16th Feb.  2011
K. ham, BS spam & DA lamb
Just when we thought the Keith Ham (aka. Kirtanananda Swami) saga was all but methane gas, BIF contacts in the Australian sub-continent have come with some old new information.  A VHS video of discussions between Jayapataka Swami (Gordon John Erdman) and the infamous Ham, is now in our possession and being transferred to CD for upload.  Watch this space.  We are not aware of the content, but we can assure our readers: it is never before seen footage of the two 'padas'.   Unless you have a heart of stone, it should be enough to have you scampering for your salt-n-charcoal tablets to stop the diarrhea .  And we will deliver, so be prepared to lose weight. 
The video is not all the BIF crew has ballooned up from the depths of Ham's Atlantis.  When the Ham gang jumped off iskcon's gravy train, they had what they believed to be a concrete predatory takeover plan for the international guru scam.  However, as concrete is apt to do, it sunk to the bottom of Ham's cesspool.  We have the plan right here before us.  It was registered under the "Associations Incorporation Act- 1981. Section 7.  Registration no. : A0027444W." - At the date of registration- 1st Feb. '95, the group had one re-initiated devotee, and three of Ham's foreign henchmen (US citizens) semi-active in Australia. Nonetheless, Ham had all four members registered as the "Interfaith League Worldwide.  Australian Chapter Inc."  Does this surprise us?  Not at all.  It is common practice for godmen to pay dimes and legally open mahogany doors to salvation lettered with buzzwords to lure the unwary.  And, with three of Ham's fully trained suction pumps in full suck mode, it would not take long for the new Aussie waterproof banknotes to be double-decking Ham's sandwich. 
Just as Ham's Interfaith was about to shear large flocks of  Interdenominational sheep, information of his intractable perverted intercourses were made international.  In brief, he was an inveterate, inbred, imbecile.  While Ham's scam was on the lam, one of his lieutenants Bhaktisiddhanta Swami (aka, Bill Crockett from USA. (No relation to Davy), who had his legs spread over both camps- Ham and iskcon, was instructed by Ham to use his danda and herd in the Aussie sheep.  So what we now present is Bhaktisiddhanta Swami's spam: his letter of introduction to the Australian "Interfaith League Worldwide."  We wish readers to understand that we at BIF do this only because Crockett, unlike Devamrita, Radhanatha, Chandrasekar, Umapati, Malati et al., after Ham's exposure, managed very deceptively to wriggle away without ever being fully identified as a traitor to Srila Prabhupada. (Not that it matters to current iskcon, who see every available danda wallah as another sheep herder in the iskcon paddock.) 
Letter from Bhaktisiddhanta Swami (in black)Comments by BIF (in blue).
>>Dear .....  and Hare Krishna,
Please accept my humble obeisances.  All glories to Srila Bhaktipada and Srila Prabhupada.
Take note of the order in which respects are paid.  Srila Prabhupada is demoted to second fiddle.
>>As of yet you do not know me.  My name is Bhaktisiddhanta Swami.
The recipient of this letter felt he was being spammed, and that reinforcements were being dispatched by Ham because the downunder market was showing takeover potential.  Interestingly, Ham's 'Interfaith' concept is still being used by iskcon in Australia.  The idea behind the 'Interfaith' scam is to bring the isms together and then by way of 'strong preaching' rip off the other guys' sheep.  Even though we hear that iskcon downunder persists in this stupid belief, many of their sheep have strayed into the Christian paddock, and very little, if anything at all, has produced rustled lamb chops for the Aussie Bar-B-Que. 
>>.....and I am travelling in the Orient  in service to Srila Bhaktipada and his expanding mission. 
NB.  Srila Prabhupada is now totally erased.  The 'expanding mission' is Bhaktipada's  (Keith Ham.
FYI:  What must be noted here is that Crockett, like many other iskcon renunciants, travels alone in the Orient.  We are now fully apprised of monks of foreign nationality who 'travel in the Orient'.  Mr. Darnaudet, Chief Officer for Action pour les Enfants (APLE), has already had numerous run ins with these 'travelling monks'.  What devotees do not know is that there have been prosecutions for pedophilia, and a long list of suspects have come under surveillance.  Japan's age of consent is twelve years for girls.  Japan has experienced a heavy traffic of iskcon 'monks' in the past, but much lesser now that other markets have opened up for cheap.  This route goes all the way across the Philippines to Thailand and on to Svay Pak (Cambodia). 
Sex with a girl aged 10 to 13 in Svay Pak costs about $30.  Younger girls cost more.  A virgin costs a few hundred dollars.  Many iskconites who travel to Svay Pak prefer younger girls, partly in the hope of avoiding disease.  Iskcon's cheating celibates often run into each other on this strip.  They have empathy for fellow pedophiles because they know the disease is incurable. 
Unlike the bogus iskcon 'rectification' process, Coalinga in the US, is staffed by Clinical Specialists, Doctors, Psychiatrists, and every imaginable drop-down drug and program in existence.  It cost US$ 400 million to build, and houses America's pedophiles and depraved homosexuals AFTER their release from prison.  70% of the inmates refuse to be part of the program based on a belief that there is no assurance of success.  They will remain warehoused at Coalinga @ US$ 200,000 per year, per inmate, until death.  In the ten years that the institution has been in existence only thirteen inmates have ever been released, and that is only because they voluntarily underwent severe physical and mental transformation, including castration.  Even so, conditions for release demand regular clinical visits as a proviso.  So don't believe iskcon mumbo jumbo in its claims to rectification.  The pedophiles are there in iskcon, 'un-rectified', and they are active until death.
>>For years I have attempted to serve in the USA and now I have been given the opportunity to assist in new lands and cultures.  This experience has been quite strengthening and another confirmation that everything, action and deed in the spreading of KC is accomplished solely by the grace of Guru and Krishna.
This diatribe is commonplace in the herders handbook.  It sends the sheep trotting off to the woolshed for fleecing.  Especially in retrospect, when we all know now that the 'guru' being referred to here is Ham.  How absolutely amazing it is, or amazingly stupid, that none of Ham's men noticed his penchant for depravity.  Visitors and residents at New Vrindavan were disappearing without a trace, not because they had nice sleeping bags, but because they were raising their voices in protest at what they saw to be criminality by a man who wore a crown and rode on a palanquin carried by henchmen like Devamrita Swami, Radhanatha Swami, Umapati Swami, Chandrasekar Swami,  Malati and other Ham enforcers.  The dead bodies discovered buried on the property were that of community fringe dwellers.  If they were dispatched because of what they observed, what about those on the inside?  Didn't these great preachers and teachers have any sense of perception?  Or was it simply more profitable to eat Ham and scam?
>>Bhaktipada's vision and mission in creating a revitalization of religion through the process of  service and surrender to God is so clearly presented through his interfaith preaching.
So we can see here that balmy Bhaktisiddhanta Swami, although only sixteen years after Srila Prabhupada has left the planet, is convinced that religion, service and surrender under the iskcon GBC, is as dead as a dodo.  He is serenading Ham , a Mott Street pedophile/homosexual, as the visionary for the future via his 'Interfilth' preaching.  How can any bozo find a sunnyasi immersed in such gross blindness and disloyalty?  Or need we ask how, when there is a whole cult of these fading saffron chrysanthemums parading as the ecclesiastical face of God on earth-  the bozo iskcon GBC.
>>He is showing the way how people come together love God and enthuse each other and learn from each other.
What Ham was showing to the world had nothing to do with love of God.  He had no intention of changing the reputation he had prior to his sojourn into religiosity, that of a rampant pervert.  He, along with gender-benders such as Umapati (being 'rectified') Swami, and heroin addict Malati DD (current GBC for Ham's horror zone),  came to Iskcon with foul reputations.  Within a short time after Srila Prabhupada's departure, they were put into positions of responsibility by those who were suspect in poisoning His Divine Grace.  Not because they were spiritualized but because rough, immoral individuals make the best bullet-proof protection for any criminal organization.  Only they can stand up and go on smiling even after being shot with their own shit.  Sorry.
>>People who associate with this Interfaith vision are growing spiritually without that fear of leaving their own path in acceptance of others paths.   
What a load of croc!  Vaisnavas never intermingle with other faiths based on any other need than to convince them of the teachings of Maha Prabhu.  Vaisnavas give association, they don't take it.  Everyone knows this already.  So what is the reason for this Interfaith association other than the belief that it is possible to rustle huge flocks of already programmed sheep by word-bludgeoning other ism herders into submission?  Such coups are what scriptural legends are made of.  It sends the Interfaither scrambling for his sloka book in anticipation of the accumulation through expansion program possibilities.  It could very quickly morph bhakta Dave into AcaryaDave in a cult that measures spiritual advancement on a fiscal yardstick; a transformation that takes a sucker off the pick and into the pocket of gurudom for the remaining term of his natural life.
>>What to speak of  the benefit that is there for those who assist Bhaktipada that can inspire others to awaken their love for God.  This is an opportunity for us all.
Yes, it did awaken something, but it was not love of God, that's for sure.  When a disciple of Ham, who was driving him to a spiritual meeting, happened to move the curtains of the van and look into the back, he got a clear vision of what had been awakened .  Bhaktisiddhanta Swami's Interfaith Messiah was doing to his young male Malaysian disciple what causes the public in Kolakata to throw cold water on street dogs.  And as Bhaktisiddhanta Swami tells us- 'this is an opportunity for all,' and that belief can be seen on the face of every street dog waiting for an opportunity.  In defense of the street dogs, they are not criminal gender-benders like Ham.
>>I am travelling to Sydney Australia in April In assisting Devamrita Swami, Bhaktipada's right hand man in this part of the world.
How strange it is that Bhaktipada's right hand man had no idea what other parts of his body were doing.  When Ham's idée fixe was exposed by American law enforcement, Devamrita stood on the sidelines in his Franciscan monk robes singing- "Hallelujah Krishna!  Never heard nothin'. Never sawn nothin'. Never gonna say nothin ."  And when the poisoners of His Divine Grace called to him- "C'mon Davy boy, we got us some sheep to herd and a lying cheating book to write,"  he called out in ecstasy- " I'ms a comin' massa."  While still licking and sucking the toes of his second chancers, he wrote the introduction to the infamous-  "Not that I am Poisoned;" a book that has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt, to be a deceitful attempt at covering up Srila Prabhupada's poisoning.  
>> ....it is our desire to open a center and retreat program like we have in Penang, Malaysia.  I pray in the future that we may work together.
After Devamrita returned to the Iskcon fold, he (as does Radhanatha and all the GBC) used Srila Prabhupada's tax exempt Iskcon to collect donations and facilitate business while slyly removing all assets into personal accounts.  They are both Iskcon endorsed gurus who pretend on the surface to have little or nothing to do with Ham, who is once again in business in Haradwar, India.  BIF has heard rumblings from his operations there.  This time Ham wont be so lucky.  Bhaktisiddhanta Swami, who could not see anything strange with Ham, has not improved his vision over the years.  He cannot see further than a bowl of kitchri which is placed before him by his Iskcon masters.  He was a nothing with Ham, and even less in Iskcon today. 
Two months after the Bhaktisiddhanta letter was written, Devamrita wrote this one.  Both letters were discovered in the same vacated premises by BIF contacts.
Letter from Devamrita Swami (in black)Comments by BIF (in blue). 
>>Dear ..[....],
Please accept my greetings.
NB. No obeisances are being offered to His Divine Grace or to the recipient of the letter.  Devamrita always had a ticket on himself; a superiority complex.
>>Thank you so much for your loving hospitality.  Please forgive any inconvenience.
No amount of 'loving hospitality' could raise a host to the level of this freeloader.  He is ALWAYS an INCONVENIENCE to grehasthas; an asrama he hates because grehas appear to enjoy what he appears to have renounced.  This writer has had a few experiences with the Devamrita obdurate.  Even after spending good money and slogging for hours in the kitchen to feed this Princeton grad., he refused to offer obeisances to our home deities, saying that deities in a greha have no significance.  It was only after he had eaten that the truth of his visit became known.  Referring to my wife he said- "Who is this ksatriya woman who has written to the GBC demanding elections.  Why is she trying to remove the Temple President?"  The Temple President in question was also a guest at the lunch gathering.  My wife then raised the subject about Srila Prabhupada's Direction of Management.  Devamrita argued loudly and arrogantly that the decision was in the hands of the GBC and no one else (we knew the GBC had only recently given him back his meal ticket).  He requested me to tell my wife to shut up, as if marriage had enslaved her to me.  Within minutes after his leaving, we made a decision to walk away from the iskcon cult and never return.  We never have.  Considering the time and millions we donated for the hype on offer, we were more than happy to cut our losses.
>>Well, we got a lot done.  Bhaktipada seemed very pleased.
This tells us that Devamrita was reporting on everything and was in regular consultation with Ham.
>>I want to especially thank you for allowing [....] to work so hard on the legal and business affairs.
"Allowing [....]"  could only mean Devamrita is referring to the recipient's wife.  His perception of women is so degrading and misogynistic, he feels they should be dominated to a point where no decision is permitted without sanction of a man.  Remember, it was he who said:- "Women are public toilets, and married women are private toilets."
>>We would never have learned so much so quickly otherwise.  Bhaktipada was definitely pleased that we got a corporation together so quickly.  We are certainly aware that this was your special kindness.
So what did the recipient of this letter, let us call him Z , get in the way of gratitude?  Well, allow us to tell you how shysters say thanks:
Devamrita ordered Z to leave his wife/family behind and go off to New Zealand (NZ) to open the "Interfaith League Worldwide.  New Zealand Chapter Inc."   While Z was in NZ, Devamrita sent in one of Ham's sannyasinis, "Compassionate Swami".  She, along with private visits from Radhanatha Swami, convinced Z's wife that the marriage would not work because the call to service was too demanding, and Z was going to leave her sooner or later in pursuit of that calling.  They wanted to split the marriage so both individuals could be used to maximum capacity.  She was offered a helping hand in relocating and restarting, and was urged to decide quickly on an offer that would not remain valid indefinitely.  While in New Zealand, Z got news of Hams' arrest in the US.  He waited for instructions but was met with a wall of silence.  The NZ Interfaith Chapter did not go ahead.  Z made his way back home to find Devamrita Swami, Bhaktisiddhanta Swami, Chandrasekar Swami (and the recently arrived Radhanatha Swami,) had all disappeared in a puff of smoke.  No one was there to debrief Z.  When the door was suddenly kicked in by State and Federal Police looking for Devamrita and Radhanath, Z's wife could take no more, she packed up and left with their boy.  It wasn't until later Z discovered that the "Swamis" had dropped him like a hot brick and run back to join the iskcon cabal.  Because she had the boy, and he had no visible means of support, the court awarded Z's wife 85% and he the remaining 15%.  The house was sold and whatever little they had built up was split between them.  His life is still on a rollercoaster, even today, fifteen years later.  
After finding the two letters posted here, we managed to track down Z.  He spent a long time discussing with us how he had no idea about Sulochan's murder.  What he did remember clearly was Radhanath Swami's request to spend a fortnight at his home, and then again to spend another week there in solitary.  It was only after Z heard about the murder and arrests, that he noticed the timings of Radhanatha's stay at his home, and concluded that Radhanath Swami had used his place as a hideout.  He also remembered that when he offered to take Radhanath to local temples, the offer was declined hastily.  Z also recalls the time Devamrita was invited for lunch but refused to eat.  He then stopped the car outside a Chinese takeaway and came out with a plastic container of food which he devoured unceremoniously while Chandrasekar Swami and Bhaktisiddhanta Swami sat in the back seat of the car, parked outside a convenience store, locked in a competition to see who could eat the most Magnum ice creams.  This may sound trivial to some readers, but in fact it is a rare occassion when these wolves drop the fleece and reveal their fangs.  
A lot of time while with you, I got the feeling that I did not explain fully all the reasons behind various policies, etc., which have been developed over the years with BP.
........[........].......Sincerely, Devamrita Swami.
Here we have Devamrita telling us quite clearly that he has been working on the inside with Ham (BP) for years.  A little earlier in this letter he indicated that he was also exposed to Ham's emotions- "Bhaktipada seemed very pleased."  When we add this to Bhaktisiddhanta Swami's statement that Devamrita is Ham's right hand man, what we get is a picture of an intimate relationship between the two.  It begs the question- "How is it that so many who were outside Ham's confidence were being ostracized, beaten, abused, sexually abused and murdered for what they knew, while Devamrita (Ham's right-hand man), who is confrontational and a bully in matters that don't even concern him, was blind to atrocities going on under his nose and which ended up attracting the attention of the FBI, way down in Washington.
Here are only some of the terrible crimes (on record) that took place at New Vrindavan, where Ham was "God on earth," and Devamrita- his Archangel.

Kirtanananda Swami, aka. Bhaktipada, aka. Keith Ham: Ran prostitution 'samkirtan parties.'  Ordered the beating of a woman.  His confedracy murdered Sulochan das. Was on trial for for six counts of mail fraud, three counts of racketeering, and one count each of conspiracy and interstate travel to commit murder for hire.  In its indictment, the government said Bhaktipada used two murders, a kidnapping threat and beatings to maintain control of the illegal business scams that raised more than $ 10 million between 1981 and 1985 at the New Vrindaban community near Moundsville in West Virginia's Northern Panhandle.
Sulochan Das, Steven Bryant (Murdered)-  Killed by Tirtha Das on the order of New Vrindavan management in 1986.
Nimai Bryant. Son of Sulochan Das (Murdered)-  He always feared the water, but was found drowned at New Vrindavan in November 1986, soon after the murder of his father.
Chakradhari Das, aka Charles St. Dennis (Murdered)-  Shot, stabbed and hammered to death at New Vrindavan in 1983.
Chakradhari's son also died mysteriously, trapped in a freezer, in 1984, one year after his father's murder.
Taru Das, aka. Thomas Meyers:  Went missing without a trace from the New Vrindavan property in Nov. 1980.
Unknown and unidentified body found buried in the forest on New Vrindavan property.  Forensics dated the find as a six year old cadaver; buried in 1977.
1986: A construction crew repairing a pond on the New Vrindavan property discover two bodies (a male and female).  The FBI is alerted and further digging reveals more unidentifiable bodies.
When Bhaktipada (Ham) was questioned by a reporter as to why/how the bodies were dumped in the pond, he said- "What does it matter what you do with a dead body?  What's it worth.  A dead body, as far as we are concerned, is just another piece of earth.  We put them in the ground and forget about them.  And we don't see any reason to mark them."
Every devotee knows that this is not how bodies are treated.  Well, not unless they have been murdered.  The point being- Where was Devamrita when all this was happening?  How could Ham, a scheming murdering criminal, trust his operations to a right hand man like Devamrita, who, apparently, walks around with his head in the air not knowing anything about anything?  It is inconceivable.  What is more feasible is that Devamrita is no more that a slippery Princeton University educated snake, who knew everything from the get go, and maneuvered himself into a position so he could escape the noose with a simple straightforward denial.  That is what he has done, along with Radhanath, Umapati, Bhaktisiddhanta, Chandrasekhar, Malati et al.  And that is why iskcon accepted them back into the fold.  There is no better gang of hoodlums for a cult like iskcon.