Posted June 24 2004


Praharana devi das (Member- GBC Deputy Committee) writes:
>>I also don't really beleive that anyone poisoned Srila Prabhupada I know you are now taking a great sigh of exasperation...<<

BIF. writes:
The question is not whether you believe it, or whether the GBC believes it.  The fact is Srila Prabhupada believed it, and so did those who were attending him.  This is not some concocted notion.  It is there on tape for anyone who does even a minimum research.  Nonetheless, the evidence must be investigated and documented by those qualified to do so, and free of sentiment.  Law is reason beyond passion (Aritstotle).
>>but I just don't beleive it. However if there are still those that do,<<
Family members find it most difficult to accept a poisoning.  Not because murder by poison is a stranger related crime.  To the contrary-  "A poisoning murder is usually an intimate or 'household' crime, with the principals usually united by close emotional ties" (J. H.Trestrail, lll Rph, FAACT, DABAT). 
>>I agree that we should open up the investigation. i'm not sure what more needs to be investigated however.. what are you thinking about this? it seems that your group has done a thorough investigation... is there any more to be done.<<
We have only presented the prima facie evidence to show a need for investigation.  To this point, important evidence is being denied, overlooked, inaccessible to members, or mitigated by propaganda.  An investigation involves directly dealing with the facts i.e., dealing directly with suspects; taking Statutory Declarations, Polygraph Tests, VSA tests, attested statements from perceptive witnesses, interviewing forensic experts, taking.depositions where necessary, etc., etc., etc. 
>>Is Balavanta still willing to do this job do you know?<<
Although Balavanta Prabhu would be great asset to any investigation, he has already given much time and effort, and there are other factors to be considered: a)  His own busy life may hinder progress, b) Because he is directly and emotionally involved his opinions may be viewed as a conflict of interest, one way or another, c) Being subject to a hierarchical system, he may be put under undue pressure to comply with demands made by his senior godbrothers, d) We need a designated investigative agency to handle procedure.

>>Do you intend to take it to court or something with the evidence. What outcome do you want?<<
In the event of the GBC failing to see the importance of dealing with this matter in a responsible manner, we have no choice but to seek justice elsewhere.  However, should the leadership comply with the requisites, a thorough and discreet investigation will ensue.  At its conclusion, a dossier will be presented to them for further action.  The outcome that is expected, will come as a joint directive from the GBC.  We will accept that because they are Srila Prabhupada's representatives.  As it is, no one can truthfully accept this issue be forgotten in the pursuit of good relationships. 
(Note: The above proposal has since been retracted due to lack of response from the GBC.)

>>I am not an influential person in ISKCON. However I will bring this up at the Deputies meetings.<<
You will certainly meet some resistance to its introduction there.  The Chairman for the 'Ministry for the Protection of ISKCON', sits on your Committee.  He was the publisher of the book- Not that I am Poisoned (NTIP); a book titled by TKG, paid for by Bhakti Caru Swami, and written by a disciple of Jayapataka Swami, who worked under the Chairman.  All three name mentioned are suspect in the alleged homicide.  The book we presented - Judge For Yourself, shows how that book (NTIP) was criminal in its misinformation, and misquoting of facts and 'experts'; a ploy to scuttlebutt the issue.  YS.


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