Posted June 30 2004



Krishnadas Kaviraja Das (Member- GBC Deputies), writes:
>In a talk with Ravindra Svarupa Prabhu and Tirtharaja Prabhu they both agreed that the the GBC resolution that accepted NTIP did not,  in fact, close the investigation.<
BIF writes
We don't wish to quibble, seeing that some progress is being made, but there is need to have a clear understanding of language used if we mean to collaborate successfully.  Here again is the GBC statement made at the Mayapura meetings 2000 (italics & bold, by BIF):
618 [Statement] It is resolved that 1) There is no evidence at this time to support the allegations of poisoning of Srila Prabhupada. This conclusion is based on two independent reports commissioned by the GBC Body.

Although there may be some argument for the "at this time" clause, the fact that the GBC resolved there was no evidence, and this was concluded by two independent reports when no a single complete investigation was undertaken and; the fact that no investigation has been commissioned since, the release of the above statement tells us that as far as the GBC was/is concerned the matter is closed/concluded   To press on with the deception, the GBC then published a book (Not that I am Poisoned) by its "Ministry for the protection of ISKCON", which they then endorsed as "the most detailed and comprehensive exposition of these allegations to date" and it "recommends the book strongly to devotees who have been affected by or who are interested in this issue". (GBC Annual Meetings. 2000).  We have since discovered that the book was financed by a suspect (Bhakti Caru Swami), written by the disciple of a suspect (David Hooper, aka. Deva Gaura Hari das. (JPS)), produced by the disciple of a suspect (Tirtharaja das. (TKG)), and 'character witnessed' by friends and/or corporate associates from inside the cult.  Additionally, the book is a tome of misquotes and misinformation crafted to shield the suspects from inquest while abusing those who seek a truthful conclusion.


In light of the above, we are inflexible re. the conditions stated below: 
BIF members will not work with the Ministry for the protection of ISKCON, or the publication of the book-  Not That I am Poisoned.  Also, we cannot work with Ravindra Svarupa Das, who wrote in the foreword to TKG's Diary: The diary is published in the conviction that a large and purgative dose of sheer facts is the best antidote to the "poison theory"  (p ix).  His predisposition is documented. YS



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