23rd Apr. 2012

acBSp v. Vedas

Phobias are acute aversions that twist perspective and beget idiosyncrasies.  Antonymically, passion attracts but impacts behavior equally.  Both emotions, with potential to extreme, lie within the human spirit.  Where passion and aversion are stimulated and coalesced by program, phobias manifest in fanaticism.  Nowhere is this fervor by confluence more visible than in the god-man phenomenon.  Those who leave doors of perception open to 'spiritual' experience by indoctrination, are most likely candidates for the melding process.  Beginning with vernacular, then onto attire, diet, perception, presentation and ultimately excessively repetitive ritualism, quarries bed idiosyncrasies and fanned passions in fundamentalism.   

Initially, and by initiation, targets exposed to the process are oath-bound to accept all indoctrination as absolute. "Us" inspires passion, and "Them".....aversion.  Ergo what "Us" does and says emancipates all and sundry, whereas "Them" is the cause of universal problems.  To accept this indoctrination is the first stage in the melding process which, as it progresses, denies individual rights to discern reality vis-a-vis chimera.  Revoking God-given rights to apply God-given intelligence is fundamental in developing fundamentalists trained to believe and obey with a zeal compounded by two traits when heightened and melded:  passion and aversion.  Prabhupada (Iskcon (IGM) cult founder): "The conclusion is that an empowered spiritual master is authorized by Krishna and his own guru and should therefore be considered as good as the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself. (CC Madhya 10.136.)  Translated to godsmith speak, it simply says-  what you know is irrelevant to the smelting process.  We have explained it ipse dixit in a previous article:

"Armed philosophically with the right to be good-as-god by disciplic succession, as claimed by you, and needing no qualification other than no qualification and existing disqualifications, they will believe anything you say, e.g, you have spiritually descended from Lord Brahma who rides on a swan that steers clear of colossal eagles laying giant eggs as they fly from planet to planet gingerly avoiding a sun that scoots across our solar system @16,004 miles per nano sec.  Don't forget to bling your blah with little gems like:- "Krsna told me last night he did not enjoy the chips...it was too salty," or "Lord Shiva was dancing with us," or "Narada Muni was sitting on that seat listening to my lecture."  However such divine revelations must be preceded with gaudiya goolgoolas like:- "You cannot see unless your eyes are tinged with the salve of love." As head honcho you can say anything.  They will drink your bath water, worship your socks and underwear, even collect and distribute your pubic hairs as relics.  Their bellies, egos, and rapidly increasing belief in god-by-proxy depends on you being the real deal.  Always, or whenever you can, enforce the subtle understanding that you are god because....god authorized it." CULT BUILDING- For Dummies

Isolated from external influences and deprived of intellect tunnel-visioned by cult doctrine, interpolations and extrapolations are easily fused with passion and aversion to establish god's word where He never spoke, and specifically when relating to Vedic knowledge: instructions given by God to rishis at the beginning of creation.  Here we see a sample of how the doors to interpolation are prized open by quackademic interpretation:-  "The sanskrit word for knowledge is "veda" and the ultimate reality is known as Vedic wisdom."  http://sda-archives.com/tftd/course/A/A18.html

Opening the statement up to analysis the message is clear i.e, all knowledge is "veda" and whomsoever connects knowledge to his/her definition of "ultimate reality" is imparting "Vedic wisdom."  Whereas the statement in itself is not entirely incorrect from a definitive perspective; leaving ample wriggle-room for quackademic quandary, it eliminates entirely glottochronological evidence and God's canon- "The Four Vedas," given to the ancients, ipso facto paving an easement to pedal cult "veda" as "Vedic wisdom." 

This ramp, designed by earlier interpolators, permits fakes to launch and float under a corporate parachute.  No more prevalent is this knavery than in cults, and no more notorious than in the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON or IGM) an organization founded in New York by an Indian who openly denigrated Hindus and palmed-off Indian lands to foreign nationals- A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (acBSp.)  Using the acBSp acronym as an honorific placed behind an Indian alias, cult converts claim -  Srila Prabhupada said that due to so many sects who deviate from the Vedic scriptures, the Vedic culture has declined :  a blanket statement belittling the potency of God given instructions in a bid to enforcing his own.  With that he also demerits "so many sects" by implying his New York registered cult's non-deviation from- "Vedic scriptures."   He pointed to  "veda" as "Vedic wisdom"  but, like his gaudiya predecessors, literally replaced God's instructions with his own and claimed his references to be ancient (5,000 years old) so as to build a personal empire.  Here is the man, himself: 

Prabhupada (acBSp) : No... When we speak of Veda, Veda means knowledge. So knowledge means knowledge of God. Any scripture that gives knowledge of God, that is Vedas. Don't think that Vedas means that only the Sama, Yajuh, Atharva.... Those who are following the principles to give knowledge about God, that is Veda. Veda means knowledge.

And here he is, again:  Prabhupada: "I have not studied all the Vedas and Upanisads. I have read only Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam."

Unequovically acBSp is admitting what he terms as "Vedic," and what has been imbibed by his following, is not based on the original Vedas as supposed or when referenced as such.  Evidence unfolds when noted that Guru, Swami, Goswami and Maharaja are titles bestowed on Tom Dick & Harry, authorized by a man who calls himself "BhaktiVEDAnta" without ever reading the Vedas.  Furthermore, all / any criticisms, standards, sub-texts and happenstance implied as Vedic by the IGM is nothing more than clone extract derived from concocted "veda."  Here is a fair and uncontested assessment of acBSp' indoctrination showing who/what influenced his think tank, and the self-evident promotion of cult over commandment.

"Indeed, the Vedantasutra and Bhagavatapurana are regarded as being superior to the Vedas, viz. the four Samhitas and "their corollaries known as siksha, kalpa, vyakarana, nirukta, chanda and jyotisha" by Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur (acBSp's guru); Prabhupada (acBSp) obviously approves of this opinion. http://content.iskcon.org/icj/4_2/4_2vedic.html

Positioning themselves as voyeurs and sexual partners in Krishna 'lila,' and intimate (milk-sucking?) associates of Caitanya, members of the IGM cult now proclaim themselves disciplic handlers of Vedic knowledge.  Here it is- "In the same way as the mangos (sic) are carefully handed down, the Vedic knowledge has been passed down to us free of any bruises or adulterations."  Which bring us to the gut of this article.  How carefully has the mango been handed down; whether it is Vedic at all, bruised and adulterated, or just more gaudyia flea-bitten veda?  But....before tackling the 'Vedic knowledge' of acBSp, we show how the tradition of 'mango handling' continues even today by the IGM poccha aam wholesalers. Here is a chota tokri full:


Websites & Articles about Bookchanges: http://www.adi-vani.org/topics.php?topicId=2   http://bookchanges.com/    http://bookchanges.com/category/articles/

Bhagavad Gita changes: http://bookchanges.com/108-iskcon-bhagavad-gita-changes/ 

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ABOUT STATISTICS BG CHANGES:  Article: http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/editorials/04-10/editorials6015.htm

Statistics source: http://www.adi-vani.org/articles.php?articleId=130

Listing of Changes details PDF file: http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/editorials/04-10/changes.pdf

Chapter wise changes Statistics:

Bhagavad-gita As It Is Verses Changed in the BBT 1983 Revised Edition Chapters 1 ? 18: 541 verses out of 700 = 77% changed

Number of Verses Changed Per Chapter:  Ch 1: 35 out of 46 = 76% changed; Ch 2: 49 out of 72 = 68% changed; Ch 3: 33 out of 43 = 77% changed; Ch 4: 23 out of 42 = 55% changed;
Ch 5: 19 out of 29 = 66% changed; Ch 6: 43 out of 47 = 91% changed; Ch 7: 22 out of 30 = 73% changed; Ch 8: 21 out of 28 = 75% changed; Ch 9: 24 out of 34 = 71% changed;
Ch 10: 36 out of 42 = 86% changed; Ch 11: 50 out of 55 = 91% changed; Ch 12: 16 out of 20 = 80% changed; Ch 13: 24 out of 35 = 69% changed; Ch 14: 24 out of 27 = 89% changed;
Ch 15: 15 out of 20 = 75% changed; Ch 16: 20 out of 24 = 83% changed; Ch 17: 26 out of 28 = 93% changed; Ch 18: 61 out of 78 = 78% changed

Okay.  Now that our readers have caught a whiff of the IGM veda mangoes, we will continue on to the initial New York mango dealer- acBSp. 

Picking the gaudiya mango out of a dumpster where disposed by Aryavarsh' quality controllers and parivars of Truth, acBSp literally processed it for foreign consumption.  Within the fist stanza of his Bhagavatam purport he went on the defensive to cover the stench of rotten fruit:  acBSp- "Some Mayavadi scholars argue that Srimad-Bhagavatam was not compiled by Sri Vyasadeva. And some of them suggest that this book is a modern creation written by someone named Vopadeva (or Bopadeva)."  Why didn't acBSp name the Mayavadi scholars?  The answer is simple: if he did his foreign disciples would research and discover the gaudiya mango was discarded as a hybrid species grown under red-lights and unfit for spiritual consumption.  Besides, and among several protesting scholars, the "Mayavadi" scholar most vociferous in investigation and exposure of the gaudiya grown mango was none other than Bharatvarsh' proclaimed and acknowledged "Last of the great Maharishis"-  Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati.  A.C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada, (not unlike Bhaktivinod who lived in the same era as Dayanand-ji) did not have the authentication, credence, or recognition outside his tiny sex-sect to present even a miniscule challenge to revelations published by the honorable sage.  Here we re-present what acBSp sotto voce eluded to: an excerpt from Maharishi Dayanand's (1875) report:

Srimad Bhagavat- "This book was made by Bobadeva whose brother Jayadeva wrote Gitagovind.  He has written some verses in his book called Himadri to the effect that he was the author of Shrimad Bhagavat.  We had 3 leaves of that book with us, out of which the first one was lost.  We have composed the following two verses of the same purport as those that were on the leaf that was lost.  Whosoever cares to see the original verse should consult the Himadri.

"The Prime Minister Himadri said to Pundit Bobadeva, I have no time to read your book called the Shrimad Bhagavat or hear it read. Please make a brief summary of it in verse so that by reading it I may be briefly acquainted with the story of the Bhagavat."  There were altogether 10 verses on the leaf that was lost.  The following verses beginning with No. 11 that are given below are all the composition of Bobadeva:-

11. "Certainly.  The story of the Bhagavat retold is as follows:- The five questions of Shaunaka and Suta's answers (are given) in three (verses)."  HIMADRI.

12.  Questions and (subject of) incarnations, Vyasa's disinclination for (writing) work, Narada's convincing speech supported by arguments and (an account of his) own birth.

13.  Murder (of Arjuna's children) while asleep by Drona, protection of Parikshaita while he was in his mother's womb by Pandavas with arms, attainment of his position by Bhishmama, and Krishna's arrival at Dwarka.

14.  The birth of Parikshita, who had heard Bhagavat read, Dhritrashtra's going away, Krishna's shuffling off his moral coil and then the Pandavas' departure for the Himalayas (have all been described in the Bhagavat).

15. Thus have 18 Chapters of the first Book of the Bhagavat been summarized in 18 padas (of this summary) in consecutive order. The king (Ydhistra) renounced his extensive kingdom in which justice was meted out to all, etc.,

This completes (the summary of) Book 1."

Thus was a brief summary of the 12 Chapters of Bhagavat prepared by Pundit Bobadeva and given to the Prime Minister Himadri.  Whosoever wants to see a detailed account of it should consult the book called Himadri.'  (Excerpt: Satyarth Prakash.  By Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati).

In contrast to the profit adoration and distinction seeking IGM, Maharishi Dayanand made no business of his service to God and the Truth.  At the time of his murder by poison, all he possessed was a bag of money (which he gave to his confessed assassin to help him escape,) a change of clothes, kharams and walking cane.  BIF offers humble respects from the heart to Maharashi Dayanand Saraswati.

Now we compare acBSp's understanding of "Vedic knowledge" with true Vedic teachings.  To do so we have picked the most spicy topic by our IGM mango chutney wallahs:  WOMEN.

Morning Walk March 19, 1976, Mayapura
acBSp: "And our Vedic civilization says, nari-rupam pati-vratam: The woman is beautiful when she remains as a slave to the husband. That is the beauty, not the personal beauty. How much she has learned to remain as a slave to the husband, that is Vedic civilization."

Rgveda 10.159, Chapter 1, 24p: The sun has gone up; my prosperity and happiness also have mounted high. Quite sure, I have regained the love of my husband, triumphing over my rivals. I am the emblem, I am the head, I am supreme and now I dictate; my husband must conform to my will; rivals now I have none. My sons are destroyers of my enemies; my daughter is a queen; and I am victorious. My and my husband?s love has a wide reputation. O enlightened, I have offered that oblation which has been offered by the one, the most illustrious and thus I have become renowned and most powerful; I have freed myself from my rival damsels. I am free from rivals; I am now the destructress of rivals, victorious and triumphant; I have seized other?s glory as if it were the wealth of weaker dames, who do not endure long. I have gained victory over these my rivals, so that I have my imperial sway over this hero and his people. (Book: Rgveda Samhita, Vol XIII)

acBSp: "As soon as a woman attains the age of puberty, she immediately becomes very much agitated by sexual desire. It is therefore the duty of the father to get his daughter married before she attains puberty. Otherwise she will be very much mortified by not having a husband." (Purport SB 4.25.42)

Atharva Veda Chapter 1, 8p: Girls should train themselves to become complete scholars and youthful through Brahmcharya and then enter married life. (Atharvaveda-Hindi Bhashya, Part 2, Author: Kshemkarandas Trivedi, Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Delhi, Page 413-414)

Chapter 1:  8, 9 p: When girls ignore external objects and develops foresight and vibrant attitude through power of knowledge, she becomes provider of wealth, of skies and earth. Then she should marry an eligible husband. (Atharvaveda-Hindi Bhashya, Part 2, Author: Kshemkarandas Trivedi, Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Delhi, Page 654)

Morning Conversation April 29, 1977, Bombay
acBSp: "They should be taught how to sweep, how to stitch...clean, cook, to be faithful to the husband...to become obedient to the husband...Little education, they can (have).    

Atharva 14.1.6: Parents should gift their daughter intellectuality and power of knowledge when she leaves for her husband?s home. They should give her a dowry of knowledge.

Chapter 1: 9 p: Protector of children, having definite knowledge, worth thousands of prayers and impressing all directions, O women, you accept prosperity. O wife of a deserving husband, teach your husband to enhance wealth.

Chapter 1: 9 p: The bride may please everyone at her husband?s home through her knowledge and noble qualities.

Atharva 7.46.3: Teach the husband ways of earning wealth

Lecture on BG Hawaii, February 3rd, 1975.  acBSp: "To understand Brahman is not the business of tiny brain. Alpha-medhasan. There are two Sanskrit words, alpa-medhasa and sumedhasa. Alpa-medhasa means having little brain substance. Physiologically, within the brain there are brain substance. It is found that the brain substance in man is found up to 64 ounce. They are very highly intellectual persons. And in woman the brain substance is not found more than 34 ounce. You'll find, therefore, that there is no very great scientist, mathematician, philosopher, among women. You'll never find because their brain substance cannot go."

Atharva 7.38.4and 12.3.52: Women should take part in the legislative chambers and put their views on the forefront.

Rig ved 1.164.41: One ved, two ved, or four ved along with ayurved, dhanurved, gandharved, aarthved etc in addition with education, kalp, grammar, nirukt, astrology, meters i.e the six vedaang should be attained by the clear-minded woman, which is equivalent to the crystal-clear water and spread this diversified knowledge among the people.

Atharva 7.47.2: Oh woman! You know everything. Please provide us strength of prosperity and wealth.

Morning Walk January 9, 1977, Bombay
acBSp: How they can have equal rights? Up to date in the history there is not a single woman who is a great scientist or great philosopher or great (anything).

Rig ved 3.31.1: The right is equal in the fathers property for both son and daughter.

Yajur 20.9: There are equal rights for men and women to be appointed as ruler. 

Rig ved: Women should be expert (Page 122)

  1. Women should earn fame (Page 123)
  2. Women should ride on chariots (Page 123)
  3. Women should be scholars (Page 123)
  4. Women should be prosperous and wealthy (Page 125)
  5. Women should be intelligent and knowledgeable (Page 126)
  6. Women should be protectors of family and society and enlist in the army (Page 134, 136)
  7. Women should be illuminating (Page 137)
  8. Women should be providers of wealth, food and prosperity (Page 141- 146)

BIF, fact: (1) Current President of India- Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil.  (2) Smt. Sushma Swaraj: current Leader of the Opposition in the 15th Lok Sabha. Former union Cabinet Minister of India and former Chief Minister- Delhi. (3) Smt. Mamta Banerjee: Former Indian Minister for Railways, currently the 11th Chief Minister of Bengal.  She founded the All India Trinamool Congress in 1997 and became chairperson.  (4) Dr. Smt. Shobana Azmi: Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA), and a member of the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of Indian parliament. (5) Smriti Zubin Irani: All India President of the Women's Wing of the Bharatiya Janta Party, Mahila Morcha.  Sworn in as a Member of Parliament from Gujarat to the Rajya Sabha in August 2011. Currently attached to the dynamic Gujarat Government under Chief Minister, Shriman Narendra Modi. (6) Mrs. M Patel Mehta: Super energized CEO in a pulsating industry; a young mother and good friend working towards a better world.....And these sparkling achievers are only a flash sample of "Woman Power."  Conversely acBSp has received no honorary recognition from any other than his corporate IGM bug-bitten mango handlers. 

Smt. Mamata Banerjee

Here we table a list of quotes by acBSp on his "vedic" understanding of womenfolk as opposed to the true Vedic perspective:
"Licking of the vagina, different, obnoxious smell." "Come on, here is vagina, open. This is their standard of happiness."
"The same woman, same vagina, and that is their pleasure. Bas." 
"So the human society is like that. They're smelling the vagina of the girls, that's all. Everyone is doing that." 

"You require vagina; take one vagina. Be satisfied. And lick it. " 
"All right, you are attached to vagina-licking. Do it up to fifty years. Then give it up." This is our civilization. "You are so much accustomed to the vagina-licking business-up to fifty years, so long you are young. Then give it... Don't do it anymore."
"Women are nine times more lusty than men"
"A woman given freedom means a prostitute."
"What is this prostitute? She has no fixed up (iskcon initiated?) husband. And free woman means this, daily, new friend (sexual partner.)"
And here we present a list of glowing accolades and instructions from the original Vedas sanctioned by God Himself. 

Atharva 7.47.1
Oh woman! You are the keeper of knowledge of all types of actions (karma).
O woman, you provide us wealth and prosperity.

O woman! You enhance our wealth and prosperity

Atharva 7.48.2
Oh woman! Please provide us with wealth through your intellect
Scholarly, respectful, thoughtful, a happy wife protects and enhances wealth and bring happiness to our home.

Atharva 14.1.64
Oh woman! Utilize your vedic intellect in all directions of our home!
O bride! Reach the home of scholars and bring bliss and happiness by ruling your home

Atharva 2:36:5
Oh bride! Step into the boat of prosperity and take your husband beyond the ocean of worldy troubles into realms of success.
O bride! Step into the indestructible boat of prosperity and take your husband to shores of success.

Atharva 1.14.3
Oh groom! This bride will protect your entire family
O groom! This bride is protector of your entire family. May she dwell in your home for a period and sow seeds of intellect.

Atharva 2.36.3
May this bride become the queen of the house of her husband and enlighten all.

Atharva 11.1.17
These women are pure, sacred and yajniya (as respected as yajna); they provide us with subjects, animals and food.
These women are pure, sacred, worth being worshipped, worth being served, of great character, scholarly. They have given subjects, animals and happiness to the entire society.

Atharva 12.1.25
Oh motherland! Give us that aura which is present in girls.
ay we have the same aura and prosperity as in women!

Atharva 12.2.31
Ensure that these women never weep out of sorrow. Keep them free from all diseases and give them ornaments and jewels to wear.

Atharva 14.1.20
Dear wife! Become the queen and manager of everyone in the family of your husband.

Atharva 14.1.50
Dear wife! I am holding your hand for prosperity

Atharva 14.1.61
Dear bride! You shall bring bliss to all and direct our homes towards our purpose of living

Atharva 14.2.71
Dear wife! I am knowledgeable and you are also knowledgeable. If I am Samved then you are Rigved.

Atharva 14.2.74
This bride is illuminating. She has conquered everyone?s hearts!
May the bride be victorious and prosperous!

Rig 10.159
A women speaks after waking up in morning, ?My destiny is as glorious as the rising sun. I am the flag of my home and society. I am also their head. I can give impressive discourses. My sons conquer enemies. My daughter illuminates the whole world. I myself am winner of enemies. My husband has infinite glory. I have made those sacrifices which make a king successful. I have also been successful. I have destroyed my enemies. ...[...]...The sun has gone up; my prosperity and happiness also have mounted high. Quite sure, I have regained the love of my husband, triumphing over my rivals.I am the emblem, I am the head, I am supreme and now I dictate; my husband must conform to my will; rivals now I have none. My sons are destroyers of my enemies; my daughter is a queen; and I am victorious. My and my husband?s love has a wide reputation. O enlightened, I have offered that oblation which has been offered by the one, the most illustrious and thus I have become renowned and most powerful; I have freed myself from my rival damsels. I am free from rivals; I am now the destructress of rivals, victorious and triumphant; I have seized other?s glory as if it were the wealth of weaker dames, who do not endure long. I have gained victory over these my rivals, so that I have my imperial sway over this hero and his people.

"Saci is the Rsi as well as the devata of the hymn. Saci is the Queen-Empress of the State or the Queen on her own accounts in a democratic state (the lady-President, or the Lady-Prime Minister of the State). Her sons and daughters are also dedicated to the State.

"O' men and women! A scholarly woman who has practiced or teaches one, two or four Vedas or four Vedas and four upavedas, along with grammar, etymology etc and spreads knowledge to the whole world and removes ignorance of people is a source of happiness to the entire world. A woman who studies and teaches all parts of the Vedas brings progress to all human beings

Yajur 16.44
There should be a women army. Let the women be encouraged to participate in war.

Yajur ved 10.26
In this mantra it is enforced that the wife of ruler should give education of politics to the others. Likewise the king do justice for the people, the queen should also justify her role.

BIF dedicates this article to mothers, sisters and wives who have suffered at the hands of misogynists. 

"The ancient civilizations of the Romans, Egyptians, the Aztec of Central America, Minoan civilization of Crete and those in South Western Europe have faded into oblivion. Their advancement and magnificent architectures, arts and even their culture have completely disappeared with only history to remind us of their glorious past. The same cannot be said of India. She stands tall with her culture still intact, ready to begin her gradual ascent once again.
During her years of thralldom India was able to re-ignite some of her glory in some form of dignity and always free herself of foreign subjugation. This can mainly be to the credit of the divine motherhood qualities still practiced by virtue of her once glorious culture. As Dayanand boldly put it:
"If the Hindu States have not yet been blotted out of existence, it is because the Hindu Ranis (Queens) are still patterns of virtue. But for this the debauchery of the nobles and chiefs would long have worked their ruin!?
Whatever optimum of sanctity the world holds today in society and family can be to the credit of women who are undeniably the epitome of ethics and morals. The incorrupt and moral quality of leadership, in comparison to their male counterparts, is always impeccable and incontestable and their role, as should always, be encouraged."

16-year-old refuses to accept her child marriage

Jaipur, April 23 2012, (IANS):

She was married off when she was only an infant yet, but coming of age the 16-year-old Rajasthani girl now wants that marriage annulled and freedom of choice to be educated and working restored to her.

"Child marriage is illegal as per the law, I have sought help from an NGO. I have been told to seek legal remedy under section 10 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1956," said Laxmi, a resident of Luni town in Jodhpur district, some 400 km from the state capital.

The issue of her child marriage has come to the fore because her in-laws want her to move in on April 24, the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, when Goddess Lakshmi is brought home.
"I was recently told by my elder brother Hanuman that I had been married when I was an infant. I was quite shocked. He told me that I was married to one Rakesh three days after the death of my grandmother in 1996 with the consent of elders in my family," Laxmi told media persons.

She said her so-called in-laws were now pressurising her maternal family to send her to them as their "bahu" (daughter-in-law).

"As per the local tradition that is called 'gauna', I am now being forced to stay with my in-laws. I had been living with my brother for the past 16 years," said Laxmi.

As per the 'gauna' tradition followed in some rural areas of Rajasthan, girls are married off  in the childhood, but sent to live with their in-laws later when they enter their teens.  The ambitious Laxmi would have none of it, however. She wants to pursue studies. "I will complete my graduation and then would like to work," said Laxmi.


  • Yogini-Joanne Keown French 0 minutes ago
    Rajasthani Laxmi Rani Ke Jaya!
  • Shrilly Shan 4 hours ago
    Bravo girl! All power to you! You are contributing in stopping this absolutely stupid Indian tradition. There is a host of superstitions and dumb practices that this nation needs to throw away. Child marriage is definitely one of them.That we have to, even in the 21st century, resort to the help of NGOs for a basic right of a person, to choose as an adult what a woman wants to do and if she wants to live with someone, is a sign that there is a lot to do.Truly a lot to do.
    We need to hand our heads in shame, just as we need to with our tragic practice of female foeticide.

  • BIF 
    Go get 'em girl
    Atharva 7.38.4 and 12.3.52: Women should take part in the legislative chambers and put their views on the forefront.
    Yajur 20.9: There are equal rights for men and women to be appointed ruler. 
    Rig ved 1.164.41: One ved, two ved, or four ved along with ayurved, dhanurved, gandharved, aarthved etc in addition with education, kalp, grammar, nirukt, astrology, meters i.e the six vedaang should be attained by the clear-minded woman, which is equivalent to the crystal-clear water and spread this diversified knowledge among the people

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