10th May 2011

Head noteThe iskcon cult is unique in its acceptance of crime and flourishing criminals within its ranks.  Select quotes such as- It's their karma.  Just go on preaching and let Yamaraja take care of it.  Preaching is more important.  If Krishna wants to protect you no one can kill....  No one can kill a pure devotee.   Prabhupada did not waste time exposing crime.  Krishna is taking care of everything.  No worries. Just chant and be happy, etc. etc., has attracted the attention of investigators, governments, and other religious institutions who have more clout in the marketplace than iskcon ever will.  The phenomena has so concerned State Governments in India that highly awarded Bharat Ratna scholars have been ordered to look into iskcon literature and identify cause for this, and other criminally indoctrinated concepts.  We have already notified readers of this in our last article "Rumors #2."  It is our firm belief that there is no room for reversal.  Iskcon's criminals and their misrepresented minions have had their run at profit...Krishna is taking care of everything and it doesn't look good for the cult.  Just chant and be happy.  
BTW.  Prabhuvisnu Swami, a guru, was caught gallivanting with prostitutes in Bangkok by Guru Kripa (ex swami).  Why is it that he has not been publicly censured and put on the GBC's e-rectification program?  The money he uses to buy his whores comes from the hard work of those who believed he was pure, just like all the other pretentious gender-benders and whoremongers endorsed by the GBC.  


A bagel is a bagel.  Because it is a Jewish bread does not make one racist or anti Semitic for identifying it as such.  Similarly, when we note the phenomena of Jewish bodied 'devotees' (JBD) congesting iskcon's governing body, it does not make us Hitler reincarnate for observing that fact.  Nor are we responsible for any Zionistic protocols readers may detect between the lines of this article.  Albeit when we tally admitted crimes, alleged crimes, and the rapidity of criminal turnover in ISKCON's short existence, it appears that the Deity is now bait: a lure to enslave the goyim masses for personal profit and to facilitate a grouped megalomaniacal mind-set.  Yet we have no doubt that the cult, which harbors murderers, child abuser and active (celibate) homosexuals, will use its propaganda machine to dispatch BIF to hell in a Nazi hand-basket.  Nonetheless, when we point to ISKCON 's leadership identifying them as members of the same synagogue, we imply that they are hieratically related Jews, associates of the ISKCON cabal.... if no longer of the Kabala. 

What these runaway Noahide rejects are doing as leaders in an ancient eastern yoga system has resulted in burgeoning bank accounts, private villas, real estate, fast cars, perverted sex, crime, and enslaved disciples who pay Shylock Swami his pound of flesh.  Using a few chosen quotes as catalyst, they have transformed a time worn ism of renunciation into..."God saves but Guru invests at 10%."  Why have these rabbis deserted their own faith?  Didn't Moses' parting of the Red Sea spark any sense of loyalty?  Anyway, that is content for another article.  Here we will concentrate on dissecting the Dicky Slavin frog. 

Below, our readers will find another of those letters from ISKCON 's Governing Body Commission (GBC, or Gentile Bashing Cabal,) which gives protection to the criminals in its ranks and voice to those it has convinced defibrillators are headphones.  In this dissection we challenge our readers to not see the rabbi-rousers in concert, and try to understand why they deserted the wailing wall to stonewall wailers in the wake of their deceptions.  ISKCON 's GBC gurubrew is about as Vaisnava to quaff as the brew in Hebrew. 

Before going into the letter itself we tarry awhile to x-ray the man over the keyboard whence these oratory explanations originate.  We note with some amusement the acronyms appearing at the bottom of these notifications, which range from ad hoc and executive committees to the mitzvah missouts themselves - the GBC.  In fact this is the work of one Minister for the Interior - "Bruce Jacobs", aka. Bir Krishna Goswami (yes he is a JBD).  He was a protégée of Howard Resnick, aka. Hridayananda das Goswami (JBD.)  Jacobs rose to prominence after taking over the 'preaching' zones of the late Tamal Krishna Goswami, aka. Thomas Herzig (JBD.)  Jacobs was appointed to this important position with the approval of John Gordon Erdman, aka Jayapataka Swami (JBD), seconded by Bhavananda Goswami, aka Charles Bacis (JBD.) and Bhagavan ex-swami, aka William Ehrlichman (JBD.)  Controversial Editor for ISKCON publishing is Jayadvaita Swami, aka Jay Israel (JBD) and Iskcon's Minister for media (ITV) is Nrsimhananda das also a JBD.  The Minister for " ISKCON Resolve", which promises absolute confidentiality, is run by Braja Bihari Dasa, aka. Brian Bloch (JBD.)  In the letter below, we find Jacobs using the words of attorney Michael Stein (Jewish by birth) to exonerate Richard Slavin, aka Radhanath Swami (JBD) from his involvement in murder.  ISKCON 's "Ministry of Justice" feels no compulsion to delve into the matter. The Ministry is legally advised by lawyers like Amarendra das, aka David Lieberman (JBD).  We were informed that nearly the entire temple in L.A are JBDs. 

>>there were about 25 of them in front of LA temple and they were discussing how they were all going to a bar mitzvah because one of them had a child coming of age......<< 

Bruce Jacobs, as Minister for the Interior, investigates criminal activity inside the ISKCON cult.  He is the source of GBC letters (like the one below) which has never exposed one culprit guilty of any crime deserving adjudication by criminal law.  Working strictly in accordance with the ISKCON law book: ISKCON Law No: 12.8  ".......and however much he may be dissatisfied with the exercise of that jurisdiction, he shall refrain from invoking the supervisory power of the Civil Court, but shall seek redress of any grievance(s) through the ISKCON judicial process. Otherwise, he may be removed from office and / or his membership in ISKCON terminated(88)," Jacobs has successfully protected the cabal from exposure on every assignment he has undertaken. 

We were witness to his 'investigative' tactics when our agents in Australia were alerted to a pedophile "temple devotee" who had (according to hospital records) digitally penetrated a six-year old girl.  BIF talked with the distraught migrant parents who were advised by us to take the matter to the police.  Temple authorities stopped the parents from proceeding outside ISKCON 's jurisdiction by informing them that Jacobs, who happened to be visiting Australia, was on his way to investigate the matter fully.  On his arrival, Jacobs called the parents into a room and 'interviewed' them.  When they emerged, there was no more talk of going to the police.  Agents inquired from the parents why their mood had changed and received a short reply concerning migrant status: the fact that the family was dependant, sponsored, enslaved by the temple and were in danger of losing their migrant status.  Blackmail.  The pedophile “devotee,” servant, slave, was quickly dispatched to another temple so he could hang out at bar mitzvahs with lollipops in his pocket and dreams of being an ISKCON guru one day. 

Because of BIF's airing this matter in previous posts Jacobs was given a token 'censure' at this year’s GBC meetings:- http://www.dandavats.com/?p=9536  #308.  It is interesting to note the letter of censure divulges no details of Jacob's report, subsequent involvement of law enforcement, or resultant prosecution of the culprit. 

Nothing Jacobs does would surprise our readers if they understood he exceeds those he 'investigates".  He is also an Ebenezer Scrooge reincarnate, worse than any Shylock Shakespeare could dream up:

a)    He has a credit card processor installed inside the temple for those pilgrims who leave cash at home because of being mugged by Jacobs in the past.

b)    The credit card processor also has direct credit to his personal account.

c)    He uses donations to purchase the most expensive lap-tops, top-of-the-line smart phones and hi-tec cameras.

d)    His home is palatial, adorned with Bohemian crystal-ware wine-sets, drawing-room suites, and couches covered with the skin of mother cow (so his visiting mother can sit down and have a cigarette or two or three).

e)    He has a complete indoor (expensive) private gymnasium.

f)     His garage houses the latest model cars on the market.

g)    His sannyas quarters are cleaned regularly by devi dasi servant girls, and his personal assistant is also a devi dasi - Prema Manjari dasi. 


When last informed, this enslaver's net bank account totaled USD$12.5 million.  That was some time ago.  Jacob's cult given alias is Bir Krishna Goswami, a title linking him directly to the "Six Goswamis," whose teachings are touted as the basis for cult belief.  Here is how the original Goswamis did it: bhutva dina-ganesakau karunaya kaupina-kanthasritau  >In order to deliver the poor conditioned souls, they accepted loincloths, treating themselves as mendicants.<  Well that one certainly jumped off the Golan Heights, bounced over the West Bank and got lost in the Sinai.  Things have certainly gone awry since the Judean brotherhood allegedly poisoned the Founder of ISKCON, usurped his mission, and rolled out the Yiddish.  Okay, let's take a look at the letter. It is captioned thus: 

>>US Attorney Michael Stein Personally “Vouched For” Radhanath Swami’s Credibility 

....and the money stays in the kibbutz: Radhanath adds to ISKCON 's accumulation through expansion program and pays a small percentage to its leaders which they never would have got had they grown two ringlets, a beard, and worn funny black hats.  The GBC wants very much to believe Stein, because Radhanatha is a member of the cabal...if not the Kabala, and Stein...sounds so much like Slavin.

>>Posted on April 20, 2011 by Raya Nitai dasa

 Raya Nitai dasa wore those headphones we mentioned earlier.  He can still see Radhanath dancing on the milky way.  Does it turn him on?....Probably.

>>By ISKCON GBC Executive Committee
10 January 2007
Dear Devotees,
Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
New discussions have recently been going on about criminal activities that took place in New Vrindavana in the 1980s. These events were thoroughly investigated by the United States Attorney’s Office, which contains some of the finest attorneys in the country, and several individuals were prosecuted and convicted. The case has now been closed for almost two decades.

There are no Statute of Limitations on homicide investigations.   A case for "murder by decree" cannot be closed when the murderer is in conflict with ALL others involved in the identification of the commissioner.  EVERYONE else, including the murderer's self-confessed accomplice, identify someone else as having decreed the assassination.  The fact that the "finest attorneys in the country" failed to note court testimonies, which clearly identify Radhanath as the instigator, bagman, and overseer for Sulochan's murder, reeks of underhanded dealings which didn't simply frame Kirtanananda, but opened up New Vrindavan to a Radhanath takeover.  One foul Passover. 

>>The GBC is not a legal or law enforcement agency. It is an ecclesiastical body that lacks the resources to match the ability of the federal government to deal with these matters.  

If the GBC is not a law enforcement agency, why do they tout a Ministry of Justice?  Why legislate that members should seek redress through the ISKCON 'judicial process" (ISKCON Law No: 12.8) and then whine about a lack of resources?  Why is it that the 'justice system' in operation for over three decades has produced no indictments, no criminal prosecutions, and no public records for perusal?  

>>All it can do is refer such matters to the appropriate legal authorities.  

This is a lie.  A willful statement of deception.  Again, where can members and public research even ONE case document compiled and presented for referral to "legal authorities," or even resulting in a single prosecution?  We are talking about serious crime here: murder, rape, child abuse, fraud; theft by deception, prostitution, etc. etc. Crime within the cult is never made public, not to authorities and certainly not to the defibrillator head-set.  Crime, we have noted, is never exposed by cult authority until a pre-emptive declaration is the only strategical option.  Even so, the class of crime selected for public disclosure is limited to guru falldowns, which cannot be closeted.  Hard crime, unless the victim is prepared for total excommunication, is squashed behind the scenes by select brothers of the cabal, Mafia style.  It is a known fact by keen observers that the cult's masters will protect their slaves and brothers in crime....as they remain prominent within the cult, even to this day.  

>>We can simply state below the facts of the case as we understand them: 

Stating the facts 'as we understand them' doesn't hold water when coming from those who claim to be ecclesiastical, who claim not to be 'legal authorities' or a 'law enforcement agency,' who then claim to administering a Ministry of Justice with no records or files after three decades in existence.  How can any sane citizen put faith in the opinions of such a shonky outfit ?  Even the FBI & CIA are less secretive.  The only reason we see the GBC neck extended here, is because the culprit in the spotlight is not an ordinary goyim slave; he is a master, and member of the cult's elite cabal...if not the Kabala. 

>>The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) spent several years investigating the Sulochan case, and other serious legal problems with the New Vrindavan community. These were conducted in tandem with the United States Attorney in West Virginia. 

The FBI, as the GBC informs us, spent several years investigating "serious problems" with the New Vrindavan community.  These serious problems which include seven dead bodies, at least one disappearance, and the continuous rape and sexual abuse of little children, were never even addressed by the FBI.  In the end, they were content to take Kirtanananda Swami (Keith Ham) without so much as a second glance at his right-hand-man....Radhanath (Dicky Slavin).  And when we look at the court testimonies, we just have to be deadheads to not see a deal done-n-dusted.  After all, no one, including Radhanath, ever denied this:- Radhanath Swami's father, a criminal kingpin in the Chicago area for more than 6 decades, had the police connections that first put his son Radhanath in touch with the Chicago FBI office. Radhanath's father was at one time, Chicago's largest liquor distributor, with Mafia connections for 60 years or more. 

The Sulochan murder (a word tactfully avoided by our ecclesiasts), like any other case, is a violation of the victim's rights if important information is tactfully tacited by those who stand to gain.  It does not matter how many official names are dropped: when vital evidence is suppressed, the course of justice is perverted.  The fact that the FBI chose to ignore vital testimony by perceptive witnesses, pointing at Radhanath, is not half as bad as sidelining the testimony of the murderer's accomplice, who fearlessly wanted to speak the truth, which, in concert with other witnesses, spotlights Radhanath as the ONE and ONLY contractor for Sulochan das' homicide. 

>>In addition, the Los Angeles Police Department investigated the murder of Sulochan dasa as a California state case, and they also gave evidence in the federal case. Law officers from West Virginia were also involved. 

When we know that the information garnered by the LAPD went something like this:-The so called "ksatriya force" of the LA temple, Krsna Katha Das (KK) and Ramasvara's personal servant Prema Datta Das, were questioned by the FBI on day one after the murder since it was KK's gun and car that Tirtha used to kill Sulochan.  They informed authorities that Tirtha and I had been in LA in January of 1986 pre-meditating on possible places to dump a body.  They said we had taken trips to Apple Valley looking for mine shafts that could hide a body.  They spilled their guts."  We just got to ask ourselves why the "I" in this passage of information was never held, or summoned habeas corpus before a court of law to make a statement as to his involvement and reasons for participation.

>>There were two federal trials and a major grand jury hearing regarding Kirtanananda dasa. Tirtha dasa was also tried, both in California and West Virginia. (Kirtanananda served a lengthy prison term. Tirtha is still in prison.) These extensive government investigations and trials contained nothing to substantiate the allegations brought forward by Janmastami dasa against Radhanath Swami.

NO! Janmastami das' statements were never heard.  Stein knew what Janmastami knew but never gave him a chance to speak.  He was advised by management to run away in order to protect Radhanath, which he did for three years in India, and five years in total:-  " I was ordered to go to India, someone would meet me at the airport. That never happened.  I waited a day before setting out on my own. I spent almost three years on the run to protect Radhanath's "innocence" and from getting him incarcerated."  When Janmastami das finally returned to the US to face officials, he was surprised to see Radhanath and the criminal prosecutor Michael Stein with other officials high-fiving and congratulating each other: I had to pay half of our legal bill, mine and the two remaining "swamis". Radhanath made his deal, and the next time we all met, at the Grand Jury hearing, Radhanath and the prosecution team were all high fiving over a deal already done.  After five years of introspection Janmastami das had realized the extent of ruination Radhanatha had caused and was prepared to place blame where it lay, but Slavin snr's. connections had beaten him to the draw.....Janmastami's evidence was never heard, and Radhanath's neck was out the noose. 

>>There were no charges of any kind brought against Radhanath Swami. This was despite the fact that as part of the overall investigation Radhanath Swami was interrogated by the Western Region FBI Director, LAPD investigators, federal prosecutors, and two grand juries. He was cleared by all these agencies of any involvement in wrongdoing. 

Another lie.  Radhanath was never "interrogated" by anybody.  If he was interrogated for his part in the homicide (which he claims was non-existent) then why was Janmastami das never interrogated when he openly admits to his involvement?  According to Janmastami das (and available documents,) the swamis and himself were brought before the Grand Jury on charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, but when questioned they took the fifth:-  The "swamis" and I, each paid $1100 to be advised not to answer any questions on that subject matter.  So why would Slavin's lawyer expose him to interrogation by law enforcement when the Grand Jury was stonewalled? The GBC would like to name the CIA, NSA, MI6, Interpol, and the...Mossad as investigators who also cleared Radhanath of any wrongdoing, but the truth is there was only one Stein and one Slavin Snr., who wheeled and dealed little Dicky Slavin's ass out of a murder rap.

>>A week ago, on January 3rd, 2007, Michael Stein, United States Attorney and the lead federal prosecutor for the case, after hearing the recent allegations from Janmastami dasa, stated: “We looked at everyone in New Vrindavana, particularly those higher on the ring. Radhanath Swami could have been an influence [in this crime] but he wasn’t.”

Michael Stein knew better than anyone that Janmastami's allegations were not recent.  He has only recently taken to the internet in frustration because the US legal system, led by Michael Stein, blocked his testimony.  For Stein to say, "We looked at.... those higher on the ring," and found Radhanath (the second in command) nowhere in the discovery of seven dead bodies, in the disappearances, sexual abuse of children, prostitution, physical violence, mail fraud, racketeering, homosexuality, and in Sulochan's murder, we must believe Stein's vision to be tunneled.

>>Stein went on to say that there was no evidence whatsoever that Radhanath Swami had any involvement in the crime and that Radhanath Swami was never considered a defendant. When asked, he said there was no question of further investigations based on the allegations of Janmastami. US Attorney Stein concluded by saying that he personally “vouched for” Radhanath Swami’s credibility. 

We are not so quick to jump on the Stein wagon as the GBC do here.  Radhanath's posturing may win him credence on "So you think you can dance like Lord Caitanya" but his credibility fades quickly in the light of fact, and along with it goes Stein and our brothers of the cabal...if not the Kabala.  Here are the facts taken from trial conscripts and perceptive accounts which Stein's beliefs and connections may have caused  him to overlook:  a) Kuladri das: “Radhanath, Hayagriva and Tapahpunja were pushing like crazy for this [murder] to happen.”  b) Bhaktipada’s chauffeur confirmed: “I was privy to much behind-the-scenes action, and I was there when Radhanath told Janmastami to ‘destroy the demon.  c) Dharmatma das: “...he [Radhanath] was involved to some degree or had knowledge of Sulochan’s murder. I know this for a fact.”  d) Ramachandra dasa: “Do you know who killed Sulochan?” Radhanath replied: “I don’t know, but whoever it was, he was doing devotional service to Krishna."   e) Dharmatma das: "Later on after the morning functions, I had a discussion with Kuladri. He was quite disturbed. He mentioned . . . how it shouldn’t have been done like that. And that how Radhanath, Hayagriva and Tapahpunja were pushing like crazy for this to happen, and how he had told them not to do it.”   f) Dharmatma:  "I went into the house and went into my safe and.....I counted out six thousand dollars and brought it out to him, and handed it in throught the window.  I don't remember I gave it to Radanath and he passed it to Bhaktipada, or I gave it directly to Bhaktipada.  The mood was a little strained, and I said, "What is this? So they {Tirtha and Tapapunga} can get out the country?'  And Bhaktipada and Radanath smiled and nodded their heads: "Yes."  And then they said, "Hey we've got to go," and they left."   g) A teenage gurukula boy who served under Janmastami also claimed he overheard Radhanath order Janmastami to “destroy the demon.”   We have taken special care not to mention a single statement by Janmastami das, yet the information above, many from court records, were cast aside by Stein in his inexplicable exoneration of little Dicky Slavin. 

>>Given the above, the GBC finds no reasons to take these allegations seriously. The GBC recommends that any person in possession of newly discovered evidence regarding the New Vrindavana events present such information to the U.S. Attorney’s Office or other appropriate legal agency. If any subsequent investigation might ensue, the GBC will fully cooperate with it. 

Given the above, the GBC should have every reason to take the allegations seriously, but they will not.  If the GBC was to take "hard evidence" seriously, the abused gurukulis would have been compensated AND their abusers exposed to legal process.  But that will never happen.  Nor will the GBC, or their rubber-stamped "falldown" gurus, ever be prosecuted for fraud: receiving and accepting, under false pretense, wages, donations, gifts, servants, slave services, and expensive ceremonies paid for by others and enjoyed by them.  In fact the whole GBC office is useless: a top heavy bum-squad that is nothing more than a drag on the cult's finances.  From the day His Divine Grace was interred, these rejected rabbis multiplied like maggots in fermentation.  They have never cooperated in any investigation seeking to eliminate criminals in their ranks.  Even In the poison investigation of HDG, Srila Prabhupada: once poison was detected and analysts advised a homicide investigation be undertaken, the GBC stopped funding and released a book of lies and fabrication to justify their reasons for closing ranks.  We note in this instance that they have not developed any new techniques for barring the door while they feast.  

>>Finally, the GBC asked Radhanath Swami if he would like to make a statement regarding these allegations. He wrote: 

This should be interesting..... 

>>“I do not have the time,...

Maybe Radhanath is running out of time because he spends too much of it in front of the mirror choreographing poses from artistic impressions of Lord Caitanya dancing.  The problem with this time wasting is that only the zapp-squad would mistake Slippery Slavin for Gaurasundara. 



This health herring has been used excessively by the bum-squad as a means of soliciting donations from the defibrillator head-set.  When it is understood by readers that disciples worship underwear, drink water from mouth-washes and footbaths, the slightest indication that guru may be ill, sends the donations in on direct debit.  As seen here, even though the issue is murder, the opportunity to bait a longline with the 'health' tear-jerker is not being missed.  

>>...or energy to get into Internet debates, and as I’m trying to be a Vaishnava, I’m reluctant to defend myself from such assaults of character. “But for the purpose of clarification, my comments are as follows: 

There is no originality in this defense, nor has there been for decades.  When the 'alleged' poisoners of HDG Srila Prabhupada were confronted, this is what they wrote:  Bhavananda-  "I have been most apprehensive about becoming involved in what I saw to be an "endless debate" on the internet over the poison issue."  Tamal Krsna:  " I also did not want to be drawn into endless debate....."   Bhakticaru"I considered it to be so absurd that I did not think it deserved any response."   The only difference in Slavin's excuse is that he is 'trying to be a Vaisnava.'  Our problem with this is that Vaisnavas do not find themselves defending murder allegations.  Since the passing of Srila Prabhupada, we have noted a great deal of serious crime is being directly clubbed to associates of Slavin's cabal....if not the Kabala.

>>“In 1993 New Vrindavana community members were informed about the spiritual problems Kirtanananda Swami was having. 

How far away from the issue and time-frame is Slavin leading the zapp-squad?  Sulochan Das was assassinated on On May 22nd, 1986, seven years ago.  

>>Janmastami dasa was furious, and told me that Kirtanananda Swami was the perfect acarya, and that anything said about him was all vicious lies. 

No.  What Slavin says here, are vicious lies.  What he doesn't know is that we are in possession of a series of letters exchanged between Janmastami das and Kirtanananda Swami (Ham).  What the letters show is no love lost between them.  Once Janmastami das recognized Ham for what he was, his loyalties were withdrawn.  Just like when he realized Slavin had spoon-fed him a fetid brew of psychology and philosophy to cause murder, Janmastami das wanted the truth to be heard. 

>>He said he held me responsible for being the leader of a conspiracy against Kirtanananda Swami and that I would be “destroyed.” Since then he has repeatedly threatened me and other members of the New Vrindavana community. 

There can be no doubt in Ham's danger to society, or in Slavin's deal with law enforcement to remove him.  But what Slavin wants us to believe is that Janmastami is a raving lunatic.  In creating this aura around his accuser he seeks vindication for himself.  However, if Janmastami did threaten Slavin and other members of the New Vrindavan community, why didn't the police arrest him?  It is not Janmastami who was high-fiving-friends at the chief prosecutor's office, or has a liquor baron daddy. 

>>“As far as what Janmastami dasa has written on the Internet, every single allegation against me is totally false. I was not involved in any criminal activity.”

This is where the bagel just don't bake.  Slavin in his desperation to defend himself has seriously overlooked one vital fact:  Janmastami das is fully aware that his desire to speak out puts his own freedom at stake:  "My goal here is to see that the truth comes out, not that one is glorified or blasphemed.  I am not worried, as Radhanath maybe, about arrest for involvement.  We were all warned that- "There are no statutes of limitations with regard to murder in West Virginia".  I know this."   Janmastami is fully cognizant of the likelihood that he may find himself in a witness box;  cross-examined for his own part in having knowledge prior to, during, and after a crime; withholding evidence; aiding and abetting.  And this is why Janmastami das must be believed.  For Radhanath to say that Janmastami is doing this because of love for a tried and convicted "perfect acarya" is nothing short of stupidity. 

>>“On a personal note, I have nothing against Janmastami Prabhu and only wish the best for him. 

Nonsense.  Radhanath would release Drescher on Janmastami if he had half a chance.  A cultist would kill the truth if truth would kill his cult, it is why Sulochan was murdered. 

>>Your servant,
Radhanath Swami”

Radhanath Swami is no one's servant.  He belongs to a cabal...if not the Kabala; a top heavy bureaucracy that does nothing but suck like leeches off Srila Prabhupada's hard work.  It would behoove the Society to remove this clod of leeches or experience the anemia that will ensue in due course. 

>>Your servants,
ISKCON GBC Executive Committee

The lesser clod....