14th May 2013

Snuffbox Swami

1. Whereas Body Dysmorphic Disorder is depressive, Mental Dysmorphic Disorders (MDD) such as Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, is fantasy driven. The high... is recognition on the ground floor and notoriety in the executive suite.  It is the office space in a growing market for sick short-cutters and social failures gone feral; borderline personality types.  Accommodating this quickly growing sector of humanity is not a new enterprise but most certainly a multi-billion dollar money-spinner in today's mentally malfunct marketplace. 

* The mistaken conviction that effects and events in the external world are caused or prevented by one's thoughts, words, or actions - frequently in defiance of the laws of physics and formal logic. It is pathological when it forms part of personality and other mental health disorders....such hallucinations and delusions involve grandiosity, omnipotence, personal identification with great personalities in history or with deities, and magical thinking.


2. When propositioned by a meaningful agency flogging false positives banked on laws of magical thinking with meaningful action, MDD afflicted buy into the offer of knowledge-in-a-nanosecond.  Never do they spot the miracle for sale as a violation of nature's established laws.  Conversely they sign on and weigh in to propagate false patterns giving genesis to impossibilities and supernatural beings in profusion.  The quick-fix transformation .... prat to pundit, is a transition at the speed of mind.  If it seems too good to be true it probably is.  But who will tell the fantasy fakirs, and what are their options, really?


3. Fame and success as affirmed by those who attain it is circumstance dependant.  Creating circumstance by disregarding accepted disciplines and moving goalposts to flog false positives (a type one error in cognition) is big business.  Packaging irrelevance as religio/scientific reality, is easy money in a miracle market for MDDs.  It is where holy scammers wade through the sewers of non-secularism, crusading as chanellers of divine knowledge cascading from god.  In sum, irrelevance and irrational is touted as religion to debate indifference as irreligion, thereby offering sect superiority @ bargain basement price: enslavement. 

4. In propaganda promotion we find a few PhDs with cult endowed deva status, unavailable otherwise.  The rest are a rag-tag bunch of perverts, pretenders, charlatans and pickpockets: MDDs driven by pathogenesis who accept and espouse magical thinking and read-aloud societal fairy tales as superior vis-a-vis university education: internationally recognized honorifics or Intelligence Quotients identifying a healthy, committed, trained mind... hard earned exceptionalism.


5. Hindered by familial pre-disposition, medical complications and/or genetically inherent mutations, Bogans (a neologism associated with the animus) seek to bypass stringent academic multi-disciplinary challenges by signing up with quick-buck buccaneers.  Where academia has its demands, where physical talent faces an extremely competitive arena demanding higher jumps, speedier deliveries or an exceptional eye; where gifted artists and thespians end up in darkness rather than in floodlit fanfares; where politicians go through rigors of extensive political study prior to determination by electoral vote, MDDs indulge their whims on plastic pedestals molded in cult dies.  It is why elected governors must take note and react with urgency to the dangers of cult designed contamination spreading as god proclaimed 'superior intelligence'... deceit, that does nothing less than steal from humanity and debilitate the essence of human spirit. 

6. In a day and age when illiteracy is intolerable; where communication shrinks our planet to the size of a computer screen; where bars, yardsticks and gauges are being reset daily to determine criteria.. fact from fiction... reality from robbery, the emotional spaghetti touted as religious truth is drowning in its own sauce.  In a quantum leap from gods in outer space to neutrino astrophysics, we are now informed that stars (not Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or Mohammed) died so we could be here today. 


7. Where religious dogma promotes, without room for compromise, a Creationist Theory: a universe fine tuned for life, exploration and study reveals it to be a cosmic fallacy.  The multiverse, albeit energetic, is inhospitable... hostile to existence.  All we need do is apply the microcosmos to the macrocosmos... look around and into our own struggle to understand the profundity of such a conclusion.  Further it should be noted ... whereas 99.9% of religionists/creationists believe the other 99.9% are wrong, scientists, who present the hard facts above, are universal in agreement.  This begs the question... Is god sectarian or is 99.9% religion fraudulent?    

8. No matter how facts are presented, programmed fanatics will give, take, or change nothing without guru/god/cult consultation.  E.g., in Hare Krishna credo, reference follows indoctrinated methodology, i.e., guru, sadhu, sastra.  There is never a Holy Cow moment which brings home the realization...  guru espouses sastra and so does sadhu....  if sastra is interpolated, speculated, or written by Harry Potter, everyone is off on a broomstick.  Which is the case with iskcon hare krishna, as we will show below.  But first permit us to focus attention on why evolution (god's law demanding physical adaptation?) also known as 'Darwin's Theory', is denied by ignorance to write cult dogma:-

acBSp: "From the very beginning, when I was a student, I did not believe this Darwin’s theory." 

9.  With that, the founder and mentor of a backwater cult; a man uneducated past high school (if even,) denies intelligence (god?) the right to 'make better'... a trait common to all (in god's image) seeking perfection.  Everyone has a right to an opinion but no one has a right to a stupid opinion.  It has been said that ten gods cannot change the opinion of one fool, especially if another fool agrees with himWhich is basically how radical cults take shape.  Yet there can be no denying... to sign on and weigh in with radical beliefs is to be an anti-secular dog.. dogmatic.  Hare Krishna, as implied by their guru- a. c Bhaktivedanta Swami prabhupada (acBSp,) are cult dogs.... guard-dogs for the brainwasher (guru) and his belief system.  Dhobi ka kutta. na ghar ka na ghat ka.... go figure.

"Srila Prabhupada (acBSp) commented that every dog wants a good master. If the dog has a good master, the dog is happy. He holds his head high; he wags his tail. He knows that his master will maintain and protect him, so he has no anxiety." (Always Remain Srila Prabhupada’s Dog by Giriraja Swami)

acBSp: "You are correct when you say that when the Spiritual Master speaks it should be taken that Krishna is speaking. That is a fact."

His Master's Voice

Dupe Das: "Once in the spring of 1970, after you (acBSp) had completed giving class on the Sri Isopanisad, you suddenly roared into the microphone, "Either you love Krsna, or you love the vagina!"  All your disciples present were stunned, they could hardly breathe upon hearing these words, so blunt, so bold, and yes, so absolutely perfectly true.  (Srila Prabhupada tributes 2012, p- 191) http://www.oneiskcon.com/prabhupada-said/love-the-vagina/

10. But...but...but..  gaudiya god-krishna was sexing little cowherd girls.  He later had intimate dealings with a hunchback prostitute.  He then had a forest adventure with Arjuna (Arjuniya) when he was a woman (transvestite) HERE.  There is gaudiya scriptural suggestion that Krishna had a special relationship with his cowherd boyfriend Subal, who crossdressed to imitate Radharani.  When Krishna grew up, according to gaudiya gospel, he married 16'108 women and had eleven children to each.  He even sexed a female gorilla (Jambavati) and spawned ten little manimals.  He looooved the vagina and... whatever else was in the bush.  This could not possibly be the Aryan Prince- Krishna, who is respected in India as a great Vedantist and moralist.  We also know that the iskcon guru, acBSp suggested his disciples marry twenty wives if they could afford it (immediately after first menstruation... 8-12 years old, if not younger).  The 'mahabhagavat' himself had five children living, and several stillbirths.  Any idea how much sex it takes to spawn that many offspring?  So acBSp looooved the vagina.  He also instructed his disciples- "You require vagina; take one vagina. Be satisfied. And lick it."  Knowing these facts, pops the question-  "What the hell was acBSp talking about when pitting krishna vs vagina?"  The answer is simple: remove the concocted blue god- krishna.  What you find is an MDD dictator demanding total subjugation to a cult devised guru-god by proxy.  Here, read it for yourself and understand:

acBSp: "And now,... I will tell you what is meant by initiation.  Initiation means that the spiritual master accepts the student and agrees to take charge, and the student accepts the spiritual master and agrees to worship him as God."  (Satasvarupa Goswami. BTG)

acBSp: "Simply take instruction from guru, and if we execute that to our heart and soul, that is success."

11.  NO ONE can deny, the founder of iskcon hare krishna had a godman/vagina obsession.  He also had a prolonged addiction to inhaling powdered tobacco directly into his brainbox.  So we have decided to present him with a new sobriquet- Snuffbox Swami.  How strange it is that no bells rang when he openly declared, as we have shown repeatedly in our postings, that everything he said and wrote was mouthed and penned by god, and not, as we show HERE, plagiarized under his instructions and worded by his English speaking disciples.

Snuffbox Swami 

Okay then, let us examine what affect Snuffbox and his alter ego, god-Krishna had on those exposed to what he wrote/said/did.  In process we bring to page an excerpt (sent us recently) from the blog of yet another barking MDD afflicted cultist-  Bobo the bow-wow (a fool who will never understand that his friend- Sulochana dasa (Steve Bryant) was murdered under cult law legislated by the founder- Snuffbox Swami) :-

>>..... Berkeley temple (U.S) had 240 devotees, three houses, and huge harinama samkirtanas (sic) all the time here in 1977. We were also selling millions of Srila Prabhupada books every year, just here in the Bay Area alone. We also had a temple in San Francisco with maybe 60-70 devotees, and they had big harinamas there on Market street regularly.
Since the GBC “gurus” took over, the San Francisco temple has been closed for maybe 20 years now, there is no temple there at all. There are now no Market street harinamas here, ever. The GBC also sold the three Berkeley temple’s houses and pocketed the money, so there is no place for the householders to live, and in sum they just kicked out everyone en masse. Right now there has been around 10-15 devotees at the Berkeley temple for a long time, so its a major struggle just to collect funds to pay the electric bill, and that has been the case for the past 15 years here at least.
I am sorry, but this is not some made up lies, its what is happening now, come here and see this for yourself. Yes we have harinamas maybe once a month here in Berkeley, five people maybe.
The San Francisco temple is now a laundry mat, I can take you there and show you. The Berkeley temple is a ghost town, come here and look for yourself. How can we lie about stuff like this when everyone knows that is the history here?<<

.... was it any different for the cult in pre-American hare krishna?  No, it was not.  Here read for yourself:-

>>Unfortunately, the post- 1936 Gaudiya Matha, and persons like Sridhara Maharaja, Professor Sannyal, Madhava maharaja and the Gaudiya Matha leaders in general, they all supported false acharyas which divided their mission; and subsequently created falling down gurus; and subsequently created murders of dissenters; which then created horrible newspaper stories that exposed these murders and so forth.<<

Snuffbox wants you!

12. So we need not explain further.  Readers can see by admission, Snuffbox, and his gaudiya god- krishna, failed miserably.  Even after selling millions of Srila Prabhupada books every year which Snuffbox claimed were written by god himself, the plan to shackle more innocent lives, to kennel more guru slave dogs, even after threatening them with yamaduta dog-catchers, failed.  For those who don't know it, the GBC is iskcon's managerial authority.  If we are to believe the blog-barker above, then the hare krishna GBC must be mad.  This is in line with BIF belief.  Our approach to the cult is that they are ALL, TOTALLY sick.  Who else would believe this garbage- HERE, and just have a gander at this recent posting which blew past cult moderators and onto a public web site.  Ask yourself- is the hare krishna society MDD crazy or not?  More importantly, can they be permitted to spread mental mush already identified and addressed in India, by past exemplars, as a determent to National advancement and security?

>>Similarly, the same mentality is prevailing in every other planet where there are more intelligent living beings residing. The higher planetary living conditions are all in the mode of goodness and anyone desiring to enter the higher planets like the moon, sun and Venus must qualify thoroughly by activity in complete goodness.<<
When we speak of a cult threat to National security, this is what we mean:

HK or FU !!!

 13. To challenge cult belief is to spark aggressive cognitive dissonance: preservation of ritual and dogma at all cost.  As a business, iskcon does make fools and fraudulent fortunes.  The iskcon guru/founder, Snuffbox Swami exploited the growing MDD epidemic to market himself..... god by proxy.  It is our firm belief that BhaktiviNO Thakur reintroduced the teachings of a banned book- 'Gurugita' to reinvent the current hare krishna MDD guru-is-god doctrine.  Permit us to present an excerpt from the revelations of the greatest investigator and exposer of the 'guru god' scam-  His Eminence, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati (1824- 83):-
Q. - "The Guru is Brahma, the Guru is Vishnu, the Guru is the Almighty Lord, the Guru is even Brahma (Great Lord); therefore, we bow unto the Guru." Is this kind of Guru-worship right? Is it right to drink the water in which his feet have been washed, to obey him in all things, to look upon him as Bavan (an incarnation of the Deity) if he be covetous, as Nara Singh (half man and half lion -incarnation of God) if he be wrathful, as Rama, if he be attached to worldly things, as Krishna, if he be sensual, never to lose faith in him commit whatever sin he may, to believe that every step one takes in going to see his guru or a sant (so-called holy person) is as meritorious as the performance of an Ashwamedha Yajna?
A. ~ No, it is not right. Brahmaa, Vishnu, Maheshewara and Paara-brahmaa are all names of God, the guru can never equal Him. This book (from which the verse quoted above has been culled), called Gurugita which teaches the great sanctity of the guru, is the work of some pope. It inculcates extremely popish practices. The true gurus are one's father, mother, tutor, and atithis (altruistic teachers)
(Satyarth Prakash)
14. BhaktiviNO Thakur's cheating caught up with him.  Even among his own mutt mushrooms, he was outlawed as a forger and cheat.  Only iskcon hare krishna tout him as a 'manjari' (Kamala manjari)- an 8-10 year old girl, sexually and eternally active in an adulterous relationship with god-krishna in the bushes of vaisnav utopia.  BhaktiviNO's son, Bhaktisiddhanta (Bs) took up the running when his father returned to his sexual duties in the sky.  After Bs died, his camp splintered and scattered when discovered that he was a blowhard who invented stories about himself.  Nor was he in line with the traditions he extrapolated.  The gaudiya micromutt was skidding on its butt when a Bs disciple-  a snake-oil salesman named Bhaktivedanta Swam (Snuffbox) noticed other gurus in India fattening-up on hippy disciples.  He recognized the LSD triggered MDD upheaval in America as a golden opportunity to indulge his own MDD, so off he went.  At this point we should say... the rest is history... but the situation is ongoing.  Albeit iskcon hare krishna is a riven ism, dead Snuffbox remains a living godman to patent cult MDD.

... now drink it, dupe

15. Our prediction:-  Just as BhaktiviNO and his son Bs were exposed as fakes, so will Snuffbox Swami.  To explain what we mean is to take our readers to the man who was closest to Snuffbox; the man who had a driving MDD no different to his guru; the man who tried on several occasions to take over iskcon for himself; the man whose tomb is visible and venerated on iskcon property in Mayapur Bengal;  the man whose disciples are now in high positions of iskcon management; the man who was suspect #1 in the alleged poisoning of his godman boss... We are referring to Snuffbox Swami's secretary- Tamala Krishna Goswami (TKG).  Let us now look at some entries recorded in the memoirs of TKG, a book entitled-  "TKG's Diary."  Readers should bear in mind that Snuffbox never ceased to assert his every word thought and deed to be godspeak and god interactive.  He was, by his own proclamations and subsequent cult calculations, god by proxy: 


Okay, here it is.  Excerpts in red font, BIF comments in blue.
1) Gradually, I have seen that Srila Prabhupad (Snuffbox) is no longer chanting japa on his beads. Many years ago, he was chanting sixty-four rounds, then gradually less, until a number of years ago it was sixteen. But now he does not chant on beads (TKG's Diary p-68)
BIF has pointed to the 'maha mantra' as a sales gimmick concocted and compounded by BhaktiviNO Thakur to feed his MDD in eternal disciplic dictatorship.  Once acBSp had his slaves collared and shackled the- kitna kitna ram ram chant was no longer a necessity. 
2) Although it was Ekadasi, Srila Prabhupada asked for Horlicks, which contains ingredients that are derived from grains (TKG's Diary p-201)
Ekadasi: just another enforcement implant.  It works as deprivation by ritual to usher in domination and power... cult calculated control. 
3) He had me put snuff near him, of which he also availed himself. (TKG's Diary p- 204)

Here it is for all to see.  A hypocrite... a Snuffbox Swami, who permitted his disciples twenty wives but imposed 'regulative principles' which included no tea, coffee, chocolate, beetle nut, mushroom, garlic, onion, etc.  Yet he snorts strong tobacco directly into his brain.  He even abandoned his wife (a girl whom he sexed when she was 11-12 years old) because, he claimed, she had a tea addiction.  He gave her an ultimatum- 'Tea or me' before deserting her and the kids.  And now his dupes should know-  when BIF investigated the godman, his family informed us.... the 'mahabhagavat' was ALWAYS a weak ass snuff addict.  The revelations, as we go on, will show reason why TKG may have found justification in assassinating his guru ... an MDD infect who willfully subverted the lives of countless innocent people to feed his dictatorial MDD.

4) Unfortunately, Upendra mistook champagne for lemonade, and he fed Srila Prabhupada the champagne. Prabhupada drank a little and motioned that he was satisfied. (TKG's Diary p- 192)

guru lemonade

Unfortunately.... My butt ! We are discussing a man who claimed direct and sole agency to supreme intelligence- GOD!  But here he is, unable to tell the difference between champagne and sodapop.  He guzzles the booze and then motioned that he was satisfied.... Whaaat? 

In the first four excerpts we find a godman who is a total shamus.  He does not chant on tulasi beads (or at all?) proving the tree-goddess Tulasi to be an antediluvian implant.  We agree.  He then eats grains on ekadasi which asserts the BIF understanding i.e., ekadasi is a control implant.  And... he snorts snuff.  Our team has studied Snuffbox audio/video lectures closely.  He is a nose-rubbing, throat-clearing, snuff addict, no doubt. "...dees ees krsna konsessness... snooort! arrrgh!"  Ergo it should come as no surprise when champagne buzzes like aspirin to a junkie. 

5) During the gurukula kirtan, Prabhupada is drooling more and more (TKG's Diary p-58)

Drooling in front of the kids?  How does this undignified behavior make him a mahabhagavat?  Snuffbox was no different to Joe Smith suffering dementia at the Shady Palms hospice.  It is interesting to note that he built his reputation on the "Indian Swami who comes in direct succession from god" mystic claim.  Then he drools and dies in the darkness without amour-propre, like an old druggie on welfare.

6) Prabhupada was speaking to Bhavananda Maharaja and looking at him said, "Just now I am forgetting you name. This is the position." (TKG's Diary p-198)

godmen... this a-way

How different was this old hari from Harry the Hobo?  The answer is self evident... He claimed to be good-as-god and demanded reverence accordingly, but time showed him to be a fudge... a blanked out snuff snorter. 

7) Prabhupada has difficulty hearing correspondence. Very often, he falls asleep in the middle of a letter. (TKG's Diary: 198)
8) Today while listening to Jayadvita read, Prabhupada fell asleep (TKG's Diary p-73)

Snuffbox cannot even keep his eyes open in company.  A huge contrast to the yarns he spun in his books about lesser beings (not even palsy-walsy with god-krishna, like he was) who jumped over mountains, killed millions with a single blow and performed tapasya for thousands of years... underwater.  Yet here he is, Mr. Ordinary in groundhog day... snoring in the middle of his own fairy-krishna lila.

9) In the case of Mr. Myer, I had originally thought I should deal with him myself and not tax Srila Prabhupada. But gradually, I had begun to feel that this man was a little special and deserved special attention. Prabhupada however, had to strain to think the whole matter out, and I saw now that I should not have bothered him (TKG's Diary p-73)

So where was 'god' in the Swami's good-as-god claim?  Snuffbox, the founder of hare krishna iskcon, lived high on the hog.  He exploited everyone to promote himself as god-on-earth.  Those closest to him were there because they were MOST exploited.  Observing up close and personal a drooling bhagavan, presented a quandary to the iskcon inner circle... "Do we continue to promote him good-as-god or hide the obvious to expand the business?"  What evolved from that scenario is the current GBC 'plethoric guru' policy which hangs the myth as a cult shingle to advertize the godman business, and little else.

But... was that enough for TKG?  He had allegedly undergone an operation to remove his masculinity based on celibate demands made by the godman Swami who was now a flaccid bag of bones; drooling and jelly-brained, even worse than a homeless wino.  Did TKG feel cheated?  Club that possibility to a driving MDD and toss it in with TKG's overheard sotto voce statement  ...he is just a senile old man who fucked everything up.'  We at BIF do not condone murder, but we sure as hell understand TKG's frustration.  Hence the archived audio recording (T 46/A) revealing a pissed off TKG giving his MDD guru-boss the ultimatum: "Now you have to choose which suicide."   

10. In the afternoon Srila Prabhupada felt lonely and unhappy, so he asked us all to come to him. (TKG's Diary: 297)

In our article 'Whopper War' we highlighted two whopper quotes by Srila Prabhupada (aka. Snuffbox, aka. acBSp) :

acBSp: "He (god-krishna) asked me to come here and I said that I did not want to go because it was such a dirty place. He told me if you go I will arrange so many nice palaces for you to live in. I said but I do not want to go. He said you just go and write these books and I will make it comfortable for you. So because He asked me to write these books I came." 
acBSp: Everyday, when I sit down here to write these books Krishna personally comes and dictates every word. 

How can it be possible?  What does that say about gaudiya-god krishna?  After bribing Snuffbox with palatial comforts... arrange so many nice palaces... make it comfortable, and after making numerous daily appearances to dictate every word... krishna then decides to snuff Snuffbox Swami?  Why?  Why did god allow his bosom buddy... his personally elect, select minister (from a star spangled line-up) to feel lonely and unhappy and, as we will show in memoir excerpts below... drool pee and crap all over himself.  What does it say about vaisnav utopia?  Or was it Snuffbox who lied about his 'personal' relationship with a bul-bul blue god, and fabricated his divinity and importance to use and abuse, including those who aided and abetted in plagiarizing and plotting his popcorn puranas?
11. It failed mainly because Srila Prabhupada was expected to subject himself to cold, a procedure he did not like at all. Otherwise, the treatment might have worked. (TKG's Diary: 97)
Yet Snuffbox showed no empathy, guilt or shame, when little gurukuli kids and brahmacaris were braving extreme cold to take showers at 3.30 am in accordance with his dictates, while Snuffbox... a beggarly Bengali from Ballygunge Kolkata, was Bollywooding around the world, having panch amrita footbaths, hot showers and eating ghee cooked meals off silver platters. 
After his shower, slaves collected pubic hairs for distribution...  'maha prashad'.  That legacy continues today between hare krishna gurus and dupes.  Mouth rinse water, footbath water, hair clippings, nail clippings, pubic hairs, used clothing: socks, singlets, and especially underwear (kaupins,) are items to be treasured and worshipped.  

12. He passed urine from bed into a bedpan.
(TKG's Diary p- 196)
13. The previous night Srila Prabhupada had passed stool in bed. (TKG's Diary p-161)
It was most certainly a dosra delivery. Generally he peed and defecated on paper which was then marketed to the world as scripture by his BBT book trust.  Albeit some dupes claimed to smell flowers on the soiled linen, our guts are churning with the gurucrap, already.  So we will dump the excerpts from TKG's Diary, which should give our readers a fairly good idea as to how much excrement passed between Snuffbox, his dupes, and out to the non-secular world.  If anyone can produce any information on a 'jagadguru' slipping and sliding around in his own feces just to maintain a dictatorship, please forward it to us:
14. Deciding to give Srila Prabhupada an enema, we laid him down in the bathroom...[...]... We gave him three enemas." (TKG's Diary p- 169)
15. In the afternoon, Prabhupad called for me. "Today I am not feeling well," I have passed liquid stool."
(TKG's Diary p-199)
16. All night Prabhupad had passed urine full of puss and blood clots (TKG's Diary p-257)
17. When he passed urine in the morning, it was free of blood.
(TKG's Diary p- 265)
18. When the kaviraj saw Prabhupada's very discoloured urine, he said the disorder was a type of gonorrhoea
(TKG's Diary p- 270)
19. He (Snuffbox) was disturbed because he was passing stool too frequently, three times a day (TKG's Diary p- 280)
20. Srila Prabhupad began to vomit after hardly a mouthful. So much mucus immediately came out. (TKG's Diary p- 280-81)
21. Fives times today he passed stool. (TKG's Diary p- 301)

During the second translation period in the evening, he began passing stool while translating was going on. (TKG's Diary: 304) 23. Because he does not know when he has passed stool, we have to tell him, and then Upendra usually cleans him up. (TKG's Diary: 327)
Jagadguru or Jagadiarrhea?  Mahabhagavat or mahabogus?  Drowning in a river of yellow excrement... is this how the blue god- krishna recalls his general among generals?  Or was Snuffbox a fake: a narcissistic sociopath who lied about god to become god?

Snuffbox agreed with Hitler-
"I don't think Hitler was so bad a man" he openly declared his dictatorial leanings- "I like this position, dictatorship.  Personally I like" - and, as we show in the recorded conversation below, had Snuffbox generated the power and army he aspired for, his name would have ranked alongside despots and tyrants passed.
We request our readers to study closely the excerpt below and understand why no god...  red, blue, black or green, would have given this fellow license to practice.  Additionally, the danger of his cult's expansion is a reality.  As they say-  "He lives in his instructions." Make no mistake, the bomb-maker is dead but his agenda remains ticking in a society/nation/country/world that must heed the alarm bells:
Room Conversation  19th Feb '77  Mayapura

Prabhupada: ... and actually for the benefit of the human society. They have no other desire.

Hari-sauri: No, they can't stop this movement. It's not possible to stop this movement now.

Prabhupada: No, it is not possible. That I'm certain. It is advertising indirectly. (laughs)

Hari-sauri: Will things get physically violent?

Prabhupada: Well, the violence there may be. It doesn't matter.

Hari-sauri: We should... If we have to, we can...

Prabhupada: Oh, yes. We must... Self-protection must be there.

Hari-sauri: Because now with these kidnappings it seems that we may have to...

Prabhupada: Fight!

Hari-sauri: Then we'll have to fight.

Prabhupada: Oh, yes. Why not? Kill them.

Hari-sauri: Yes. If we don't get protection from the government, then what can we do?

Prabhupada: Oh, you must kill them. Tit for tat. As soon as we detect that "Here is deprogrammer and kidnapper," kill him. Finish!

Hari-sauri: And if we go to court, then it's self-defense.

Prabhupada: Yes. At least give him some good lesson. Yes.

Hari-sauri: Yes. Definitely.

Prabhupada: That should be done.

Hari-sauri: We fought with demons once or twice before that have attacked the temple. We ought to give 'em a good hiding.

Prabhupada: There is civil war. Why not this?

Hari-sauri: Yes. This is... This is a big fight now.

Prabhupada: Yes.

Hari-sauri: (laughs) You're the world's greatest revolutionary. (Prabhupada laughs) [break]

Hari-sauri: Now that we're being attacked like this physically ...

Prabhupada: So we must attack them also.

Hari-sauri: Should we actually have a training program so that our ...

Prabhupada: No.

Hari-sauri: ... we'd know how to defend? Like you were saying var?asrama ...

Prabhupada: Yes.

Hari-sauri: ...system there must be k?atriya and everything like that.

Prabhupada: Yes.

Hari-sauri: Should we actually start to ...

Prabhupada: Train.

Hari-sauri: ... train up some of our men so they know how to fight?

Prabhupada: Yes, why not?

Hari-sauri: 'Cause we have men who know how to use guns. They practice a little. But on the whole, our devotees don't ... They're not ...

Prabhupada: They are not trained up.

Hari-sauri: Trained up to be able to defend themselves, and these people are professional gu??as.

Prabhupada: That...? What is that? "Kivat?" They practice self-defense?

Hari-sauri: Karate.

Prabhupada: Karate.

Hari-sauri: There's different forms of self-defense. (end)


Knots in a Thread:

Below are a few funny quips (we think so) in response to our posting- Ululations from a Cave; tiny block of bizarre hare krishna beliefs.  Thanks guys. Keep 'em coming.

An enormous egg came into existence with the permutation and combination of five basic elements. Within this egg exists the whole universe including the mountains, islands, oceans, planets, deities, demons and the human beings. (...and the easter bunny) (hell bobo, you gotta hand it to a cock that hens eggs like that) (how did jack get it down the beanstalk?)

Brahma was born inside this egg. (adi-poultryaye) (the yolk was a bloke named brahma) (the original henny penny) (no eggzajeration)

mama brahma !!!

Brahma lived inside the egg. He then split the egg into two and created heaven and the earth from the two parts of the egg (lucky it was hard boiled or we'd be in an omelet) (ha ha ha..brahma could take a yolk) (he was eggsplicit)

From the powers of his mind, Brahma gave birth to seven great sages. (pappy was a lotus root) (that's what sitting on a lotus does to a man's mind) (they all called him mama)

Krodhavasha had fourteen thousand children known as nagas (snakes) (he was a charmer) (prabhupadanaagas) (7,940 better swimmers than DICKsha) Ila gave birth to trees, creepers, shrubs and bushes. (all started with a single root) ('The Creeper in the Bush.' SB, canto-10) (IIa's kids were broken into joints, and stuffed in bongs)

With his weapon vajra, he sliced up the baby inside the womb into seven parts. The baby naturally began to cry at the pain. (in seven part harmony) (septuplet earthworms) (but..was his vajra protected?)

But the baby, or rather its seven parts, would not listen. Indra thereupon sliced up each of the seven parts into seven more sections, so that there were forty-nine sections in all. (two parts did listen. they had a ear each) (he should have done a sixty-nine) (they sure as hell listened after that)

The sages realized that Vena was a lost cause. They physically caught hold of Vena and began to knead his right thigh. From this kneading there emerged a horrible looking creature. It was a dwarf and its complexion, was extremely dark. (Vena was extremely dark, why would his dwarf be any different?) (then the sage bhavananda (aka. cupcake) physically caught a taxi driver) (they pinned down his two arms and three legs)

When the sages began to knead Vena's right arm, Prithu emerged. (they didn't need his left arm, just the center finger) (then Bhavananda needed the taxi driver agaaain, and...agaaain, and..ooooh) (they kneaded his genitals and poof... Umapati Swami)

Let's yajna, baby!

Dhruva performed meditation (tapasya) for three thousand divine years. Brahma was so pleased at this that he granted Dhruva an eternal place in the sky. (where he and bhakta George Harrison did ... Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds) (twinkle-twinkle little dhruva) (he hit the brahmapot... the sky's the limit)

Dhruva became the Pole Star. (oh no! not another pole dancing star!) (should have come out the closet, called himself Venus) (only three thousands years more and he could have been a planet)

Dhruva? ...is that you?

My dear princes, by My mercy, you can enjoy all the facilities of this world as well as the heavenly world. Indeed, you can enjoy all of them without hindrance and with full strength for one million celestial years (yippie!... one mil. c years of McDicksha) (Amsterdam, Soho, Sonagachi, Bangkok, Rio mardi gras... little prache bastards everywhere) (motto: burn your forest and enjoy celestial roots) 

Yayati called Yadu to him and said, "I wish to explore the world and my old age is a hindrance. Please accept my old age and give me your youth in return." (he was going to Manila and then Bangkok) ('No!" screamed Yadu, grabbing his youth with both hands) (but.. did yaya use protection?)

Have fun, Yaya

Arjuna pleased the sage Dattatreya and became invincible. He also had a thousand arms. (he only used two to haul the other 998 around in a wheel barrow) (he was a sensation at the gentle touch massage parlor)
There is much, much more of this crock spread across the cult's 'law books for the next 10'000 years.'  But with the closing of this article we warn readers to look for cult shills. Shills are pro- cult web dwellers who find ways, including lying, to hook unwary surfers into their jellybrain killzone.  It is only when routed, they give clue to persuasion.  Here is an example of a shill using a well read web site to post a list of "Top 10 spiritual gurus of India."  Not until his authority was questioned that he admitted to- 'expressing my opinion based on my personal experience.'
Swami Prabhupada ji (Iskcon) Has created a community of die hard devotion seekers. The Iskcon based temples get a lot of charity funds. Having said that, they also help out the poor with food, hospitals & much more.
Read more at http://www.ranker.com/list/top-10-spiritual-gurus-of-india/chetjariwala#ezDpwTGBkzQiCd3G.99 <<
Lon from Ranker.com here. Chris, you're certainly entitled to your opinion of "ranking" as an activity, or Ranker.com specifically. I would just like to point out that this is the work of a member of the Ranker community, and not Ranker's staff (some of which is located in India.) So we have no way to know if this is an American commenting on Indian culture or not. Just something to keep in mind, and thanks for checking out the site. <<
Top 10 Spiritual Gurus of India at 2/21/2012 10:58 AM
By the way, I am the moron who has assembled this list!
Lon is right, I am actually in India & expressing my opinion based on my personal experience.

I believe anyone (even if you are an American) can express the same kind of sentiments towards the way he/she feels. You don't need to be an expert or have in-depth knowledge about any topic to be able to rank. Like it or not, the list is based on pop**arity factor & it holds my honest opinion (with a little humor to top it off). There are several lists on the site & none of them will be certified as true. It is just a matter of personal opinion & it is not about right or wrong, good or better. It is sad to see an American getting irritated about people liking or not liking things. It's time to grow up.... The list is not a judgement from God or the ten commandments. You are entitled to your opinion however I don't need anyone to tell me what I can or cannot rank. Whether they are celebrities or spiritual leaders, everyone here (the ones with knowledge or ignorance) can rank anything as long as it is not derogatory or racist.<<
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