Posted June 24 2004


Praharana devi das (Member- GBC Deputy Committee) writes:

>>Prabhu, please understand that I have no more power in Mayapura then to just bring it up with the Deputies as a topic that needs discussion.<<
BIF. writes
Nobody has any more power than to present the facts for due consideration.  In the end,  Sri Krishna decides the course of action.  We are all but puppets in His hands.  The important point for you to remember is that when you mention the book-  Judge For Yourself (JFY), it will spur a reaction from at least one member of the Committee.  He is the Chairman for the "Ministry for the Protection of ISKCON", the group who presented us with the fiction novel- Not That I am Poisoned.  Don't allow him or his contingent to stop your presentation (which is only two minutes long) or your mission to inform the Deputies and table the issue will fail 
>>Krishna das will be there as well.<<
We in correspondence with Krishnadas Kaviraja das.  He understands the importance (at this point) of fully evaluating the situation and to making decisions in favour of ISKCON as a Society, rather than on a personal/egotistical or argumentative platform. 
>>Can you type some instructions on what exactly you want done?... a list of investigations. I can read this to them. I don't know what the response will be... but at least I will have done my best.<<
Okay. Since it is not elocutionary to present an issue without a preparatory introduction, I will write one along with the presentation, and you can paraphrase to express yourself accordingly:
"As Deputies to the Governing Body of ISKCON, and as possible future leaders of the Society, our methodology in addressing issues now, will determine the health and prosperity of ISKCON in the immediate and long term future. With this in mind, we should seriously consider the weight of onus placed upon us in this age of Kali, and the possibilities of making wrong or personally motivated decisions that could sway others and lead ISKCON into crisis.
For sometime now, the non-secular sector has enjoyed venerability beyond secular inquisition, to the point where reference to their part in controversy has been censored and records either glossed over or completely ignored.  That trend is now over.  Recent subjection by the Catholic Church to secular intervention and media trials, has proved it beyond doubt.  Whether ISKCON is in a position to face such intense scrutiny and survive, is irrelevant.  Our duty surely, is to recognise malignancy for what it is, and to act quickly and decisively to isolate and deal with it in a manner that is both transparent and just.
Retrospective analysts from within the embattled Catholic Church have concluded that the root of ecclesiastical scandal is the betrayal of purity and fidelity. Claiming that honesty is the best gift a confessor could give a sinner, they say that the most visible symbol of spirituality is its clarity, its transparency.  If we are to take any lesson from this denominational crash-test-dummy, a dire need for accountability should be stressed; financial, administrative, legal and illegal practices should be brought to full visibility; elitism should be shunned; controversies be confronted directly, in the open, and in collaboration with law enforcement where necessary, immediately, and without material or political concerns; policies that are prudent, courageous, and enforced, should be abandoned as vehicles of unholiness; arbitrators who act according to no known parameters, universal laws or diametric legislation, acting only to preserve a status quo, must be removed forthrightly, failing which they will foster a closed clerical culture that will infect the temple and isolate preachers one from the other, from the laity, and from Krishna. 
Which brings me to the issue of concern that is slowly but surely gaining attention within the Society, albeit in an underground forum.  But first, I beg you to understand my function is purely that of a messenger.  I have been contacted and requested to do something to help keep the matter internal, and that is what I am attempting to do here.  Please hear me out before making any decision.  God knows, this may be the last chance to work this through as a family of devotees. Thank You.
For those who do not know it: some years ago a section of our spiritual siblings began an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Srila Prabhupada.  Their findings, and reasons for wanting an investigation, are documented in a book titled- "Judge For Yourself".  For those who are not familiar with the report, it is available as a free download from www.b-i-f.com  Whether you wish to read it or not, you should. Because the group, based on the evidence in that book, have approached GBC around the planet, and even posted emails demanding a redress of the poison issue.  They are asking for an unbiased investigation to be initiated.  An answer from the GBC is expected after the course of these meetings.  A failure to respond positively will force the issue into the open, and into another possible crisis for ISKCON.  So you would be well advised to read the book, if only to assess the group's convictions and determination.  Please don't allow your indifference to be a contributing factor to the direction this controversy will take.
Pointing to the book- Not That I am Poisoned, produced by the Ministry for the Protection of ISKCON, the group claims that the Ministry was abusive and factionalised them because of their attempts to present what was evident and already documented in BBT books, audio and transcripts, which showed according to Srila Prabhupada, his attendants, and the kaviraja, that he believed he was poisoned.  This was further confirmed by Tamala Krishna Goswami in his book "TKG's Diary" page 340.  Additionally, they say that audio and hair forensic analysts have presented further evidence to warrant an investigation.  To validate their claims of abuse, the group is handing out a list of statements as published in the GBC book.  The list is as follows:
From the GBC endorsed book- Not That I am Poisoned.
1) ...beyond a doubt some of the major agents who are pushing this issue have been highly influenced by Kali (129 p).
2)...the rat, you know, goes for the trash, or the roach it goes for the trash (132 p)
3)...their mentality....the kind of chaos that it is bringing into the movement is beyond just normal deviation, its actually like an empowerment for destruction (133 p).
4) The poison theory is hatimata....Mad Elephant Vaisnava Aparadha at its heaviest (151 p).
5) The Poison Theory hatched from the same two insidious, perverted minds which conceived of the ritvik theory (160 p).
6) The poison proponents are however, by no means engaged in devotional service (160 p)
7) ....they must be considered offenders of the holy name and enemies of the Lord like Sisupala (162 p)
8) The poison blasphemers are so-called devotees, polluted with envy and/or madness, foolishness and wickedness (162 p).
9) ....the poison proponents show the disease of nirvisesa (Mayavada) and sunyvada (voidism).  Both groups want to eliminate the Lord's relationship with His devotees (164 p).
10) These new anti-ISKCON people are certainly behaving like demons (164 p)
11) The modern day poison proponents remind me of Krsna's opponent Rukmi (165 p).
12) The poison proponents are already disfigured by Krsna's sharpened sword of Maya, disgraced and devoid of the ability to comprehend or preach Krishna consciousness (170 p).
13) According to sastra, one who blasphemes a Vaisnava should be.......punished by virtuous ksatriyas (163 p).
Regardless of whether this reaction was necessary or not, the fact remains that we now have a group of offended activists with little or no respect for management, which cannot but add to the volatility of the situation.  On the brighter side, they are still extending an invitation to keep the case internal, which leaves room for negotiation and discretion.  Additionally, should the GBC decide to reopen the investigation, the group has indicated that they are willing to undertake the task, and to incur all costs in its connection.  The details on how this will be done, and the conditions attached, will be itemised once an expression to reopen has been passed on to them by mail.
(Note: The above proposal has since been retracted due to lack of response from the GBC.) 
The bottom line is whether we see the matter as an item to be discussed and tabled, or to be scrapped as a useless threat.  From common knowledge, the group will act either way: with the GBC or without.  But act they will, as they have already done.  I have been requested to appeal to you in the higher interest of ISKCON, and to keep this matter in the family.  Thank You.
>>Whatever you write I can read. I don't want to have to try to confabulate my own interpretation on the whole thing. I will be a messenger however. Pdd<<
So you can read like this, or moderate it to suit your persona.  The important factor is that the Deputies should be made fully aware of the situation so that everyone is part of the decision making process.  Our position is that we will wait for the decision before acting accordingly. YS.


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