29th  Nov. 2011
Legislators and the Laws of the land are God's will on earth, manifest via the hearts of His people.  Cults that act as a law unto themselves; who see themselves superior to God's legislators, must be taught this lesson at their own cost.
Cults are deviant religious groups that sit on the backs of mainstream religions and go along for the ride.....like sucker fish on a shark.  But when the suckerfish begin to do unacceptable activities that are detrimental to the well being and safety of other dependants, it leads to a high degree of tension between the suckers and the mainstream culture and surrounding environment.  More often than not, the activities themselves can be traced directly to the cult's outré authoritarian leadership. This is what we pointed to in our last article as being the cause of great concern in places of governance and true God-given power.  
As a result of that report, we have received mail which further confirms the Hare Krishna (ISKCON) cult's bigoted racism towards Hindu people, who, uninformed of the facts, are maintaining the affectations of this tofu-dressed-like-paneer, American-pretending-to-be-Indian cult.  What we will disclose to our reader over the next few pages will have you asking yourself why such mistakes for human beings, uneducated, foul-mouthed, sexually perverted -ISPORN- child-rapists, trailer-thriving ganja-smoking thieves and vermin, should be permitted by our Indian Government to practice their vile activities in the sacred land of Ma Bhumi.  Herein the reader will see how after forty years of mumbo jumbo, the practitioners of this parasitic cult have not changed mentally or characteristically...and they condone all activity by pointing to the adage- "Prabhupada said."   And when we check on what Prabhupada said -Elephant in the Room- then it becomes abundantly clear as to where the language originates. 
We have two cult characters under study in this posting.
The first note arrived from a cultist named Tomatohara das (Canadian.)  This fellow claims to have joined the ISKCON society when he was sixteen years old, and now records his age at fifty-six.  So he has had forty years of exposure to cult practice and programming; a genuine case study on what the cult can, if anything, achieve for a practitioner.  The other cult character is the barking dog of the ISKCON village. His continuous diatribe is considered repetitive, dull and overridden with conjecture that it is, at best, a background noise to the daily humdrum of reform nothingness.  However, his barking is now being heard outside the ISKCON village.  Puranjan das' (American) Hindu-bashing-campaign is well recorded.  He tells anyone that will believe him, he has a million readers and his 'documents' are read by Supreme Court judges in India, and that Indian High Court judges take bribes.  We have also caught him in a scam with his friends attempting to steal Rs. 20 crores from a young Indian couple to "Bribe an Indian High Court Judge."  Yes Puranjan das lives in a trailer, is mentally incapacitated to a degree, and is quite possibly a heavy marijuana smoker who believes wrongly in the security of cyber space anonymity.  Nonetheless, we are requesting the Indian Govt. to consider plucking this abuser out of his trailer and exposing him to the full extent of the law, if only to send out a strong message to other racist abusers. 
Here is the first character- Tomatohara.  He began in typical cult address to anyone who reports or presents a perspective from outside the scrambled brain zone.  Here it is:

>>Subject: Re: crap shoot
Your bif site is total shit and lies.  For example, you say Srila Bhaktivinode wrote Caitanya Caritamrita. everyone knows Krsna das Kaviraja wrote it, showing that you are a know nothing fool. In fact, you are surely an agent of the CIA whose job is to destroy Vaisnavism. Instead, you will yourslef (sic) soon be destroyed by your sins, mark my words<<
This is what was said in our article:  Historians and seekers of the Truth, those who are in no way biased one way or another, have come to conclusions that tear the blinker off a cultist.  Here are some comments worth noting:  When we attempted to explain this to Tomato, out came Mr.Hyde.  Now our readers will catch a glimpse at what lurks behind the smiling face of holy Iskcon book-sellers on the street.  You will see what forty years with the Hare Krishna institution can do for a brain.  Here is his next mail and attached video.  We do believe the video was a childish attempt at intimidation.  That fact became clearly apparent as the flurry of mails continued:
>>suck my dik punk. you have no idea who you're screwing with, kiddo. http://youtu.be/g06RfGTc4Bs
Great! Its a contest then; I curse you, you curse me, and we shall see who wins! Acbssp since 1972. MSc.  What've you got, punk?<<
Is this the language of a rational man?  What contest?  Who is cursing him?  At this point we could gather that the writer was off on a tangent with a split personality.  Note the self honorific he gives himself- "Acbssp since 1972," as if this year of his joining the cult gives him....diplomatic immunity?  It is a common cult phenomenon, wherein those who got initiation from the founder- A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (ACBSP) prior to his demise, add the acBSp behind their names as a bragging right.  There can't be any other logical reason.  It is BS.  Let's go on.  
>>PS I left your email address "akash47" etc  and your sociopathic message in a nice big comment on the Prabhupadanugas EU site, where it can be seen by thousands of devotees worldwide, and also noted the names of Radha Govinda Swami and Mahasana and other devotees you lied to, and used them , but now you are exposed.  Have a great kali yuga! <<
What lies? What exposure? What is this forty-year cult practitioner talking about?  Both articles concerning the two mentioned persons are on this web site for everyone to see..."Brahma hatya" and "Mahasana Pr. and BIF."  And why does he feel he is threatening BIF by giving us exposure?
>>You miscalculated due to anger. now you're fucked, punk. You threw stones and you live in a glass house. All the publicity you give us enhances our mission, all 195 of us, but all the shit you talk will finish you. because i repeat what Srila Prabhupada says, while you are mayas agent. In fact, you're cooked now, punk! Haribolo! Jaya Srila Prabhupada! Jaya Sri Nrsngha, please Dear One ,kill the enemies of Srila Prabhupada and all  abusers of his devotees and their servants' servants! <<
Here you see clearly the end result of forty years of pretending to be what you are not.  How can anyone see justification in supporting an institution that produces this madness?
>>no pretending here, baba. I'm rich, by Krsna's grace, worked for twnety (sic) years a a nhigh (sic) priced professional in hosapitals (sic) wordlwide (sic). i been in this movement since i was 16, now 56 and a vanaprastha i dont play games anymore.
ps you publish one incorrect word about me, my lawyer, Richardson and Asscoiates,  will have you tied up in court for the next ten years! I was falsely accused before, and it cost the liar 43,000 dollars!! nice!  Dont beleive it?  Find out then, i'm waiting...
When we informed this fellow that his mail was being looked at by lawyers and law enforcement immediately on receipt, he stopped mailing.
Now we come to the letter by the Hindu-basher; ISKCON's village dog..puranjan das.  It is verbose, so we will only interject until he begins his hate mail against Paramhamsa Ram Krishna.  In truth, the only reason we are posting it is to alert Indian Government officials to this man, who has until now, never been exposed beyond the cult circle.  His letter is in black >> <<,  BIF's comments in blue.

>>Friday, November 25, 2011

Attacking Vaishnavas in the name of Hinduism? 11/25/11 (Shaksi Gopal report) <<

Again, let it be understood that we are not interested in contesting what is self evident.  It is not going to make a difference to the fate of the cult.  Our only reason for posting this nonsense is to bring it under scope for law enforcers. 
>>To Shaksi Gopal: govinda@b-i-f.com <govinda@b-i-f.com>

Dear Shaksi, this is PADA's reply to your site;

PADA (puranjana das aka. pungent): Recently our friends at BIF (Shaksi Gopal dasa) have taken to attacking Gaudiya Vaishnavism in general, and Srila Prabhupada in particular, in favor of support for Hinduism in general, saying in essence that the Vaishnavas are a separated cult from the Hindus and the Vaishnava have no scriptural basis. And so BIF is going to organize "ratna scholars in India" to dismantle the Vaishnava literatures.<<
We posted what Prabhupada said.  Why is it being construed as an attack?  BIF is not going to organize 'ratna scholars' in India.  Read our post and retain the information correctly-  the Government of Gujarat organized the scholars, who were instrumental in the banning of ISKCON's Caitanya Carnamrita.  We have as much power to organize Bharat Ratna scholars as we have power to give Mr. pungent a brain transplant. 

>>Except, has anyone ever heard of these ratna scholars? Nope. Because they have never done anything to promote "Hinduism," or India's culture, or anything else of value, or to present any aspect of Vedic culture worldwide the way Srila Prabhupada did. Nor will these "scholars" amount to anything more than another teeny peep of noise out of the tens of thousands of "sects" in India. They are basically persona non grata. Their only asset is that they can attack others for doing something, while they do essentially nothing? Scholars of what? Promoting worship of what? Preaching to whom? Never heard of them? Lets not forget: "scholars in India" tend to disagree with one another over everything.<<
A simple Google search will produce what any honest researcher needs to know.  But this red-neck Christian Hindu-basher, is notoriously neglectful in performing basic journalistic pre-requisites to establish any fact outside his scrambled conclusions.

>>BIF is going to dismantle the Vaishnava's literatures in order to establish what exactly? That the Hindus are correct? OK, except the Hindus themselves are in broad disagreement amongst themselves as to "who or whom" is the actual foundational deity for the creation? They worship various (Gods and demigods) deities thinking their particular deity is the creator. Many Hindus are simply impersonalists: i.e. they believe there is no identified creative being at all, rather there is simply -- "the one-ness," "God is light," and of course "we are all God" -- and so on and so forth. OK, this is what Srila Prabhupada correctly identified as: a hodge podge.<<
No, BIF is not interested in 'dismantling' vaisnava literatures.  Where did he get that from?  We are interested in what is causing the Governments in India and Russia to see, NOT vaisnava literature, but ISKCON literature in particular as extremist.  Albeit government sources are yet to release their findings, our own research points to what was said by ISKCON's founder.  Here it is again -Elephant in the Room-....read it and be shocked.  

>>In Hinduism there is a combination of contrary ideas: Some worship actual bona fide avatars a.k.a. Krishna; Some worship demigods; Some people worship rats in certain temples; And lest we forget there is also an epidemic of "avatars of God" all over India, indicating a lack of study of any bona fide Vedic scriptures. Worse, many millions of Hindus nowadays believe that cigarette smokers, drug takers, even peodphiles, are "incarnations of God" and so forth. Is this a good foundation to work from? OK, most of the "Hindu" or Indian restaurants here in the USA are not even vegetarian. How much have these folks assimilated as a class?<<
Anyone can see (and even brainless cultists) that BIF reports address an issue of serious relevance.  But where is this pungent fellow going with his tirade?  Readers will soon see that his excessively long posting is Ku-Klux-Klan, Yankee-doodle racism.  And all this abuse on India and Indians is from a man who does not know what a Bharat Ratna scholar is. From his associates we have learnt that this ganjori went to India once in 1972; he has no money and lives in a trailer; recently he was canvassing for donations so he could go on "writing."  Yet he accuses Indian High Courts Judges of taking bribes, and even worked in collaboration with his gang to claim that Anna Hazare (chuckle) and even India's Finance Minister, Shriman Pranab Mukherjee (double chuckle), were collaborating with the ISKCON GBC to bring down Bangalore Temple in Karnataka.  He says that Hindus are to blame for the pedophilia in Iskcon because they finance the institution.  Nonetheless he scammed with his associates in an attempt to swindle two young Indians for 20 crores.  First they pushed the young couple to "donate" a million dollars towards building a temple in America so they could fleece more Indians.  When that did not work, they requested the young Indian couple pay 20 crores to "bribe a High Court Judge," who, they claimed had already accepted a bribe from ISKCON's GBC.  We will now pass this information on to Indian authorities, along with other information that should set fire to the tails of this motley crew.  Listen to what this puff-dragon posted recently:-
>>Instead, our documents keep ending up in legal courts -- where they are accepted by ACTUAL LEGAL AUTHORITIES as bona fide legal documents. And now our documents are currently in the Supreme Court of India.<<
Who in India's Supreme Court is reading this hacks documents.  Surely it would be a stud on his collar to announce names of the legal fraternity who have fallen victim to his 'documents.'  No. He does not mention a single name, because he is a liar hiding in a trailer under a cloud of ganja smoke.  Let's read on.
>>It gets worse. Followers of one of the most popular "God's incarnations" in India wrote to PADA some years ago asking us to promote their web site -- exposing that their "Hindu God incarnation" was a pedophile, abuser, and exploiter of people's funds and etc. Persons who complained about being molested could be treated brutally, as was recounted on their web site. How is this the better model of anything?

Although this pedophile "God-man" is now deceased, he is still being worshipped by millions of Hindu people as "an incarnation of God." Is this what BIF now feels is the better idea, to support the general Hindu ideas, i.e. those who worship these kinds of deviants as their God Almighty? Needless to say, the government officials of India had a "hands off" policy towards this bogus incarnation, no legal actions were ever taken against this bogus incarnation, because the society there is so "pure and Vedic"? No, there is rampant corruption which is why these foolish "incarnations" flourish.<<
Notice how he fails to mention the name of the "Hindu God incarnation."  We see his fear and the possibility of hampering Indian handouts.  And where are these important letters that were written to him?  We searched for them on his blog.  It would earn him newspaper money.  None exist.  Again he lies.  He also claims to have a million readers on his blog, but a quick check will reveal no comments, okay one, on his regurgitated rantings.  Again he lies.
The personality he is referring to is Sai Baba, no doubt.  What he does not know is that Indian authorities investigated the allegations and found that foreigners, just like himself, were attempting to extort large amounts of money from the Sai Baba Foundation without substantial proof of wrongdoing.  The investigation was carried out under the auspices of the then powerful Praadan Mantri- Atal Bihari Vajpayee.  Besides, the Sai Baba Foundation has built schools and hospitals and subscribed to better human conditions.  What has this leech and his ISKCON done for anyone other than steal blind and claim "Don't do anything for the body, just rob everybody."

>>At least in ISKCON some of our members took to correcting the bogus things going on and we have made good progress. We also know for sure this bogus pedophile "God-man" is still being worshipped as an incarnation even today by MILLIONS of people, because one STILL sees photos of this man in various shops, restaurants, motels etc. even today. How does any of this follow India's real culture?<<
No!!  ISKCON members did nothing to correct even themselves.  This pungent bigot stood by, arms akimbo, while his associates raped children, beat women, murdered; money was stolen and unqualified sexual perverts were promoted as god-men.  He never made a single complaint to police.  He was either complicit or stupid or both.  They, he and his friends were locus in quo from the beginning and still conspire to rob Indians for a living.
Of course, to their credit many "Hindus" also worship Krishna and they accept that Krishna is the param / supreme deity amongst all other deities, and they accept this as a fact due to (certain factions of) "Hindu" scriptures. Hence all over India we see Krishna Lila movies, Krishna pictures, Krishna books, programs, kirtananas etc., and there are regular signs of some form or other of "Krishna consciousness" all over India because at least a good percentage of Hindus agree with the main idea of the Gaudiya Vaishnavas, that Krishna is the main deity. "Little Krishna" cartoons are also a bit hit right now in India, and TV stations often play several hours of Krishna lila movies every day.
This is the ISKCON dog that never left the village.  He sits in a trailer and sees the world through a hole in a bone.  The ISKCON monotheistic, Christian evangelical red-neck-turkey-gobbling need-to-convert breeds liars who end up believing themselves.  This is the little doggy in the trailer window who sees a goat go past and thinks 'Baa' is the new Sanskrit.  Krishna is part of Hindu tradition.  He was worshipped by Hindu sects (not Iskcon sex) in India long before vagina licking and rape gives women pleasure became popular in ISKCON.

>>As for the Western World, at least millions of people NOW know who Krishna is thanks to Srila Prabhupada, and these fortunate people never would have even heard of Krishna without him, and they would have had to wait for four hundred thousand kalpas for these "ratna scholars" to have given Krishna to the world. Is BIF saying its better for the mass of people to have never heard of Krishna? Is that what Krishna told him?<<
Nope.  What Krishna told us was to get the hell away from a cult that rapes its children, abuses women, steals money under the false pretenses, enslaves and entraps unwary folk, steals Indian lands, launders money under tax exemption pretexts, claims to be a charity when in fact they charge more than the market value, beg donation on the street for literature that is considered extreme and quite possibly...fake., run homosexual cliques, pedophile clusters, guns, drugs, and prostitution rackets.  Also gives license to complete idiots who think they are Einsteins with a minor drug problem.  Stuff that in your pipe and smoke it. 

>>BIF also says there is no evidence Krishna associated with the gopis the way He did etc., and he can prove that -- how exactly? Was he there to eye-witness these events? This is all speculation. Of course this is also what the mayavada scholars say, Krishna lila's never occured the way it did. The mayavadas (sects of Hindus) also attack Krishna's lila like this. Why are we citing these speculative people? How do they know what is Krishna's actual lila and what is not? <<
No! This is what BIF wrote...." Outside Gaudiya literature there is no mention of Krishna stating He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead? The scriptures clearly identify Sri Krishna as the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. Also, neither Krishna nor Balaram went into the forest with the wives of their cowherd friends;  Krishna never rubbed his feet on the naked kum kum covered breasts of 7/8-year-old cowherd girls.  He never stole their clothes and made them come naked before Him."
The reason why we brought the subject under the spotlight is because it was cited as a possible acceptance for rampant pedophilia in the ISKCON cult.  As you can see, this pungent fellow is defending what has heavy predatory overtones.  Why is he doing this?  Well,.... he wears the acBSp tag; he was there when abuses took place, yet he has not made even one complaint to law enforcement in his entire acBSp career as the village dog.   What does that say?  The answer may lie in a video made by his senior godbrother who defines Mr. pungent as a sexual pervert.  Incidentally, Mr. pungent also publicly called this godbrother a sexual pervert.  Welcome to the Iskcon cult.  We have linked the video below, at the conclusion of our posting.

>>BIF: Although our political sentiments do not line up with those of Mohandas-ji, there is ample evidence to suggest 'foreign matter' prevalent in the purposeful tampering of holy scriptures. Equipped with technology and resolve, academics and seekers of the TRUTH are methodically denuding plagiarists and fabricators who attribute their interpolations and convulsions to the great rishis and sages of old. Why those in a position to do so spend entire lives fudging scriptures is based in the business of cult rooting: effecting profit adoration and distinction in the name of God, as God, being His only true representative with a favored and direct source of knowledge unknown and inaccessible to others.
PADA (pungent): How do we know that these "academics and seekers of truth" are not "effecting profit and adoration" for themselves? In other words, there are many Hindus who would agree with us Vaishnavas -- that Krishna is the main deity, and disagree with BIF to work with the general Hindu diaspora. Yet BIF seems to try to make himself appear as the spokesman for the entire group of Hindus? Then he says ISKCON has been wrong to promote themselves as the spokesmen for Hindus, when he does the same thing himself? And if BIF is the spokesman for the Hindus in general, doesn't that also make him the spokesman for the pedophile God-men's program? Or what? <<
We do not know whether the academics and seekers of truth are effecting profit adoration and distinction for themselves.  What we do know is that the ISKCON cult most certainly does.  As the founder ACBS said-  "By hook or by crook."  pungent and his mob have done it by crook.  We have given some samples above as proof.  The rest of his analysis -seems to try to make himself appear -  is so rabid it requires a vet.

>>BIF: Repulsed by several statements made in Iskcon literature, members of Govt., including some of the most intelligent women on the planet today, are questioning the 'society's' rights to function as a spiritual institution. They will not tolerate a man's harsh words concerning prostitution and vagina licking when referring to our mothers, daughters and sisters. Especially when his only claim to fame* is the founding of a self-centered cult operating beyond the limits of civility and correctness. Crimes against women within the cult has shown the sentiments of the founder to have embedded within the consciousness and beliefs of his inheritors.

PADA (pungent): Srila Prabhupada has sardonic humor no doubt, so when he was trying to say that the modern world is over-emphasizing sex life, and illicit sex, he was making an over the top joke that this is a vagina emphasis society. Just look at the "Bollywood" movie posters at your local Hindu food store, the dress on these folks is outrageous and this is what Srila Prabhupada was talking about. There is a huge emphasis on sex and especially illicit sex, so this is a vagina emphasis society. Get over it already! Yes as a matter of fact, reality is harsh.<<
Does this hack even understand what he is saying?  "Srila Prabhupada has sardonic humor???"  Who but an ignorant cultist would interpret 'scornful' and 'mocking' to be humorous.  Let's take another look at Prabhupada's "sardonic humor" and try to remember he is referring to our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters:
1. "Although rape is not legally allowed, it is a fact that a woman likes a man who is very expert at rape."
2. "When a husbandless woman is attacked by an aggressive man, she takes his action to be mercy."
3. "As soon as a woman attains the age of puberty, she immediately becomes very much agitated by sexual desire."
4. "Women are nine times more lusty than men"
5. "Women are less intelligent"
6. "So the human society is like that. They're smelling the vagina of the girls, that's all. Everyone is doing that."
7. "You require vagina; take one vagina. Be satisfied. And lick it."
8. "All right, you are attached to vagina-licking. Do it up to fifty years. Then give it up." This is our civilization. "You are so much accustomed to the vagina-licking business-up to fifty years, so long you are young."
9. "It is all nonsense civilization. A first-class Rolls Royce car, and who is sitting there? A third-class negro. This is going on. You?ll find these things in Europe and America. This is going on. A first-class car and a third-class negro. That?s all. Is it not?
So this is sardonic humor is it? Yes this must be the understanding of the cultist who laughs at the degradation of his mother and sister and the raping of little children.  This is why cults are a danger to society, families, and the human race.   We wish to inform our readers who may not know it: BIF has a very strong presence in Hindustan.  We can assure all who read this:- so long as cults keep their heads down in mutual respect, they are allowed to practice freely.  But when our Government is alerted to nonsense activity, they will never tolerate it.  What we are saying here is that Iskcon is ringing (if not rung) its own death knell.

>>Srila Prabhupada said certain things intentionally to make a shocking impact, because most of the current people of the world are so dull they did not really understand the importance of what he was saying, so he sometimes used shocking statements to wake people up. This is not a licence for crimes against women? Its a statement of fact, modern society has a huge emphasis on sex, and this is called "the shackle of illusion," so it needs to be emphasized. Of course Bollywood culture is not far behind the West in this emphasis on illusion. Bollywood culture is a good representation of Hindu culture? No, its degrading down, just as Srila Prabhupada is saying.<<
It is not the people of the world who have problems with understanding, it is the cultist with his say-anything-do-anything because I am God's chosen idiot.   To imply that the world does not understand what the village dog does, is more proof of extreme drug induced illusion.  Here we have a racial bigot twisting and corkscrewing fact in a weak attempt to guide thinking people into a cult labyrinth.  How presumptuous is that?  No!  What was said needed restitution, at least, if it is not already too late.

>>Now BIF tries to say that ISKCON has created an atmosphere of exploiting women, so we need to turn back to general Hindu culture. OK, granted there is a lot of nice treatment of women in Hindu culture and even Western Christian culture in general, but there are also severe abuses of women in all cultures at present. Just because corporate ISKCON failed women does not mean that most Krishna devotees mistreat their wives and children? Most devotees have left ISKCON and they treat their families well. Why doesn't BIF recognize this fact? He identifies with the ISKCON corporation, which is about two percent of the ISKCON devotees?<<
Where is this man's head at?  We don't give a camel's hump about how devotees are treating their wives.  There is no way short of internal surveillance to establish those facts, so trash it.  What is being pointed to is the visual ink-in-the-market verbal abuse of women, children, governments, Indians/Hindus, Indian exemplars, democracy, African Americans, etc, etc, etc, and how these iniquities have been embedded within the cult; demonstrated in attitude- thought word and deed.  These are recorded facts that cannot be swept under a cult carpet in a world of political correctness, where humans have evolved and laws are active to preserve that evolution.  People have a right to live their lives as they choose and not be dictated to by religious/racial bigots, especially when these traits extend to uneducated, pretentious idiots.  This does not mean the world is perfect, but it is most vigilant in prosecuting those who breach its laws of civility and promote abuse as religion.

>>And is it fair to say the general Hindu culture is always the superior model of treatment of women? Unfortunately, we find there are also many examples of crimes against women and girls in India -- amongst so-called Hindu society. Many of these abuse reports are internationally famous: Forced and / or arranged marriages (where the bride is repulsed by the groom), bride burnings, force labor of children, India being near the top of the list for abortions, female fetus-cide, all WELL documented in the media, along with many other numerous accounts of exploitations of women and girls.

More recently, due to a shortage of women due to female fetus-cide, even very young married women are being forced to have initimate sexual connections with the groom's male relatives, brothers, cousins etc. OK, and lest we forget, sometimes female Christian nuns are raped and tortured to death slowly over a period of days, to make them suffer terribly, etc. Is this BIF's idea of good treatment of women? Why is it that just naming oneself a Hindu cleanses onself of all these problems?

Sorry these problems are arising in Hindu culture all over the place. OK, agreed, some of this might be a notch above bogus ISKCON's leaders treatment of women, but clearly some of this is a notch way below the bogus ISKCON standards. Next, BIF claims Srila Prabhupada is promoting racism. Yet Srila Prabhupada was the main person to travel to AFRICA and make black - bodied folks into Krishna's devotees? Srila Prabhupada also said, we are all spiritual sparks from Krishna, even a tiger, an ant, or even a poison snake is also part and parcel of Krishna. Why are we not emphasizing these citations? Srila Prabhupada preached to, and initiated, all classes of men, he was not prejudiced against anyone.<<
Hindus, Hindus, Hindus.  Everything this fellow says turns to how sub-standard Hindus are in comparison to whom.....him? Iskcon?   And then he points to "Srila Prabhupada," as vindication for his opinion.   The problem is, there are too many intelligent Hindus (and ex. Iskconites as well) who do not see eye-to-eye with Prabhupada.  Surprised?  Just you wait awhile, and the sun will start to run across the sky at "16,004 miles in.....a moment." 

>>BIF COMMENT: There is discussion underway as to whether the above statements be passed on to the Union of Black Episcopalians, NAACP, IRAAM, BIG, BCC, CA, CBCF, and NABJ.

PADA: BIF wants to tell all the black people to attack the Hare Krishna devotees -- because Krishna's hate the blacks?, and maybe have devotees killed? And then BIF says he is not for violence? No, he just wants to see devotees beaten and maybe killed by calling them racists.<<
Here is the racist oink again.  Why would African American people "attack" "kill"?  Are they really that savage? Unevolved slaves? Is there a need maybe to wear white hooded cloaks burn crosses and torch their homes at night?  Would it surprise this red-neck hick if he was to learn that African American folk are cultured enough to simply request a formal apology?  Everyone wants to beat up poor pungent, who calls himself pada, which no one has ever told him to date means "flatulence" on the streets of India.  I kid you not. 

>>And if we "go back to Hindu culture," what happens when one takes birth as a street sweeper / chandala there in India? One is not allowed to change one's status, is this not a form of racism? At least Srila Prabhupada was in favor of people changing their status, and thanks to God for that, by his mercy some of us came off the lower rung mleccha platform to at least attempt some service to the Supreme Godhead.<<
No pungent my old hick mate, it is not racism.  YOU are a racist.  There is a difference.  This is what we meant about evolution and laws that protect it.  Cultists caught in a time-warp of stupidity and exploitation don't realize it but the world moves on.  In India, just like in any other place in a democratic world  EVERYBODY has a right to be WHATEVER she/he wants.  Words like 'chandala' 'melecha' 'mayavad' 'kanistha' 'sahajaya' and derogatory titles like 'street-sweeper' and 'untouchable,' only exist in stagnated Iskcon cult glug, where democracy translates as 'demoncrazy,' and in the vocabulary of deadbeats like Mr. flatulence.  
India has very efficient garbage disposal units and automated street cleaners.  The American President was here not so long ago requesting jobs for his people,....and food stamps for trailer trash.  But these facts cannot be visualized or understood by a deep-fried cult brain and through a haze of marijuana smoke.  

>>So there seems to be a form of denial going on here, that the grass is greener over here, when its not. BIF also says Srila Prabhupada is promoting violence, hmmm, has he not heard about the violent riots in India? And what about the pictures of Goddess Durga wearing a necklace of skulls, and then there are pictures of her drinking blood of demons and so on, once again, there is violence all over the place in all the Vedas. Demons get killed, women get kidnapped, babies get killed, brahmanas get their houses burnt down, ad infinitum. What does this mean? That Hindus promote violence? No, it means violence occurs all the time, even in Vedic times.<<
BIF only wrote down what Prabhupada said.  If that is interpreted by Mr. pungent to mean his guru is promoting violence, why would we disagree?  Yes we know all about the violence to which he refers, but does he recognize the repercussion involved?  If Prabhupada is promoting violence because violence is commonplace as he implies, then Prabhupada, and those who distribute his books must be according to law manacled and prosecuted, which is also commonplace....Eh?  Oh yes, and what about these pictures of who...Durga Mai?  So she is wearing a necklace of skulls and drinking blood?.....Hmmmm.  You nonsense.  Persistently attempting to display knowledge you don't have.  More pada = flatulence.
  >>Now what is the symptom of a good loyal Hindu or Indian gentleman? It would seem to me that loyalty to each other would count as a good measure of advancement. Yet, despite our advertising that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned even on national India TV, we see little interest in defending a fellow compatriot from their own land? What kind of loyalty is this?<<
Get this through your skull, and pass it on to whomsoever it may concern:  When Prabhupada's followers attempted to get him a Bharat Ratna Award, they were informed that his writings were anti-Hindu, anti-Indian, anti-govt, anti-democracy.  He was anti everything except himself whom he linked to being guru-god-on-earth.  Which Government, under those circumstances is going to spend money on someone who hated his countrymen and didn't give a hoot for his country of birth or its Govenors and.... on a homicide that cannot even be classified a 'cold case' because there was never a case filed by loving acBSp disciples like Mr. pungent pada, who has openly admitted on video that there were rumors of poisoning circulating way back in 1977. 
There is no precedent in the history of law that solved a case which was never registered in the first place.  BIF has worked with the CBI since our attempt to file the poison case at Allahabad High Court, we were told that the case, even when we took it to court in 2003/4, was beyond solving.  And through the whole time while we worked toward a solution, this village dog did nothing but bark his racism and demand unaccredited attention. 
Even from a mundane perspective, someone from your own land is murdered with poison, and you do not even care one fig for that? This is not very high levels of advancement even from a mundane perspective, because if someone from another land is killed in the USA, then all kinds of government level public relations has to happen to pacify the country the murdered person came from, its just called common etiquette. At least now we have got some allies in India who are helping in this regard.
Okay.  We have given this bow-wow enough 'mundane perspective.'  Down below he continues with his snarling and biting at Hindus.  This time the target is Paramahamsa Ram Krishna.  To exert his racial prejudice, this uncouth creature has copied and pasted from a book entitled- "Stripping the Gurus."  He exuberantly went for every quote by the author (Geoffrey D. Falk) that painted a picture of Paramahamsa Ram Krishna as a vile Hindu pervert.  But what our readers should know is that the book being quoted by Mr. pungent pada, has been totally repudiated by practically every researcher who reviewed it.  It is a compilation of 'yellow journalism' authored by a desperado, much like Mr. flatulence himself, and caucasian to boot.  And, who knows, he may soon write a book on Prabhupada. 
Before going to his selectively abusive quotes, we present some of the comments made by researchers below.  Also, a complete copy of the abusive text posted by Mr. flatulence, will be dispatched forthwith to Swami Atmasthanand for inclusion in his prosecution case file.
Ironically... this book's claims are (largely) as weak as the claims it attempts to falsify. I cannot say if the gurus that this book goes after are fakes, but the material in this book is equally questionable.
The material in this book lacks rigorous basis for many of its implied conclusions. Arguments used to falsify a guru's claims are based on some ex-devotee or a third person ... and in many straightaway assumed.
I thought I've seen the worst, bitter, bile ridden writing - having read anti-semite nut jobs on the internet. But i was wrong. This work is filled with even more bitterness, single-mindedness, and judgemental attitudes.
Here's how I define yellow journalism... to me it's a way to sell some cheap crap. You pick on something people like and invert the opinion to create shock. Yellow journalism uses two facts and infers a third - done so quickly that the third fact seems true, to a casual reader.
In between the bouts of anger, frustration and bitterness, that's all that's left... this yellow-journalism. An example is his referneces to Yogananda. He sates two facts and infers a third... he starts with fact 1: Yogananda gave a lecture and asked a Dr. to come up on stage with him fact 2: the Dr. couldn't detect a pulse in the left wrist, but could in the right. THe infered (so called fact): He then switches gears and quotes someone who claims illusionists can create such an effect by holding something under the under arm. But wait - is that proof? Is that certainty? Of course not. It's yellow journalism.

This guy wrote A LOT. Something really is fueling his fire to misrepresent, and lie to such a degree. Yes, Lie. Look up his citations. I tried looking up the citations against the Dalai Lama - none of them had the quotes of sexual abuse he claimed. Then when he runs out of amunition, he grabs two people who don't represent the Dalai Lama and quotes them on some lunacy, and uses for the tie-in a simple idea that they studied the Tibetan works. That's equivalent of blaming the band Metalica, for a murder commited while the killer listend to Enter Sandman. One has nothing to do with the other.
While some groups have in deed caused harm, and some individual spiritualists and leaders have abused people - the unfortnatue truth is - this book doesn't help know which ones did which, because it's all wrong. It's like a nutter who claims: coffee, LSD, pot, soft drinks, tea are all evil mind altering drugs that lead to addiciton and self destruction. If we dont have intimate knowledge of all the items, but we know tea is harmless... then we're left wondering what else is harmless or really dangerous.
He also misrepresnts beliefs. He infers Buddhism is anti-gay. Why? Because they claim that various sex acts are "wrong." First: Buddhism doesn't have a right or wrong. But yes, Buddhism does believe that Karmically some sex acts have a negative return - this is because Buddhism views Desire based actions - specifically selfish and egoic actions - so it's not that it's forbidden or "wrong" but that they believe acting out a selfish pleasure seeking act, would return in a way to take one from the Spiritual Path. I don't necessarily agree with their world view, but the author totally misrepresents it... again with Yellow Journalism, bringing it all down to the fact they must be homophobics.

This is probably one of the few books worthy of throwing on a pile to burn... if only for all the anger, angst driven nature and misrepresentation of truth.
This is an amazing book, he just rants and rants and rants. No attempts to substantiate anything, just stand on the soapbox and let rip.
On his website he says "I am an odd hybrid: Half intellectual, and half bar-fly." ... I am thinking this isn't a good combination.
 I just read the book, can anyone get more hilarious than this? I mean seriously, this man insults almost every single guru. If you read his book you can clearly see that he has no deep insight in anything. He is just as pathetic as it gets. All his informations are from mere websites. I could create a website about Jesus and point out evidences as he was black because "apparently he never got a fair trial" or "he use to call everyone brother"
Before closing we request our Government to not tolerate further this ongoing abuse by Iskcon cultists.  If a strong message is to be sent, then this fellow, poor and uneducated as he is, should be grabbed by the collar and brought before a judge to face racial bigotry, slander and abuse charges.  We also have particulars on the attempted scamming of Indians.  Please feel free to requisition further details.
Here below are some audio/videos posted by Mr. padawalla's cult brothers.  It reveals the pretentions under which this racist bigot exists:
And here is a link to Mr. pada's marijuana-music-mantras...He plasters pictures of Radha Krishna on the cover and attempts to SELL this drivel to people as 'meditation' music.  Warning: do not listen immediately after eating.  Actually, best if you did not listen at all.
We rest our case.  Thank You for spending time with us.
Here are the selected quotes by Mr. flatulence:

Next, BIF wants to defend the Ramakrishna mission, but here are a few observations of that movement:

[Ramakrishna used to prefer to dress as a female in his youth, and was dressing himself as a female all of the way into his elderly life. BIF says Ramakrishna mission is Hindu and not Vaishnava, but thefullwiki.org says: Ramakrishna visited Nadia, the home of Chaitanya and Nityananda, the 15th-century founders of Bengali Gaudiya Vaishnava bhakti. According to Ramakrishna, he had an intense vision of two young boys [Lord Chaitanya and Nityananda] merging into his body.[60] Earlier, after his vision of Kali, he is said to have cultivated the Santa bhava ? the passive "peaceful" attitude ? towards Kali.[53] Later Ramakrishna said he was experiencing the love of the gopis for Krishna (Madhurya rasa). PADA: In sum, Ramakrishna borrowed heavily from the Gaudiyas.]

[From Strippingthegurus.com] "We cannot ignore Ramakrishna?s obsession with the anus and sh** in his conversations. Even the experience of his highest realization that there exists within the individual self the Paramatman, the repository of all knowledge, was derived from his beholding a grasshopper with a thin sticklike object inserted in its anus!

"His ecstasy i.e., as trance was induced by touching his favorite young male devotees. He developed a few strategies for touching or petting the body (occasionally the penis, as was the case with Vijaykrishna Goswami, whose penis he calmed by his "touch") of devotees (Sil, 1998).

"Of course, none of Ramakrishna?s documented homoerotic behaviors in the above regards would equate to him having been a practicing homosexual. They equally, however, cannot be unrelated to his own view of the female body as being nothing more than "such things as blood, flesh, fat, entrails, worms, piss, shit, and the like" (in Nikhilananda, 1984).

"Indeed, the "incarnation of the Divine Mother" himself divulged: "I am terribly scared of women .... I see them as a tigress coming to devour me. Besides, I see large pores [cf. vagina symbols] in their limbs. I find all of them as ogres...."

[PADA: Well there you go, Shaksi is in love with people who say women are tigers and ogres.]

"If my body is touched by a woman I feel sick .... The touched part aches as if stung by a horned catfish (in Nikhilananda, 1984).

[PADA: Women are horned catfish?]

"Even the mere sight of a woman could reportedly so negatively excite Ramakrishna as to prompt him to either run to the temple or invoke the strategy of escape by getting into samadhi. His attraction for young boys that may be considered as muted pedophilia is often associated with aging impotent males....

[PADA: Right, GBC gurus have attraction for males, Shaksi is defending the Rama Krishna mission, hmmm, seems a little coincidence? Hates women, oh but Ramakrishna does love little boys! Hmmmm, and he touches their penises to calm them? Has Shaksi gone out of the frying pan and into the fire?]

"Ramakrishna?s contempt for women was basically a misogynist attitude of an insecure male, who thought of himself as a woman in order to fight his innate fear of the female (Sil, 1998).

[PADA: Right, contempt for women, misogyny, the GBC gurus also hate women and love little boys, a coincidence? Not likely.]

"On other occasions, the mention of any object which Ramakrishna did not desire (e.g., hemp, wine) would send him fleeing into samadhi; as could strong emotion (e.g., anger) on the sage?s part. At his cousin?s suggestion that those odd behaviors might have been psychologically based, Ramakrishna ?responded by almost jumping into the river in order to end it all? (in Sil, 1998).

From Philhine.com.uk
"Ramakrishna spent long periods in a 'handmaid state' - one such period being whilst living in the household of his temple boss, Mathur, and fanning the image of the Goddess with the women of the household. Ramakrishna's biographer Datta records that Mathur would buy Ramakrishna women's clothes, shawls and jewelry for him, and dress Ramakrishna with his own hands.

[PADA: Oh great, the men would dress as ladies, hmmm, we have a lot of that here in San Francisco, there is the Marylyn Monroe look alike contest. What does this have to do with acharyas?]

"The saint is reputed to have experienced a vision of Radha immediately after Mathur gave Ramakrishna some feminine garments to wear. Another biographer, Saradananda says that Ramakrishna's cross-dressing, and Mathur's gifts caused some people to make "scandalous" interpretations of Ramakrishna's "renunciation." Datta also recounts that Mathur often took Ramakrishna from the temple to his home. On one such occasion, Ramakrishna felt that he had become Sita and that the demon Ravana (i.e. Mathur) was kidnapping him, whereupon he entered samadhi.

"Kripal notes that the abduction of Sita, the faithful wife of Rama, as told in the Ramayana, implies a sexual abduction. Kripal says that, by assuming this mythological paradigm, Ramakrishna was able to deal with a traumatic event, and also preserve his own 'purity'. The implication here of course, is that there was some degree of homosexual relationship between Ramakrishna and Mathur. Sarananda claims that Ramakrishna's cross-dressing was a conscious Sadhana which enabled the Master to discover nonduality that lies beyond conditioned gender.

"Ramakrishna often imitated the mannerisms of women, in order to "conquer lust." The logic, as Kripal explains it, is that since sexual desire can only exist between man and woman, then if a man can 'become' a woman, his 'desire' for women will disappear. However, Kripal reveals the secret of Ramakrishna in that: "As a woman, Ramakrishna was ascetic to women and erotic to men" (p234). Kripal goes on to say that 'becoming a woman' for Ramakrishna, inflamed his desire for men, and male deities.

"Whilst 'being' a woman, Ramakrishna sang to his boy disciples, nursed them at his breasts, and fondled them in his lap. Particular disciples were said to be 'masculine' in relation to the Saint's 'feminine' nature. According to Ramakrishna, the effeminate actors of Bengal, skilled in mimicking the mannerisms of women, should be considered role models for the male devotee.

"It is Kripal's contention that the Saint's bouts of samadhi should be interpreted contextually - on the one hand, Ramakrishna entered mystical states as an escape from the threatening sexual presence of women, whilst on the other hand, he experiences bliss whilst looking at the cocked hips of a beautiful English boy.

"The homoerotic dimension of Ramakrishna's life has hitherto remained hidden, whilst his tendency to enter samadhi at the sight of a woman has been interpreted as evidence of his saintliness. Whilst it may be true that Ramakrishna worshipped the Divine Feminine Principle - as a desexualised mother, able to grant Jnana (Gnosis), he feared and reviled earthly women who entangled men in the entrapments of maya - becoming a householder, having children, etc. Kripal says that Ramakrishna was "absolutely terrified of the polluting substances of the female body and the contact with them that sexual intercourse inevitably brings."

[PADA: Wow, this is Shaksi Gopal's new hero, or a good description of some of the GBC guru's hang ups over women? This good Hindu man was -- a homoerotic man who was always talking about feces; Who was also talking about rectums; Who ate dog manure once to prove that its all one; Who worshipped vaginas; Who was sucking other men's breasts and had his own sucked by men; Who was touching young men's penises; Who dressed like a woman; Who was jumping on the back of men while wrapping his legs around them and holding on and calling this samadhi; Who was allegedly worshipping his wife when she spread her legs open; Who said he was transferring his shakti to his disciple; Whose main disciple ate beef steaks while in Chicago; Who said he was goddess Kali, and a gopi, and this and that and the other, and he was also God; Who caught his disciples smoking and said smoking is also God, its ok to smoke; and the man who in sum, Srila Prabhupada said "dragged all of Bengal to hell," is a bona fide Hindu, or what? Hee hee. The good news is that everyone's real colors are now coming out, its a melt down of epic proportions and we are glad the wind is blowing the wheat from the chaff. ys pd]