20th  AUGUST, 2012 

Doubtless it is that secularism acknowledges non-secular rights.  Collective ritual has a significant impact on cooperative decisions.  Secular governments even protect and facilitate isms in belief that they shape a law-abiding citizenry.  But when criminal clusters find sanctum in government-permitted self-assessment ministries who then establish self-governments to hide crime and felons, such dangerous cells no longer meet criterion for privilege, sparking instead a concern for national security. 

Shifting Dimensions

1. Dominion, power and control (DPC,) motivates criminal aggression.  Yet aggression is not the rule for all DPC motivated crime.  A larger percentage of DPC is passive.  Where aggressive dominators are volatile in execution, passive dominators sidle and slink; expending time in dramatic ritual philosophy and psychology to confuse targets and avoid detection.  Another notable point of difference is that aggressive DPC's act (invariably) solo, where passive dominators are more likely to operate in clusters. 

Passive DPC

2. Both DPC's demonstrate conviction in the need to relocate targets.  Transporting targets from abduction to crime scene is crucial to any successful predation. Where a few DPC crimes are enacted on the spot, most felons move targets to a pre-chosen locale facilitating privacy and time, a pre-requisite to DPC crime.  And where aggressors may use weapons / force to physically transport targets, passive dominators resort to moving targets mentally between dimensions: corporeality to coven; fact to fiction; real time to lag time.  In this respect both aggressive and passive dominators pre-meditate transportation of targets.  The difference being that aggressive crime is more easily identifiable: it bleeds visibly.  Passive dominators entrap and enslave victims over prolonged periods of time, ergo, like leeches, go unnoticed and undetected.  Yet, and whereas both DPC's are driven by the quick-rush determinant, passive DPC will find stimulation prolonged and sheltered in clusters, or cults, where idyllic facilities cater to megalomania.

3. Aggressive DPC's, their crimes and record, are made available to detection in due course, whereas most passive DPC's practice for life without detection.  They are not on police radar because they ply their trade inside legally permitted clusters, e.g., religious orders.  This post will concentrate on how passive DPC methods move victims from independence to subjugation; from individuality to group identification.  But first we take a look at a passive DPC turned aggressor, and in revelations of his initial technique, find the basis for most passive DPC methodology.

Aggressive DPC

4. Roderick Ferrell was leader of a loosely knit gang of teenagers.  He convinced them he was a 500 year-old vampire named Vesago.  Ferrell later confessed to employing domination techniques he had studied in books on psychology available at the local university.  While working his charm as a passive dominator his popularity grew; there was never any confrontation with the law.  However, it was not long before Ferrell's 'Vampire Clan' expanded to a hard-core following: an illegal cult.  With the swelling of his ranks, 'Vesago' moved from passive to aggressive.  He was finally caught with three members of his clan, but not before they had left murder and mayhem in their wake.  When interviewed by criminal psychologists, Ferrell came clean on how he recruited students and mentally transported them from reality to fiction; from teenagers to cult diehards.  "Mainly I used psychology to get a better grasp on the human mind."  He stated that 'brainwashing' and  'mind alteration' helped to bring people under his control.  To further keep them subjugated, Ferrell recalled initiating 'low protein diets' and 'mantra meditation.'  He further enforced his domination by introducing 'sensory deprivation' and..... "Immersed myself into their psyches so they viewed me as a deity figure." 

5. In our last article we raised the 'rhetological' factor wherein it was explained how interpolated and manufactured writings were commonly used by the 'vaisnav' cult (now Iskcon-  American Hare Krishnas) to validate authenticity and legitimacy.  Here below we see how a passive DPC referenced those writings as 'predictions' to install himself as a divine messiah: a Pharaoh- Caesar- Hitler- Stalin- Ferrell- equals Prabhupada (acBSp) equals god.

Cluster DPC

6. For a passive DPC, there can never be enough emphasis placed on the importance of self promotion.  With that fact in mind we remind readers of a passage from our article- Psychoswami : "Since it is a given that conscience is universal among human beings, claiming to have a conscience where there is none, does not raise an eyebrow.  In fact it is practically effortless.  When this deception is practiced within the confines of a cult, the bar can be unreservedly raised to claim conscience on parity with God."  Okay let's take a look at a passive DPC selling himself as divine and using his divinity to transport targets.  Here he is-  founder of the Iskcon cult in America- A C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (acBSp).

 acBSp : " Yes. I am simply messenger.  Mercy is of Bhaktivinod Thakur and Srila Prabhupada (Bhaktivinod's son.)  Before your (sic) coming they predicted, that "Somebody will bring"  Maybe that somebody I am. Bhaktivinod Thakur predicted."

7. It was not uncommon for cult scribes to predict 'a coming.'  If predictions were unfulfilled it meant the cult failed, so no one noticed anyway.  If the cult survived, predictions authenticated and divinely endorsed 'messiahs,' and even more so in a cult historically jam-packed with cozens and god-came-in-a-dream believers.  Along with other endorsements, acBSp transported to America his 'coming' in writings claimed to be 'ancient scriptures,' and even more ancient than the endorsements of the cult's exposed forger- Bhaktivinod Thakur.  Here are just three of many: 

"Lord Krsna smiled and replied, 'Be patient. After 5,000 years My mantra upasaka, (acBSp) will appear and spread the chanting of the holy name everywhere.' "

"I want to flood the whole world with the chanting of the holy names. I will personally preach and flood India with harinama sankirtana, chanting of the holy names. My Senapati Bhakta (acBSp) will come, preach in different countries and flood the world with the chanting of Hare Krsna."

"If some sinful people escape and giving up religious principles go to far off countries, then my Senapati Bhakta (acBSp) will come at that time to give them Krsna consciousness."

8. Convinced that they were god-men and anything they wrote was gospel, cult writers not only invented the characters and stories to sell but put words in their mouths predicting the 'appearance' of cult god-men, thereby creating a lineage of divine heralds and herdsmen licensed to hoodwink and herd targets to cult locale..... corporeality to coven; fact to fiction; real time to lag time. 

9. Here is an example of corporeality to coven:- "But Caitanya Mahaprabhu informs us that one can even have sexual engagement with the Lord.  This is Caitanya Mahaprabhu's unique contribution...No one, however, has conceived that there can be sexual engagement in the spiritual world.  There is not a single instance of such theology anywhere in the entire world...The impersonalists have no idea; they cannot even conceive that God has form. But Caitanya Mahaprabhu says that not only does God have form, but He has sex life also.  This is the highest contribution of Caitanya Mahaprabhu."  (acBSp-  Science of Self Realization, Ch 8).  And this is what the Iskcon cult preaches as the ultimate relationship with God...you a gopi girl (manjari) 8/10 years old, and god (Krishna,) chasing you through the forest for sex.  Yep, he makes the big-bad-wolf look like an angel.  Let's hear what an observer has to say about the above acBSp pimp:

Here Prabhupada (acBSp) is claiming that all the sex stuff with God didn't start until Caitanya's "contribution".  But the SB (Srimad Bhagavatam) is full of sex stuff and was written supposedly 5000 years ago, long before Caitanya.  Little girls, married wives, bathing ghat, consorts (Krishna 'lila,') 16,108 wives, you know.   If the sex stuff didn't start until Caitanya, then the SB must have been written in the vicinity of Caitanya's time and not much earlier.  If the SB was ancient Caitanya wouldn't have had to introduce sex with god as people would have known it for thousands of years.  Bopadeva was 1300 AD (?)....  LC was 1500 AD, and he wanted everybody to read the SB continuously (says so in the CC...Caitanya Caritamrta).
acBSp is unconsciously implying, that Bopadeva, or at least a contemporary of Caitanya, not Vyasa, wrote the SB.  He got so excited that he wasn't careful with his language.  Am I missing something?  What do you guys think? 

10. Yes, vaisnav history claims that Krishna (god) built a whole city (Dwarka) only to house his seminal issue.  The Srimad Bhagavatam's tenth chapter reeks of underage sex and the vaisnav Padma Purana 5.74.60-198 has Krishna and Arjuna in a forest romp (read our Gender Bender Descender.)  In fact, vaisnav/gaudiya/iskcon cult literature out-bonks the Marquis de Sade, Casanova and Long John Holmes rolled into one.  One cannot help but wonder how this sexually promiscuous literature was permitted uncensored in a land and time governed by highly moral Vedic rulers.  Maybe acBSp has the answer to that one.  But of course he does.  Here it is- " When monarchy ruled throughout the world, the monarchy was actually directed by the brahmins and saintly persons." (SB 4.22.45 purport.)   So we can now understand why monarchy jumped from sack to sewer.  Just imagine a warrior king returning from battle after chopping off a few heads; the muscles of his sinewy arms as strong as iron bands and his hairy chest covered in blood, only to hear his 'directing' brahmins/saintly persons croon :-  "You have done well.  Now you can go to vaisnav heaven, become a gopi girl who catwalks breast-bare without even a peek-a-boo top and consecrate the rest of your existence to double-crossing your husband by running through the bushes at night chased by a god with a flute and a peacock feather.  How does that tickle ya fancy?"

Monarchs & Brahmins
(a recurring dream)

11. We have presented an e.g., of corporeality to coven above, now we give an e.g. of fact to fiction.  First the fiction.  Once targets enter the coven they are in a dimension wherein all thoughts words and deeds are sanctioned or condemned by the one who must be obeyed-  The Dominator, The Controller, The Empowered representative of god...Guru, i.e., acBSp.  "Except for God, no one can establish the principles of religion. Either He or a suitable person empowered by Him can dictate the codes of religion." (purport, Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.3.43) And who is a suitable person empowered by Him?  You get one guess....Well done!  Now let's hear acBSp dictate the codes:- 

"In the battlefield, a king or ksatriya, while fighting another king envious of him, is eligible for achieving heavenly planets after death, as the brahmanas also attain the heavenly planets by sacrificing animals in the sacrificial fire. Therefore, killing on the battlefield on religious principles and killing animals in the sacrificial fire are not at all considered to be acts of violence, because everyone is benefited by the religious principles involved. The animal sacrificed gets a human life immediately without undergoing the gradual evolutionary process from one form to another, and the ksatriyas killed on the battlefield also attain the heavenly planets as do the brahmanas who attain them by offering sacrifice." (BG aii 2/31)

12. AcBSp bullosophy!  This is not dictating the codes of religion.  It is utter nonsense. An unforgivable distortion and vilification of Vedic teachings.  How enigmatic is this man who then instructed his followers to not sacrifice animals in the sacrificial fire?  Is it because animal sacrifice does not DPC equate to a cult-skewered slow human roasting?  Or is it because bar-b-queing animals is time wasting i.e., detrimental to book sales, money-making and world domination?  Anyhow, here's the TRUTH as per Vedic injunction:

"Yajna word is derived from root 'Yaj' by adding Nan pratyaya. Yaj root has three meanings : Devapuja (behaving appropriately with the entities around- worshipping Eeshvar, respecting parents, keeping the environment clean etc are few examples), Sangatikaran (Unity) and Daan (Charity) (acBSp translated as 'sankirtan,' or 'show me the money'). As per Vedas, these form the primary duty of human beings and hence Yajna is so emphasized not only in Vedas but in almost entire Indian literature of ancient era.
What is important however is the fact that Yajna has no reference to animal killing whatsoever. In fact, Nirukta (Vedic vocabulary) clearly states in 2.7 that Yajna is called Adhwara. Dhwara means violence and hence it is totally banned in Yajna.
In other words, forget about animal killing, any kind of violence through mind, body or voice is completely banned in Yajna.
Adhwara is used to imply Yajna in a large number of mantras in the Vedas. For example, Rigveda 1.1.4, 1.1.8, 1.14.21, 1.128.4, 1.19.1, Atharvaveda 4.24.3, 18.2.2, 1.4.2, 5.12.2, 19.42.4.  Around 43 mantras in Yajurveda refer to Adhwara.
In fact Yajurveda 36.18 clearly states that "May I look upon everyone Sarvaani Bhootani (and not only human beings) with friendly eyes."
Thus, Vedas, nowhere justify animal sacrifice and on contrary condemn any form of violence on innocent beings."


And here is the LION-  Maharishi  Dayanand Saraswati, who scattered the cult jackals and identified them for what they were...scavengers.

Heart of Maharishi Dayanand

"They interpolated these and similar other verses into the works of the seers, and also wrote books in the name of many great sages and servants, and thus introduced such sacrifices as Gomedha - a sacrifice in which horses were killed. They declared that by slaughtering these animals and offering them as a sacrifice both - the animals sacrificed and the Yajamaana - went to Heaven. This evil practice seems to have originated on account of their ignorance of the true meanings of such words as Ashwamedha, Gomedha, and Naramedha that occur in the Braahmans, for had they understood them, they would not have committed such blunders.

What are then the true meanings of such words as Ashwamedha, Gomedha, and Naramedha?

A. ~ Their meanings are not what the Vaama Margis think. Nowhere in the scriptures and other authentic books it is written that horses, cows and human beings should be killed and offered as a sacrifice in the sacred fire, called Homa. It is only in the books of the Vaama Margis that such absurd things are written.

Wherever in the authentic books of the sages the sanctions of such a sacrifice is found, it should be understood that the verse or the passage has been interpolated by the Vaama Margis. Now mark! What the Shathapatha Braahmana says on the subject:- "A king governs his people justly and righteously. This is called Ashwamedha." "A learned man gives a free gift of knowledge to the people. This also called Ashwamedha. Again , "the burning of clarified butter and odoriferous and nutritious substances in the fire in order to purify the air is also called Ashwamedha. SHATHAPATHA BRAHMANA 13: 1, 6;3.

"To keep the food pure or to keep the senses under control. Or to make a good use of the rays of the sun or keep the earth free from impurities (clean) is called Gomedha." "The cremation of the body of a dead person in accordance with the principles laid down in the Vedas is called Naramedha." *

Q. - The sacrificers assert that the Yajmaanaa and the animals burnt in a sacrifice both go to heaven, and also that they bring the animals (burnt in the sacrifice) to life again. Do you think it to be true or not?

A. ~ No, if it be true that they go to Heaven, why should not he (as well as his dear relations), who asserts it, be killed and burnt as a sacrifice and thereby sent to Heaven, or why could they (i.e., the sacrificer and his relations) not be brought back to life after they have been killed and burnt in the sacrifice.

Q. - It the Vedas do not sanction this kind of sacrifice, why should the Vedic hymns be chanted at the time?

A. ~ The hymns cannot prevent anyone from chanting them, for they are only a collection of words, but they do not mean that the animals should be slaughtered and burnt in sacrifices. The Vedic hymns Agnaye Swaha, etc., mean that the clarified butter and other nutritious and odoriferous substances, when burnt in the fire, purify the air, rain, and water, and thereby promote happiness on this earth. How could those idiots understand the true meaning of the Vedic hymns, because the selfish minds know and believe in nothing else but serving their selfish ends." 

13. Notwithstanding, evidence is irrelevant to a cult zombie once transported and brain-sucked.  Nothing matters outside what his 'god-said-I am-god' DPC directs or demands.  Yet unlike victims of aggressive DPC's who are mesmerized and overpowered by fear, passive DPC targets bounce and dance in the belief that fangs in their jugulars are lifelines from another dimension.  Here we present a smattering of e.g's., showing exaggerations said and believed in cult lag time: 

"Prabhupada (acBSp) was walking through a museum with disciples and he saw a skeleton of a dinosaur.  He looked at it and said, "They never existed."  (Achutananda Swami).


14.  Dinosaurs did not exist for acBSp because his all-knowing god-favored vaisnav sect never once mentioned dinosaurs in their verbose compendium of hack.  Was it because Krishna was too busy gopi-groping and forgot to tell them about old Dino?  Iskcon's founder regurgitated vaisnav gobble claiming detailed knowledge of planets that modern science knows nothing about.  But when we look at cult ken on Earth, where Iskcon makes its slaves and money,  ....horsedung and mushrooms is all we see.  And it is not that acBSp did not peddle his own collection of Shrekasuras.  Here are just a few.  Not one Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus, Lambeosaurus, Styracosaurus, Velociraptor or Tyrannosaurus rex amongst them:-

a) AghaShrek:  assumed the form of 8-mile-long serpent, disguising his open mouth against a mountain. All the cowherd boys entered the mouth of the demon mistaking it to be a cave. 
b) PralambaShrek: Balarama observed the demon's body expanding up to the limits of the clouds, his eyes dazzling like blazing fire and his mouth flashing with sharpened teeth.
c) DhenukaShrek:  who was living there in the form of an ass, began to approach with great force, shaking the whole field so that all the trees began to move as if there were an earthquake.....Balarama threw the demon into the biggest palm tree about, and the demon's body was so heavy that the palm tree fell upon other trees, and several fell down. It appeared as if a great hurricane had passed through the forest, and all the trees were falling down, one after another.
d) DvividaShrek:  tore up a number of mountains and used them to devastate all the neighboring kingdoms, especially the province of Anarta.....Another time he entered the ocean and, with the strength of ten thousand elephants, churned up its water with his arms and thus submerged the coastal regions.
e) Putanashrek: Her fallen body extended up to twelve miles and smashed all the trees to pieces, and everyone was struck with wonder upon seeing this gigantic body. Her teeth appeared just like ploughed roads, and her nostrils appeared just like mountain caves. Her breasts appeared like small hills, and her hair was a vast reddish bush. Her eye sockets appeared like blind wells, and her two thighs appeared like two banks of a river; her two hands appeared like two strongly constructed bridges, and her abdomen seemed like a dried-up lake.
d) Tri-navartaShrek:  At that time, one of the servants of Kamsa, known as Trinavarta, as instructed by Kamsa, appeared there in the shape of a whirlwind. He picked the child up on his shoulders and raised a great dust storm all over Vrndavana.

15. Yeah yeah we agree, it sounds like a William Steig overload, but it's believe-it-or-hell gospel in the zombie zone.  Readers who are not aware of these Hare Krishna Shreks can donate to a street peddler and get a copy of 'Krishna Book'.  Just be prepared for the acBSp snuff zzzZzz overdose, and the center-finger your kids will raise to these hyped-up over-the-top Shreks.  Let's continue with some more acBSp bullosophy: 


acBSp: "Ordinary man cannot transgress the laws, but Krishna and His representative, acarya, might be sometimes see that he has transgressed."

16. Well, to this point, and after nearly fifty years of Iskcon in action, no one outside the cult has bothered to investigate what they believed was a genuine charity and religious movement.  That has changed.  We can assure any representative, acarya who has transgressed, it's gonna be one son-of-a-bitch of a ride on the legal pushpa vimana.  Get ready.  And here below we post something that we have never even encountered on the wall of a public toilet.  How can such a filthy mind belong to someone who claims parity with god...smelling vaginas...licking vaginas..licking dripping vaginas...obnoxious smell... "Never was there a moment when I have not thought of Krishna in this life." (acBSp) .....?

"Among Prabhupada's mighty arsenal of potent condemnations of sex was this one: he once directed a disciple who was about to be interviewed on the radio to declare boldly to the interviewer (in these exact words), "America is the civilization of licking the dripping vagina." Our guru taught us to be uncompromising in our preaching to the sex-crazed masses."  (Steven J. Gelberg, formerly Subhananda Dasa) http://breaking-free.info/?p=727

17.  We at BIF are not a team of whipper-snappers.  Our youngest member is twenty-four and then the gap goes out to fifty-four.  The rest of us are practically relics.  Further, we are connected to several other knowledgeable relics.  None of those we talked to in connection with the above statement could translate it to reality, or not until a doctor connected to our team mentioned the possibility of Obstetric Fistula.  A.C.Bhaktivedanta (acBSp)  had sexed an eleven year old girl.  One of the major causes of Obstetric Fistula is underaged pregnancy.  His underaged wife had had several miscarriages.  If acBSp was referring to menstruation he would have said so, but the word he used was 'dripping,' and when connected to 'obnoxious smell' we get Fistula.  Hence our conclusion is that the man was speaking from personal experience.  What other explanation is there? 

18.  Nonetheless, and no matter how we try to interpret what acBSp said in connection with women...our mothers, sisters, daughters, female relatives, friends, it is abusive and intolerable to us.  What we hear plopping out his mind and mouth, is no different to the mind-set of serial and animalistic DPC aggressors.  Finally, we will corroborate our analyses of the acBSp DPC. by bringing under scope an interview he did with a lady journalist.  Please understand that acBSp carried out most of his 'aggressive' interviews within the confines of his own camp and comfort zone.  Whatever he said was recorded and archived for later distribution.  Much of what he said is only now coming to public attention.  Neither acBSp nor his opinions were as important as Iskcon propagandists would have us believe.  Because if he was, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi would have had him shot for calling her a prostitute and her son a goonda.  There was great significance given by cult leaders to asBSp's meeting with PM Gandhi.  He carried to the meeting a 'Ten Point Plan' for her approval.  Other than that , no one heard any details about the meeting or results.  What we do know is that none of the ten points were ever endorsed by PM Gandhi.  And even though the 'Ten Point Plan' was carried into the PM's office it was never seen again.  Hmmm.  Wonder where it went.....

19.  Here below is the acBSp interview with a lady journalist.  Observe how he 'bashes' her even though the woman remains respectful and courteous at all times.  BIF presents arguments (in blue font) that will give credence to our 'BS' acronym of the Hare Krishna founder:

>>acBSp: So scientists, the psychologist. As I was a student of psychology and our professor, a big man, Dr. W. S. Urquhart, he said that "By studying the brains of man and woman, we have found the highest brain substance found in man, sixty-four ounce by weight." You may deny. This is the statement of a big psychologist. You can shake your head, but this is the scientific words by big psychologist. You can note down his name, Dr. W.S. Urquhart, professor of psychology in the Scottish Churches College in 1918-20.......

20. No. We don't find the name of the big psychologist, Dr. S. W. Urquhart anywhereNor do we understand why acBSp fails to differentiate between neurobiology and psychology,... unless he is uneducated.  Furthermore, acBSp dropped out of a BA examination with the excuse that he was a 'Gandhian Nationalist.'  He never studied psychology.  Where is his degree?  As we have pointed out in previous posts- acBSp does not carry a single degree in anything other than Bullosophy.  Let's go on with his man vs. woman brain substance and see if we can somehow exonerate acBSp's big man professor.

64 cult oz.

>>Woman reporter: Oh, dear, no wonder. 1918-1920, that means? O.K. I see now what you're thinking about. That was many, many years ago.

21. Oops.  The reporter realizes acBSp is caught in a time warp.  His big man professor was an outdated student of Victorian psychology.  The world had moved on but acBSp is stuck in a DPC genetic disorder.

>>acBSp: So can you give any proof since then that the woman's. In 1920? She does not take it?.....

22. No.  She does not take it because she is not in cult lag time. Psychology in 1920, was more than fifty years before this interview.  She is a progressive thinker.  The lady knows that psychology is and always will be an evolutionary science not a selective DPC excuse....like with Ferrell (para. 4).

>>Nitai: She does not take it. Somehow they think that the brain is no longer small. If it was small, then, it is not small today.....

>>acBSp: But where is the proof?

23. Oh yes, the proof.  Albeit the young lady had not come expecting to defend her gender, we are glad the question was asked.  And yes, we will take a closer look at big man Professor Urquhart's sixty-four ounces vs..... women have only half the size.

>>Woman reporter: You do not believe that there has been advancement of science since 1920?....

24. No Sweetie, they don't believe in advancement of anything or anybody that isn't coven-baked.  These guys still believe the sun orbits the planets; giant eagles fly between worlds laying giant eggs; Shrekasuras; witches; pigeons that can be trained to carry people into outer space....No proof required, just dumb-ass belief. 

>>Nitai: Well, if the brain has been ascertained as being half the size then why should it change by now? Should it change?

Brain drain

>>Woman reporter: Well, do you think that the Romans weren't as tall as men are today?......

25. What the lady is trying to point out is that psychological data, previously limited by research, has since corrected itself making acBSp's knowledge redundant.

>>Nitai: No, but the. But then, within fifty years there is not going to be any change in the brain.....

26. Hang on Nitai.  She aint talking about brain change.  That's not what the lady is saying.  She wants you to understand  that the knowledge you have about brain substance, albeit orgasmic for the DPC, is outdated and amended....but you will need to put your misogyny back in your underpants to do a reality check.

>>Woman reporter: Not in the 1900's. Why do you use the technology that you use? You didn't have cars in those days, this television. Things have changed since 1920.....

27. Listen Sweetie, this television is used in Krishna's service.  If you don't know who Krishna is, he is the cowboy god who herds 900,000 cows, chases little girls through Vrindavan forest for sex, and has a harem of 16,108 wives, all of whom spawn profusely.  Sure, he has time to watch a few episodes of Big Brother between horizontal rendezvous....  What's yer beef with that anyway?...Eh?

>>acBSp: So what change has become? Can you give any evidence that woman is more powerful in brain than the man during these years? Can you give any evidence?...

28. What does brain size have to do with more powerful?  Surely if brain mass determined power intellect or domination, the sperm (now there's a word) whale, with its massive 9,000 cubic cm., 7.8 kilo brain, would be the ones talking brain mass, right?  

>>Woman reporter: No, what I'm saying is that......

Woman Power

>>acBSp: Now, can you give any evidence that woman has become more powerful than the man during these fifty years?...

29. Can our readers see what BIF has been pointing at...the genetic motivator prevalent in both aggressive and passive DPC's?  Based on his twisted belief that brain size determines dominion, one gender over another, acBSp promoted ideologies within his Hare Krishna cult that bred ignorance.  Current involvement of women in all spheres of human progress is self-evident.  His submission at the feet of Indira Gandhi should have given acBSp a jolt of inferiority, or at least equality, but DPC's are genetically blind to their own stupidity.

>>Woman reporter: Yes.

>>acBSp: What is that? Give me some tacit example.

30. We cannot give any tacit example because tacit means- understood but not actually stated.  Instead we will reference current data to present examples that are both understood and actually stated.  Here they areBrain size:- The mass of an adult human brain is approx. 1300 to 1400 grams (2.87 to 3.1 pounds.)  A newborn human brain is about 350 to 400 grams (0.77 to 0.88 pounds.)  Already readers get the hint, i.e., brain mass is proportionate to body mass.  Okay let's get closer to the bone.  The average male's brain weighs 1360 grams (3 pounds)- 48 ounces, and the average female brain weighs 1250 grams (2.8 pounds) - 44 ounces...four ounces less than a man's.  But...but...but...Albert Einstein's brain weighed only 1230 grams (2.71 pounds,)  Twenty grams LESS than that of the average female.

57.48 oz.  'Oo's yer daddy?

31. What came out the end of the brain vs. gender experiment is that it is irrelevant because physical proportion, not gender, equals brain mass.  But of greatest significance:-  BRAIN SIZE DOES NOT DICTATE INTELLECT.  Had it been so, Eskimos would rule the world...taking their orders from sperm whales.  And of greater significance to cultists-  acBSp was a pint-sized purusha, what the hell was he doing babbling about brain mass? 

>>Woman reporter: That she and I wouldn't be here if women weren't more powerful than they were fifty years ago.

>>Harikesa: Now they are talking louder. (laughter)

32. The lady presents a practical example of social evolution, but just like advancement in neurobiology / psychology, it does not register in cult lag time.  Instead we hear Harikesa (aka. Robert Campagnola,) join the acBSp DPC in belittling the lady.  Yet history shows that Campagnola enjoyed the talking louder breasts of a 'pranic healer' named Monika.  The official reason given for Campagnola's change of brain substance was a 'physical and mental' breakdown.  Later it became known he had grabbed (humpty-dumpty Monika,) a few million cult dollars, shucked his 'guru' facade and headed off to the bedroom get some goodtime psychoanalysis.  Just another one of several Iskcon cult frauds.

"Harikesa decamped in excellent health with his massage therapist (Monika) and bags of cash in tow. He acquired a stunning Villa in the French Riviera, which he has recently been advertising for sale for an astonishing US$1.2 million at the current exchange rate. (However, readers will be pleased to know that he has now brought down the price to a more manageable US $1.07 million - so anyone interested in buying the property can check it out for themselves at: www.iskconirm.com/docs/webpages/french-property.htm - the vendor's details are those of Harikesa)."

>>Woman reporter: Than you. Thank you. (woman leaves)

33. Yep, she walked out and so would I.  Had BIF been on the scene we would have advised her to do a quick strip and observe how 64 ounces summersault....  "Bhavananda!  Come give me massage.  Quickly!!  And bring my snuff !"

>>Harikesa: The scientists have the theory that the brain, the intelligence is measured by creases in the brain, creases, not by size.

34. Scientists were acBSp's prime targets for ridicule.  Not because science didn't cotton wool his comfort zone, but because science was a constant threat to his transhumance...corporeality to coven, fact to fiction, real-time to lag time.

>>acBSp: Not size, but what is the proof that the brain of woman has increased? Where is the proof?

1& a1/2 brain
Harikesa & Monika

35. When we hear not size and then the demand for proof of has increased, it gives us just another peek into his DPC headspace.  What it says is that size is not really the issue.  He is talking about intellect.  It also reaffirms diagnosis concluding DPC's are blind to their own disposition.  Case in point:  Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was ....a woman!  Recorded history tells us acBSp anxiously sought to meet with her to further his ends.  When he finally did, she got rid of him and his 'Ten Point Plan' quick smart.  There was nothing he could do about it other than run off to America and abuse her in the security of his cult camp (she died without ever finding out.)  Furthermore, if acBSp was alive and back in his home state of Bengal, he would be governed by a lady Chief Minister.  Shrimati Mamata Banerjee is fully informed about Iskcon, acBSp, activities and beliefs.  The Chief Minister reads BIF.   No Sir, we aint kidding.

>>Harikesa: They think because the ego has increased, the brain has also increased.

36. Nowhere in the interview posted here does the lady journalist exhibit any sign of female ego.  She maintained a respectful demeanor throughout..... 

>>acBSp: Oh, that's nice. (laughter) That's nice. (laughing) So to become angry means defeat. If two persons are in argument the man, the one party, he becomes angry, that means he is defeated. Why one should become angry? It is the argument, logic. They should continue. And to become angry and to go away, that means defeat.

37. She was not angry.  She was scared.  It had dawned on her that she (and her lady assistant) had exposed themselves, in camera, to a blood-sucking cult DPC and his zombies.  It was then that she decided to get the hell outta there.  How often does the Iskcon 'Conversations' archive reveal this group bashing and feeding off inquirers who genuinely wanted to know, or smelt a rat?  All male inquirers, unless sycophants, were bitten into place by positioned cult alphas.  All female inquirers who chanced to enter Iskcon's male domain were given the treatment you see here.

Male DPC

>>Harikesa: They become upset because they cannot dominate you.

38. All the lady did was point to progress as a yardstick for reassessment.  Where did the dominate you come from?  What Harikesa is doing here is common rhetological fallacy, i.e., appealing to cult traditional beliefs: "Women are less intelligent"..."Women are nine times more lusty than men" ..."Free woman means prostitute"... "The unmarried girls, they keep dog for sex" ... "Every dog has syphilis, and they contaminate the woman, and that is distributed to man" ...etc...etc...etc.  All these quotes come directly from acBSp.  And ALL Iskcon adherents (not just Harikesa) believe empathically that acBSp's conception of women is non-different to god's- Krishna.  acBSp: If one does not speak what Krsna speaks, he is not guru....So either acBSp is not a guru or Iskcon's Krsna is into DPC, gynecology, and animal erotica, besides pedophilia, homosexuality, and multi-partner rasa lilas.

>>acBSp: No, it is not the question of domination; it is the question of logic. If you do not agree to logic, then no argument can make progress.

39.  And the logic being presented here by acBSp is that big man professor Urquhart, back in 1918 / 20 said men had highest brain substance compared to women, which then translated 'logically' to acBSp as...women must be less intelligent.  He then started informing the world about giant eagles flying around in outer space....the sun hurling through the sky at 16,104 miles per nano second....existing planets (outside known astronomy) with rivers of milk, nectar, mango juice, alcohol and.....desire trees (kalpavriksas) that fulfill all wishes.... Where was his PROOF and LOGIC?  Hidden in a Bhag-Brand snuff-box...Eh?   


>>Uttamasloka: Srila Prabhupada, if one does not agree to logic, does that mean that they are under the influence of tamo-guna?

>>acBSp: That means he is animal.

40. You said it Mr. acBSp.  That is why we twist-titled you with a capital BS.  When serious researchers look into your cult, they will not fail to find the animal in the dung.


NOTICE:  With this article we conclude our analytical series which began with "ELEPHANT in the ROOM" (21st Nov. 2011.)  Thanks to our readers for bearing with us.  Even more so, and of extreme relief to us, we bow our heads in thanks to the Benders-and-Shakers, Premier Investigators, Legal Eagles, Friends and colleagues in high places who trusted our research and revelations enough to initiate their own investigations.  The BIF team is forever at your service and eternally grateful.

We have been doing these reports for in excess of fourteen years.  Our work is done. BIF articles, from this point on, will deal exclusively with Official Reports if and when available / permitted.  

We offer respects to the original cult investigator, our patron saint-  The Lion... Shri Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati ke Jai! 

Thanks for spending time with us,... and through it all.