat maachi mar, but he is sold by your Vaama Margi vaisnav parampara as one of (god) Krishna's stellar girlfriends, who, while on R&R between gigs, took birth on Earth as opium-popping Bhaktivinod.  Her name is Kamala manjari.  'Is' because she is an eternal little girl between 8/10 years old who slinks away from her husband at night to meet god Krishna in the forest for sex.  Where does the butchering and devouring of goats and fish (while high on opium) fit in with this gopi's profile?  Given BT/Kamala's elevated position, as claimed by your corkscrewed cult, don't you think she could have pulled some divine strings to appear in a family that wasn't into salivating on mutton and fishtails?  Millions of simple Indians who never had sex with god were not forced to squeeze into a womb alongside rotting dead bodies, why did he...she?  BT enjoyed eating carcasses so much he gormandized till it made him sick-  I ate a lot of fish in Chapra, but it was not very good. Therefore, I ate more goat meat. After the prolonged eating of food of this kind combined with red chillies and mustard seed pickle, I developed a bleeding ulcer.  The 'Thakur' must surely have knocked off a hunk of pork chops with his colonial sahibs, as well.  But who gives a damn.  He set up a scam for you guys to hog on.  That's all that matters. 

BhaktiviNO Thakur

(4) Bhaktivinode Thakur's guru Bipin Bihari Goswami smoked tobacco. (As I understand it, Bhaktivinode Thakur was more devoted to his siksa-guru Srila Jagannatha Das Babaji. Srila Prabhupada does not include Bipin Bihari Goswami in the line of disciplic succession from Lord Caitanya through Bhaktivinode Thakur and his own guru, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami Prabhupada.)
28. Yes Bipin Bihari smoked tobacco but Bhaktivinod ate dead bodies and opium363...[...].... At this time I began to take half a grain of opium on the advice of the doctor and Bholanatha Kaviraj.  Note his words- I began to take.  This means it was not just once but continual.  When we consider two important factors 1) opium is addictive; deadly from the first dose, 2) BT does not speak further about his intake or dosage, or how he broke the hold of a powerfully addictive narcotic.  When taken into consideration, his airy-fairy writings and claims may well be poppy tears.  What to speak of opium, your acBSp could not even break his snuff habit.  Now about Bipin Bihari's exclusion from the iskzion parampara...BPD, Bhaktiivinod's son (Bhaktisiddhanta) did not include Bipin's name in the 'first ever' printing of the vaisnav parampara list (most of whom are unknown and untracable) not because BB was a tobacco smoker (your prabhupada was a snuffy and he's on it) but because he called Bhaktivinod a fraud....and rightly so.
>>Have Hare Krishna devotees sometimes behaved badly or even anti-socially? Of course! So have Catholics. So have atheists. So have Jews. Name me any substantial social or ethnic group and I am sure someone could find examples of misbehavior by some of its members.
29. Mitigating reality wont help you here, Bernie boy.  Albeit iskzion has the most shocking reputation per capita of any institution exposed for child abuse, let us not nit-pick.  Hare Krishna rank-and-file devotees may have an even larger contingent of criminals uninvestigated, but why dally with goyim.  Public records point repeatedly to your ecclesiastical ELDERS as the chief perverts and felons.  You don't agree?  Okay, here is a list (rank-and file not included) of your saints- Holiness' and Divine Grace', caught and exposed in the four decades of cult existence.  We remind our readers, beyond the list below, there are several more who groom and grind out perversions hidden by the cult kabala: 
Bhavananda Goswami (aka. Charles Bacis, USA,) GBC and "Guru." Suspect in the alleged poisoning murder of ISKCON's Founder,  A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (who knew of his perversions but did nothing.)  Promoted as a celibate guru by the GBC even after being exposed as a pedophile and practicing homosexual, he was finally ousted for performing fellatio on a taxi-driver. Is being gradually introduced back into the fold with GBC approval. http://www.harekrsna.org/gbc/black/bhav.htm

Kirtanananda Swami (late. aka. Keith "Piggy" Ham, USA,) GBC and "Guru." Renowned pedophile and rampant homosexual. Wore a crown of gold and was paraded riding on a palanquin.  Ran a prostitution racket.  His confederacy murdered Sulochan das.  Was on trial for six counts of mail fraud, three counts of racketeering, and one count each of conspiracy and interstate travel to commit murder for hire.  In its indictment, the government said Ham used two murders, a kidnapping threat and beatings to maintain control of the illegal business scams that raised more than $10 million between 1981 and 1985 at the New Vrindaban community near Moundsville in West Virginia's Northern Panhandle.  Died in India  http://www.harekrsna.org/spirit/crimes1.htm

Radhanath Swami (aka. Dicky Slavin, USA) GBC and "Guru."  Right-hand-man to Keith Ham, was there when the bodies were discovered. Identified by insiders as the 'bagman" and order-giver in the assassination of Sulochan Das.  Still a practicing GBC and "Guru" within the cult. http://www.b-i-f.com/The%20Slayer%20Swami.html

Umapati Swami (aka. Wally Sheffy, USA,) GBC and "Guru."  Exposed after decades, and only after being twice reported to his GBC confederacy, for homosexual activity with at least seven of his disciples. http://www.b-i-f.com/Umapati%20does%20china.html

Satsvarupa Das Goswami (aka. Stephen Guarino, USA,) GBC and "Guru." After four decades of living  high on donations because he was "as good as God" his deception was discovered: .... "At this same time Srila Satsvarupa dasa Goswami's longtime editor and closest disciple Kaisori Devi Dasi Mataji rejected Srila Satsvarupa dasa Goswami. In confidence she related to several devotees that Srila Satsvarupa dasa Goswami and Prananda dasi Mataji had become attached and their relationship became sexual in nature. She said that they could not have intercourse because of Maharajas medication but that they had a sexual relationship including kissing and fondling with no clothes....[....]....he has developed a drug habit and that he does not partake in any devotional programs. Here readers can see how his GBC confederacy, even after revelation, continue to promote him as something he is not: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=5000

Lokanatha Swami (born 1949, Aravade, Maharashtra, India) GBC and "Guru."  Here we have another case of deception carried out over decades.  As a guest at the home of cult members, this "Guru" was touching / feeling a young girl child.  What comes to the fore, more so than in any other exposé, is a 'leaked' GBC report on the matter which identifies them as a cluster without conscience. http://www.b-i-f.com/Other_Matters_1.htm

Harikesh Swami (aka. Robert Campagnola, USA,) GBC and "Guru." He, after receiving endorsement from his brethren GBC, built up a following of thousands. After meeting a big-breasted "pranic healer" named Monika, he dumped his following, grabbed a few million and headed off to his updated version of psycho paradise. http://www.harekrsna.org/pada/hks/harikesh_saga.htm

Prabhavisnu  Swami (aka. Paul Barrow, Ireland) GBC and "Guru."  Was seen engaging with prostitutes in Bangkok.  He was defrocked after persistent complaints. http://www.chakra.org/announcements2/persJan14_12.html

Indradyumna Swami (aka. Brian Tibbitts, USA,) GBC and "Guru."  This "celibate" swami is also a GBC in the Russian zone.  We need say no more other than to point readers here: http://prabhupadavision.com/2011/07/indradyumna/

Bhakti Tirtha Swami
(late) (aka. John Favors. aka.
Toshombe Abdul, Africa,) GBC and "Guru." Claimed to be directed by God to take charge and organize the 33 million demigods. Also claimed to "accesses higher dimensions" and to being in contact with higher beings.  Wrote a book about aliens from planet "Mu" and Atlantis, and the "Skull and Bones Society."  He was publicly and very directly accused by his god sister, Mahavegavati dasi (ACBSP,) of taking drugs, and being indirectly involved in the murder of Hladini devi dasi. http://www.harekrsna.org/gbc/black/bhaktitirtha.htm  http://www.b-i-f.com/Brahma-hatya.html

Here's a whole bunch more-

11. Bhakti Balabh Puri Goswami. 12. Param Gati Swami. 13. Bhagavan Das Goswami. 14. Agrani Swami. 15. Ananda Svarupa Swami. 16. Bhakti Abhay Caran Swami. 17. Bhakti Prabhav Maharaj. 18. Ganapati Swami. 19. Hansadutta Swami. 20. Isvara Swami. 21. Jagad Guru Swami. 22. Jagadish Maharaja Swami. 23. Narahari Swami. 24. Panchadravida Swami. 25. Paramgati Swami. 26. Radha Krishna Swami. 27. Suhotra Swami. 28. Vipramukhya Swami. 29. Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami. 30. Somaka Swami. 31. Satadhanya Swami: Suspect in the alleged poisoning murder of ISKCON's founder, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Still active within the cult.  He is also an identified and exposed sexual abuser of students within the cult's schools (but never exposed to secular law or cliniical assessment.) Here is a recorded complaint from ISKCON's Child Protection Office files:  'He continually tried to penetrate me anally either with his penis or with his finger and would become frustrated and angry as I would begin bleeding.  Whilst this was going on he would have the door locked and would be saying things to me like, " I am a sunnyasi and I am doing this, why are you not wanting to do this?' 
Back to Bernie boy's letter:-
>>I have lived in and around ISKCON for most of my life (I will be 54 years old next month). I would say that in the 1960s and 1970s as a very demanding discipline organized on the strength of Srila Prabhupada's considerable personal charisma, it had a lot of characteristics of what sociologists call a "cult" (or in Europe a "sect").
30. Bernstein / Akruranatha das, was initiated in St. Louis, 1976.  He tells us how the society was perceived in the 60's (a decade before his  involvement, at least,) implying it was a cult then but no longer.  Without going into who we are, d.o.b, or where we come from, what we can say with surety is that cult philosophy has not changed, nor has strife within the cult...pre or post America.  It cannot and will not alter direction.  Ergo it will always remain a dangerous backwater cult, or until shutdown.  As for Srila Prabhupada, he (like BPD and BT before him) was and is core deceptor.

Early Hare Krishna

>>After Srila Prabhupada passed away in 1977, ISKCON went through a rocky decade as his initial successor gurus, many of whom were not quite spiritually up to the task, faced the challenge of moving ISKCON into a post-charismatic phase (and yes, there were excesses).
31. Mr. Bernstein, will need to pull his head out his butt and have an honest look around.  To say went through a rocky phase is to say it is now on a cakewalk.  Maybe his position as shyster for the cult forbids him the honesty of confronting TRUTH.  Allow BIF to assure you Sir, ISV may be looting successfully but the cult internationally, is in slow meltdown.  Americans have had enough, Russian authorities have had enough.... http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/news/11-12/news4549.htm, and our Indian Government has shown incredible tolerance in the face of undeniable evidence demanding arraignment, i.e., tax evasion, land scams, money laundering, kidnapping of minors, child sex abuse (no, it has not gone away,) practicing unnatural sex, illegal immigration, misrepresenting the Indian Govt. (and Hinduism) to collect funds internationally, smuggling of narcotics, human trafficking, treason, prostitution, failing to notify the IPS of crimes within the organization, defamation of the Indian Govt., the Indian freedom struggle, Indian exemplars, former Presidents and Prime Ministers, spreading anti-nationalism, anti-democracy sentiments, defying and failing to comply with the Constitution and Laws of the Indian Republic,  etc., etc., etc. The cult covin which unifies to scam but disenfranchises felons when caught, has worn thin.  Sine qua non is a legal reality.  Every iskzion shyster should know that. 
>>I would say that for the last 25 years or so ISKCON has amply demonstrated that it will continue to be a positive and effective exponent of Vedic and Vaisnava culture, without some of the "cultiness" that it displayed as a sort of communal, intensely religious subculture within the broader hippie counterculture of the 1960s.

Dum maro Dum. Vaisnav culture

32. Readers may remember this BIF quote from "Wobblers" :- "Suggestion in prolonged repetition can produce unquantifiable results in terms of 'begging belief' made believable."  It is a credit to ancient Indian cavemen tantrics when we see, even lawyers, snared and transported to a dimension beyond belief.  ALL serious cult crimes mentioned, deception and abuse, is recent current and ongoing.  Yet we have Mr. Bernstein, who hears nothing, sees nothing, but employs his Silicon Valley brain implant to pimp iskzion.  The hippie era came and went, still vaisnav crime remains as it was, and long before converted Judeo-Christian cultists saw profit in saffron dye.  Albeit acBSp turned the cult 'white' he could not lift the curse of its past or present criminal tendencies. 
>>As ISKCON becomes broader and more mature, and as it recruits more of its followers from well-educated Hindu middle and upper classes, it is becoming more capable of interacting responsibly with the "outside world".
33. Herein Bernstein, the Iskzion lawyer and administrator, declares unequivocally cult intent to solicit, recruit, convert and exploit Hindus as a means to cult promotion and world acceptance.  Refer to our para. 10.  Did we not point out the cult founder (acBSp) surreptitiously confusing cultism with Hinduism so his 'white elephant' society could prey on Hindus?  Well, are we right or wrong?  BIF would not be on these pages other than for this reason : the entrapment and exploitation of Hindus who mistake affinity fraud for friendship away from home.  We pray to Indian Ministers; the protectors of Hindustan, and friends in high places, to recognize the problem for what it is and act expediently. 
>>And yet there is a trade-off: many old ISKCON devotees wistfully and nostalgically look back to the days where practically all the members lived in communal asrams as full-time, completely "surrendered" members.
34. In Bernstein's own words it was a hippie sub-culture, narrow and immature.  Also, as criminal then as it is today.  Monkeys on a stick.  They were allowed room to swing only because no one back then knew anything about the sect's past history, philosophical core beliefs : the founder's endorsement of pedophilia, polygamy and misogyny, self centricity, donation dharma, covert activities and cover ups.  All of this is only now coming to light, and onto the desks of those who hold power.

Earlier Hare Krishna

>>Personally, I love ISKCON and find that Hare Krishna devotees are among the nicest and best people I know.
Of course one may meet some Hare Krishna devotee who is not a perfect saint. There is no bar on who may become a follower or consider themselves members (though to become an initiated disciple usually requires some discipline and dedication). Naturally, there are some rough-hewn elements in and around ISKCON, as there would be around any group seeking to canvass adherents from the general population. And this would be true not only of religious movements but political and cultural movements, too. Still, if you want to meet some of the greatest people in the world and learn about a fascinating culture, literature, philosophy and theology, I think you could not do better than to contact your local Hare Krishna center.
35. Hare Krishna devotees, depending on who is being addressed, are arrogant, racist, conceited, supremacist, all-knowing dipsticks with a low to zilch intelligence quotient.  However when their nostrils pick up the scent of cult spoored 'seniority', ritual oxytocin oozes in subordination.  It sounds comforting for them to hear the master (prabhu) say:- "You are a good goyim. I like you because you are a programmed zombie who believes everything I say as gospel.  When I say jump you ask- how high?"  Without going any further, we have explained this deva/doormat relationship in our article- SS/OC= Cult

Now we bring to focus Bernstein's attack on yet another forum chatter:

>>Nunya Beeswax, I do not want to sound too confrontational, but I request you to reconsider whether you are really qualified to speak for "most Hindus". Actually, ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness, or the "Hare Krishna Movement") is very popular in India and among Hindu populations around the world.

36. But you are confrontational Bernie boy,....you are.  Hare Krishna are popular in India as foreign beggars, and not much else.  As far as speaking for Hindu people, no one is permitted to do so without having a cult dog nipping at the heels.  Meanwhile cult dailys and circulars never cease to frame India, Hindus and Hinduism, as mayavadis and inferiors.  Which is what a.c bhaktivedanta (acBSp) did to get a leg up on Indians who wouldn't even dump on his iskzion.  However, we can assure Mr. Bernstein and his buddies, when Hindustan speaks for its people, iskzion will crumble just as their fornicating predecessors did under Government ordinance.  We presented Bernstein's gopi-gropers with a chance to convert Hindus in the millions by offering them a DEBATE covered by National media in India.  There are several Hindu families and institutions who have been robbed and abused by the cult.  They want to question the protocols of the elders of iskzion and its founder, but the faringis have not accepted the challenge.

CM Modi-ji.  Impact of Arya Samaj on Indian society

>>As "Krishna Lover" points out, the world's Hindus, numbering well over a billion, are not unified under a single guru, church, creed, liturgy or serious of rituals. The Vedic scriptures themselves (including the Epics and Puranas) are vast, and there are wide varieties of interpretations and emphasis among different Hindu traditions.

37.  The idea of being 'unified under a single guru' is pivotal to the cult's enslavement agenda.  Citing verses from an interpolated Bhagavad Gita as proof, 'bhakti' fraudsters claim Krishna demanded absolute surrender to him because he was god.  The cult gurus then twisted the interpolation to claim guru equals god.  According to the Vedas, an altruistic teacher is a spiritual guide who falls fourth in the line of reverence...Mother being the first.  Read HERE.

38. Teachers (gurus) teach.  They DO NOT point to bogus scripture or ANYTHING that demands enslavement and negation of duty to family society and Nation.  Especially when the philosophy is a compilation of horsedung and hope.  Just look at how shallow the spiritual potency of the goyim gurus; his magical maha mantra and his 'pure devotee' lineage.  Even with the 'absolute surrender' clause hammered in, the society has splintered into factions of fornicating fakirs and money-grabbing muggers.  Wherever and whenever one encounters a wailing wallah pointing to guru as the goal...jackboot him up the bum. 

>>The Hare Krishnas represent the Vaisnavite Bhakti tradition, which is probably the most popular within Hinduism. However, you might be surprised to know we do not present our ISKCON as a sectarian branch of Hinduism, but as one that teaches the natural, eternal, universal dharma of all jivas (souls), which is, simply put, to reawaken our pure love for God and His energies (or, as the Christians put it, to "love God with all your heart and soul and love your neighbor as yourself").

Swami Vivikananda. (abused by acBSp)

39.  Bernstein persists in affiliation....like cult feces on a Hindu blanket.  AcBSp (read para.10) made clear his society was not Hindu.  Iskzion is as Hindu as the Mossad is Hindutva.  So why do cultheads seek mergence with Hinduism?  Is it because converted carnivores have a genetic predisposition to predate?  An evangelical commitment to convert?....Corporate monotheism?....Dracula cult-packs feeding off the Hindu diaspora?  Or is it criminal desperation?....Here's reason worth considering:- 

"However, soon after the alleged homicidal poisoning of its founder, the new cult began to stink and pollute the non-secular atmosphere with perversion.  Foreign investors began pulling out of the ISKCON manufacturing process, and the vaisnav sect went déjà vu.  Temples could not man basic services and coffers were filling with roaches.  Whenever the cult's management looked up all they saw were Hindus; as it remains today.  In desperation, the founder's instructions were shelved (or compromised) and a new "Hindu conversion" strategy was put in place: "The Indian Life Membership Program."  What was at first extended by the founder as an opportunity for Hindus to repent earlier indifference, was revved into a "Find them, Fleece them or Forget them" campaign.  Soon Hindus were representing the cult on all levels, giving it a mainstream status.  Journalists and representatives of information services were fed the Hindus-r-us tiger's eggs.  The world was warned off; being made to understand that a cult raping its children, and whose celibate priests were rampant homosexuals, were actually part of the influential Hindu community".

40. We can repeat quotes (scattered across BIF pages) from the cult's founder showing why his teachings are not only sectarian but contrary to Vedic tenets.  Instead, we will direct our readers to Mumbo Jumbo Mango.  If you have not read it already, please scroll down to the second half of the article.  Without covering ALL the madness, it certainly gives an idea of the mental disorders that define a cult as opposed to Vedic culture.  To understand Hinduism in its purity is to know that idol worship, polytheism, animal sacrifice, child marriage, sati pratha,  the caste system which empowered Brahman vaisnav priests, and the guru equals god concept, were later introductions to facilitate a god-man business. 

>>As our great 16th century authority Sri Rupa Goswami pointed out in his treatise "Bhaktirasamrta-sidhu", there are universal or essential principles, and there are details. While we revere all Vedic literature, we respect knowledge from any source. ISKCON's founder Srila Prabhupada taught (as did Lord Sri Krishna Caitanya) that you need not change your external religion, and that you should chant whatever names of God you accept, such as Allah, Jehovah, Christ, Buddha. (Serious ISKCON members almost universally accept the names of Krishna, however.)

Rupa..kya?...wo kaun hai?

41. Whose great authority is Rupa Goswami?  He, like BT, BPD and acBSp, is historically unique to the sect.  Indian literary circles, in no State or language outside gaudiya vaisnavism, recognize this great authority as anything more than sectarian.  Why? Because India has, and still does, mass produce pundits like Rupa.  Just because acBSp promoted him as a great authority to young hippies, does not give him Indian 'exemplar' or Vedic status in Bharatvarsh.  You don't believe this?  Okay, when in Bengal (what to speak of any other State) do a survey on the streets of any town or city.  Ask your ten or hundred passersby-  "apni rupa goswami'r naam sunichen?"  Should they answer 'yes' instead of giving a blank stare, ask them to explain further and you will discover they have no idea who the beggar was.  The only Bengalis with some cult inkling (possibly) are those exposed to iskzion indoctrination.  How does this writer know?....aami bungal'r janma nelam.    

>>Also, in this day and age, where a vegetarian diet is practical, we should not slaughter the poor animals to satisfy our taste buds. How can that be "loving our neighbor"? This is not a matter of sectarianism, but common sense.

Maharishi Dayanand, founder Arya Samaj
(abused by acBSp)

42. Blah, blah, blah.  From what we read on cult web sites, temples are providing facility for local clubs to hold bar-b-ques on the premises...for a fee of course.  Where and when has iskzion, an 'international' organization, EVER taken to the streets in protest of cow slaughter?  Show us even one letter penned in protest to governors.... Beggars chest-beat, but never in an open bazaar. 

43. Hindus have fought bloody battles for centuries in protest of cow killing. The Cow Protection Movement was the movement that demanded the end of cow slaughter in British India.  It gained momentum with support from the Arya Samaj and its founding father Swami Dayananda Saraswati who with his followers traversed India, which led to the establishment of cow protection societies in various regions.  The movement lost focus during India's fight for independence, but has since recovered to successfully implement bans in TEN States, with several others under consideration.

44. Indian observers of the cult are growing increasingly tired of its posturing; its pretentions and greedy self-centricity bolstered by a convenient non-philanthropic doctrine. Iskzion has had it's day, its year, its decades.  The BIF team, friends, and associated protestors, look to those in whom God has invested power to adjudicate and pass verdict.  We remain assured.  His will be done.

Thanking You for spending time with us


Deepak Sarma

White Hindu Converts: Mimicry or Mockery?
Posted: 11/14/2012 2:20 pm

It is ironic that, while so many Disaporic Hindus mimic imaginary archetypes of "white" American culture in order to assimilate, to deny their colonized and oppressed histories, to (futilely) self-blanch, and to be accepted by the dominant white Christian privileged culture, a select group of white Americans do the opposite. They claim to have "converted" to Hinduism and concurrently mimic their imaginary (and often Orientalist) archetypal "Hindu" in order to reverse-assimilate, to deny their colonial histories, to (futilely) color their lives, and, paradoxically, to be marginalized.

But is their mimicry merely disguised or (unintentional) mockery?

The former group, the Disaporic Hindus, may not have much choice but to aspire to be accepted, despite (or because of) the proclamation of Pollyanna pluralists.

The latter group, the White Hindu Converts, in (dark and stark) contrast, have a choice to believe that they can "reverse mimic," identify with the subaltern group and can transform from the oppressor to the oppressed, from the colonizer to the colonized. Surely such an imagined transformation is only available to those who are privileged in the first place. While the responsibility for the historical privileging may not lie with them, they cannot avoid benefitting from the ill-gotten fruits.

So, no matter their sincerity, or self-proclaimed authenticity, their mimicry seems more like mockery. And, unlike the forced mimicry of the Diaspora Hindu, which may have subversive undertones and may destabilize the dominant ideology, reverse mimicry, ironically, merely reinforces existing hierarchies and paradigms. In fact, some claim to be more "authentic" than Diaspora Hindus and, in so doing, deny the voice of those they mimic/ mock.

Of course there are always a plethora of pleasant anecdotes that Diaspora Hindus welcomed White Hindu Converts in their temples and homes. But is this welcome sincere? Or is it merely proof that the Disaporic Hindus still suffer from post-traumatic, post-colonial, servile disorder?

It is easy to argue that the experience of Hinduism in America cannot be understood without taking into consideration the relationship between colonization and Hinduism, and that the experience of being colonized is not available to white Americans.

If so then White Hindu Converts cannot ever be, or experience anything like, Diaspora Hindus.

Dr. Deepak Sarma, professor of South Asian religions and philosophy at Case Western Reserve University, is the author of "Classical Indian Philosophy: A Reader" (2011), "Hinduism: A Reader" (2008), "Epistemologies and the Limitations of Philosophical Inquiry: Doctrine in Madhva Vedanta" (2005) and "An Introduction to Madhva Vedanta" (2003). He was a guest curator of Indian Kalighat Paintings, an exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art. After earning a BA in religion from Reed College, Sarma attended the University of Chicago Divinity School, where he received a PhD in the philosophy of religions. His current reflections concern cultural theory, racism, and post-colonialism.