16th July, 2012
Neuroplasticity has nothing to do with it.  To even consider the possibility of altering behavior by tactile application to stimulate neurotransceivers is ludicrous.  Wherever such experiments achieved success, damaged receptors were identified as cause, not genes.  Patients suffering severe imbalances due to such impairment seek medical help to identify and correct.  Conversely, anti-behaviorists are anti-intervention.  Carrying the MOA-A gene in excess/depleted/mutated (Brunner's S) or damaged by trauma, they mask illness when recognizing lack of conscience/empathy i.e., subnormal response to abnormal behavior.  In sum, it is a genetic disorder.  Until and unless genealogists discover "Geneoplasticity" there can be no same-way approach to psychodynamics.


Galileo (1564-1642) explained the planetary system as-  inanimate bodies moved by mechanical force.  His revelation superseded the existing Greek concept viewing all nature as a vast living organism.  Galileo's line of thought proffered that to be scientific it had to be mechanistic.  Medicine as a science accepted the brain as mechanical: a computer with hardwired components each designated to perform certain functions.  In recent times, neuroscience lifted proof to a new high when experiments revealed the brain to be not just a living organism but components having multitasking capabilities; performing the service of malfunctioning components.  It is why some of the 'incurable' neuro embedded diseases are being successfully treated today.  Yet the bottom line remains:-  The brain is the property of its owner; the owner is comprised of a unique genetic DNA structure which although open to suggestion influence and environ has a predisposition to choice and behavior. 
"Suggestion" -  now there's a word with potential to influence behavior, but only in those subject to proposition.  Used by Jean-Martin Charcot and then by neurologist Sigmund Freud, hypnotic suggestion proved the brain functions on two levels-  conscious and subconscious.  In introducing psychoanalysis to the world Freud revealed that whereas the conscious mind is open to suggestion the subconscious is a defrag zone for repressed memories: traumatic experiences the conscious mind would rather forget.  These memories according to psychiatry, are the cause of several neuro centered disorders.  And now, with quantum leaps in neuroscience and apparatuses, we learn that trauma/repressed memory affects the MOA-A gene triggering aggressive and ant-social behavior.  However when a receptor's adaption compliance is not impaired by genetic disposition, ergo compatible with suggestion, the acute or short term application spans therapy to entertainment.  Our concerns center on the chronic or long term use of suggestion in exercise and result : why, how, wherewhen, by whom and to what effect. 

WHY: Hypnotic suggestion as therapy requires several 'enforcement' sessions to an end.....repetition.  Psychiatrists comprise a patient's profile following a series of 'truth' sessions known as 'mental status assessments.'  Subsequently the subconscious is probed using hypnosis to release suppressed data directly affecting the patient's wellbeing.  When we take suggestion outside the field of licensed therapy or entertainment, we enter a zone of unprofessionalism where practitioners with no clinical training or authorization use suggestion in repetitive ritual and indoctrination to subjugate and exploit.
HOW:  Suggestion in prolonged repetition can produce unquantifiable results in terms of 'begging belief' made believable; most advantageously applied as indoctrination to subjugate masses.  Once again the process is repetitive but with heavy overlays in introduction and induction to ritual in perpetuum.  As stated earlier, subjects must be compatible, hence the first step in process is identifying vulnerability.  Group conviction and enthusiasm surge vulnerable targets to the next step, which is seduction.  Seduction is a multi-lane highway with several heavenly destinations and designations on offer.  Sexually, seduction is a two-way-entrance : some cults offer indulgence whereas others publicly exhibit celibacy or abstinence as proof promising satisfaction beyond orgasm. The third step reshapes norms: dress codes, appearance, dietary habits, regimen and vernacular to cult identifiable/compatible.  From here the process takes on a life of its own in that belief and behavior fosters social isolation, making the fourth stage self evident.  The fifth and last phase in the process is punishmentThis final stage is a sociopath's 'assessment tool' used to gauge depth of submission power and control in exercise.
WHERE:  Political cults, sports cults, medical cults, business cults, social cults, just about any place individuals seek to establish identity by group ritual is where we find our sociopath.  Being a social animal, the field of human prey is vast for a predator in hunting mode.  After all possibilities explored, there is no sphere more conducive to the MOA-A active; alluring, glutted with pre-primed ritualists, uncomplicated access, unlimited in scope, eternal by promise, lucrative by profession, designed and structured by narcissistic/sociopathic predecessors, than a religious cult.


WHEN:  For the unwary target it begins with what appears to be a chance encounter (suggested to be divine intervention) with a street bookseller or travelling philosopher who has had a 'genuine spiritual experience'.  Any rooted emotional trauma (dysfunctional family, job stress, abuse, study overload, social rebellion, alternative syndrome complex, etc.,) exposes a target to the roving cultist 'preacher'.  Wary intellectuals identify cultists as robots assembled in bigotry....a superiority complex without right.  On the other hand, when a roving predator encounters a wound-up-and-released cult 'philosopher,' he smells prey quicker than a target can say guru.  He understands that to be god will take a little while, but his aspiration is always a charade in progress. 
WHOM:  Dangerously impaired, he parades his Caesar complex narcissism as positivity.  He is a CEO, a Branch Manager, a Boardroom Executive.  He is aspiring to be the next President.  The ritual of politics and the power it offers is a magnet to him albeit the close scrutiny politicians undergo today is a deterrent to his peacock displays.  In the arena and ritual of sport, his lack of empathy shows him eager to punch kick and brutalize opponents already bleeding and unconscious.  His own broken bleeding body at the hands of an opponent hurts less than the loss of even one admirer.  He is also found prominent in the respected field of medicine where life and death rests on his decision.  Botching operations, pain, suffering, manufacturing/dispensing medication that is ineffectual or with disastrous side-effects, does nothing to disturb his sleep.  Yet at no place are his ducks more in line than in the airy-fairy, multi-dimensional existence where arithmetical totals of order and disorder do not equate with reality or normality, i.e, a religious cult.  Herein he finds his Mecca, his Vikuntha, his Valhalla, his Heaven....his imagined realm of conquest made real.  From first encountering a cult (deviants from mainstream doctrine) and hitherto he is licensed with right to pervert : a permitted noble cause corruption -"Even if one commits the most abominable action, if he is engaged in devotional service, he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated." (Hare Krishna- Bhagavad Gita 9/30) His every jerk and quirk has multiple translations, none of them identifying him for what he is.  In fact cult demographic depersonalizes and masks him to merge with ritual, or until he emerges as the one who must be obeyed, adored, sexed, maintained with heart soul and wallet; good-as-god...Guru.  "When one has attained the topmost position of maha-bhagavat, he is to be accepted as guru and worshiped exactly like Hari (god)."  (Founder of the Hare Krishna cult.)  

WHAT effect:  He who feeds the brain controls it.  Cults are religious backwater breakaways from mainstream doctrine.  ALL cults, without exception, demand adherents submit to a brainwashing process.  Washing, as perceived in daily existence, is a means of cleansing.  Although proclaimed by cults to be exactly that, it is hardly the truth.  Cult brainwashing techniques are explained briefly in our article SS/OC=Cult.  Ethnophaulism is a memory implant/removal technique that assesses the subconscious through portals opened by ritual.  Rituals lie in imagery (visual cortex,) indoctrination (auditory cortex,) emotion (amygdala) enforced by repetition.  Rewiring senses does bring neuroplasticity into play.  One sense in particular is quickly short-circuited.  Never given attention by cultist for obvious reasons, the ethereal vestibular, or sense of balance between reality and imagination, when exposed to a combination of ethnophaulism and outgroup homogeneity creates 'Wobblers."  Unable to interact with mainstream thinkers who are inferiorized by dogma, cultists are directed to inbreed, commune and cluster to protect righteousness and attain eternal salvation.  As a result of these implants wobblers remain isolated and cannot walk without leaning on a cult crutch.  Probed, implanted and corralled, they take direction from predators who neutralize powers of discrimination replacing it with a holier-than-thou complex...ethnocentrism.  Under cult diktat they think and speak jargon in litany to identify.  Once those prohibitors are removed, or relaxed as in cult forums, the damage done becomes quickly apparent. 
As example we present two case studies.  In the first we draw attention to a current guru/abuser/exploiter/enslaver operating in the Hare Krishna cult.  Ravindra Svarupa dasa (aka. William H. Deadwyler III) was initiated by the cult founder in 1971, and has been a member of the Hare Krishna Governing Body Commission since 1987, Chairman of that Commission's North American GBC Continental Committee, is the president of Iskcon- Philadelphia, and an Iskcon guru.  He holds degrees in philosophy...a cult signpost reading- " More qualified to suck."  Once a sannyasi who then lost his danda, Deadwyler still wears saffron to flash his celibacy but travels in company with a woman several years younger than himself.   Readers may remember our mention of him in the article Psychoswami, where our interview with a cult commissioned 'hitman' revealed this character as member of a closed loop to murder.  In the letter below he is exposed for kicking a woman disciple on the backside.  After four decades of riding at its peak and chanting the cult's bogus selling 'maha mantra,' the mask slips to reveal an anti-behaviorist.
>>Open Letter to the GBC Regarding the Assault of a Devotee by Ravindra Svarupa dasa
By: Mahapurusha Dasa
Jul 05, 2012 USA ?
>>With deep regret and after much deliberation, I must sadly report the vicious attack of a female devotee by Ravindra Svarupa dasa.

BIF: Why should there be deep regret (or any regret?) or time taken for much deliberation to sadly report a vicious attack on a female citizen by a male?  Even a brief glance over the statement unveils a subjected reporter programmed by a covert institution operating outside accepted laws and norms.  From Mr. Deadwyler, we see him applying punishment....the 'assessment' tool used to gauge depth of submission, power and control in exercise.

Guru Deadwyler

>>The incident occurred over a month ago and I was personally informed of the attack by the victim. Several other congregants were also informed of the attack by the victim. He has also "bragged" about the incident to several others, which is, in itself, deeply disturbing and suggests severe moral and ethical degradation. The devotee was assaulted in the pujari room as she was about to perform Deity service.

BIF:  We are told-  the incident occurred over a month ago and that several other congregants were also informed.  The reporter even apprises his readers of severe moral and ethical degradation, yet the report of an assault, which now involves other congregants, is peppered with jargon emitted from an amygdala that is cult compromised : an inbred communiqué petitioning a flock rather than a plea for secular justice.  Let's read on.   We could be wrong.

>>The devotee was running late for the offering and Ravindra Svarupa dasa verbally attacked her, screaming at her she was a terrible and offensive devotee and then violently kicked her in her buttocks. The victim has been obviously terrified. I and several other senior devotees have been working to help her. But after lengthy discussions and soul searching, we feel that the only way to address the issue is to make it public.

BIF: So we are not wrong.  Even after lengthy discussions and soul searching the consensus was to treat 'terror' or Post Traumatic Stress internally, by any of several cult cultivated ethnocentric therapists available.  Finally, after much deliberation the decision was taken to make the assault public.  By public, since it remains non-secular, the reporter must mean within confines of the cult, which is not public per seWe cannot blame the informant or congregants for this MO.  It was "suggested" by the cult's founder in the genesis and carried forward by cult 'law' as a crutch component:-   Law No: 12.8 " Resolved that when a person becomes a member of ISKCON or assumes an office within ISKCON, he does so upon the condition of submission to the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of ISKCON; and however much he may be dissatisfied with the exercise of that jurisdiction, he shall refrain from invoking the supervisory power of a civil court but shall seek redress of any grievance(s) through the ISKCON judicial process. Otherwise, he may be removed from office and/or his membership in ISKCON terminated, (88)".

>>We are demanding the immediate resignation of Ravindra Svarupa dasa from all positions of authority within ISKCON in accordance to ISKCON's zero tolerance abuse policy.

BIF: How can any institution/organization/society/whacko-cult enforce a zero tolerance abuse policy where there is no corpus juris, legal system, defined judicial process in curia or in camera, psychiatric facilities, trained staff, a penal system, and then have the balls to pass laws like the one above.  Only delusional victims of cult harbored sociopaths believe that petitioned bleating can effect a resignation or change of order.

>>This is obviously a severe abuse of power, especially considering that the devotee is one of his disciples. As a professional educator, I have a professional duty to report all incidences of abuse. If this were to happen at my job, he would be arrested, fired and promptly sued.

BIF:  Here is open admission to a mind ticking in separate worlds: one dispensing justice according to legislation and universally accepted laws, the other a world dominated and controlled by indoctrination, sentiments, ritual and repetition.  What we see is a professional educator subjected by implants to worship good-as-god a man who claims as fact-  The sun goes around the earth, not vice-versa.....Thus the sun-god travels through the universe for a distance of 95,100,000 yojanas (760,800,000 miles) at a speed of 16,004 miles at every moment.....Giant eagles fly from one planet to another, and while flying they lay eggs....The moon is further away than the sun....is swallowed periodically (eclipse) by a bodiless demon named Rahu.... It is a heavenly planet with rivers of nectar....One can train pigeons to carry one into outer space...Women are less intelligent...women have a brain that is 36 ounces...men's brains are 64 ounces... "So therefore woman is not equally intelligent like man"...You cannot find any big scientist, any big mathematician, any big philosopher amongst woman....In Africa there is a class of men who make a festival of killing their great grandfathers....Not only do  cultists accept this god-man gobbledygook as truth, they instruct children to accept it as god-penned-gospel. 

>>I feel that not only should Ravindra Svarupa be subjected to the same level of accountability as anyone else, but being in a position of spiritual leadership makes the incident even worse. I am also planning on contacting the police as well as social services.

BIF: Surely had the intent to publicize the issue been in earnest, police and social services would have been contacted first with a cc to media in quick following.  As it is, the incident, like several and more serious before it, will slide by with time.  Why?  Because everyone involved is compromised.  Their bridges are burnt to anywhere.  They are wobblers who cannot stand alone without a cult crutch.  Probed, programmed, corralled, they take direction from predators who neutralize (by indoctrination, ritual, repetition) citizen's rights supplanting them with mission-infixed wrongs.  

>>This incident has weighed heavily on my heart. Being an initiated disciple of Ravindra Svarupa makes this letter even harder to write. I have, unfortunately, witnessed many examples of abuse of power by Ravindra Svarupa throughout my years of association. I do not believe in any way that this incident or any others represent the character of a balanced person, what to speak about the actions of a Vaishnava Guru.

BIF: Here the reporter confesses to witnessing abuse of power over a span of years.  Why was the abuse not mentioned before or taken to a level of accountability outside cult gateposts?  And why did he continue to worship as good-as-god a guru who he knew was a serial abuser?  And why does he compare the actions of his Iskcon guru to be imbalanced (by implication) to the actions of a Vaisnava Guru?  Were the other forty-odd perverted Iskcon gurus not promoted as vaisnav or until exposed?  Or were the pre-Hare Krishna sect vaisnavas who sold little devadasi girls and gotipua boys for sex any different?  Made-in-America-vaisnavas don't seem to understand the history of their proclaimed lineage or the fact that the Indian Government acted strongly to break up the whoremongering, exploitation and abuse practiced in the past by the sect....as they will again. 

Ok. Listen up Mr. GBC

>>I am writing this letter publicly to induce the GBC to act appropriately, swiftly and thoroughly, especially considering ISKCON's previous problems of abuse. The handling of this incident is being watched carefully by other senior devotees as well and I am also willing to report this incident to the general press. Nothing less than his immediate resignation and removal from ISKCON leadership and properties will be accepted.

BIF: The letter is NOT public.  It is known only within the cult corral, and no one really gives a ....   Everyone knows that.  Anyhow, according to the report the incident occurred over a month ago.  By the time readers finish with this post it will be nigh on two months.  Is he serious with his threats?  How will he explain the time lapse to social services and law enforcers?  No.  He's going nowhere except up and down in the same place, just like all the others.  Optionally it is the best unless he is prepared to join another faction of the cult with more of the same.  

It is truly sad to observe year in and year out how preyed upon and dependant the programmed wobbler leaning on a cult crutch.  A slave may seek opportunity to escape but a cult slave is mentally cuffed and shackled.  He has no place to run where his mind cannot go.  He is a repetition junkie, ritually hardwired to believe he is superior as long as he serves.  Disassociation from or failure to fulfill his oblations takes him to the brink....manic depression, madness, even suicide stalks his days and nights.

>>I am also writing this letter to inform my dear Godbrothers and Godsisters. I feel they have a right to know about this incident and have the right to make up their own minds about how to personally deal with it. I am also writing this letter as a personal plea to the devotee community to help this individual victim. She is an amazing devotee and absolutely does not deserve to be treated like this. She is living in total fear of retribution and has been systematically harassed and threatened with being thrown out. Being a full time servant of Krishna, she has very little material resources and I am imploring the community of devotees to help her.

BIF:  What can Godbrothers and Godsisters do about the Godfather?  Incidents of more serious crime are on record.  The perpetrators remain harbored by the cult, unreported and unprocessed.  Every Hare Krishna cultist knows at least a few by name.  As it was in the beginning it shall remain.  Both reporter and victim will be given a reboot and the program starts running once again, or until the next glitch. 

>>I am praying that the Lord will touch Ravindra Svarupa's heart and reveal to him the need of total repentance and contrition. The fact that he gloated about the incident is so horrifying to me. I have personally forgiven him for the horrible things he perpetrated against me. The subject of these actions are outside the scope of this letter. One of the hardest things is to forgive someone who doesn't feel bad about what they have done. I believe that once the Lord reveals the heaviness of the material world alongside His own Magnificence and Glory, it is easy to see how anyone could do anything. Especially considering when power, money and prestige are involved.

BIF:  Whereas the rhetoric may sound righteous and aligned with humanity, it reveals implanted prohibitors and restrictors programmed to accept anti-behaviorisms.  As admitted above, the prohibitors have worked successfully over years through indoctrination repetition and ritual to isolate the target and enforce belief  in his programmer as a virtual god.   His restrictors will be recharged via the auditory cortex portal at his very next hearing.  

>>We are all ultimately "victims" of the material energy and those who transgress the Laws of Nature and God unfortunately suffer more personally than any suffering they cause others. I believe that everyone, what to speak of Srila Prabhupada's disciples, are there to teach us what to do and also what NOT to do. Unfortunately, Ravindra Svarupa dasa has chosen to teach me the heart wrenching lessons of the latter.

BIF: With that his whistle stops blowing, but not before we note receptors opened by sentiment to further heart-wrenching programming by Srila Prabhupada's disciples.  Prabhupada... the very same god-man who smuggled the R2-D2 program out of India where it was busted in the backwaters, and registered it in the US. 

Here below we present a link to the latest posting on this episode.  Readers will note how time (?) has diminished tone and threat....Yawn.  Just another rattling of mental shackles.  http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/editorials/07-12/editorials8762.htm

yes we...didn't 

In our second case study we look into a brain (what?..a brain?) if we can call it that, liquefied by a mixture of excessive oxytocin, drugs and Attention Deficit Disorder.  Unless our readers have something better to do you are invited to watch as we stir (in light-hearted banter) this fetid goo presented in a thread of emails.  Please be aware, we must digress into cult speak so as to encompass a larger readership.  But first some clarification:
BOBO is a clown, however in this case it is an acronym used to describe an advanced state of diarrhea-  Buggered On Bhakti Oxytocin.  This particular case is so advanced that the character has gone gaseous, identified only as PADA (Hindi translation:  flatulence;) a continuous emission wailing in cyber space begging recognition of existence.  Yep, a bloated cult colon of CO2 with a myriad of mental disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) being the least of them.  In fact, if the book of psychiatry was thrown at him he'd wear it like toilet spray. 
It is not BIF policy to prop-up sick individuals, however this cowboy is a 'special needs' case.  He is so ADD bloated that we have arranged five hits a day on his blog just to keep him from combusting spontaneously.  Apparently that is not enough.  But how can we possibly continue to plug a cyber gasbag who envisions himself as a vaisnav, christian-hick, wearing white sheets with cut-outs for eyes, burning crosses at night, running around in the darkness having rasa-lila with raccoons, and lying pathologically about his own importance?  How can we possibly maintain our subscription to this overload of redneck self-centricity?  Read more about the PADA poop explosion... HERE. 
Before going into the thread of emails we must somehow conjure up an image of this rara avis- gasbag.  Okay, imagine yourself on duty in an ER.  In walks a guy and barfs all over the floor.  You look down and notice something in the spew that just doesn't belong.  You think to yourself- "What the hell is that?"  That Sir, is Bobo, aka. Puranjana das, aka. tim lee, aka. Pada, aka. Flatulence.  He comes out the wrong end.  Nonetheless, Pada by any other name is still a windy precursor of feces to come.  

Our point of dissection begins when apprised of a posting on the blog of this sulphuric air fouler, Mr. Pada.  The posting was an internal dogfight about pedophilia within the cult, in which BIF gets a mention and where Bobo decided to drop his pants and blow.
From: Personal Address
To: Pada / bobo
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 7:28 PM
Subject: again?
Bobo...you howled like a dog to our server saying you are being harassed when we last confronted you about lying.  Now you have started fouling the air, again. http://krishna1008.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/hong-kong-complains-about-rocana.html (We knew you'd delete it Mr. Bobo, so a BIF agent saved it HERE).
>>BIF wanted us to join with him and this so-called Hindu culture program,<< 
Where did you get the culture program idea?  Your only connection to culture is fertilizer in agriculture...Eh?  The offer we made you was for a job at the Delhi zoo, taking blind monkeys for a crap.  We made the offer in belief that when the elephant lifted its tail you would find a spot for your blog.  Just trying to help Bobo, but that's about as useful you can be to any culture. 

Bobo Uploading

From: tim lee / bobo
To: Personal Address
Sent Wednesday, June 13, 2012 1:37 PM
Subject: Re: again
Please do not write me again or I will complain to your server again. Do not write me, period. ys pd 
From: Sakshi
To: tim lee / bobo
Sent:  Thursday, June 14, 2012 1:15 PM
Subject: Re: again?
First you haunch and blow gas for attention then when we give you some.... you get a period?  Our server is familiar with your stinky habits.  Even they have a slide on your loose motions.  My server wont flush your poop-and-run anymore.  No one can help your ADD, MPD, schizoid paranoia, raccoon fetish or cyber evacuations if you think your blog is an anus for Diarrhea International...huh?
From: tim lee / Bobo 
To: Sakshi
Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2012 7:32 PM
Subject: Thanks for the admission, very nice story for us

Now Shaksi French, of Aktinson Dam Australia, has wrote that he wants to hurt Madhu Pandit's program, which is feeding 1.5 million children a day. He wants to stop that program so he can starve these children? And then he says he is a genuine? Hindu? What kind of Hindus want to starve babies? Even the worst low class people in America would never say -- their goal of life is to starve babies? What is wrong with this man? Oh, I know, he is in love with the GBC poisoners team, they also want to stop this free food program. Anyway this is great news in one sense, he is at least honest enough to admit he wants to see children die of starvation. Better to just come out and say it. ys pd    
From: Sakshi
To: tim lee / bobo
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2012 10:35 AM Thursday, June 14, 2012 7:32 PM
Subject: re. Thanks for the admission, very nice story for us
Not has wrote Bobo,..has written.  Your tangled tenses could be why your gas tank leaks.  Anyhow, I said starve your rabies, and you got babies.  Truly Bobo, even your pedophile pals must admit this dung you spray and ooze is symptomatic of a pathological condition, a sickness that drives you into the bush at night chasing raccoons.  Your friends are rear-end experts, get them to fix you up.  Still, now that you have raised the issue of Madhu Pandit and his feeding of 1.5 million "starving Indian kids," (dem numbers jest blow out yer bum, don't dey?  dat's being you is taut so good.  you should knows det BIF aint inrested in dem racoons even if yer dress 'em all purdy like in yer sissy's silk nikers). 
The free food program is subsidized by our Government and supported by several NGO's  But most significantly, it gives Madhu Pandit Government endorsed license (a far better gig than FFL) to raise funds internationally (now every Iskcon faction understands the potential)  It is a business that enables him to make huge claims...huge profits, extremely difficult to trace or audit.  When that is clubbed to the tax-exempt status Iskcon claims, it provides the wealth he accumulates, and in spite of a 12 year ongoing court battle.  Your miniscule part in it is to raise your backside in the air, trumpet his praises and advertize his interests in the US through your blog and the temple he has set up in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, to collect donations for "starving Indian kids" (an enterprise so lucrative he wants a worldwide monopoly,)  and for which he throws you crumbs off his table. 
The starving kids are not starving.  Nor do they need to scam like you, Bobo.  The food program started long before Madhu Pandit was born, and was run by an Indian Government who always maintained that students in Government schools (a private school student could buy your trailer park and still have change left over for candy) would never suffer malnutrition.  If you want to find starving kids aplenty look in your American backyard.  Besides, you are on record for stealing your own children's food stamps and welfare support.  Also you befriend disabled women and squeeze their social security payments as well as suck social security benefits for yourself.  It is right HERE.  As a sideline you promote and bark protection for the Indian scamming program in CA.  So go poop your propaganda someplace else, Bobo.  In an ideal world you'd be floating down a sewer.
From: tim lee / Bobo 
To: Sakshi
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2012 12:36 PM
Subject: Re: Thanks for the admission, very nice story for us

Not reading whatever this is, you want babies to die, ok, I got it already. You are a baby killer and nothing more, and you admit that. I am going to delete your writing from now on, baby killers are not someone I read from, goes into the spam file. ys pd

Starving kids! What starving kids?

Okay Bobo, let's test-tube your gas and examine the emissions in the mail you have blown so far, presented here and also taken from "Old Dogs Old Tricks," an article posted on the BIF web site.  We do this in belief that having been challenged by us to produce ANY proof to substantiate your many claims, and in failing to produce even a shred of evidence in support, our readers will understand the damage cults inflict on those they program.  Abhay Charan De, aka Prabhupada, went from an unsuccessful snake oil salesman to selling a bronze-age enslavement technique which secured him a good-as-god meal ticket.  In the process he left behind perverts, cheats, tricksters, charlatans, frauds, goons and seriously stuffed-up liars like you, Bobo.  Here's the list.  Let's see some proof...Eh?
a) BIF wanted us to join with him and this so-called Hindu culture program.
b) you folks have said we are bogus to promote Jesus and we need to promote your homo-erotica avatars.
c) he wants to hurt Madhu Pandit's program, which is feeding 1.5 million children a day
d) You are a baby killer and nothing more, and you admit that
e) you sent me a letter saying I was bogus to promote Jesus because I am not going to worship homo-erotica Avatars.
f) People are also appalled that you are saying God eats beef steaks etc
e) Thanks for these quotes where you say you hate the Christians, keep em coming
f) We need more of your Jesus hating citations, please send a few more for my records.
g) Right so you admit you hate Jesus and only I am on to that, well thats great!
h) His site is not well known, in fact most people tell me they only know about him through us
i) BIF is apparently trying to get Krishna devotees physically assaulted
j)  he clearly wants to see the devotees beaten, assaulted and worse.
k) He is trying to incite a violent riot against Krishna's devotees in India
l) He has wrote to me letters basically saying I need to be attacked myself, his letters indicate he wants to see me basically exterminated, he wants our blood right now.
m) Frankly it seems, he would kill Prabhupada himself if he had the chance. He wants our blood
n) He wants to see Krishna's devotees blood flowing, period
o) most people write to me complaining they need a dictionary to read anything he says, they have no idea what he is saying
p) He has gone totally mad.
q) there are stacks and stacks of files on me at the FBI offices already and TONS OF NEWSPAPER articles about all this stuff since really 35 years.
Okay Bobo, I am writing in simple English so you, a kindergarten dropout, can understand.  You know as do others who know you, the quotes above are directly from you; emails written by you and posted by us, as is, on our web site.  Nothing has been omitted, invented or interpolated.  Now Bobo, can you produce even one shred of evidence to support what you claim above?  We invited you to do so the last time you told lies, giving you a chance to prove different.  You neglected to respond.  If you fail to produce proof this time then it must be concluded that your lying has progressed to an obsessive compulsive disorder.  Anyone giving anything you blog any credence must be non-compos-mentis, like you.  And your associates are as evilly disguised as you: pathological cheats liars and scammers; monkeys dressed as monks.  Oops!  Looks like you and your pedophile brotherhood have been telling lies and intimidating others as well, and the lies are so repetitively you.  Here is someone threatening legal action against you and your Pedophiles Inc
Dated: July 12, 2012

To City of Downey, California, USA
Child Protection Services

My name is Michael Sandoval and I was the secretary of the Hare Krishna Society from 2001 until 2011 and you can examine the documents for verification. This organization is registered as a non-profit religious organization (501c3) in the state of California and I resigned as the secretary in October 2011, when I discovered that the Board of Directors, specifically Canadian citizen and Downey, California resident Joseph Langevin, (7977 Vista Del Rosa ave.) then President of the Hare Krishna Society, was visiting in India, promoting and working directly with a sex offender that was convicted in Cambodia (2008) and registered sex offender in the USA, Thomas Wayne Rapanos. His conviction is listed on the US State Department webpage.

Since I resigned from the office of secretary in protest of the cooperation between Rapanos, Langevin and the Hare Krishna Society, I have endured email threats from Hare Krishna Society Board members and a smear campaign on the internet by Tim Lee who has been posting malicious, defaming lies about myself. These slanderous lies can be found at http://krishna1008.blogspot.com/

I have repeatedly requested Joseph Langevin?s good friend Tim Lee to stop posting the defaming and malicious lies on the internet, but he refuses. I feel these lies may incite violence against me. These are dangerous cult people and i am in fear for my life. Tim Lee, Joseph Langevin and other Hare krishna Society Board members visit, promote and work directly with Rapanos and are currently smearing my name on the internet to silence me. It is possible these people also should be investigated as they are attempting to intimidate me.

I have notified the FBI, California State Attorney General, Los Angeles police Department and Berkeley police Department (Tim Lee resides in Berkeley, CA)

I am currently filing a civil harassment suit with the Los Angeles Superior Court to stop this dangerous cult from harassing me any further.

Thank you for your time,
Michael Sandoval

So there you go, Bobo.  BIF promised we'd throw you a bone and we did.  And don't believe even for a moment that your gang of pedophiles and thugs scare us.  We at BIF pray that no cultist mistakes us for just another limp-wristed bum-wagging Hare Krishna.  Not for our safety but for theirs.  Anyway Bobo, 'til next time.  Keep looking over your shoulder.  The best is yet to come.

To our readers-  Thank You for spending time with us.