17th September, 2013


"Cultists scam themselves spiritually. The fact that they scam others materially is the totality of their undoing."

This article recapitulates and evaluates the BIF agenda exposing ISKCON (Hare Krishna) as a fraudulent spiritual haute monde claiming mainstream Hinduism. In a nutshell: our efforts, besides approaching Indian legislators and powerful members of the mercantile community, has attracted the most assertive force in any democracy... people. No we are not claiming solo achievement. Rather, we are blithe to applaud all active posters...Hindu parivars, common sense proponents, truth seekers; researchers and contributors across the globe, whose realizations are lighting up the darkness... exposing goons in the penumbra of godliness.


1. One of the most lucrative yet never openly discussed extortion rackets engineered by the ISKCON (Hare Krishna) cult is the "Ransom Scam." This writer was first alerted to the mechanics of the crime when working as a volunteer Life Member enrolment officer for the ISKCON "donation collections" department. As an Indian, recruited by ISKCON, the evangelical zeal to expand membership and extort funds was unlike any prior experience. The simple life of a Hindu priest dependant on the loose change of visiting devotees, or living the life of an emaciated sadhu dependant on the largesse of others, or begging chanda once a year to build the local puja pandal, is not ISKCON's idea of sustainable religion. It became quickly apparent, Hare Krishna was a Jewish enterprise inflated with American ego and hype. A business that snatched every religious opportunity for easy money and quick-buck success... like opening hospices with a Heavenly guarantee that requires dying patients bequeath all assets to ISKCON .....a la the Catholic Church. The proposal was scrapped because it did not meet the cult's minimum-outlay-maximum-profit axiom. Nor did it rise to the facile, unshakable, and undetectable shakedown of the Ransom Scam... an all-round money-spinner that sucks hard cash into cult banks, internationally. Worked subtly and in continuum, the Ransom Scam is Am/Jew wrapped in a package of evangelical cult zeal. Here is how it goes in motion, starting with the basics.

2. a) Check the telephone directory for Indian families. b) Use a team of two devotees. At least one Indian..... both must be dark-skinned....both must be dressed like Hare Krishna and smelling of incense. c) Always carry sweets and flower garlands that have been offered to the temple deities..... It creates a 'Hindu' atmosphere of awe and reverence. d) When the door is opened, present sweets to the mother of the house and place flower garland around the man's neck. The rudimentaries or preliminaries are now complete.

3. Once inside and settled down, one devotee 'preaches' while the other does a meticulous audio visual study. Vision tells the story of family members and mode of existence. Audio identifies what the family does to exist, also, who wears the pants and controls the cash flow. But most importantly, when assessing Ransom Scam potential, focus is on whether older children in the family are being university educated. Since older children differ from younger siblings in that they are no longer minors, it makes them prime targets for cult recruitment and potential hostages in the Ransom Scam. While every family is leechable to some level of profit, families with children attending universities and colleges are of special interest.

4. After targets are identified and assessed, senior preachers (swamis) are employed by temple administration (via arranged house visits) to draw hostages into the web. Albeit the field of potential is vast and unrestricted, i.e., anywhere from a chance meeting on the street, in public transport, or everyday business situations, the Ransom Scam is most efficiently set-up by targeting students in their final years of education...at home. Why? Because it reveals family affection /attachment, devotion and (affordable) financial commitment. This combination is base, elementary deduction, in assessing a family (funds) making it vulnerable to the Ransom Scam.

5. Furthermore, having home-base contact with university students gives ISKCON (Hare Krishna) an introduction to campus, which then provides opportunity to introduce its 'low priced' vegetarian cooking classes, which, in turn, facilitates access to more potential targets. (Most vegetarians look out for new recipes and cooking ideas, leaving them open to Hare Krishna scammers.) Because of its lucrative collection potential the scam does not depend entirely on door-knocking. Ergo special hand-picked scammers, like the one in our story below, are assigned the "University Preaching" plot as a second prong in the Ransom Scam, which plies cult provocateurs enrolled as university students to work a two-way link-up collaboration .... inside and out.

6. So how does the scam translate to money in the bank? The answer may elude even those parents who pay-and-pay but remain in denial... choosing instead to euphemize entrapment as devotional service. Simply put...once a child is 'abducted' parents MUST play a supportive role i.e., joining the cult's membership program; paying fees and making ongoing financial contributions. Failure to comply will have them branded as detrimental to spiritual progress and disowned for a higher consciousness...guru. Parents who do not pay-up but persist in contact will find their child whisked away by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)...given an alias and lost in some distant land...probably pedaling Hare Krishna books on the street... and performing tricks for a sex-with-anything gaudiya goon.

Whadya mean...Gone to Africa !!?

7. Cult doctrine uses belief in reincarnation to devalue family relationships by pointing to repetitive birth and death without memory of family interaction. Ergo paternity is defined as solely a temporary material connection ..... irrelevant by comparison to the 'eternal' guru / disciple relationship.

* Even those parents who pay with a smile, desperately seeking to maintain a relationship in which they have invested blood sweat and tears, and.... finances, will note the cold change in offspring. And dare there be any existing skeletons hiding within the parent / child relationship (there usually is.) It will balloon under cult doctrine to un-negotiable proportions, and to alienation..... unless mediated by the cult for a fee... the Ransom Scam.

To understand the ISKCON (Hare Krishna) founder's teaching on parents who will not pay ransom, read HERE.

8. Without further ado we present the link (below) to a 'rare' and current exposure of the Ransom Scam in America. Although the entrapped victim, his mother and legal representatives, remain uneducated as to the scam in motion, our readership is now 'nutshell' apprised to the mechanics : engagement and acceleration. All we ask is that readers not misread the introductory note to Legislators as indicative of their indifference to cult scams. That would be untrue. The note is simply presented as reminder to a very busy Sabha:

It would surprise our Indian Legislators if they knew how many Indian families are already caught in the ISKCON ransom scam : money paid just so they can have contact with children trapped by the cult. If you are a parent whose child is brainwashed.... if you fail to make regular donations or at least a lump sum payment...your child, with a cult given alias, could disappear to the other side of the world without you ever knowing. Every door to enquiry will be shut in your face. Not even professional investigators can get any further than a cult administrator's- "Sorry. Cannot help you. People come and people go. Everybody is a Das or Dasi here. We know each other only by spiritual names."

Please open and read this link below..... If she does not pay her son is lost, possibly forever.

(10) “Radha is not a goddess among the 300 Million Gods of the Hindu Pantheon. Worshipping Radha is just like worshiping characters like Batman or Superman.”

(11) “Wow, you are exactly right. I spent a few years in ISKCON and then went my own way. I craved understanding and when you focus simply on the BG, you don’t get that understanding. I had only read BG As It Is because that is the only real version apparently, lol. I know many people in history have claimed the BG to be one of the most important books in history, but I never could see why; it only seemed to mention the need for a spiritual master every other sentence and never answer any philosophical questions.”

(12) “Thanks for your article. I myself was under the influence of Iskcon’s narrow-minded teachings for many years until I managed to finally break free. It feels so great to be breathing fresh air after years of near suffocation by Iskcon’s ideology!”

(13) “People often confuse that , ‘As it is’ means true with out own interpretations. But it is not really so. It is just from ‘Gaudiya perspective’ only. such things are called COMMENTARIES (Bhashya) only. Adi sankara (Advaita), Ramanuja (Vishistadvaita) Madvacharya (Dvaita) etc have written Bhasyas only. They didn’t call their Bhasyas as ‘Bhagavad Gita AS IT IS’. They are very humble. But Srila Prabhupada showed his stupidity in the Very TITLE it self. This shows his arrogance and hedonistic attitude towards other schools.”

“A work called Chaitanya Charitamrta also elaborates an entirely fanciful account of the visit of Sri Krishna Chaitanya to Udupi and his ‘defeating’ the Tattvavadi ascetics there. Needless to say, the account has no basis of reality, since it was composed much later with no record of any discussions being preserved. It also, in the words of Mm. B.N.K. Sharma, grossly misunderstands the Tattvavada position on ‘the relative positions of karma, jnana and bhakti in the scheme of the sadhanas’. It should also be noted that the fictitious Tattvavada Acharya in the Chaitanya Charitamrta is not allowed a single quotation from scripture in favor of his position, while his opponent offers several.”

Also, below are two excerpts taken from a 1998 article from Hindusim Today, entitled “Can it Be That the Hare Krishnas Are Not Hindu?”:

Kabbalah purana

(1) “So why does the general Hindu community mistakenly believe that ISKCON is a Hindu organization, when it never describes itself as such? Well, it sometimes does. During the recent ISKCON temple openings in New Delhi and Bangalore, where newspaper reports frequently identified the grand temples as Hindu, the ISKCON press releases, such as that of April 15, 1998, never used the H word. Yet, when Indian devotees serving at each of those temples were asked in late July by journalists for this article, they said it is a Hindu temple. The discrepancy between public perception and internal policy is further confused by the group’s official exceptions to the non-Hindu position. Faced with difficulties, ISKCON leaders have appealed to the Hindu community to back them up, as in a dispute over the Bhaktivedanta Manor in the UK or when being hassled by Christians in Russia and Poland. In appeals to judges and governments, the word Hindu is openly used. In other legal cases, including one to the US Supreme Court, ISKCON has attempted to counteract the ‘cult’ label by claiming to be a traditional Hindu lineage, and asked other Hindus to affirm this in the courts.”

(2) “What also sets ISKCON apart is its open repudiation and criticism of Hinduism, especially among members. There are reports of Hindus who joined ISKCON only to be taught to reject their family’s religion. ‘Previously we were Hindus. Now we are Hare Krishnas,’ some said. At the same time, the organization often appeals to the Hindu community and businessmen for financial support of its social programs and political help to protect ISKCON from detractors.

“Considering ISKCON’s appearances–member’s dress, names, bhajana, festivals, worship, scripture, pilgrimage, temple building, and so forth–it’s little wonder that so many have assumed they are Hindus. To find out they are not will certainly surprise many–Hindus and non-Hindus alike. It may even surprise a few Hare Krishnas themselves.”

Sakshi July 24, 2013 at 11:12 am
Cult debaters cannot be analyzed by rational thought because their premise lies in a psychological condition.

Today’s term for psychopath is ‘sociopath.’ The reason for renaming the condition, is revised clinical research. Pathological conditions do not always manifest violence even though MIR scans show the same neuro patterns in violent and non violent subjects, i.e., dysfunction in the three lobes which comprise the ‘sensory system’ (temporal, parietal, occipital) that sits behind the frontal lobes in the cerebral cortex.

When the condition moves out of neurobiology and into the field of psychology, what became apparent is that non-violent subjects are more conniving and exceedingly narcissistic…. They use and abuse rather than kill.

A clinical analogy defines a sociopath’s presentation to victims as an Autostereogram, which produces an illusion of depth using only a single image…
“…like a computer image repeating a narrow pattern from left to right. By decoupling eye convergence from focusing operations, a viewer is able to trick the brain into seeing a 3D scene.”

What eventuates from prolonged exposure is- transposition…. fake for reality, until we forget what reality ever was. The more you relax in your belief, the more real the mirage becomes…. The more believers, the easier it is to relax. Hence the need to distribute the mirage ceaselessly….books! books! books!

When you wind back to the source of indoctrination, touting mirages as miracles, you will find your sociopath. The longer the chain of continuation in such a belief system… the more sociopaths in the link.

Brainless blah-blah

He takes. You give. He wins. You lose. That is the unequivocal outcome, and you don’t figure out you’ve lost until much later. It takes years to realize the lie you lived… and argued to attest. Once you do, you will undergo a soul-searching experience that will leave you withered and broken, with a recovery period dependant on access to intelligence, cached imprints, and genetic benedictions.

Now you know and can recognize, long ago, that passage in time, when you relaxed your mind ‘decoupling the eye convergence from focusing’ and permitting the sociopath to enter. Do you Remember? It was like putting on someone else’s glasses. If you don’t remember, you are still wearing them.

Insanity is believing your hallucinations are real. Religion is believing other peoples’ hallucinations are real. Belief in God, on the other hand, is a personal matter.

Alex (Abhayasraya dasa)
July 27, 2013 at 10:05 pm |
I remember watching the first episode of the 1988 Ramayana serial. There is a line in there to the effect that an honest man will not bow down to a powerful tyrant, because he believes that a higher justice exists. And then something to the effect that when the honest man loses that conviction, everything falls into chaos.

Look at HK dogma. Who is Krishna? He’s basically presented as this all-powerful Godfather-type who protects his nasty little pets, his nasty little criminal empire, no matter how tyrannical. “Don’t criticize devotees. They are very dear to Krishna. So much service, Prabhu. He is senior devotee.” Do you see where this is leading? HK is a recipe for anti-justice.
Thanks, Bhaktivedanta.

September 7, 2013 at 6:40 pm
Why iskCON is wrong

From Hindu Dharma Forums dot com:
(1) “Look at how ISCKON has propaganded itself. (…) they have become popular through bashing Hinduism. We should be able to respond to their criticism, distortions of scriptures and disrespect for our tradition. Hindus have a tendecy to say, ‘I don’t want to hurt your feelings, so I am just going to say that you are right, in your own way.’ No, if we want to preserve Hindu Dharma, we have to stand up and defend ourselves.

“Indeed, no one is perfect. But if someone is profiled as the guru of the masses, they open themselves and their teachings for critisism. If your guru freely bashes Hinduism, but when Hindus talk back, play the we all believe in the same God card, caveat emptor.”

(2) “The barbs were started by Iskcon policies that are just coming back is all. Its sad, but true. I wish Srila Prabhupad wouldn’t have bashed and demeaned Hinduism, categorized Shiva as a demi-semi God in ignorance able to give only some material benefits that too with Krishna’s permission and unable to liberate and wish he wouldn’t have abused saints from other sampradayas as ‘fools and rascals’. When something is said by the leader of a sect, it has a multiple long lasting affect as the following generations feel obliged to hold on to that stance and repeat it.”

(3) “It is ISKCON which vilifies other sects for not sharing it’sviews and for worshiping God other than Krsna. It was Srila Prabhupada who called great people like Aurobindo, Ramakrishna paramahansa, Vivekananda..etc as ‘FOOLS and RASCALS’.

“You said ‘ISKCON Temples are Hindu Mandirs’. I’d have been very glad if it had come from Iskcon. Sadly, ISKCON denied the fact.”

(4) “Hindus from all walks off life joined in force for the battle which was fought under the ‘HINDU’ banner. i was also a very small part in that defense. the struggle went on for years, near the end off it one evening on Sunday with packed Prabhupad room upstairs, mainly by devotees Loknath Swami gave a lecture in support of that ongoing struggle, i remember very vividly even today what he had to say, yes we are fighting this battle under the Hindu banner but we should remember we are not HINDUS, such hypocrisy.”

(5) “Ask ISKCON if they are HINDUS or not.”

(6) “Prabhupad had issued specific statements worldwide, that he has NOTHING TO DO with Hindus and its hodge-Podge”

(7) “Hindu Voice !! Huh… ISKCON openly said they have nothing to do with that dirty ‘H’ word.”

(8) “The same thing happens here with ISKCON too. It calls other sampradayas as False and worse than pashandis.”


(9) “I’m a Hindu. Just like every other Hindu I too want my religion to be united. The Dharmacharyas of all sampradayas like Advaita, Dvaita, Sri Vaishnava, Sena Sampradaya, Lingayat, Saivadheenam, Varkari, Vallabhacharya, Nimbarka, Swaminarayan, Sudhhadvaita Pushtimarga Vaishnavas, and even Kabir Panth unitedly formed an association of all acharyas called ‘AcharyaSabha’ to protect the Hindu Dharma. They fought on several issues like Ayodhya, Amarnath land row, Rama setu controversy..etc.

“But ISKCON(including Gaudiya mutt) acharyas do not want to join the dirty ‘H’ Dharmacharyasabha. It is not Hindus who vilifiy Hare Krsnas but it is Hare Krsnas who vilify Hindus. If any problem arises in ISKCON, let it be legal or financial, it is always Hindus who come to defend them. So you convince Hare Krsna dharmacharyas(Monks) to join with Hindu community.

“Even Virashaivas and Sri Vaishavites, Dvaitins and Advaitins left their differences behind and joined Hindu Dharmacharya sabha. You yourself decide whether the problem is with ISKCON or with Hindus ”

(10) “ISKCON is suffering a crisis here in Brazil and it’s a great thing. It’s fragmenting, people abandoned sannyasi lifestyle and as of now we have only three sannyasis in the country…”

(11) “In my last year in Iskcon, I became keenly aware of how the membership was always fresh. The usual crop of disenfranchised youngsters would show up to enter the indoctrination machine.”

Our team has followed closely, over many years, the cult's coveting of Indian lands HERE. We have disclosed over time how "Trusts" formed by ISKCON (using Indian natives as title holders) sell land, apartments and time-share package deals, to foreign investors. In many cases, such as in Mayapur Bengal, large and scattered pockets of land occupied by the cult is prime grain producing farmland. This unprecedented and somehow ongoing breach of India's Foreign Exchange Regulation Act -1947 (FERA,) is driving ISKCON land sharks into a feeding frenzy. In the article we present below, an Argentine National is murderously attacked by another ISKCON (Bengali) member and contracted associates, over a land deal gone wrong. Incidents such as these appear isolated, as the cult's administrators would prefer the world believe, yet barbarity is not uncommon to the sect. Its founder and preceptor- Prabhupada, certainly preached violence. Here is the article in point:

In a ghastly incident, an Argentine National was brutally hacked with sharp weapon by miscreants at his apartment located at the ISKCON campus in Mayapur late on Friday night. The victim, identified as Ricardo Antonio Palaruz [H.G. Sadhu dasa], 60, was critically injured and taken to Saktinagar district hospital in Krishnanagar. However, after providing the initial treatment he was transferred to a Kolkata based private hospital later at night.

Police, meanwhile, have arrested two persons in connection with the attack. However, their identity was not disclosed by the sleuths.
SP Nadia SR Mishra and DSP (HQ) Dibyajyoti Bose rushed to Saktinagar hospital to monitor treatment of the elderly Argentine National.

"We have initiated investigation into the matter. The reason behind the attack is not quite clear to us. However, according to the initial report available from different sources, the Argentine National had developed contention with a local person over purchase of a land in Mayapur, who is also a ISKCON devotee", said a senior police officer.

According to sources at Saktinagar district hospital, the victim has sustained deep wounds made by sharp weapons on his face, chest, head, hand and other places.

"He was profusely bleeding when brought to the hospital, we provided some medicines to him and bandaged the wounds and referred him to city based hospital for better treatment", said a doctor who treated the victim at the Saktinagar hospital.

According to the police sources, the incident occurred at about 9.45 pm when Ricardo was preparing for sleep at his apartment located on the fifth floor of a multi storied building.

A person with whom Ricardo has been dealing for a land knocked his door. Sources said, he developed contention with the man over the deal which could not be finalized. When Ricardo opened the door, the miscreants who were five in number armed with sharp weapons entered his room and started hacking him at random.

Sources said, Ricardo raised an alarm when the miscreants fled. Some locals chased them, but they disappeared in the darkness of night."

Here (below) is yet another land-scam-grab by the cult in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. In this particular procurement deal with State Govt., we see shades of Maharishi Dayananda's investigations and revelations once more come to fore:

Shri Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati: "They began to practice wonderful frauds and trickery. One of these popes would take an idol made of stone, conceal it in a mountain cave or a secret recess in a jungle or bury it in the ground. After this was done, he would proclaim to his disciples that Mahadeva, Parvati, Radha, Krishna, Sita, Ram, Lakshmi, Narayana, Bhairava, Hanuman, or some other God or goddess had visited him in his dreams and informed him that he or she was in such and such place, commanded him to get him or her (out of the place), install in a temple and become his/her priest. If these demands were complied with, he or she would grant him his heart's desires.

The ignorant people who had 'more money than brains' would hear such stories and believe them to be true, they would enquire of him as to the exact site where the God or goddess was to be found. At this the pope would answer "The idol can be found in this mountain or that jungle, should you desire it I could lead you to the place." Thereupon those fools would accompany that scoundrel to the place, find the idol and being struck with astonishment fall at the feet of the Pope and exclaim "The God is indeed very gracious into you. Take the idol home and we will build him a temple wherein the idol may be installed, you shall be his priest and we shall also gain our hearts' desires by paying our adoration to him."

IDOLS!! Yipeeee!!

Basically what it tells us is that burying an idol and then digging it up is a sure-fire plan to land a land deal in India. A tried and proven Gaudiya Vaisnav land scam... 'bury and dream' is now an inheritance to be conveniently used by Am/Jew Hare Krishna in India. How many more temples, sects, and sex scandals does India need and why? Why is so much useful land being allotted to house idols and profit a few when it can be used to benefit many? Another scary provision in the 21 acre takeover mentioned below is the building by ISKCON of (HELL NO!!!)..... an Orphanage??? Truly? How blind deaf and dumb is the Andhra Pradesh Congress State Government? Don't they know the history of ISKCON's Physical and Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)? Don't they know- NOT A SINGLE PEDOPHILE was processed as a result of ISKCON pleading 'No Contest' to CSA charges made in American courts? Don't they know that every ISKCON pedophile (named and unnamed) remains protected and active within the cult? IN INDIA!?

Will the State provide 24/7 protection and supervision for ORPHANS who are, by far, the easiest targets for sexual predators? ISKCON was anally raping its paying students... in their own schools, with mothers and fathers still interacting. Now they are being granted ' Congress Government Permission' to build a harem of orphans.... children all alone and exposed; totally and completely vulnerable and at the mercy of monsters. What an unforgivable travesty this will turn out to be: a government permitted hellhole for children already wretched.... abandoned by providence. Undoubtedly, should India's Federal Ministry not intervene, this orphanage will be the first in a chain of ISKCON rasa lila CSA retreats. Here is the article in point:


ISKCON Plans Rs 500-cr Temple & Orphanage
Sep 12, 2013 — GUNTUR, ANDHRA PRADESH (TIMES OF INDIA) — Not content with poor-feeding, ISKCON gears up to enter the orphanage business.

The Kondaveedu fort area is likely to witness a brisk activity as the state government has cleared land lease for International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) to develop a temple. In the first phase, the state government has allotted 21 acres of land in Chenghizkhan Pet at the bottom of the Kondaveedu fort in Phirangipuram mandal, to ISKCON on 99 years lease. Though the authorities of ISKCON sought 55 acres in the area, the government allotted about 21 acres in the first phase. The ISKCON will take up construction of a Vedic school and Lord Krishna temple in 17 acres and an orphanage in the remaining four acres.

ISKCON had originally proposed to construct a grand temple at the Kondaveedu fort after local authorities found a rare idol of young Lord Krishna holding butter in one hand and a pot in another (Venna Mudda Gopalaswamy) during excavation works about five years ago.

With government earmarking only 21 acres as against 55 acres, ISKCON has scaled down its temple plan. Once built, the temple would be one its kind dedicated to toddler Krishna in the country.
According to Kondaveedu Development Society convener K. Siva Reddy, the idol of crawling Sri Krishna is believed to have been sculpted during Krishna Devaraya's reign in 13th Century CE.


1. Have you guys seen the advert for a proposed film on the life of snuffy (Prabhupada)?

2. Went through the slides....NOTHING about his EDUCATION. All we see is a backwoods Ballygunge bakwas attempting a short-cut to Bollywood via cult validation: an unknown Indian without any recognition in his own country other than cult hoop-la and the 'Prabhupada' honorific he gave himself. A title that was contested bitterly even within his own dreamvadi sect.

3. Did you note the razz-ma-tazz about his PURE devotee birth to a father who pulled the curtain so he could get it on with a scared eleven year old? How can anyone have a problem with that fact? Here's the admission, unequivocally disclosed, from the mouth of the future Oscar nominee himself-

"acBSp: "I was married, my wife was eleven years. I was 22 years. She did not know what is sex, eleven years' girl.....[...]...Formerly, when I was married, my wife was eleven years old. So (laughing) an eleven years old girl and I was at the same time twenty-one, twenty-two. One day I captured her hand. She began to cry. A little girl, you see? So gradually, gradually."

4. Yes, gradually, gradually he groomed her like pedophiles do.... and under the watchful tutelage of his PURE devotee father.
Then there's the bogus 'Nationalistic' angle (in the proposed blockbuster film) attempting appeal to Indian sentiments re. snuffy being a Gandhi supporter... Search up what this Prabhupada schemer said about both the Nationalist Movement and Gandhi and other exemplars of that movement. It will send the film and all its investors skidding down s..t street.

5. Every slide and shift in the presentation will show the propaganda up for what it is....and the overriding contradictions.
There is a whole lot about the man- Prabhupada and his views that people do not know or were never interested in. The movie will change that by bringing under scope shocking abuse, opinions and controversies that WILL rock those who give a damn

As long as the veda base and BBT remain, it's gonna be shooting fish in a barrel.....and this time, the world will hear the shots.

6. I was going through some of the "Prabhupada" quotes. Listen to this. If it does not tell you the old bugger's head was up his butt, nothing will:

Prabhupada: “They have worked so hard, they are sleeping. We are taking advantage. So they are escaping or we are escaping? Just see how foolish they are. They have worked so hard, and they are not taking advantage. We are taking. So our policy is that ‘You work hard, and we go and take from you.’ This is not escaping. This is intelligence, that ‘You work hard, rascal. You are foolish asses. And we take advantage.’ Our George Harrison, he is working hard, in England (?). And he worked hard, and he gives a house, Bhaktivedanta Manor. We are not going to construct. Is that escaping or it is intelligence, that ‘You work hard and give it to me. We enjoy’? This is intelligence; that is not escaping. That is going on.”

Was the guy a ruthless godman-parasite or what?

7. Blood-letting in the lower cult region continues. Here is a verbal attack (justified and truthful as it may be) on the unscrupulous Prabhupadanugas base duo- "Bobo and Yasodapop." It comes from the Editor of the Sampradaya Sun who, giving the devil his dues, has gutted the 'ritvik takeover dream' with a barrage of published rebuttals. To interpret this observation as a sentimental 'fall-in-line' with cult activity on any level, is out-of-whack. Every sinew in our muscle of endeavor supports the BIF agenda : the complete and total annihilation of ISKCON and its exploitation of India and Indians by its AM/Jew trained Indian agents. With that understood, here is the excerpt from the Sampradaya Sun Editor's internal loop posting:

Rocana Dasa: "As I recall, not so long ago you weren’t sure about Puranjana, didn’t realize what a liar and a crazy man he was. (Or maybe I’m confusing you with someone else…) At any rate, make no mistake, Puranajana is just that – an absolute lunatic, a pathological liar, and a fraud. And you know who talks to him, at length, almost daily by phone, consulting with him, coming up with slanderous arguments together, jacking around and joking about how to denigrate their enemies? Yasodanandana. For the last 20 years, those two have been thick as thieves. I used to tell myself that somehow or other, Yasoda associated closely with Puranjana just to be kind, but he managed to keep his own intelligence and ethics intact. I no longer believe that. I think they have a twisted, co-dependent relationship of the worst kind."

ISKCON Old School

ISKCON New School
(Click to view full screen)

 Lastly we present two pictures showing first generation ISKCON operators and the current generation (with Brahman thread, kanta mala, beer, champagne, and gopis doing kunda lila). What becomes immediately apparent is what British colonials said when they first encountered members of this sect during the British Raj: " It is self-evidently immoral." The sect always a hole-in-the-wall for perverts, fornicators, and swindlers, repugnant characters. Nowadays they get their rocks off playing kangaroo-guru rasa-lila with Russian gopis while Indian families pay for the entertainment.... wining dining and contraception.

Thank You for spending time with us