9th Feb. 2013

A Happy (belated) Birthday to Swami Vivekananda-ji (8th Feb. 2013).  Thank You for your wonderful stories published in 'Amar Chitra Katha.'  Especially Jataka Tales. 


1. TRUTH, it was quipped, is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.  Oftentimes squeezed, twisted and contorted by desperate criminals and entrepreneurs to produce rabbits in Wonderland, TRUTH reverts like a hose with memory, sometimes through ridicule and violent opposition, to its original and assertive position as self-evident.  Ancients, the ascetics of ages long past, described this position as virtuous, righteous, a manifestation of God as conscience; Paramatma in the heart.  For them unalloyed TRUTH sang out in the timeless hymns of the Vedas: essential directives incanted by Shri Vishnu, God Himself, as mandate for spirits trapped in a material world...Dharma. 

2. Dharma is the spiritual path defined by Vedic injunction as outlined by God and revealed to the rishis.  The Vedas were spoken at the beginning of time for all humanity. The perfect hymns were sung by God in a perfect language to be perfectly understood by the sages who perfectly recited them (in litany) through disciplic lineage until the written word was structured for its perfect documentation.  No one can claim monopoly to these instructions, institute them for profit, sell, cultify, misrepresent, interpolate, or use such a pure gift of TRUTH, by TRUTH, to enslave or exploit other beings. It is said that to simply hear the hymns and act accordingly with guidance from within the heart is to achieve peace and fulfillment.  Yet there are those quacks who mitigate the TRUTH to proclaim their quackademia as superior, and in so doing, mislead humanity for profit.

Srila Guruduck

3. Albeit the lines of Dharmic righteousness are clearly defined by God, it has not stopped scammers, dictators, despots and tyrants from altering the TRUTH to institute sects and sex trade.  One such twisted and dangerous manipulator of TRUTH was the (late) founder of ISKCON, the American/Jewish Hare Krishna Society, an organization currently hyperactive in India.  A Bengali by birth (aka. Abhay Charan De,) A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (acBSp) convinced his early hippy followers that what he said and taught was superior to the songs of Shri Vishnu...the Vedas.  In one fell sweeping misinterpretation, he relegated the ancient Vedas (revered by Hindus since 00BC,) and promoted himself his cult and his books as godspeak:- acBSp: "No... When we speak of veda, veda means knowledge. So knowledge means knowledge of God. Any scripture that gives knowledge of God, that is Vedas. Don't think that Vedas means that only the Sama, Yajuh, Atharva.... Those who are following the principles to give knowledge about God, that is veda. Veda means knowledge."  What this statement identifies is a man who, like his lynchpin- Bhaktivinod Thakur, was strongly affiliated with a Christian/British agenda.  They never believed that India could produce freedom fighters capable of ridding Aryavarsh of the foreign scourge.  And when Indian fighters succeeded (under the auspicies of the Arya Samaj,) this envious cult of gaudiya deshdrohis (traitors) created a dichotomous Vedic understanding to keep alive the caste system (varnashrama dharma) while flying an ambiguous flag of spiritual equality.

Eeek! .....Girlfriend

4. Imagine a bawdy, raucous band of sex-with-anyone scallywags who mesh to infiltrate the sanctums of religious belief, who attest as false witness to evidence planted by conniving predecessors.  What it designs is a stone hull in a ship of fools into which the spiritual aspirations of the world can be thrown without conscience.  Yet the concrete ship sinks without favor.  Taking all, exploiters and exploited, to the depths of repeated birth and death.  It is for this reason TRUTH has been the watchword of the Aryas.  It is for this reason spiritual lions prowl the parameters of Vedic sanctity to protect the manuals from a myriad of mythological interpretations introduced by the enemies of mankind:- "Myths conjured up by godmen to subjugate and exploit the ignorant must be met head-on and exposed."  It is for this reason a powerful lion among sages appeared on Earth in the year 1824.  He was an ascetic who is known by all who take birth in the mystical land of Aryavarsh. His portraits hang in Government halls, in educational institutions, medical facilities, seminaries, conservatories, judges' chambers, and wherever men seek the TRUTH. His name is Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati. 

5. In contrast to fanatical evangelists who seek only to accumulate through expansion, the Maharishi did not concentrate his efforts on converting.  His call was loud and clear- "Back to the Vedas!" (edited by acBSp to read- Back to Godhead.) The Maharishi was not interested in making disciples or slaves.  Nor was he interested in wealth or women.  Dayanand Swami was an Akhanda Brahmacari (never having intimate association with the opposite sex,) who lived simply, and at the time of death had only two sets of clothes.  Inversely Iskcon's founder- acBSp, was an egotistical narcissist who demanded every one of his bogus (plagiarized) books display a picture of him on the front page, and when told by his disciple (Kirtanananda) that a gold statue of him wearing a crown would be placed on a throne in the main temple room, the idea met with acBSp's immediate approval.  Now every iskcon temple displays a statue of the founder where devotees prostrate themselves in homage. This writer was told that the seat on which the statue sat was an incarnation of Ananta Sesa (a god incarnate snake).  Go figure.

6. The Maharishi was an exploder of myths and fabrications.  He was aware of running battles between Vedantists and cult goswamis whose outrageous fraudulent concoctions were being vigorously marketed to lure and enslave votaries.  Raja Rammohun Roy in 1818 came out publicly in protest.  He openly accused the Gaudiya Vaisnavs of composing airy fairy stories in verse and passing it off as ancient puranic scriptures.  Cheats were regularly exposed by literary researchers, and sometimes by their own, but it did nothing to curb the conscience of these greedy gaudiya gender-benders.  What it did do was bring attention to the lies and brainwashing techniques applied by the sect to establish a slave-porn market. When Maharishi Dayanand entered the fray, his presence, investigative ability and absolute fearlessness, turned the tide against scammers and their predecessor 'acaryas' who interpolated the Vedas and enforced a habitué / svengali status quo to corrupt and profit.

Eeek! .....Again

7.  We have been reading boastings by the Hare Krishna iskcon cult, their claims to having the largest stall at Kumbh Mela.  Had this Am/Jew pretend-Hindu outfit existed, or been there in 1867, their situation would have been extremely uncomfortable to say the least.  We shall insert here an excerpt (darted thus >> << ) from the writings of Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant, VSM:

>>"Haridwar-Rishikesh road runs almost parallel to the Ganges. The scene is set on the banks of Ganges along that road at milestone six from the famous ghat, “Hari Ki Pauri”. The Kumbh Mela of 1867 is in full swing. A tall, well built, fair and impressive sanyasi is standing below an ochre flag, exhorting the flocks of believers to live by the tenets of the divine knowledge, the Vedas. The Dev Nagri inscription on the flag cannot but attract attention. “Pakhand Khandini”, i.e. an exploder of myths and deceptions. The essence of the Sanyasi’s sermon on the Sand was:


(a) God is Omnipresent and is Nirakar, i.e. imageless. He is not bound in a form. He is never born and, therefore, does not die.<<

8. The Maharishi was fully cognizant of cult literature which offered a 'personal relationship' with god (who was no longer in human form) now extant in images made from trees, stone and mud.  The images were sheltered in public houses where the faithful were lured by dancing girls (devadasis) and young transgender boys (gotipuas)....HERE.  Once entrapped, dupes fell slave to the whims and wants of sociopaths.  Today's foreign controlled iskcon gaudiya mutt, only thirty-four years old, has adopted the same psychological techniques: continues to print and peddle dodgy literature and has an evil history of 'goswami' pedophiles, misogynists, homosexuals, socio/psychopaths and grinning swindlers.


>>(b) God is the fountainhead of all true knowledge.<<

9. Like his opium dreaming predecessors, 'His Divine Grace' A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (acBSp) gave himself a double-barrel title to tell his dupes that god spoke to him directly and the 'veda' in his books superseded Vedas given by God.  He once told a cook (knowing fully well the news would spread) that Krishna-god had told him the potato chips were too salty.  On another occasion when the temple door slammed shut he claimed Lord Shiva had just left the temple room.  On yet another occasion he said that Narada Muni (an interspace travelling, banjo-strumming, eternally-existing know-all) was dancing with him at his sing-along.  His snuff infused imaginings went on and on without anyone tagging him as the world's biggest BS.  It's about time someone did.

>(c) Vedas are divine; prescribes the path of righteousness for man.<<

10. Even after admitting he had never read the Vedas, acBSp had this to say about the Arya Samaj (an institution founded by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati to continue his work of promoting a theistic scientific approach to Vedic Dharma,) acBSp: "In India there is a class of men known as arya-samaja who say that they accept the original Vedas only and reject all other Vedic literatures. The motive of these people, however, is to give their own interpretation."  (Teaching of Lord Chaitanya, p.267).  Whereas asBSp was more than prepared to denigrate the Arya Samaj, and even abuse Swami Vivekananda, he was careful to never mention the name of Maharishi Dayanand.  Not once!  Because he knew the vehicle he was assembling and flogging in America was a smash repair job... smashed to smithereens by the Maharishi in years passed.  He also knew that if his abusive rhetoric became public knowledge, iskcon was on toast in Hindustan.  acBSp was not just a BS but a coward as well.  He mixed his poison in with garbled godman gobble to administer chronic doses vis-a-vis acute ad nauseam.  Ironically, the 'alleged' identical method used to get rid of him.  However, what he said while flashing his 'snuff karana mudra'  on safe vyasanas in America is now known to Maharishi's students and followers.

snuff karana mudra

>>(d) Forsake falsehood, myths, and superstitions.<<

11. Falsehoods? There was never a more boldfaced falsifier of fact.  It is incredible that he thought no one would notice.  Listen to this,

acBSp: " Those who are Aryans strictly follow the Vedic principles, but in this age of Kali a community has sprung up known as the arya-samaj, which is ignorant of the import of the Vedas in the parampara system. Their leaders decry all bona fide acaryas, and they pose themselves as the real followers of the Vedic principles. These acaryas who do not follow the Vedic principles are presently known as the arya-samajas, or the Jains. Not only do they not follow the Vedic principles, but they have no relationship with Lord Buddha. Imitating the behavior of Sumati, they claim to be the descendants of Rsabhadeva. Those who are Vaisnavas carefully avoid their company because they are ignorant of the path of the Vedas." (SB 5/15)

12.  Parampara?  What parampara?  The listed gaudiya succession is riddled with chronological holes, by their own admission.  And most of the acaryas mentioned are untraceable...fictitious.  The Arya Samaj never claimed to have 'acaryas'.  Their leaders do not decry all bona fide acaryas.  It was Maharishi Dayananda who told the acarya wallahs to put a sock in it.  What other 'leader' is acBSp whining about while trembling in fear to mention his name?  It is the reaction of a jackal to the might of a lion?  "..known as the arya-samajas, or the Jains.....Whaaaat ??  ...[...]...they claim to be descendants of Rsabhdeva ....Whaaaat ??  From where did acBSp, a born and bred gaudiya, get this BS? (read below)  More importantly, why did he record it in his BS law books for the next 10'000 years, unless cravenly ambushing the TRUTH he quaked to confront?

cheating jackal

Arya Samaj replies:- "Not only is this information incorrect, it is in direct opposition to the truth. No member of the Arya Samaj has ever claimed to be a descendant of Rishabhdev, and no Indian could make such a statement, least of all an educated Indian*. Rishabhdev was one of the founders of the Jain Cult. The Arya Samaj founder Maharshi Swami Dayanand Saraswati was the main reason behind the closing of so many Jain temples in India. Their numbers have been reduced to only 2% of what it used to be before. No sane person or society will reduce a cult to fractions then claim to be the descendant of its founder."

>>(e) Those who swindle the common man in the name of false precepts are not Dharma gurus but Bhrashta gurus and parasites on society.<<

Mahabharata or Mardi Gras?

13. We need not look any further than the vaisnav 'sampradaya' to confirm prostitution rackets, little boy pedophilia, goswami homosex, god homosex (look at our posted pics.,) statues being hidden and then 'revealed' in dreams to extort funds, stories about god (and his brother) sexing little girls who were already betrothed to friends, drug running, homicide, embezzlement, fraud, enslavement, cheating the Govt. of India, illicit land deals, tax scams, illegal immigration rackets, child labor, abduction,....all of which can be traced back to acBSp: "Money is the honey"...."By hook or by CROOK"..."Catch the big fish, but don't get caught"...."Beg borrow or STEAL but get the ghee".... Is this iskcon 'Law' for the next 10'000 years? 

by hook or by crook 

>>The sanyasi giving discourses under the myth-exploder banner was none other than Swami Dayanand Saraswati. He distributed a small pamphlet ‘Exploding Myths’, free of cost. Its theme exposed the falsehood of Vishnu Bhagwat, a Puran full of falsehood, by highlighting its negative approach, its propagation of false gods, thereby betraying ignorance of the Vedic way of life. People who made money by throwing the Vedic Dharma overboard and narrated cock and bull stories by inventing false gods were nothing but thugs and criminals preying on people.<<

14. Yes Brigadier-ji, they are nothing more than thugs and criminals preying on people.  When we look at the iskcon Srimad Bhagavatam (SB), which is touted and flogged as being written 5'000 years ago by Vyasadeva, the TRUTH comes home to roost.  Especially when known that the SB is nothing more than a plagiarized copy of a friar's lantern...Vishnu Bhagavat...plus added cock and bull (talking animals a la Aesop's fables, giants, witches, demigods and demons,....fanciful deadhead dimensional alternatives for drughead dropouts).  It is an American magic-mushroom following of goddamned gaudiyas.  How it was smuggled under the radar of believability and planted in America is narcissism personified.  Whether it will continue to dupe now that it has been identified is the question.

Magic Bhagavat Land

>>Swami Dayanand Saraswati took it upon himself to cleanse the society of false gods and criminals masquerading as god men. These men and women were like cancer and jeopardized health of the society. False Gods, superstitions and false gurus not only sapped strength of society but prevented growth of scientific approach and scientific mind. He enjoined on the Arya Samaj founded by him in 1875 in Mumbai to wage war against the negative, superstitious god men and promote the theistic scientific approach of the Vedic Dharma. He and his fellow Aryas enacted 10 principles of the Arya Samaj in 1877 in Lahore to guide the common man to attain bliss, the Moksha."<<

15. The work of Mahrishi Dayanand cannot be ignored or overlooked by anyone researching Vedic TRUTH, and interpolators.  However, no one is more aware of Maharishi's exposés than the interpolators themselves.  Bear it in mind when pursuing the work of acBSp : not once in any of his rantings and ravings does he mention the name- Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati.  Why?  Take a look at this:-

acBSp: "There are so many rascals, they think like that. They are... "Why you are worshiping in the temple?" Amongst the Indians also, the Arya-samajis, they protest against temple worship. But who cares for them? Here in Vrndavana, there is Arya-samaji temple. Nobody goes there. But this is a new temple recently started, and thousands of people are coming. Why? All of them are fools and rascals? This is exactly according to the sastra." (Vrndavana, October 5, 1976 )

...they don't care for iskcon

16. The Arya Samaj is a society of millions with several Indian leaders past and present.  Let's put that fact aside as we ask- why is acBSp monitoring an Arya Samaj 'temple' ?  The answer is more in-depth than a casual glance can discern.  For those who seriously seek the TRUTH, it will be necessary to study the revelations of Maharishi Dayanand.  What they will discover is that acBSp based his theoretical gobbledygook on a defensive counter to the Maharishi's expositions.  It is why he never once mentions the saint's name, and instructed his followers to not read books outside his own bogus publications....because a comparison would expose the cult scam and reveal the tale of the tape. 

>>Swami Dayanand Saraswati traveled far and wide in India to explode many a myth - these were indeed making man moribund. From Multan in the west to Calcutta in the east, from the Himalayan heights in the north to the plains of Pune in the Deccan were his preaching playgrounds. The myriad myths that he exploded and spurious institutions that he attacked, smarted under his verbal and written onslaught. The learned Swami held discussions with preachers of faiths like Christianity, Islam and converted captains and commoners, preachers and priests to his own point of view, the Vedic Thought. Among the 55-odd books and pamphlets that he wrote, the most widely read is the “Satyarth Prakash” or the “Light of Truth”. Let us go through a few of its noble and enlightening gems of true knowledge contained in 14 enlightening chapters.

The Vedic trinity is: God; soul; and matter. In Hindi it is: Parmatma; Jeevastma; and Prakriti. The most common myth is: God comes to this world in the form of a man. The ignorant ones call it ‘an avatar’. In the Vedic trinity, God is God, there is only one God, and God has no image or idol. And, therefore, idol worship is an exercise in futility. Likewise, a Jeevatma can never become God or Parmatma. Men of weak minds elevate stronger men to Godhead. Consequently, there are god men galore even in the 21st century, notwithstanding all avenues of enlightenment that are available to the modern man. Today many god men, sadhus and fakirs are just fakes and frauds – out to cheat the gullible in the guise of teaching tenets of religion. Vedic mantras quoted in the Satyarth Prakash show us the path to enlightenment; teach us to be mentally robust, physically fit and militarily strong to vanquish all foes. Mind is the man. Make your mind strong through meditation, pranayam and righteousness. You will, thus, make the fake fakirs vanish in thin air. The myth of god- men making gold watches for the rich and ash for the poor in a magician style will stand exploded.

In a society where the guru cheats the shishya (disciple) and the shishya cheats the guru, both are bound to sink together. Let us not cheat each other and malign the pious bonds. Sailing in a made of stone, are they not? No way but to sink! They are indeed sunken souls and cannot be redeemed because of their bad Karma, action based on deceit....."<<

Maharishi Dayanand Uni., Haryana

17.  Readers, those who have had first hand experience of cult entrapment programs and exploitation, should take seriously the words of Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati if their intention is to extricate others from ruthless godman cults.  There is no juxtaposed parallel to TRUTH.  The TRUTH stands alone, singularly absolute and unalloyed...and apparently, so do adherents.  To believe that veda (knowledge) can be hammered to fuse Vedic TRUTH with nonsense is criminal ignorance.  Such base attempts at contamination finds no groove in the light of TRUTH.  Instead the frustrations of word jugglers lie burnt-and-baked in plain view.  Here below we present a maestro (a DAS!) who disclaims (tongue in cheek) any attempt to promote a croaking acBSp aria over God's Vedic hymns.  Before doing so, we must warn those who are not familiar with the acBSp scam:  he changed the names of Tom Dick and Harry to DAS.  Now no one is sure anymore whether internet pundits are converted-to-cult Indians or foreign shills working a cult scam.  The writer's name is Rahul Peter DAS.  Like we said in past postings- it's rhetologic: asking DAS if what DAS says is correct. 



#1.  In ref. to BIF's article "True Writing" : The Vyasadeva "WiFi avatar", for some inexplicable reason, was dumped in favor of "Literary avatar".  Prabhupada must have seen the profit and promotion in the selling of his books (with his picture on the front) rather than having his name scroll by un-noticed on TV credits: acBSp: "In Hawaii I understand that he is making TV programs. So you can go and help with him. I do not care very much for these filmings because by presenting Krishna in this way it makes it something like fantasy. It is better to have people to read my Krishna books what I have written so that they can understand Krishna fully". (Letter to Caruhasa das)

BIF:  Oh yeah! His Krishna books are not fantasy?  Well...you could pull my Agasura...His BS is bigger than Putana's mountainous breasts....Keila! Keila!

#2. Cults are toxic to any honest spiritual research.  Unfortunately they are regular occurrence, like bubbles blown from the cesspit of criminal dreams and schemes.

BIF: True enough.  However, when cults go feral: exploiting the citizenry, lying, abusing, showing no respect for legislated laws / enforcement, and preach anti Government propaganda, they must be busted before situations arise to liaise with insurgents or foreign operatives and form cells with dangerous political agendas.

#3. Hard isn't it when an uncomfortable truth interferes with crazy religious beliefs. People who bind themselves to a god v. common sense paradigm are a huge part of the problem because they have culpably chosen a sort of tribalism over independent thinking. By doing so they release ownership of their minds, even urging and inspiring others to do the same.

BIF: In total agreement. It is the MO used over centuries...zapp the Judas steers and they will lead the donkeys.  Never will the donkey stop to ask:- "King Ugrasena had ten quadrillion soldiers as personal bodyguards....Whaaaat?"... acBSp "As for their military strength, it is said that King Ugrasena alone had ten quadrillion soldiers as personal bodyguards SB 10.90.41-42.  Yet the cult donkeys carry this garbage on their backs to market and sell it as god-written gospel.  When will the Government of India hear our cri de coeur and ban these ganja khors, opium, snuff and bhang addicts from misrepresenting Aryavarsh and the holy Vedas?

#4. Please post my message to the #%^** ISKCON group:  Go pound sand! You are a myopic, rectal cranium insertious sect with zero grasp on either truth or logic.  Go peddle your fantasies on Mars.

Mars...great preaching, prabhu!

BIF:  Oops. Watch out Martians, here they come, flying in airplanes as big as cities with no place to touchdown.  They may need to park in the desert.  Then they can phone a chariot to go downtown.  No don't send Vidura.  He doesn't have a Dvivida whether he is on Mars or Mathura.  Maybe they will bring trained pigeons to fly them around.  Hey...just thought I'd ask:-  do Martians have a class of men who make a festival of killing their great grandfathers?  Eeeek!

me is a guru brain

#5. If a woman has only a half-sized brain but is 9 times as lusty as a man, then if she were to have a whole brain, would she be 18 times as lusty as a man?
This, of course, leads to the obvious question:  If a ½ sized woman-brain is 9 times more lusty than a full sized man brain, then, if the woman had a 1/18 man sized brain would she be exactly as lusty as a man?
This question is significant because a woman with a one eighteenth sized brain, compared to a man with a full brain,  could theoretically become a guru, as the prohibitive excess lust is nullified by the reduced brain size.
Conversely, if a woman expanded herself into 18 (like 2 Kardamas), then would her lust be divided into 18 individuals giving her the potential to become 18 gurus simultaneously (each of the 18 expansions would have exactly the same amount of lust as a man brain)?
Also, if one man has a brain 9 times the size of another man’s, would he be 9 times more lusty (like a woman), and consequently, would that qualify them to get married?
Factoid:  Einstein’s brain weighed 1230 grams or about 43 ounces.

BIF: Ha ha ha. Hilarious deduction.  It's elementary Dr. MK.  But understanding your proposition requires, at least, an Elementary School certificate. It is why the topic continues to be a hot one in iskcon.

Thanks for spending time with us